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sakura - cherry blossom

Tsuna let herself in with her key, her ears immediately picking up on the dull whirring sound that resonated throughout the house. Both Hibari and Hibird were nowhere in sight. Tsuna set down cotton and other assorted nest materials she had bought for the feathered couple and started to walk in the direction of the noise, opening the door at the epicenter of the vibrations.

Hibari was hunched in concentration over a plank of wood, beside him was an almost completely built birdhouse. The chainsaw squealed each time its blade bit into the wood.

Tsuna smiled at Hibari's thoughtfulness. The last three days had showcased clear (albeit chilly) weather, but today was a good ten degrees colder, and the sky promised rain. Without extra coverage, Tsubird could lose some eggs. After so many hours of pouring through canary care books with Hibari and then later with Gokudera and Yamamoto, Tsuna was reinforced with helpful knowledge and advice.

Hibari looked attractive whilst bending over, Tsuna observed, coughing a little into her hand when she realized the implications the position carried. Those hands that were larger than hers could lift a baby in the air easily. Those arms in which she felt so protected in—they could lend comfort to their child as well.

Hibari abruptly cut the power off. "When did you get here?"

"Oh, um..." Tsuna colored as she tore her attention away from his forearms. "Just now, actually." The Skylark grunted in acknowledgment before piecing the final attachment onto the birdhouse—a hinged roof. He had already taught Hibird on how to work the mechanism to his advantage with his beak on the switch—off when the weather was fair and up over their feathered heads when it wasn't.

Tsuna followed Hibari outside to the garden, grabbing the nesting supplies as they passed by the table near the front door. Hibird was reinforcing their nest with nesting materials in nervous worry, even though it wasn't his job according to the Official Handbook of Guidelines for Canary Care. However, Hibird defied standard canary rules and brought nesting materials to and fro in between bringing food to Tsubird and attending Hibari's fathering lessons. The poor little canary had his work cut out for him.

They came to a halt when they reached the newly erected pole near the sakura tree. Hibari secured the birdhouse on top of the pole, surprised when he turned to see Tsuna wear a full-blown pout.

"Kyouya, I won't be able to see it without a chair." Her lower lip jutted out, practically screaming at him to take it between his own and kiss her senseless.

Which he did—very thoroughly, in fact. Tsuna was stunned at first, but she relaxed almost immediately in his arms.

"...Hey," Tsuna said, slightly dazed when they parted. "What was I saying again?" she murmured as she rested her head against Hibari's chest. Hibari ran a hand through Tsuna's luxurious locks as they enjoyed each other's embrace for a few lazy moments. It was rather cold for March, so Tsuna appreciated the extra warmth.

Tsuna raised her head when she saw a white blur fly away. "Was that Tsubird?"

"She needs to be away from the nest if we want to move it," Hibari clarified.

"Oh." Tsuna nodded. Tsubird, being a wild breed of canary, might try to protect her nest if they moved it while she was in it. Hell, even Hibird would, had he not been tamed by Hibari. She untangled herself from her lover, watching keenly as he carefully lifted the nest from its spot on the branch. Hibird scrabbled a bit until his body lent cover to all of the eggs. Hibari waited until he was comfortable in his spot before transferring the nest to the birdhouse.

Tsuna strained to keep her body on her tip-toes. Her eyes barely met the bottom of the birdhouse.

"Kyouya..." she whined petulantly.

Hibari smirked, amused (although he really hadn't meant to make the pole so tall, it was just that Hibird and Tsubird seemed to prefer this height). He bent down, offering his back.

Tsuna sniffed, a bit miffed but accepting his gesture graciously. Hibari hooked his arms around her legs and lifted her up effortlessly, giving her a clear view of the nest. Hibird gazed at her proudly as he fluffed his feathers against a cold breeze. Tsuna clucked and petted the father's head affectionately.

"There're four eggs," Tsuna announced. Tsubird was sitting on them most of the time so they could never get a clear count.

All of a sudden the overcast sky seemed to darken. There was a split second of silence before the heavens parted and poured rain on them. Tsuna hurriedly flipped the switch to give Hibird some time, landing on the ground a few moments later as Hibari released her to drag her inside.

"Wait!" Tsuna tugged her hand away. "We have to make sure Tsubird gets back safely to her nest! She doesn't know where it is, and Hibird needs to sit on the eggs."

"You'll get sick." The rain was pelting down now, rapidly slicking their hair against their faces. Hibari made a noise of discontent and pushed Tsuna under the sakura tree. The rain still came through the branches, but it was better than standing out with no cover. "Stupid herbivore," he muttered, holding her close to him. Tsuna saw the thinly masked concern, however. If Tsubird didn't make it through this weather, Hibird would be devastated. Their offspring would be hard to rear with only one parent.

Tsuna's teeth began to chatter as the minutes passed. There was no sign of Tsubird.

"W-W-Where did H-Hibird tell h-her to go?" Tsuna asked as she clung to Hibari. It was a subconscious reaction that didn't help her get warmer; they were both equally drenched.

"There." Hibari said a few seconds later. Tsuna followed Hibari's pointed finger to the darting white bird. The small mass of feathers hovered above her nesting branch confusedly. Tsuna ran out, pointing Tsubird to the birdhouse with her arms. Tsubird screeched, sending out a few more sharp cries in search for her mate. There was an answering call from inside the birdhouse. Tsubird chirped once again loudly before speeding into the birdhouse.

Tsuna sighed in relief, following meekly this time when Hibari pulled her inside. They tracked water over the floor on their way to the bathroom, Tsuna groaning in her head when she realized that she was going to have to mop that up later seeing that the maid was on a vacation.

"Achoo!" She backtracked a little from Hibari's glare. "I'm not sick, I—achoo—I'm just cold. Honest." Hibari's glare intensified as he began to towel her dry. "I can do it myself, honestly, Kyouya, it's like you think I'm five years old," she protested.

"Then stop acting like one."

Tsuna crossed her arms with a huff. "You're wet too." Hibari tactfully ignored the remark.

"I kinda want a bubble bath." Tsuna said offhandedly. "Want to join?"

Hibari tossed the soaking wet towel in the bin, shooting her an are you serious look that was dripping with sarcasm.

"Want to take a hot shower then? No bubbles," Tsuna said with a slightly downcast look.

"Fine." He began to divest himself of his wet clothes. Tsuna covered her eyes as she blushed. "Tsunaru," Hibari deadpanned. "You've seen me naked on numerous occasions."

"Yeah but, that's different." Hibari looked skyward to the ceiling as if it would give him an answer.

He sighed and turned his back towards her, wondering how she was OK with showering with him but would stammer and stutter while they undressed in front of each other.

Tsuna hurriedly stripped off her clothes, tossing them into the bin where the towel was. It was embarrassing for her to see Hibari undress; he undressed like it was a freaking strip show (she was completely unbiased!). Okay, maybe the man himself hadn't noticed, but that sort of behavior was very distracting. And arousing. And she would be mortified if he found out. Plus, she didn't want to embarrass herself when her head got stuck in an armhole of her shirt or something. She hopped into the shower, staring mournfully at the Jacuzzi across the bathroom. I'll get to you later, she swore. She muffled another sudden sneeze, hoping that she really hadn't caught a cold. Kyouya will scorn me forever, she pouted. And he won't kiss me. One of Hibari's weaknesses was his vulnerability when he was down with a cold. He somehow always ended up in the hospital (two out of two times in his whole twenty two years of life). She didn't pay attention to the handle while musing over her thoughts, gasping when the shower turned on and cold water fell on her.

By the time she got the water at a comfortable temperature, Hibari had already stepped in behind her and was halfway through shampooing his hair. Tsuna giggled at the lather surrounding his hair like a halo. She received a snort in response.

She hummed happily as she stood under the water, letting it cascade over her hair as she worked the knots out. She scooted over when Hibari gently nudged her in the side, sliding a sidelong glance at him as he rinsed the shampoo from his hair. Mmn... He was so gorgeous. It felt like she was watching a commercial for whatever shampoo he was using. Hibari glanced over his shoulder to catch her gaze, smirking teasingly when her cheeks tinted pink. Her reactions never got old.

He scanned the bathroom holders for her shampoo, uncapping it and squeezing a sizeable amount on his hand when he found it. His nose wrinkled a little at the girly scent, pulling Tsuna back with an arm around her waist as he returned her shampoo to where it was. Tsuna visibly loosened up when he began to apply the shampoo to her hair, sighing happily as he massaged her scalp. Meanwhile, she ran her soapy fingers over his ribs, tempted to use a loofah. Unfortunately, said loofah was hanging over the Jacuzzi. Oh well, there's always next time.

When Tsuna's hair was thoroughly rinsed after a second round for conditioning, Hibari ran his hands over her body as he cleansed her. It was supposed to be an innocent ritual, but that flew out the proverbial window when Tsuna's breath started to get labored. In a split second she was pinned against the cool wall out of range from the shower spray, Hibari's mouth moving on top of hers, completely claiming her. Tsuna let him, kissing him back for all she was worth and submitted to his dominance (just this once, she was totally going to get him back next time).

"Achoo!" Damn it! She really had gotten a cold. Hibari was somehow unaffected and kept her at an arm's length. She couldn't visit the nest either; she was worried about the chance of passing on her sickness to the canaries. She sighed, sniffling as her nose stopped up again. "Kyouyaaaaaahhhh!" she whined, craving a hug.

"Not a chance." His smirk said everything: I told you so.

Damn it all.

Two days later

"Please, Kyouya? I swear I won't get germs everywhere—achoo!" Hibari raised a brow at the ruined point, but came over and placed a kiss on her cheek. Then he promptly backed away approximately the length of their kitchen.

Three days later

"If you don't fucking come hug me right now I'll slap you a new one you douche-dick," Tsuna growled, clearly under an unhealthy dose of PMS. Hibari merely chuckled.

Four days later

Tsuna woke up, turning over to see the blaring numbers that read 3:53. She coughed to test if she was still sick. The nasal quality that usually accompanied it was gone, her nose was cleared, and throat was back to normal and—

"Kyouya?" she whispered without sounding like a dying cat. Fuck yes! She wasn't sick anymore! Immediately she tunneled over to Hibari's side, snuggling up against him happily. Hibari's arm encircled around her waist and pulled her tightly against him. She had missed his embrace so much. His breathing quickly lulled her to sleep.

What Tsuna didn't realize was that she never slept on her own side when she was asleep. She always found a way to him unconsciously. It was a wonder he didn't get sick, Hibari mused.

Tsuna groaned, her eyes heavy with sleep as she opened them blearily. "What?" She glanced at the clock and groaned again. Nine forty-five, might as well have been the crack of dawn for all she cared.

"The eggs are hatching."

"What?" Tsuna sat up, her hair settling into an attractive mess. "I'm coming!" She stumbled at the foot of the bed before grabbing a random jacket out of the closet (judging from the lack of warmth, it seemed to be Hibari's). Tsuna stumbled around some more in search for her socks, shoving her feet into her boots when she finally found them. She stepped outside, finding it surprising that it was relatively warm. She thanked Hibari's silhouette for blocking most of the sunlight as she bounced excitedly to the birdhouse.

"Here." Hibari presented her with a...chair.

Tsuna rolled her eyes, but she couldn't help but smile at the sweet gesture. She stepped up on it, now finding herself at the perfect height to peer into the nest. The roof was unhinged, allowing her for a full view. She stared in in rapture as the chicks pushed through their prisons. They were bald and ugly, and their closed blue eyes were a bit nerving, but...that was life, sometimes. You have to go through stages, some rougher than others. Tsuna smiled gently at the chicks. She couldn't wait for them to grow up.

Hibird was freaking out. Tsubird seemed to be chortling at him, and touched his beak with hers in an effort to calm him down. Tsuna wanted to squeal at the gesture of love, but she was supposed to be a mature businesswoman.

"Kyouya," she said, cooing at the canary pair as she reached for him. "Did you see that?"

Hibari pressed his lips against her knuckles absentmindedly as he observed the canaries. "That's how they kiss."

"Hmm." That was true, she remembered reading that part in several manuals. Hibird and Tsubird seemed to be an anomaly amongst their species. They were completely in love with each other and were staggeringly loyal to each other despite the canary breed's supposed infidelity. "Why can't humans be like them?" Tsuna murmured. "We'll just have to set an example," she continued cheekily as she kissed him. The corners of Hibari's mouth turned up as he tenderly tucked an errant strand of hair behind her ear.

"Of course."

Yup, ending's kinda open-ended but I didn't want to ramble. Hope you enjoyed this short two-shot, go Hibird/Tsubird!