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Adorable was a word synonymous with Tsuna in Hibari's dictionary. The Vongola Decima was demonstrating her embodiment of the word even now as she dozed on the couch, her arms and legs wrapped around the oversized Hibird plushie she had given him for his birthday. He had no idea where she had gotten it, but he assumed that the costume-making herbivore must have had a hand in it. Needless to say, Tsuna found a lot more use in it than he did. Hibird had grown attached to the plushie in his likeliness though, and often he would nestle in Tsuna's hair while she slept with it.

Hibari scowled. That traitor.

Tsuna twitched, her mouth forming a querulous pout as her leg kicked at an apparition and loosened her already haphazardly placed blanket to the point where it fell on the floor. Hibari was seriously considering putting restraints on her for the duration of her sleep periods—especially when they were in the same bed—but knowing her, she would probably cause bodily harm to herself by tumbling off.

Hibari picked up the blanket, about to drape it over her ahead when a better idea occurred to him. With a defiant look (although it was hard to tell; his facial expression hardly changed except for the slightest quirk of his lips), he threw the Hibird plushie across the room. Hmph. That taught it for stealing all of his Tsuna's attention. Beside him, Tsuna frowned at the sudden loss of warmth as her arms grasped only thin air. With the blanket, he climbed on the couch to the spot next o her her and pushed her in to make space so he could fit. Instantly her arms wound around him, and he shot a complacent smirk at the plushie. He briefly wondered how low he had fallen if he considered an inanimate object a rival before Tsuna's breasts pressed tightly against his chest.

Yeah, he was a goner.

He wrapped an arm around her lithe waist, inhaling her familiar scent of peaches and sunshine and something girly that he couldn't quite put a finger on before pulling the blanket up around them and closing his eyes.

It was due time for a nap.

Tsuna woke up pleasantly, although her dream had been anything but. She shivered a little when she thought about the demonic pineapples chasing after her. Her internal clock alerted her that it was almost dinner time. She yawned and drew back her arms, her brow furrowing as she wondered since when Hibird Jr. had gotten so...hard. Her eyes slowly fluttered open, lips soon curtsying in a smile when she saw that Hibari had cuddled her on the couch. That explained the arm around her waist. She took advantage of the rare, vulnerable moment and took a huge whiff of Hibari's scent, knowing that her cloud guardian wouldn't understand how godly he smelled if she tried to explain.

Well—now that that was out of her system—or in, depending on how you look at it—it was time to make dinner. She pushed at Hibari's chest to get him to move, only to find out that she might as well have been trying to budge a wall with a q-tip. She huffed in exasperation. Well, considering the amount of noise she was making, Hibari would wake up soon. She stared up at him, admiring his angular features while she had the chance to. Did she mention Hibari had the most adorable expression when he was asleep? It was so peaceful and unguarded, which was the exact opposite when he was awake. She scowled. Hibari was loads of uncute when he was conscious, especially when he was around more than three people at a time. She supposed it was improvement from when she first met him—the only person he'd shown tolerance towards was Kusakabe and Reborn.

Since she was on that topic, she smiled wistfully as she reminisced. Wow. They had come such a long way, from strangers, to acquaintances, to friends, and then finally lovers. There were so many obstacles, but for the better part, they'd overcome them. She raised a hand to brush back Hibari's fringe, only mildly surprised when fingers wrapped around her wrist.

"Finally awake?" Tsuna asked cheekily. Hibari showed no signs of hearing her as he pressed his lips against hers. Tsuna let the languid lip locking to continue for a lazy minute before she drew back slowly. "What do you want for dinner?"

"Hamburger steak," Hibari replied immediately. Tsuna smiled. That was her favorite food too.

"You sure know what to eat. But we're having broccoli too." The face Hibari made at the mention of broccoli was hilarious. But the all-mighty Hibari didn't say things like "ew," and despite him being a carnivore, he begrudgingly admitted that his diet needed those goddamn vegetables. His acquiescence was beyond amusing for Tsuna. She made a mental note to take back the comment she made earlier—Hibari could be kind of cute. Sort of.

"Okay, now let me up—" She suddenly giggled when Hibari's hand trailed up her side. "I swear to god Kyouya—" She gasped when his fingers curled and he started to tickle her. "This will not take broccoli off your plate, au contraire, I'll add more." With a show of strength, she climbed on top of Hibari to get away, only to have him drag her back by her shirt—well, technically his shirt but dammit, they were always so comfy and smelled so amazing that she couldn't resist wearing them. "I'll sic Lambo on the next time he goes for a candy run," she swore in between giggled breaths. On purpose, she neglected to mention that she was basically dry humping him—why the hell should she when it felt... "Nnh," so good? Hibari's eye gleamed, as if...

Tsuna's eyes narrowed when she saw Hibird Jr. sprawled on the floor. With a voice that dripped ice, she pointed to the fallen stuffed animal and said, "That wouldn't be your doing, would it?" Hibird flew back in from who knows where and settled in her hair, tweeting the off-key notes of the Namimori anthem as he tried to prevent putting his master in an awkward situation.

Hibari rolled his eyes. "Who else?" Hibird glared at him, noting with satisfaction that his master looked slightly taken aback. He puffed out his feathered chest in irritation. Well, there was nothing he could do to salvage the situation now.

"Hmph." Tsuna rolled off the couch and went to retrieve Hibird Jr. "None for you then," she said crossly as she flounced to the kitchen. Hibari swallowed, his mouth feeling as dry as the Sahara Desert during a drought. That ass...those curves... He glared at the stupid goddamn plushie, its flat, beady eyes staring back at him as if in mockery. This whole thing was its fault. Before that giant replica of Hibird entered his life, there would be no reason for Tsuna to leave him half-hard. Pathetic. Hibari narrowed his eyes. When Tsuna left the next morning, that motherfucker was going to burn.

Tsuna sighed as she rubbed Hibird Jr.'s head. She pouted as she set him down so she could go prepare the food. Hibari had liked the sex better than Hibari Jr. Haru had worked so long on it too...Tsuna refused to call it wasted effort just yet, although she had to reason that no clone could beat the original and that Hibari was obviously not a plushie kind of person, but still. Why did he have this weird sort of animosity towards Hibird Jr.? She gnawed on her lower lip as she kneaded the meat. Maybe she made some sort of offense, like thinking Hibird Jr. was supposed to replace Hibird or something...

Hibird plucked another strand of hair and caught her off-guard. "Ow, Hibird! I know you have to build a nest, but go take some of Kyouya's hair to make it even!" she grouched as she pushed the meat patties around in the pan.

Hibird's beady eyes widened and tweeted shrilly as if to say, If he even found out that I have a mate, your next meal might be bird steak! Except she had no idea what he really said. She couldn't understand Hibird the same way Hibari couldn't understand Natsu. She sighed. Things were tricky like that. "You know, I can't understand a single tweet you said." Hibird raised his wings, as if shrugging. Tsuna sighed again, then turned the heat lower on the stove. "Show me your nest, I want to see how it's coming along." Hibird tweeted again, eager to show off his pride and glory (and love, assuming that Tsubird was there too).

She followed the fluffy canary outside to Hibari's private garden (he was a rich bastard, even with her grandpa's company, Vongola, as a comparison). She was surprised when they ended up at the sakura tree near Hibari's window. She smiled then, knowing that in Hibird's heart he truly wanted his master to know despite the consequences.

The nest was situated on a branch that was low enough to grant Tsuna an unobstructed view if she stood on her toes. She was careful to be quiet—Tsubird had been skittish lately. Well, technically Hibird's mate had been Mrs. Hibird to Tsuna until she discovered that she had a habit of chirping 'tsu!' when she was happy. Plus, Hibird and Tsubird reminded her of her and Hibari. She blushed at the thought. She leaned on her toes to take another peek, her eyes widening when she saw what Tsubird was sitting on. Her chest was puffed out in pride as she observed Tsuna and her shocked mate with amusement.

"Hibird, you're going to be a father," she choked out. "I hope you tied the knot with this one." Hibird made a move to fly over to Tsubird to check out his love's—their—eggs, only to freeze when he heard the all-too-familiar tone of his master's voice.

"Tsunaru, is that...a nest?"

Too much shock in too little time for the poor canary. Hibird fainted. Tsuna lunged forward and successfully caught him, her eyes sparkling impossibly when she met Hibari's surprised gaze. "Hibird's going to be a father!" she blurted. The Skylark blinked before uttering a soft "wao." He collected Hibird from her hands, his brow furrowing a little when he saw a strand of Tsuna's hair in the canary's beak. Instantly he solved the puzzle of why Hibird had been hanging around Tsuna now while mostly avoiding him. It chagrined him a bit that Hibird thought he would respond negatively, but now that he was up to him to shape Hibird up to be a responsible parent. Hibird shivered a little in his state of unconsciousness, as if sensing the shark-like gleam in his master's eye.

"Oh!" Tsuna pounded her fist into the palm of her hand. "I forgot about the steaks!"

Hibari's glare was downright murderous.

In the end, the steaks turned out perfect. Hibari lectured Hibird on the responsibilities of parenthood while chewing over Tsuna's culinary masterpieces (hey, her timing was perfect). Hibird was so ecstatic that his master wasn't going to kill him that most of it fell on deaf ears. Tsuna observed the two happily. She had the feeling that Hibari would make an excellent father. She faltered for a second as she mulled over that thought. A family? The prospect of starting one with Hibari seemed...

She placed a hand over her flat stomach hesitantly, the urge of wanting a child suddenly swelling up inside of her. Maybe, after she got settled as the tenth boss of her grandfather's company...

Hibari glanced at Tsuna, unable to look away when he saw her unbelievably soft smile. The expression trapped him, holding him captive to her face as it had already so many times before.

Hibird began to coo a love song.

"H-hnn, ah..."

Their breaths mingled as moonlight spilled onto their bed in bright splotches. Hibari brushed back an obscuring strand of hair away from Tsuna's face as he scrutinized her face. The expression of not-so-complete submission, the rose petal lips, the peachy pale flesh that never ceased to amaze him with its softness—something was off in her perfection. There was just a different feeling this time...

Tsuna moaned again when Hibari gripped her hips and started to bounce her against his length. When was the last time they really went this slow? He could actually feel sweat mat his hair to his face in the effort of keeping it to such an insane pace. Yet, he didn't feel like he was holding back at all—the energy it took to keep them suspended in euphoria like this was already exhausting.

The kisses were slow too. This didn't prove them to be incapable of robbing the pair of their breaths each time their lips met for another dance.

When Tsuna came, she pressed his head against her chest as she trembled in the paroxysm of pleasure. She kept up the position in her afterglow, her embrace almost protective as the steady beat of her heart drowned out the silence. After a few, content minutes passed, she released him with an apologetic look on her face. Her mouth around him a few seconds later made up for the wait, soon bringing him to release.

They were wordless as they cleaned up. The mutual silence was broken when Tsuna made an indignant cry of protest when Hibari scooped her up in his arms.

"I can get back on my own!" she huffed as he placed her down, but cuddling up next to him nonetheless when he pulled the blankets over them. Hibari noted Tsuna's discreet inhale of his shirt with amusement and pressed a light kiss against her forehead. He smiled at the immediate reddening of her cheeks.

He had assumed Tsuna had dropped off because of the deepening of her breathing, so he was surprised when she murmured a question.

"Ne, Kyouya, when do you think the eggs will hatch?"

"I'll give it two weeks," Hibari said after a short pause. "Why?"

"Just wondering. I can't...wait..." Hibari blinked as he realized that Tsuna had actually fallen asleep mid-sentence. He smiled softly. How cute.

Hibari suppressed a yawn. Tsuna had almost kicked him out of the bed yesterday with her nightly (and entirely unconscious) acrobatics. His gaze landed on Hibird Jr, who sat innocently on a kitchen chair. Right. That cheap thing was responsible for his abandoned erection during yesterday afternoon. He lifted the plushie up by its beak, almost dropping it in surprise when he activated some sort of hidden voice recorder. Tsuna's voice permeated through the silence.

"Happy Birthday, Kyouya! I love you."

Hibari stared at the plushie, unable to prevent the small smile that surfaced. His nose wrinkled a little shortly after—the toy had a scent. He brought it closer to smell it.


He narrowed his eyes at Hibird Jr. Well maybe he had a use after all.

...Hibird (and Tsubird) and the eggs/hatching of said eggs.

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