A/N~HUGE thanks to Amanda Hawthorn for doing the Irish section & to Noelle for putting the plot bunny into my head! 3 Hope you all enjoy & I promise its going to be happy in the end...sappy...ya know...love crap...

Michael sat in the loft. He was anxiously waiting for Fiona to come home. He reached into his pocket and felt the square box at least every five minutes since he put it in there earlier that day. Finally Fiona came home.

"I am not going out again with Sam on this job. Do you know I had to sit in his lap while he talked to that sleazebag drug dealer? No way am I doing that again." She rattled on as she threw her purse on the workbench, took off her shoes and walked over to the fridge. "If that guy feels better talking to someone who was a girl in his lap, you and I will go to the meeting."

"I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Come over here and sit with me." Michael said, extending his hand to her. She smiled and took his hand, sitting down on his lap.

"Your lap is much more enjoyable than Sam's " purred Fiona as she leaned in to kiss Michael. Michael broke the kiss first and started to speak in an Irish brogue.

"Fiona, ever since we met in Ireland, I knew one thing...tha' I loved ya more than anythin' else in tha world. I know we had our differences, bu' I always only loved ya. Havin' an ocean between us an' time, made me realize only more an' more tha' I wan' ta be wit' ya ferever. Wha' I am askin' ya, Fiona glenanne, is will ya do me tha honor of takin' me hand in marriage? I love ya more than anythin' ." Michael asked, pulling the ring box from his pocket and opening it, revealing an engagement ring.

"Oh Michael" Fiona's eyes filled with tears. Michael noticed a sad look creep across her face. Then she spoke the words he was not expecting to hear. "I am sorry Michael McBride but I can't marry you." She closed the ring box and handed it back to Michael.

Fiona got off Michael's lap. Seeing his shocked face she leaned over and said "I love you and I am not going anywhere. Lets just enjoy tonight with Sam and Elsa"

They went to dinner. Fiona was talkative with Elsa about shopping and fashion. Sam noticed Michael smiled when he should have but something was wrong. Finally Elsa and Fiona went to the bathroom, leaving Michael and Sam alone.

"Mikey, What's wrong? You and Fi OK?"

Michael sighed and leaned back in his chair. "I proposed to Fiona tonight. I thought tonight was perfect so she could show her ring off to you guys."

"Did you give her the ring? I didn't see her with it on and she didn't announce anything." Sam asked.

"She turned me down Sam. She said she can't marry Michael McBride." Michael answered in a sad voice.

Sam felt sorry for Michael. "You proposed as Michael McBride? I would have accepted in a heartbeat. Maybe take her somewhere fancy and propose as Michael Westen if she didn't like Michael McBride."

Michael nodded his head in agreement. "I could make reservations and propose during dinner."

"Do something like drop the ring in a glass of champagne. Girls love that." Sam advised. Noticing the girls were taking forever in the bathroom, Sam asked "Speaking of the girls I wonder what's taking them so long?"

"Fiona, Michael has been quiet all night. Did you guys have a fight? " Elsa asked as she put on her lipstick.

Fiona leaned against the bathroom sink and folded her arms across her chest. "Michael proposed to me tonight."

Immediately Elsa squealed in delight and jumped up and down. "Before you get excited I turned him down." Fiona said, hoping to calm Elsa down.

Elsa immediately stopped and gently rubbed Fiona's arm. "Oh sweetie! Why did you do that? Don't you love Michael?"

Fiona rolled her eyes. "You know I love Michael. I love him more than my guns and shoes. He means everything to me. Its the way he proposed. You heard before that I met Michael in Ireland when he was working under an alias. Sometimes he will break out the Irish brogue to coax a smile from me or when he wants to seduce me. I don't mind it then, but I don't want to be proposed to by his alias. Yes, we fell in love in Ireland but Michael McBride also broke my heart terribly. I want Michael Westen to propose to me. That's the man that I love and want to spend forever with."

Elsa gave Fiona a hug. "I understand totally sweetie. How did you turn him down?"

"I told him that I couldn't marry Michael McBride, but I still loved him and wasn't going anywhere." Fiona said.

"Fiona, honey, don't worry. When he proposes the right way, you will know it and you will accept it from the moment he shows you that ring box." Elsa said with a smile. "We should order dessert before the boys order without us."

Fiona smiled. "Good idea."

Later that night when Sam and Elsa were getting ready for bed, Elsa said out loud "Did you know Michael proposed to Fiona but she turned him down?

Sam nodded his head. "Yeah, he proposed to her as his Irish cover Michael McBride. I guess she didn't like that."

"Sammy, we are going to have to help that boy. I don't know what she is looking for in his proposal, but he's got it all wrong."

"I know sweetie. I told him to try it again, but this time no McBride. Just good old Mikey Westen." Sam said as he laid down in bed next to Elsa, wrapping his arm around her. "Let hope this time it works!"