Dog Days fan fic

A/N: Hiya everyone! This is my second fan fic! It's an OC fan fic with my charcter in it! I hope you enjoy! Happy reading~ :3

Cinques pov

It was a nice peaceful morning in Biscotti. The first war game had come to a close a few day prior, so Cinque and Princess Millhi were taking a much needed morning walk together. The warm summer breeze and the cloudless blue sky promised good fortune. Cinque was especially looking forward to playing Frisbee with the princess.
The chocobos were doing all of the walking to get to his and the princess favorite spot. A beautiful little clearing filled with flowers as bright as the lights blinking in Tokyo. There were some nice shady spots for relaxing and lounging, and a crystal clear pond hidden by a few trees. He sighed in content thinking about the luxurious spot. He had his chocobo ride a tad bit faster out of excitement to get there.

The princess and the hero finally arrived at one of the best places in Flonyland. The green grass swayed in the breeze like the waves of a huge blue ocean. Cinque dismounted and tied his chocobo to a tree. He helped the princess do the same. "What shall we do first Princess?'

"Lets play Frisbee Cinque-kun!"

"Hai!" Cinque went over to his chocobo to grab a Frisbee from his bag. He held up the round disk and the princess started to wag her tail. "Lets play!" Cinque flung the Frisbee as far as he could and smiles as the dog girl ran and jumped to get it.

This continued for a hour or two until both were worn out from the endless play."Wanna relax some under the trees princess?" Cinque asked.

"Hai!" Both young people went over to a tree and sat under it enjoying the cool shade it provided. This day couldn't get any better. Both people had enjoyed themselves. Cinque closed his eyes as a cool breeze swept through providing relief from the heat. They stayed like this way for a few more minutes when he heard whimpers of pain. He opened his eyes and looked to his left at the princess. She was completely oblivious to the noises and was enjoying the beautiful day. Cinque relaxed, he had just imagined it. Thats when he heard a cry of help coming from nearby. "Cinque-kun, did you hear something?"

"Hai. I keep hearing these weird noises!" The cries became louder as a sixteen year old girl came through the trees. She collapsed onto the ground in a heap. Cinque stood up and ran over with the princess following. The girl was beaten and bloody. She had some arrows sticking out from places and had many wounds, some of them even looked infected. She had two antenna sticking out on either side of her head. She also had purple and pink butterfly wings that were folded on her back. "Do you reconize her princess?'

"No Cinque-kun, but we need to bring her back to the castle immediately!" The princess said worried. Cinque nodded and picked up the injured girl. She was pretty light. Cinque suspected she had not had a decent meal in a while. Both people ran to their chocobo. He placed the girl in front of her and mounted his chocobo. The princess also mounted hers and they rode frantically to the castle.

A/N: Thank you so much for reading! So sorry it was short! And as always...