"I don't really understand emotions, but that's why I'm trying to!" Haru flashed a smile at the red haired boy lying next to him, trying to make up for everything that he had done that day and the many times before. Kate going to the hospital, making a mess of the house, and worse of all- breaking his promise about using the water guns on people.

He would make it up to Yuki somehow. He would pay more attention to his friends and surroundings than ever before. He would learn the human way of life.

Chapter 1: Happiness

Yuki awoke that morning with a pain in his stomach and a headache fresh on his temples. He sat up and ran his fingers slowly through his hair and sighed. His mind had done a lot of thinking the night before- living with Haru, mastering fishing, and of course the fact that his grandmother was now bed ridden at the hospital. Moving the sheets off of himself, he swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat there a few moments. If he kept stressing over these things, that pressure would return, and in no time he would literally be drowning in his own anxiety. He could practically feel the droplets of water surrounding him already. Just as he was about to lose it once again, his door was flung open.

"Yuuukkii! Yuki! You need to-" the boy sharing the house with him stopped mid-sentence, realizing that the message's receiver was already awake. "- Get up for school…" A hair sticking askew from the rest of his head bounced up and down like a bobber on a fishing line, signaling excitement as Haru walked toward Yuki. The newly awakened boy squinted. His friend's clothes were so colorful they seemed to light up the room with glowing arrays of blue, pink and green. It was too early in the morning for this, but after all, this was Haru.

Wait, no. It really was too early for this. Rubbing his eyes, the brighter haired of the two looked at a nearby calendar. Today was Saturday! When he averted his attention back to Haru, he was surprised to see the pale haired roommate was almost nose-to-nose with him. His instincts sent him jumping back, a small yelp escaping into the air.

"H-Haru! Don't do that!" Yuki shook his head before getting off of the bed. Haru just laughed.

"Also, it's Saturday. No school today." The alien's face became covered in a confused look before looking at the calendar for himself. Realizing that he was wrong, he quickly shoved his palms together in front of himself and smiled apologetically. "Sorry, sorry!" Dropping his palms back to his sides, Haru skipped out of his room while continuously talking aloud to the other boy. He also made sure to cast off his blue school jacket before exiting, leaving it in Yuki's room.

"I guess since we don't have school, wanna go and practice? Y'know," he stopped to throw up his hands in a casting motion, before making the noises of the hook landing into something, then motioning again to show a line being reeled in. "We could practice with the bucket, or in the ocean!" Haru was getting excited now.

Yuki picked up the clothing that had been abandoned on the floor, and lazily trudged out to where his friend was playing a lonely game of charades. Of course he knew what he meant, but wasn't up to the actual activity at the moment. He probably would've stayed in his room and fell back asleep, but it was too loud in their home to even think of doing that now. Defeated, he placed the garment on the couch and walked past it to enter the kitchen.

"Haru, let's just have breakfast for now, ok?" He opened the cabinet and took out various items to his liking. Stopping his little act, the more awake of the two shrugged and skipped into the kitchen. "Okay, Yuki! Whatever you say~!" He twirled and jumped around the small area until deciding to sit on the counter. Impatiently, Haru kicked his legs up and down, humming as he did so. Yuki sighed for the second time this morning. Not even breakfast would get done with him around!

"Uh, Haru," Yuki paused to think of a chore for Haru to do. The alien stopped immediately, all ears. His violet eyes stared at the other boy, eager to please. " You should water the flowers. Yeah, the flowers!" He praised himself internally as he became the only person in the kitchen. With him in the garden, he could at least make food in peace!

Gazing out at all the flowers, Haru couldn't help but grin foolishly. " You're all so pretty!" He shouted, actually expecting them all to respond to his compliment. Today, instead of spraying himself with it, he took the hose and watered every last flower in every last patch. By the time he was finished, Yuki was calling him in for food, so he happily obeyed and went on back inside.

Breakfast didn't last long, surprisingly. Usually, the alien would be so worked up making a conversation that he would forget about the food in front of him. The red haired boy found himself glancing at the other across the table from him every now and then as they both consumed it in peace. Why was he so quiet, all of a sudden?

Letting out a long, contented sigh, Haru pat his stomach.

"Ah, Yuki! That was yummy," he giggled as he hopped up from his chair, picking up the bowl with him. The one being complimented smiled softly before standing up with his bowl as well. Washing dishes had become some kind of entertainment for the paler of the two lately. Yuki found this odd, but welcomed it. Anything that kept that hyper ball of energy occupied was better than nothing!

Haru started to hum again while scrubbing away at the bowls and silver ware. Curious, he pointed out his index finger and placed the plate on top. Amused, he grinned and gave it a push to make the dish spin around. Laughter echoed around the house as it spun round and round. At one point, it became off balance and began to wobble unsteadily. Exasperated gasps flew out of the alien's mouth as the plate flew out of his control.

Fortunately, it happened to plop down right into the sink.

"Phew!" Haru wiped his brow as he returned to washing as usual. Yuki would not of been happy if he had broken something again!

The gray-eyed teen had escaped to his room once again to get changed. As he pulled a fresh shirt over his head, he couldn't help but let the emotions flood back in. He wouldn't be able to live like this forever. Yuki was used to being looked after by someone, not the other way around. Having Haru here was no worse than having a stray puppy that you picked up on the street. It would never listen to you, but one cute look would have you on your knees all over again.

But still, the red head had to admit that he actually did like his company from time to time. Haru had, after all, become his best friend after all these months.

The ringing of a phone snapped him out of his thoughts. Shaking his head, he stumbled out of his room just as a familiar blonde bumped into him. A small squeak was heard from his lips, but nothing more as he held out the phone to Yuki.

"It's for you!" The alien grinned as he lightly pressed it against the human's chest. The socially awkward teen blushed just a bit at that.

"N-No need to be so polite about it!" Grabbing the phone, he turned away and leaned against the doorframe, pushing hairs out of his face with his other hand. Haru stood in the hallway a few steps away, watching him curiously. All he heard and saw were numerous nods along with him saying "ok". Suddenly, a genuine smile spread from ear to ear on Yuki's face.

"O-Okay! Thanks so much!" With a beep, the call ended, but Haru's curiosity only grew. Just as he was about to question what the conversation was about, two hands came crashing down onto his shoulders. Soon enough, a face covered with all kinds of emotion filled his vision too.

"Haru, Kate's alright! She's being discharged from the hospital today!" The excitement was contagious, and the shorter boy caught on immediately. Both of them wallowed in their happiness for a bit before deciding to head over there to get her. They figured they could just get a taxi, or even an ambulance to drive them back afterward. It wasn't too far of a walk, but it felt like a century as they went on their way.

It had already been more than fifteen minutes of sitting in the waiting room when Haru began to get impatient once again. His cheeks puffed out in irritation and his feet kicked up and down in front and underneath his chair in restlessness. The only thing keeping him from moving about was the occasional strict glance from his best friend sitting next to him. This hyper ball of energy was threatening to hurl itself into motion again.

Just then, Yuki was called up to fill out some papers and answer a few questions. Looking at the pale-haired boy again, he motioned with his index finger and pointed to the ground as if to say "Stay!". Although Haru nodded, he had no intentions of keeping that promise. As soon as the red head turned away, the alien snuck his way out of the room as quietly as he could. First things first, he needed to be refreshed. He was feeling a little dry, since he was literally a fish out of water.

For several minutes, Haru walked around the hospital, hoping that somewhere along the way he would find at least a water fountain. Suddenly, a cart wheeled past him, a small package wrapped in cloth sitting on top securely. The violet-eyed explorer found himself staring as they went past. Naturally, he decided to follow them.

What he found at the end of that journey was the Nursery section of the hospital. He also figured out that that "package" was actually a newborn human baby. This aspect of humans had always fascinated the alien. How humans could somehow be born, put on age, and then die completely different than how they were when brought into the world. Finally spotting a water fountain, he let the liquid run over his fingers and dabbed it lightly on his face, sighing contently. Yes, much better!

"Excuse me sweetie, are you lost?" A kind voice asked from just behind the pondering boy. Turning around, a concerned nurse stood in front of him.

" Yep! That's ok, though. I'm just taking a walk!" The positive attitude brought a smile to her lips.

"Well, if you need anything, I'm here." She was about to walk away when Haru found his hand reaching out to her shoulder. Tapping her carefully, he waited for her attention before ushering her over to where the babies were.

"Actually, I do have a question! These," he paused to gesture to the newborns again. "Where do they come from? I know for sure that they'renot from space!"

Taken aback for a moment, she laughed a bit before turning her gaze back to him. With that, she explained the answer to his question, in terms of which he'd understand of course.

Yuki groaned in frustration. Couldn't he ever stay still? Kate put her hand on his shoulder and began to speak.

"You shouldn't get so upset over little things. Today is a good day," she said wisely. This made the teen sigh. She was right, as usual. Just as he looked back up from sighing, he spotted the subject of interest walking back towards them.

"I found you! Hi Kate!" Haru laughed in excitement and practically bounced over to them. Kate bowed in greeting, and so did Haru. Yuki cracked a smile and scruffed up Haru's hair playfully. A weird gesture, even for him, but he figured he should lighten up. This earned another laugh from the alien. Thankfully the hospital was kind enough to lend a car for a quick ride home. So, together, they left.

When they got home, they simply sat around and talked. Occasionally they would play games or watch TV, but mostly they just conversed. Yuki's face seemed to glow with bliss, a permanent grin plastered onto his face. Finally, they were as close as they would be to a family again. The blond noticed this, and pretty soon he found himself mimicking him without knowing.

A warm feeling spread from his chest to every inch of his body, and it didn't go away even as he fell asleep that night. The combination of everything that day had just put him in the greatest of moods, and he couldn't help but accept it. What really pushed it over the edge was seeing how truly grateful and overjoyed his red headed friend was. He wished Yuki would be like that all the time, never frowning or feeling "bad", as he would say.

As he drifted off into slumber, a single word echoed through his mind. It must've come up long ago when he would research humans and emotions, but now he finally understood what it was.