So Teen Wolf owns me, mind, body, and soul. I have been taken by extreme wolf pack feels and wanted to write a fic focusing on the pack as they go through a year's worth of holidays. A few notes:

-I decided to start with Halloween since for me, fall always seems like the beginning of the year (just because that's when school starts and what not) and yeah, well, here's Derek's pack's first Halloween.

- I decided to focus mostly on Sterek in this chapter just because well they're my OTP and because I can. The other holidays will definitely be more pack-involved.

-I do not own Teen Wolf, or any of its characters. I also do not own Hocus Pocus or The Hunger Games.

-I'm fairly new to the Teen Wolf fandom and this is my first fanfic I've written for it so cut me some slack if I get anything wrong and please correct me if you find any errors!

Okay I'm shutting up now. Enjoy!

Stiles begins to plan for Halloween on the very first October morning.

"Get up you mangy beast," he crows, nudging a sleeping Derek with his palm.

Derek yawns and opens a bleary eye to gaze at Stiles.

"What are you doing?" he mumbles, his voice blurry with the still tugging edges of sleep.

"Decorating!" Stiles replies gleefully and Derek groans, pulling a pillow over his face.

Stiles sets about recruiting the entire pack (and Allison) to help. He assigns them tasks, and strolls around, making sure they're actually complying.

He is standing, supervising Allison and Erica hanging up strands of cobwebs on the wall when Derek joins him.

"Why are you doing this?" he asks wearily.

"Because," Stiles says, throwing an arm around the drowsy werewolf, "We didn't reconstruct your old house so it could just sit here. It's home to the pack now, and homes celebrate the holidays."

Derek rolls his eyes but he leans into Stiles anyways and watches the decorating of his house unfold.

"Shouldn't this be your favorite holiday Derek?" inquires Allison cheerfully as she tosses a bundle of cobweb fluff to Erica. "I mean after all, it's the one night meant for the wicked and monstrous."

She lets out a yelp as Scott runs by with a large, plastic skeleton draped around his neck, smacking her in the ass with its hand. After that, the whole pack is engrossed in a fight involving the tossing of plastic rats and spiders.

The room grows silent as a tomb when Derek is hit in the face with a rubber rat. It falls to the floor with a dull thump. Then, everyone dissolves into laughter as Derek gives them his best "I'm the alpha and I'm the boss of you all" look. He turns and stalks away but Stiles' sees the smile tugging at the corner of his lips.


A few days before Halloween, the pack gathers at the Hale house to carve pumpkins. Allison makes everyone pluck the seeds from the pumpkin guts so she can roast them later. Erica and Isaac have a contest on who can make the scariest pumpkin face, with Boyd being the judge. Stiles yells at Scott to quit being an idiot when Scott starts to run around with the carving knife. Fortunately in Derek's case, no pumpkin guts are flung around.

At the end of the night, seven jack-o'-lanterns glow from the porch.


It's finally Halloween night and the wolf pack is ready to set loose on the town.

"I don't want them going out," Derek grumbles under his breath to Stiles. He furls and unfurls his fingers, as if he's just longing to snatch his pack up and guard them from the night.

"Relax you big sourwolf! There's not even a full moon, they'll be fine," Stiles protests, bumping his shoulder against him. He leaves his arm beside Derek's, enjoying the instant flush of warmth that travels from Derek's skin to his. Derek glances over to him, a look in his eye that Stiles knows means I'm about to kiss your sexy little mouth. Or so Stiles likes to pretend that's what Derek thinks when he gives him that look.

The sudden thud-thud-thud of feet clomping down the stairs breaks their moment as Scott appears in front of them. He's beaming at them, looking like an overexcited puppy dog.

"Can you guess what I'm going as?" he asks. Allison appears behind him. She catches Stiles' eye and winks before grabbing Scott's hand.

"A werewolf," Derek answers Scott dryly. "How original."

Scott pouts, and scratches at his glued on sideburns. "I thought it was funny," he says sullenly.

"It definitely is," Allison assures him, wrapping her arms around his middle. Stiles can see that she's fighting a smile.

"I see that you're going out as yourself, Allison," Stiles notes. Allison's wearing all black, her long hair done up in a braid that hangs down her back. She's got weaponry on her, her favored bow and arrows and Stiles wonders if she's planning on taking out any trick-or-treaters with the thing.

Allison gives him a mock glare. "I'm Katniss!" she exclaims.

"Isn't that the same thing?" Stiles jokes and dunks out of the way as Allison makes to swipe at him.

"Careful Stilinski, Katniss won the Hunger Games, remember?" a teasing voice says from behind him and he turns around to see Erica, decked out in a skin tight leather Cat Woman costume. Isaac and Boyd trail behind her. Isaac is wearing a cowboy getup and Boyd is going as some sort of future space creature, his face slathered with silver paint.

Derek is glancing at Erica, his grumpy face going into what Stiles refers to as "grump overdrive".

"You're not going out like that," he says firmly and Erica turns to him, glaring at him defiantly.

"I'm going out however I like," she retorts and throws her long golden hair over her shoulder. Erica...definitely the trouble child in the wolf pack.

"Honestly Derek, her other costume was even more revealing if you can believe," Isaac pipes up, always coming to Erica's defense, but he falls silent at the glare Derek throws at him.

"Go upstairs and change," he orders. Erica just crosses her arms over her ample chest and doesn't move.

"Are you gonna make me?" she sasses and Stiles lets out a laugh.

Derek's eyes glow red and he opens his mouth slowly, revealing a peek of razor sharp fangs. Erica doesn't look impressed.

"It's either I wear this, or my beach bunny costume," she tells Derek flatly. "And all I wear for that are rabbit ears and a bikini."

Derek's face reveals his struggling thoughts, throwing out expressions of discomfort and sternness. Finally he relinquishes with a scowl. Erica grins sweetly.

"Don't worry, any guy who tries to mess with me will find out just how badly Erica Reyes can kick their ass," she promises and stands on her tiptoes to give Derek a kiss on the cheek. "And stop acting like such a dad."

Derek grumbles under his breath but his cranky expression softens. Isaac and Boyd exchange amused glances.

"Alright, well we've got a town to scare the shit out of. Try not to miss us while we're gone," Erica announces as she loops her arms around Boyd and Isaac.

"Us too. We should have been at Lydia's party by now," chimes in Allison.

"Is Jackson going to be there?" Scott inquires, making a disgusted expression.

"Yes, but don't pick a fight. Now that's no longer a bloodthirsty lizard, he isn't a threat," Allison chides.

"Doesn't make him any less of a douchebag," Scott mumbles under his breath.

The pack begins to leave when Stiles lets out a shout.

"Wait! Hold on, hold on, I just...just don't move," Stiles yells and dashes up the stair, curious glances following him up.

"Oh god, please tell me he's not-" Isaac begins to say when Stiles reappears, waving a camera in his hand. The group simultaneously groans.

"Stiles what's the point? You know our eyes just reflect the flash," Boyd points out wearily but Stiles, as always, already has a solution.

He hands out four pair of sunglasses while Derek stands in the background, glancing up at the ceiling and shaking his head in amusement.

"Stiles, are you serious?" Scott whines and Stiles gives him a glare.

"Dude, as my best friend, you're actually obligated to put on those freakin' sunglasses," Stiles snaps and with a sigh, Scott does as he's commanded. Allison rewards him with a kiss.

"Um, I'm not your best friend so..." Erica begins to drawl but an authoritative snarl from Derek gets the rest of the unruly wolves to put the glasses on hastily.

"Alright, say kanima!" exclaims Stiles brightly and after everyone but Allison glowers at him, the group obliges, striking out a pose The camera flashes and before Stiles can say another word, everyone practically runs out the door.

"You'd think that I was Gerard Argent or something," Stiles sniffs with disdain and Derek lets out a bark of laughter.

"You do kind of act like an over-bearing mother with them," Derek admits, and Stiles turns an evil eye to the alpha.

"I take offense to that," he replies, wounded.

Lips place themselves on his neck, trail up to his cheek, and drag against his lips.

"Still offended," Stiles mutters but he's just saying it because he always has to have the last word...even if he was the previous person to speak. He shuts up though and loses himself against Derek's lips. The tug of them against his, the heat that passes between their mouths, Derek Hale's fucking tongue.

"So," Derek breathes, "we have the whole house to ourselves..." He trails off suggestively and searches Stiles' eyes.

"Yes, yes we do, lead me up to the bedroom good sir. I've got a surprise waiting for you in there," Stiles smirks and cocks an eyebrow.

Derek gives him an interested grin, shoves him against the wall, and reattaches his lips to Stiles neck. A moan escapes Stiles mouth before Derek rips away and pulls him up the stairs.

Derek pushes open the bedroom door, gives Stiles his bedroom eyes, and then turns to face the actual bed. He stops dead in his tracks.

"What the hell?" he asks and Stiles peers over his shoulder, grinning in delight at his "surprise".

"It's for you! Put it on!" he goads, pushing Derek forwards. Derek stumbles and tries to step back.

"Absolutely not...I'm not wearing that. Not in a million years," Derek snaps and actually shudders when his gaze falls onto the clothing.

"It's for the trick –or-treaters! Get into the Halloween spirit!" Stiles urges.

"No Stiles. I'm not wearing it. No. No, no..."


"Trick or treat!" A bunch of hyped up five year olds scream at them as Stiles pulls open the front door.

Derek stands beside him, dressed up in a full-on pumpkin costume, complete with a little hat with a stem and vine on top. The look on his face practically dares someone to laugh at him. The moms chaperoning the kids seem to be having a hard time doing just that, trying to hide their giggles behind their hands.

Stiles chatters to the kids, plops giant candy bars in their plastic buckets and gives the parents a cheery wave. He shuts the door and grins at Derek with his plastic vampire teeth.

"See, that wasn't so bad was it?" Stiles coos, pinching Derek's cheek.

Swatting his hand way, Derek seethes, "I swear to god, I'm going to kill you. I'm going to chop you into little pieces and feed you to the pack. And I'm going to rip your heart out...with my teeth."

"Oh shut up you great pumpkin," Stiles snaps back playfully and then grins as their doorbell rings again.

They spend the night doling out candy to countless ghouls and monsters (all pretend ones of course). Derek never cracks a smile but Stiles makes up for the both of them. The kids take a great liking to the werewolf, despite his gloomy demeanor. They shriek in delight at the sight of him, practically pissing their pants with excitement. They crowd around him, sticky hands pulling at his legs. When Derek growls gently at them, they run away with laughter.

Finally at ten o'clock, Stiles turns out the porch light and lays the empty candy bowl on the floor.

"I would say this was a completely successful Halloween, don't you?" he yawns before he finds himself pinned up against the door.

Derek is right in his face and Stiles bites his lip to keep from laughing because Derek is glowering at him, pumpkin hat still on.

"Stiles," he starts, his tone low and threatening. Stiles responds with his most innocent stare.

Derek sighs and all the tension in his body seeps out of him. He presses his forehead against Stiles and whispers, "I really hate you, you know?"

"Yeah," Stiles agrees, wrapping his arms around Derek's neck and pulling him closer. "I know you do."

Stiles pauses and then says, "Can you do me one more small, itty bitty favor?" He's prepared to whip out his puppy eyes to get him what he wants.

Derek winces but gives a stiff nod of his head, the vines on the hat whapping Stiles' cheek.

"Take a picture with me?" Stiles begs softly and Derek opens his eyes.

"What is with this sudden interest of werewolf photography?" Derek sighs again, ignoring the request.

"I'm making a wolf pack family album. C'mon, it's our first Halloween together..." Stiles wheedles, clasping his hands together.

Derek relents, gives a huff when Stiles hands him a pair of sunglasses, and then reluctantly throws his arm around Stiles' shoulder when Stiles presses the timer button on the camera.

Stiles leans his head against Derek's shoulder, feels that familiar heat seep into his cheek. He grins and the camera flashes and the moment, the comfortableness that's shared between them, is captured forever.


An hour later, Stiles and Derek are nestled together on the couch, watching Hocus Pocus. Stiles is resting against Derek's chest and Derek is absently running his fingers through Stiles' hair. Derek is back in his regular uniform of white tank top and jeans. The pumpkin costume is buried six feet underground, as per Derek's request.

Stiles couldn't help but notice though, as he shoveled a pile of dirt over the fluorescent orange clothing, that the pumpkin hat was missing. Derek would never admit that the hat is stashed deep in the recesses of his closet, a memento of his first Halloween with Stiles.

The front door opens and Scott calls out a greeting.

"There better not be any kinky, costume sex going on in here!" Isaac warns and Stiles grins.

The pack all trail into the living room. They glance to see what's playing on the television and throw themselves down on couches and the floor.

Scott hands Stiles a chocolate bar. Erica, wearing Boyd's sweatshirt over her costume smiles warmly at Derek and lightly touches his hand in reassurance.

"How was your night?" Derek asks the group, pausing the movie.

The room is quiet for a second, a peacefulness cloaking them.

"It was fine...missed you guys though," Isaac admits nonchalantly. "Now start the damn movie, I want to watch the witches try to eat this kid's soul."

Derek unpauses the movie and the pack watches. Stiles smiles and wiggles closer to Derek.


Later, when the two of them are snuggling in bed (not that Derek will ever admit to it) the alpha speaks, his voice slow and sleepy.

"Next year I get to pick out your costume," he drawls, nuzzling his face into Stiles' neck.

Stiles smiles, soft moonlight lighting up the pair of them. He likes the idea of Derek planning things in the future for them. Likes that he sees a future for them at all.

"Sure, as what?" he inquires, his fingers trailing down the back of Derek's neck. Derek shivers, goosebumps spiking his skin.

"I'm thinking male stripper..."

Stiles feels Derek's smile against his neck.

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