It was around five in the morning that Fiona heard the door of the hotel room open. She didn't think to bring a gun to her own wedding, so she grabbed the ice bucket that was near her. The door opened a crack and a familiar voice called out her name.

"Fi, let me in. I want to see you." Michael whispered.

Fiona hurried to the door. "Michael, my mother will kill you if she knew you were here. You aren't supposed to see me today until I walk down the aisle."

Fiona opened the door a little more, allowing Michael entry to the room. "I'm not supposed to see you in the wedding gown until you walk down the aisle." He said as he gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Let's go sit on the beach for a little bit. I just want some quiet time with you before this all happens." Michael said, giving a smile.

She ran into her room and changed into a sundress and sandals. As they walked down the hallway into the elevator, he held her hand the entire time. Once on the beach, Michael laid out a small towel for Fiona to sit on. He sat in back of her, allowing her to lean against him. He wrapped his arms around her.

They were quiet for a long time, enjoying the sound of the ocean and the sunrise. "I couldn't sleep without you Fi." Michael said.

"Its understandable. It's our wedding day and even though its small, its still nerve wracking." Fiona rambled before Michael interrupted her.

"I didn't sleep when you were in prison. Maybe two or three hours a night, but never a full night. When you got out of prison, I slept all night even though I worried about my mom. Then last night you weren't there and I couldn't sleep again. I didn't like being in bed without you."

Michael turned shifted and looked Fiona in the eyes. "Promise me you will never leave me again. I can't even do the simplest thing like sleeping a full night without you by my side."

Fiona was taken back by the flood of emotion in Michael's voice and eyes. She moved so she could wrap her arms around him and whispered into his ear "I promise I will never leave your side."

After some time on the beach, Fiona's cell phone rang. "Yes mom. I'm just on the beach. I'll be back shortly." Fiona ended the call and was moving to stand up. Michael stopped her.

"Before you go, I need to give you something." Michael said reaching into his pocket and pulled out a jewelry box. Fiona opened it and gasped. Inside the box rested two emerald earrings.
"I bought them in Ireland and I was going to give them to you but I had to leave. I got them in this little shop by our flat. The lady who sold them to me said they were about twenty years old back then, so this your 'something old'. I had the stone in each one reset because they seemed a little loose, so this counts as 'something new'. I couldn't find 'something borrowed' and 'something blue'."

Michael smiled at Fiona, who was crying. "What's wrong? You don't like them?" He asked in a worried tone.

"You idiot! I love them. I remember that shop and I used to go in there and look at these emerald earrings. I went in a few days before you left and saw they were gone. I was upset but I never dreamed I would see them again!" Fiona said, giving Michael a hug and a kiss.

He wiped her eyes and kissed her forehead. "Don't cry. Your eyes will be puffy and you'll be mad at me all day for making you cry. Go back and ready. I'll see you this afternoon."

They kissed goodbye and Michael watched Fiona walk off towards the hotel.

Later that afternoon, in the hotel's garden, a nervous groom could be found. "Stop fidgiting Mike. She'll be out in two minutes." Jesse scolded Michael like an impatient child.

Sam was waiting in the hotel lobby for Fiona. He whistled as he saw her long flowing white gown. Her hair was pinned up in a bun, outlined in baby roses. "You think Michael will like my dress?" She asked in a shaky voice.

"Sister if he doesn't, he's nuts and I'll marry you." Giving her a kiss on the cheek he added "You could wear sweats and a t-shirt today and he'd love it. Let's get you kids married."

As Sam and Fiona walked down the aisle, Michael couldn't take his eyes off her. They joined hands as the ceremony began. The vows were traditional but heartfelt. The kiss at the end of the ceremony was chaste but perfect in Fiona's eyes.

As everyone got up and headed towards the small reception Elsa put together for her friends, Michael took Fiona's hand and pulled her into a kiss.

"We did it. We really did it." Michael said. "There's no turning back now."

Fiona kissed him back and said "I wouldn't dream of it Michael."

They stood in the garden kissing for a few minutes, until Sam came out and yelled. "Can you two play kissy face later? We are hungry and Elsa won't let me eat until you come in."

The two newlyweds laughed. "Mrs Westen, would you like to go in so we can feed Sam?"

Fiona took Michael's hand and said as they walked off to the reception "I thought you would never ask Mr Westen!"