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Chapter 5: Lust

It seemed all Yuki thought about was Haru. All his motives seemed to somehow lead back to that carefree alien, and most of the things he questioned in his head involved him. His chest constantly felt heavy. Every time he saw Haru, it throbbed as well. Ever since that apology and hug at the docks, Yuki had gone through a tough realization that he should've noticed all along.

This teen was definitely in love.

How could he not be? This boy had showed up in his life when he needed a friend the most, and had pushed him out of his comfort zone enough to finally make other friends and do things he never thought he would. He was helping to fill the hole that had been left by Kate's death. The blonde opened up new doors for him, and now he all he wants is to repay him. Although, the wish for speaking to be easier was an even bigger problem at the moment. Bringing himself to admit any of this to Haru scared the ever-living crap out of him. Yuki never was good with words.

After a few days, everything seemed to be going well. Yuki still clung to a bit of that sadness, but it was a much lighter load on his shoulders than it was before. The house was being paid for and Haru was safe inside it, so he tried his best not to stress too much. The blonde had also been less hyper as of late, more at ease and at peace with everything. Watering the garden every morning, he made absolutely sure that no more of his precious flowers wilted. This time, his efforts were working on more than just the plants.

All day Haru had his eyes glued to the television screen. Kate had multiple soap operas recorded and saved in it's depths, and once the alien found them, he couldn't stop watching. They intrigued him, and also gave him first hand exposure to human situations and common conversations. It wouldn't hurt to study them in this way. Setting himself down on the couch, the red head stared at the TV for a moment before glancing at his friend.

"Uh…Haru? Are you watching soap operas?" He furrowed his brow. Haru only smiled, eyes still on the drama at hand.

"Yep! They're really fun to watch!" Bringing his knees up to his chest, he wrapped his arms around them and wiggled his toes. Yuki turned back to the show.

"You…like watching these?"

"Mhm! They're helping me too! I feel more human already!" The blond added a small giggle to finish off the statement. The other teen just shook his head in both amusement and incredulousness. Pulling out his phone, he began to search the interwebs as he usually did. Sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes out of boredom. After a little while, though, some specific noises snapped his head out of his phone-induced trance and led his attention straight back to the TV. What he saw on it led his face to quickly cover itself in a shade of blush.

Two individuals were on the screen kissing each other deeply, feeling up on each other, basically everything as far as sensuality can go before the bed. Light moans were muffled between them, which made Yuki's sensitive ears start to pound with anticipation. The blush started to make its way to them, too. Strangest thing was, Haru seemed unfazed by everything going on. Again, Yuki couldn't believe it!

"H-Haru, turn that off. This is for grown-ups." Usually, the word "grown-up" would do the trick, but not this time. Gazing back at Yuki, his eyes were still wide from paying such close attention.

"Why? I saw them do this last week too!" The reply made the red head's stomach drop. How could he sit and calmly watch such things? Huffing, Haru's cheeks puffed out.

"They're 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend' too, so it's ok! Me and Yuki could even do this too! You're a boy and my friend!"

If Yuki was sipping a drink at that moment, it would've been spewed from his mouth like a waterfall. All over the couch. All over Haru. All over himself as well. Did…he really just say that? This was certainly not helping with his anxiety over his own feelings! During his momentary expression of shock, the alien lurched forward to attempt to close the distance between them. Yuki came to his senses just in time, practically rolling off the couch.

"HARU. NO. WE C-CANNOT DO… THAT." Waving his arms in a way that clearly said "no", his blush only increased as he began to sweat. Why did these things always happen to him?

"But…Yuki," Haru plopped himself down on the floor next to him, that silly pout still present. "It would help me!" The eager alien leaned forward again, while the other leaned back.

"Haru, no." This teen was already more hormonal than he should be, and this was making his lower regions gain interest in the situation. That look Haru was giving him… It sent many mixed signals.

I need this.

I'm curious and want to know!

Humans do this right?

One that caught his eye the most was the slight spark of "I need you" in those violet irises.

Again, more noises came from the still playing soap opera. The two people had shifted their positions and were now on a nearby couch; One hovering, one laying beneath them. With that, a shift in temperature between the two people not on screen occurred too. The blonde's mouth hung open slightly in awe as he eyeballed the act. The fingers of a certain embarrassed and desperate boy stretched out and struggled to grab a hold of the remote. If he could just turn it off, all of this would stop. Unfortunately, a pale hand slammed down over his, demolishing his hopes.

Haru repositioned himself. All Yuki felt at first was the extreme weight on his hands for a few seconds from the other pair of the same appendages. Looking up slowly, he was horrified to see his friend had crawled right over him and mimicked the actors on the television.

The tension was as thick as the lump in the red head's throat, refusing to be swallowed down. Actually, Yuki decided it probably wasn't the best to even think of the word "swallowing" right now. Oh god, he did it again. His pants started to become very uncomfortable. The continuous symphony of erotic fantasies from the show did not help any.

"Yuki…" Pink lips parted slightly, just enough to let that single name squeeze out from between them. Haru's heart was beating faster than usual, and he could tell that his friend's was too. His hands trembled slightly. Suddenly, curiosity wasn't the only thing that drove him to do this. An irresistible urge to touch and to be touched bubbled up inside him and threatened to pop.

As soon as the sound of his name hit his still sensitive ears, he swore he was losing it. That demonic face that always came up at the worst times was slowly but surely coming out from hiding. His own lips twitched at the sight of the other's which should've had a sign with "open for business" right on top. This was getting out of hand. Speaking of hands, his had to be coated with sweat right now. Suddenly, Haru began to bend his head down toward his own. No, no, NO.

Yuki could deny all he wanted, but his own head found itself going up to meet the other's halfway. Their eyes were closing. The heat was built to capacity. The human's lower parts seemed to be at capacity, as well. The moment was right, just a bit more…

A commercial blared from loud speakers. Surprised, the two of them bonked heads and fell away from each other. Both of them squeaked in pain as they hit the floor. Only a few moments went by before the human sat up, getting up to his feet as quickly as he could. He managed to sprint away and into his room before Haru opened his eyes again. This was just too embarrassing.

Rubbing his forehead, the alien opened his eyes and blinked, disappointed to see his favorite human was gone. Dusting himself off and sighing, he stood up and walked outside to the garden. The fresh air was what he needed right now after all that.

What just happened?

Haru was so horribly confused. That feeling that sent itself through him in waves, he thought long and hard about what it was. Trying to act it out for himself, he glided his tongue over his lips. Yes, it was almost like a craving. Something he wanted. Something he needed. It made his fingers tingle and his stomach do cartwheels. Using his tongue as a model again, he stuck it out in a scowl. It was a common disgusted face he used. This emotion felt… almost dirty. Yet, he really liked it at the same time.

It had a "luh-" sound to it. Index finger tapping against his chin, he pondered. Love was the first thing that popped up. Grinning, he hugged himself. It had to be love, right? Didn't lovers do those kind of things? Yet… from all the things he had heard about it, wasn't it more luxurious than just a tingling sensation that set your skin ablaze? Wasn't it supposed to be heavy, yet light? Make you sick to your stomach yet as happy as a little kid getting that special "thing" they always wanted? Make your heart sing the notes that your own vocal chords could not?

Haru groaned in frustration. No, this wasn't love. Not yet. But still, it had a "luh" sound. It had to!

"Lu…." He was stopped mid-sentence as a huge, rubber covered hand crammed itself over his mouth. Eye shooting open, he tried to scream, but it was muffled anyway. Another arm slinked itself around him and held him forcefully.

"It's your lucky day, alien!"

The blonde continued to struggle, but his thoughts still ran rampant, looking for an answer.

No, it's not lucky, stupid!

"Yeah, we've been bored for a while. We're gonna love having you at head quarters!"

Didn't I just say it wasn't love?

A damp rag was shoved into his mouth. The repulsively strong fragrance smothered his nostrils and other senses as they sent his body into shock, and soon after unconsciousness. However, he had seen a situation like this before on one of those shows he had become so addicted to on the TV. A girl was out after dark, a man grabbed her, stuffed something in her mouth, and dragged her away.

What was it that episode was called again? Oh, right.