The Problem with Smart Girls

Chapter One

Somewhere… Far, far away… In a parallel universe… Kazehaya Rin was being verbally abused yet again by Date Masamune, in modern Japan.

There were five things in Rin's life that she couldn't stand:

One; Date Masamune
Two; Date Masamune
Three; Date Masamune
Four; Date Masamune
Five; One-eyed boys whose name involved Date or Masamune. Date Masamune just made it worse.

And at the moment, she was facing all five of those things.

"You know, for someone as smart as you, you really don't know how to take a hint," came his smooth voice, which was usually quite successful when tempting girls to share a night with him. … Except when it came to Rin.

Rin scowled and said, "Shut up, you stupid pervert. Do you want my help for this test, or not?"

Masamune leaned back and said casually, "Maybe. But I'd rather do something more fun, like what I just finished explaining to you. Honestly, everyone does it these days, so I'm not sure how you've been able to hold out so long."

Rin sighed and rubbed her temples, "Just shut up and do the problem. If you can't do something as simple as this, you'll never pass the test." Masamune grumbled into his note book some more but went back to working and Rin studied him from the tops of her eyes.

Sure, she admitted it, he was good looking. Dark brown hair and blue-grey eyes (or… really, eye, she reasoned,) definitely go well together, and the eye patch he decidedly wore may have made him look like a pirate, but it also added an air of mystery. Even though he refused to explain why he wore this strange accessory, it seemed to only make him more appealing to the girls at their school.

It's really no wonder why he's one of the most popular guys around. He's good looking… He's got money… And he's sharper than a knife when it came to witty come backs. The only thing he was missing?


He may look like he has a high form of intelligence, but really, he's failed more tests than anyone around and his grade in everything, besides English Literature and phys ed (and possibly even health); and slowly but surely the were declining.

Which is partly where Rin came along.

After a … Slight accident with a family treasure and the confession of Masamune's failing grades, Rin had been hired as his tutor. In return for her help, Masamune would pay her and she could slowly but surely work off the debt of breaking the prized Chinese vase she had broken only a month earlier.

Rin sighed irritably. If only she hadn't been so careless…

"My name is Kazehaya Rin, pleased to meet you." Rin bowed respectively after she wrote her characters on the board. "'Rin' as in 'cold' and 'Kazehaya' as in 'swift wind'."

"Rin is a new transfer student here from the western parts of the Iwate prefecture and she's earned several scholarships which is quite an impressive feat for… Someone of her birth." Rin cringed only slightly when she heard this, but otherwise didn't react. She may be new in the city, but she had expected this sort of behavior and prepared herself for it. "Please make sure you show your respect," the substitute teacher said quickly, noticing how rude he had sounded.

Rin sat quietly in her desk and their lessons began. She had just opened her notebook when a crumpled ball of paper landed on top, 'Meet me after class.' She looked up and smiled at Yukimura, who grinned back brightly.

She had met him earlier that day after bumping into him… Literally… Bumping into him. Their collision had sent them both falling backwards and each rushed to apologize. So far he was the only one she liked in this crappy school. He seemed to be the only non-snob here.

Other than meeting Yukimura, it had been a rocky first day. Rin had hoped city schools would be different than the ones out in the country, with its glamor and intelligence… With higher classed people who didn't form stupid cliques but apparently she had been wrong.

If anything, it was worse out here with the rich, petty snobs than the stupid country.

And the pettiest of snobs?

Date Masamune.

He was always surrounded by people and always at the center of attention. Everyone loved him. … Everyone.

Even Yukimura, who always swore was his biggest enemy, couldn't help but admire the "One-Eyed Dragon"; a pretentious nick-name in Rin's opinion, but one everyone had taken to calling him.

It was just her luck when he had taken a sudden interest in her not too long after her first day. Just her luck… If she had been anyone else, Rin probably would have been overjoyed to have the most popular guy in school on her heels, but she wasn't, and no matter how hard she tried rejecting him he just kept coming back. It was something about her cold indifference towards him that had sparked an interest and when he was paired up with her for their first class project, and she broke a family vase at his house, it only made things worse.

The scene would have comical, if it weren't happening to Rin and for the one boy she so wished she could punch. Rin had stared at the shattered vase in mute horror… And Masamune laughed. Hard. He was practically rolling on the floor laughing and Rin scowled, as she saw nothing funny about this.

How the hell could she pay for it? With her meager salary at her part time job down at the café a few streets away from where she lived, the costs of her apartment, and the fact that she refused to ask for help from her mother, there was no way she could pay for it!

But then Masamune proposed an idea. If she helped him raise his grades and keep them constant for the rest of the year, he'll pay her so she can work off the cost of the vase. And if she can make sure his grades stay above average for the rest of their two years at their high school, he'll sweep the entire cost under the rug at the end of their time at school.

Rin had no choice but to accept.

And here she was. Cursed to be his slave for the rest of her high school days, as that's basically what he's made her, and never to be able to enjoy a peaceful afternoon by herself again. She continued shunning him in school, despite how he tried talking to her, but every day afterwards she was forced to go home with him and help with their assignments. This was definitely not how she imagined how her high school career would go.

But… She glanced at him again. Damn he's good looking… Wait, what? No, no, no! No Rin, bad Rin, very bad Rin! Rin mentally berated herself as she shook her head. She was not falling for this one-eyed freak. No. She wouldn't.

She couldn't.

She already had a guy in mind, right? Although she couldn't remember his face or name exactly, she knew she had met another boy when she was younger who she had taken a distinct liking to, and so with a firm resolve she vowed not to fall for the guy known as Date Masamune.

Too hard.

"Oi, Rin, how's this?" Masamune handed his sheet of paper and Rin sighed. When did he get the idea that he could use her first name so freely like they were friends? Sure, she didn't want him using a stupid honorific like –chan, that would have made it seem like they were a couple, but maybe something as simple as –san or –sensei would have been nicer… Anything than just her name. When he did that, it just seemed too personal. And, well, intimate. But then again, she'd remind herself, Masamune used everyone's first name, save Yukimura, because he was just "oh-so-holy". The bastard.

Rin took the paper and quickly skimmed it, "Not bad." She said, "Though it would've been easier if you had taken x, here, and applied it here, see?"

She used her pencil to lightly trace an example out and he nodded, "Alright then, I see what you mean. Thanks."

That was another thing Rin had noticed about Date that fared well with the girls. He liked using English phrases at the weirdest of times, and somehow that just really seemed to be a turn on.

Rin shook her head again in disgust, she really hated this guy. But she had to pay off that damned debt. Why, oh why, had she been so careless?

She cried on the inside woefully for being such a klutz that day and she rubbed her temples again. Think happy thoughts Rin It'll only be for two more years... That wasn't happy at all! She practically screamed at herself. She really had to stop these weird conversations with herself...

Rin glanced at her watch and said, "Well, it's about five; I think it's about time I headed home." She collected her papers and stood up, shoving them in her messenger bag and walking quickly towards the door.

No use being in Date Masamune's room for any longer than she needed to be. "Ah, I'll walk you to the bus station." Masamune called, standing up and stretching.

"N-no, that's okay!" Rin called in a rushed voice. "It's still light out, so if I run I can make it there and home before dark." She waved her arms in front of her quickly, as if to ward off evil which, in her opinion, Date Masamune was.

Masamune only smirked and said, "No, I insist. A girl like you could get hurt, walking on the streets by herself." He took her around the shoulders and led her through the door like she was a lost sheep and her face turned red. He was warm...

Arrogant, stupid, stalking- She continued her list of insults moodily as they walked quietly together down the bustling streets of the city. When they reached bus station Masamune said with a grin, "See you tomorrow, Rin!"

"Sure." Rin called, stepping on, not exactly matching his enthusiasm. He continued waving as the bus pulled away and Rin settled herself by the window.

Yup, Date Masamune was definitely one weird guy.

A/N: Alright! This is my first time writing a modern fanfic in my entire life, and I know I've been using this 'couple' a lot now, but I haven't watched a lot of anime recently so the only one I know to a fairly good degree would be Sengoku BASARA. ... Plus, I've noticed the lack of modern stories here, as the series is meant to take place in the 16th century, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Plus I really wanted to use the phrase, "Some where far, far away, in a parallel universe". xD

This stays fairly consistent with my plot from A Dragon and His Shadow, the first fanfic series I had dedicated to this show, with the added modern events and minus all the magic (which is kind of saddening to me D:). I don't really know a lot about Japan by itself... Other than a bit of its culture, so I had a really difficult time understanding the modern day cities and provinces, like how the Mutsu Province/Oshu ect. is now split up into four different prefectures and thousands of itty-bitty cities. Ah... You'll have to excuse my ignorance! This is so very difficult for me! ;_;

In comparison to A Dragon and His Shadow:
- Rin is, yet again, in debt to Date after breaking a vase this time, instead of getting medical help from Date like before. ... As it's pretty unlikely Rin would get into a gun fight in the middle of modern day Japan. Unless she was a part of the mafia... Or something equally ridiculous...
- Unlike my other series, Rin is aware that she had met a boy when she was seven and had gotten close to him, but she still doesn't know who it was personally.
- Rin does have an accent when she speaks, but she's managed to conceal it pretty well since she first arrived in the city. It's only really noticeable when she's over flustered or angry.
- I was originally going to make this a readerXDate fic, but I don't like having to write "you" "you" "you" all the time, so I gave up and just decided to use Rin. Sorry I'm so predictable... -sniff-

I thank you for reading, and I hope I can get through this series along with the other stuff I've been writing!
As usual, ありがとう!

- Jackal