So I woke up to 40+ emails this morning, all in my little fanfic folder and I was so so happy about that! It gave me the motivation to write the second chapter to this fic, as you can clearly see. Well here's the pack celebrating Thanksgiving. It's definitely more pack-heavy than the previous chapter. So without further ado, here is chapter two!

"Oh my god, no!" Stiles gasps in horror as Isaac and Erica stand in front of him.

The yellow in Isaac's eyes dies, his face returning to its human form. He looks confused and disappointed. The now dead turkey drops from his mouth. He spits out a few feathers that stick to his lips.

"What? You said we needed to get a turkey," Erica points out, glancing at her nails as she makes them grow and shrink.

"I meant at the store!" Stiles splutters, rubbing his face with his hands. He tries to look anywhere but at the bloody, drool-covered bird carcass at his feet.

"What's the difference? A dead bird is a dead bird," Erica sighs.

"Well because, when I have Thanksgiving turkey I want it drenched in gravy, not werewolf saliva," Stiles exclaims. "Look...just...just go to the store and get a couple of turkeys, okay?" He's growing tired of arguing and the turkey corpse is starting to odorize.

Erica looks like she has every intention to give some sort of sassy retort when Isaac elbows her in the ribs. She throws him a dirty look but remains silent.

"Don't worry, Stiles. We'll go and get them," Isaac assures Stiles and pats his shoulder comfortingly. Stiles bets that Isaac can just smell the anxiety that's growing on him. No, really, werewolves can actually smell emotion. Not creepy at all or anything. Stiles makes a note to ask Derek later what anxiety smells like.

Erica and Isaac both turn and begin to head towards the car. Stiles, in turn, heads back into the Hale house. He pauses at the doorway and shouts to Erica and Isaac's retreating backs.

"And don't forget to get this bloody bird off the porch!"

Erica laughs and blows him a kiss. She then runs forward and leaps onto Isaac's back. He grabs her legs and holds her up. She places her chin on the top of his head and wraps her arms around his neck.

Stiles heads into the house, and his mouth waters as the aroma of pumpkin pie hits his nostrils like a ten-ton weight. He wanders over to the kitchen, where Boyd and Allison are cooking. Boyd, as it turns out, is some sort of mastermind chef.

"I watched the Food Network a lot," he had explained to Stiles once and Stiles knew that he was talking pre-werewolf transformation.

"Boyd, you are officially my favorite werewolf," Stiles informs the dark-skinned beta. Boyd gives him a grin.

"Hey!" Scott protests. He's sitting at the kitchen table, juggling a sweet potato in his hands. He looks quite miffed at Stiles' comment. Stiles makes to reply when someone else does for him.

"Scott, even if Boyd wasn't here, you still wouldn't be Stiles' favorite werewolf," a voice rumbles from behind. A warm mouth plants itself on his neck before Derek Hale moves past him. Stiles brushes his hand briefly against the place where Derek's lips just were, always pleased whenever the alpha shows him affection in public.

"Well that's not fair. I can't compete with you when you're...ya him sexual favors," Scott whines. Derek smirks in response and Scott just turns to look at his best friend. "Besides, I thought parents weren't supposed to have favorites!"

"Dude, I'm not your parent," Stiles interjects. He hears Boyd scoff behind him.

"You know what I mean. You're like a pack parent," Scott says, still looking sulky.

"Am not. I just happen to be the boyfriend of your pack's alpha," Stiles says, swiping his hand out to catch the sweet potato that Scott's still playing with. Stiles has always been painfully aware of his clumsy, flailing limbs, and the sweet potato turns mashed as he misses it and it hits the floor.

"Whoops," Stiles says breezily. His cheeks redden slightly.

Derek sighs. "Scott, clean it up."

"Why me?" Scott demands in outrage, always quick to believe that Derek likes to pick on him. "Stiles is the one who dropped it."

"Because you were the one who was playing with it to begin with," Derek points out and when Scott opens his mouth to protest, Derek just raises a taunting eyebrow at him.

Scott scowls and stomps over to the counter to grab some paper towels. Allison lays a hand on his arm and whispers in his ear, "Don't worry, you're my favorite werewolf."

Scott's expressions brightens instantly, and Stiles can practically smell the pride leaking out of him. Which reminds him...

"Hey, what does anxiety smell like to a werewolf?" he asks the group at large. He takes a seat next to Derek at the kitchen table. Derek appraises him over a jar of cranberries.

"It smells a mom does," Scott pipes up before Derek can. He's on the floor, scrubbing at the potato.

"What the hell does that smell like?" Stiles inquires. He feels a pang in his chest, because whenever the subject of mothers comes up, he instantly thinks of his mom. And thinks about how little he remembers of her. A lump forms in his throat as he tries to recall what his mom smelt like. Hadn't she used to wear some sort of flowery perfume? Or was he mixing his mom up with his old kindergarten teacher?

His heart is starting to race and his throat feels dry and he can tell a panic attack is about to sweep over him. A hand though, suddenly settles over his own. He looks up and catches Derek's eye. Derek just gives him a nod of understanding and squeezes Stiles' hand. Calm instantly washes over Stiles and he can breathe again.

Scott, meanwhile, is still kneeling on the floor and is oblivious to Stiles' mood. He's trying to explain what a mom smells like.

"'s like uh, laundry detergent, and cookies, and bubble bath. You know? Like mom stuff."

"So you're saying that I smell like a woman who's had children come out of her nether regions?" Stiles questions dryly and Scott looks up to give him a big wolfish grin. He punches Stiles' knee good-naturedly.

"No dude, I'm just saying that you smell the way moms smell when they worry over their kids," he replies.

Stiles grudgingly admits that he can understand that. Though he's technically the same age as all the betas in the wolf pack, he can't help but look at them as pups that need to be nurtured. Isaac especially, he thinks, as the memory of Isaac's basement drifts into his mind. He shudders when he remembers the fingernail scratches on the inside of the icebox, red from dried blood.

"Where'd this question come from anyways?" Derek asks, leaning towards him slightly over the table.

"Dangerous territory you're treading on Derek. Never ask how Stiles' mind works. It's a madhouse in there," Scott grins as he pats Stiles' head on his way to the trashcan. Derek ignores him and continues to gaze heavily at Stiles.

Stiles shrugs. "It might have had something to do with the fact that I got slightly anxious when Erica and Isaac brought me a dead turkey that they caught and left on the porch."

Allison makes a gagging sound and wrinkles her cute little face up in disgust. Boyd lets out a loud laugh. Derek rolls his eyes.

"What, you didn't tell them to get a turkey from the store?" he questions wryly.

"I told them to get a turkey! I assumed they realized I was talking about one from the store!" Stiles gripes.

"You should always remember that a werewolf's first instinct is to hunt," Derek informs him seriously and now it's Stiles turn for an eye roll. Derek always likes to hint at the fact that he's a dangerous supernatural being and that Stiles shouldn't forget that. It's his way of trying to push Stiles away from him for "his own protection" or so he says. Like Stiles didn't know what he was getting himself into the moment he kissed Derek with his flashing red eyes.

"Yeah well, you should remind your pack that Allison and I are still very much human and don't want to dine on any meat that doesn't come from a vendor," Stiles insists to Derek, because he's pretty sure his boyfriend is going to congratulate Erica and Isaac on their catch later.

"I definitely agree with Stiles on that," Allison supplies and shoots Scott a pointed look.

"Allison, I brought you that dead squirrel one time! It was a joke," Scott mumbles and even Derek laughs with them at that.

There's the sound of a door slamming and Erica and Isaac appear in the kitchen, holding massive (store-bought) turkeys in their hands.

"Did we do good?" Isaac asks Stiles eagerly, and Stiles smiles kindly at him.

"Yeah, you definitely did good," he agrees and Isaac beams.

Boyd starts to give them all instructions on what to do with the turkeys so that they would be properly cooked by tomorrow morning. They all set to work, trying to get everything prepared so that they can eat on time the next day. Erica sidles next to Allison and tries to steal some pumpkin pie filling when she isn't looking. Scott looks confused when Boyd gives him directions on what to do to make cranberry sauce. There's a moment, when Isaac drops a glass and it shatters on the floor, where he looks like someone's about to strike him for his blunder. Derek just pats him on the shoulder and retrieves a broom and dustpan. Stiles throws an arm around Isaac and babbles about how he already ruined one sweet potato today with his floundering.

"Us clumsy kids have to stick together right?" Stiles jokes and Isaac relaxes visibly at once, a slightly timid smile appearing on his lips.

After that, everyone helps wrap up the food and store it in the fridge before starting to head towards their homes.

Derek and Stiles linger in the doorway for their goodbye.

"So I'll be over here at seven tomorrow," Stiles supplies to Derek and Derek gives a nod.

"What time are you and your dad having dinner?" he asks, leaning his head back against the doorframe, eyes stuck on Stiles.

"Not until later at night. He usually has to work during the day on Thanksgiving. Nothing like a roasted turkey and a carving knife to bring out the domestic violence in families," Stiles quips and Derek laughs.

"Hey, by the way, you know you're invited at my house tomorrow right? My dad really wants you over for dinner to get to know you better...although the phrase he actually used was 'get to know you as something other than a murder suspect'," Stiles says and feels his heart beat slightly faster at the look Derek gives him. It's a look that's soft and warm and...thankful.

"I'll be there," Derek promises quietly, and then he moves closer, cups Stiles' face in his heads and kisses him. It's long and passionate and it's a kiss that Stiles always equates to the word 'home' for some reason.

Derek breaks away first (he's the one who almost always does). Stiles hate how purposeless his lips feel when Derek's not attached to them. The werewolf pushes him gently out the door.

"Get going, your dad's probably waiting up for you," he states and smiles.

There's another goodbye kiss that lasts several minutes before Stiles finally slams the door to his Jeep closed and heads on home.


By noon, the whole pack is seated around the dining room table, which is practically sagging beneath the weight of all the food. Stiles has to actually remind himself not to drool at the aromas wafting over him and also reminds himself that he has another Thanksgiving dinner to attend later that night. It's going to be the first time that him, Derek, and his dad will all together, besides at the jailhouse that is. Stiles just hopes that the meal doesn't end with handcuffs and claws.

Yeah, no, that's definitely an ending that's much more appropriate for when him and Derek are in bed together. Stiles grins at the thought and Scott gives him a why-are-you-smiling-like-an-idiot look.

The pack starts to heap their plates full of food and Stiles is about to put a forkful of turkey in his mouth when Derek speaks up suddenly.

" and I," he begins slowly, not really looking at anyone, "used to have this tradition where we went around the table saying what we were thankful for before we ate."

Derek's words are meant with a stunned silence and no one knows how to respond at first. Derek almost never brings up his family, and has definitely never brought up a happy time when they had all been together. It's Boyd who finally breaks the awkward quiet.

"My family does that too," he confides and the tension disappears.

"Okay, who wants to start then?" Stiles asks them all brightly. Beneath the table, he interlaces his fingers with Derek's, wanting to be physically closer to him after his confession.

"I'll go!" Allison volunteers, always game for anything. She glances around the table as she thinks of what to say.

"I'm thankful for...Scott, being the most amazing person to ever enter my life." Erica pretends to gag at the sweetness of that as Allison flashes a goofy grin to a love struck Scott. "And I'm thankful for this pack...for accepting me, even though I have the family that I have."

Allison looks at Derek when she says this and everyone knows what she's really saying. That she's sorry about her Aunt Kate causing the death of Derek's family. And how she knows that none of her apologies will ever bring them back. Derek meets Allison's eyes and gives her a small nod.

Scott goes next.

"I'm thankful for Allison, of course. For my mom always being there for me. For Stiles, being the best friend a dude could ever have. Oh, and for Derek...for letting me in his pack, despite all my bullshit," Scott says.

Derek looks surprised.

"I'm thankful for Derek too," Erica jumps in quickly. "Thanks to him, I'm not at the bottom of the social food chain anymore. Oh...and I'm also thankful for my amazing rack." She glances down at her boobs lovingly and Derek clears his throat in discomfort. Stiles and Scott glance at each other and then look away swiftly before either one of them starts to laugh.

Isaac takes a moment before he starts to speak. "I'm thankful for my dad...not for being the person that he was in the end, but for knowing him as the loving parent he used to be. I'm thankful for Derek, for giving me power and for helping me not to be afraid of my own shadow. I'm really thankful to be a part of this pack...this family." Isaac looks down in embarrassment when he finishes.

Erica leans over and ruffles his hair fondly.

Boyd goes next . "I'm thankful for Derek and this pack as well," he states solemnly. "And I'm also thankful for new girlfriend." Boyd bows his head in modesty as the table reacts to his news.

"You have a girlfriend?" Derek asks as Erica says, "Congrats bro, is she hot?"

"Of course," Boyd answers Erica and then answers Derek somewhat sheepishly. "Yes."

Derek frowns at this.

"Does she know about us?" he inquires slowly and Boyd shakes his head hastily. Derek continues to frown.

"She's a really nice girl, Derek. You would like her if you met her. And besides, how could it be any worse than dating a girl who's parents are werewolf hunters," Boyd inquires with a friendly wink to Allison

"Hey!" Scott cries and Boyd smiles, shrugging.

"You know it's true," he says, somewhat smugly.

Scott takes the opportunity to throw a pea at Boyd, who simply opens his mouth and catches it. He continues to smile as he swallows and everyone laughs. Derek still doesn't look pleased, but decides that it's a conversation that will have to take place later. Instead, he looks at Stiles, waiting for him to list all his reasons for giving thanks.

"Well, I'd like to first start off with the fact that I'm thankful that Jackson is no longer a really creepy lizard dude," Stiles jokes before turning serious. "I'm thankful that my dad got his job back, that my best friend hasn't been successful in killing me during a full moon, that this pack accepts me as the awkward, useless human that I am, and mostly, I'm thankful that I get to enjoy all the perks that come with having Derek Hale as a boyfriend."

Stiles' words are met with whistles (Erica and Allison) and gags (Scott). Derek slides his thumb over Stiles knuckles beneath the table.

Lastly, it's Derek's turn to go and he looks like he suddenly very much regrets coming up with this idea. Derek and sappy emotions never went hand in hand.

"I'm thankful for..." Derek glances around the table, and then at the room at large. Stiles wonders if he sees the newly refurbished walls, or the skeletal remains of the once charred house.

"I'm thankful for this pack...for being here. For accepting me as their alpha. And..." Derek's voice dies for a second and Stiles squeezes his hand. His voice comes back stronger. "I'm thankful that I have a family again. Now let's eat."

Everyone cheers and scrambles for their forks and knives. During all the chaos, Stiles leans over and kisses Derek on the cheek.

"I'm kind of in love with you right now," Stiles whispers and Derek looks at him, inhaling sharply. But they're in the presence of the pack and Stiles knows Derek can't reply the way he wants to (aka throwing Stiles onto the table and fucking him senseless).

The food is delicious. Everyone praises Boyd as the god of cooking. Dessert comes out and Stiles manages to stuff four pieces of pumpkin pie down his throat. Their Thanksgiving ends when Allison apologizes and says she has to leave early before her parents start to get suspicious.

Allison grabs her coat and Scott pulls out his car keys when a voice cries out.

"Wait!" Everyone turns to look at Erica.

"What about the wishbone?" she inquires and everyone exchanges glances.

"Who's going to break it?" asks Boyd calmly.

"Isaac," everyone chimes at the same time and Isaac gives them an embarrassed smile. He steps up though, clearly game.

"Who else? C'mon ladies and werewolves, someone step up and go against our boy Lahey over here for their wish come true," Stiles says in his best announcer voice.

"I vote Stiles," Scott proclaims and the group mumbles their assent.

" me! I'm weak human boy, I can't go up against strong werewolf dude," Stiles protests but Derek is already shoving him towards Erica who has the wishbone in her hand.

"Don't worry, Stiles, I promise I'll give you a fair shot," Isaac swears and gives him a wink. They each reach out a hand and grab opposite ends of the wishbone.

"On the count of three," Erica says.


What the hell can Stiles wish for that he didn't already have?


His mom back? That wouldn't happen. A million dollars? A marriage proposal from Derek? Actual talent on the lacrosse field?

And then Stiles knows exactly what to wish for.


Isaac's and Stiles' arms both jerk back and the wishbone snaps into two pieces. Stiles holds the larger piece.

"What'd you wish for?" Derek asks playfully in a low voice, his mouth right up against Stiles ear, making him shiver in the best way.

"I'll never tell," Stiles smirks.

He wished for this pack to stay together. To remain connected through everything that they would encounter in life: the good, the bad, the everyday mundane things. As a pack.

As a family.

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