Chapter 1.

The little blond girl sat on the swing bawling her eyes out. She didn't understand anything anymore, not that she understood to begin with. Her world was crumbling down and there was no way she could save it. She thought it was a punishment for coloring on the walls again but she didn't get it. Last time she did so her parents only sent her to her room but this time, it was a little too extreme she thought.

"Hey guys look I told you it was Lucy!" a little boy said running towards his companion. The boy's friends ran with him to the crying blond girl.

"Lucy?" the boy said slowing his run to a walk then stopping all together.

The boy had never seen his friend cry before. He was so used to her smiling and laughing and occasionally beating him up but never crying.

Lucy looked up at the boy and wiped her tears away. She tried to stop crying in front of her friend, but remembering she would never ever see him again made the girl start crying all over again.

"Natsu" the little blond cried bringing her hands up to cover her face.

"Erza! Erza! There's something wrong with Lucy!" Natsu panicked calling out to his friend.

Maybe she was broken? Maybe she got bullied before he came here? Natsu looked around to see if their was any older kids lingering around. They would pay for making his precious friend cry.

Just then his friends walked up and the tallest scarlet haired girl pushed Natsu aside and bent to Lucy's height.

"Lucy? Hello Lucy are you there?" Erza joked trying to see her little friend's face.

It had worked. Lucy dropped her hands and nodded at Erza. Erza turned angry seeing all the tears running down her friends face. She swore that whoever made her cry like this was going to pay. The other friends had gathered around Lucy staring at her, all thinking the same thing. Erza and Natsu were the ones the most angry though. Erza took a breath and decided to ask Lucy why she was crying before charging blindly and fighting everyone like her salmon haired friend idiot would do.

"Lucy what's wrong?" Erza asked in the kindest voice she could sum up.

Everyone other than Lucy shivered. No one was used to Erza's kind voice because she rarely used it. When she did though usually after her kind voice you'd get a fist to the face. She may speak kindly but Erza's attitude was anything other than 'kind'.

Lucy opened her mouth to speak but just the thought of it made her start crying again. Instead of words, sobs came out her mouth and she started to rub her eyes. Erza, seeing her friend in such pain, placed a hand on her head and rubbed it.

"Hey it's just me Erza, your best friend. Remember we tell each other everything along with our other best friends. They're all here worried about you Lucy. Come on you can tell us, we only want to help" Erza said.

All the friends added encouraging words with Erza.

"That's, that's, that's why I'm crying!" Lucy sobbed.

"Because we're your friends?" Erza asked.

She was confused. She thought Lucy liked her along with everyone else. Or is it that someone did something to Lucy behind her back. Erza turned around to face her friends and said in a very deadly voice.

"Which one of you hurt Lucy?"

The friends all took a step back and coward behind one another.

"It's not your fault it's mine" Lucy managed to say.

She saw that Erza was about to hurt their friends and she could let that happen, well again anyway. It wasn't any of their faults, it was hers.

"Lucy" Natsu said and sat on the swing next to his blond friends. "Were best friends aren't we? We can tell each other anything! Just the other day I was the one who drank Gray's juice box!" Natsu yelled out.

"I knew it!" The spiky blue haired boy yelled and tackled Natsu off of the swing.

Lucy finally stopped crying and laughed as they scrambled on the ground. Erza, though glad her friend wasn't crying anymore, still thought this was no time to be fighting while their friend was still clearly depressed. She walked towards them and pulled the boys.

"Idiots!" she yelled hitting both of them on their heads.

"Hahaha, I'm going to miss you two fighting all the time" Lucy said.

Erza had caught what she said. What did she mean by miss them? Natsu and Gray fought all the time so why would she miss it? Erza wasn't the only one who caught this comment.

"Why would you miss us Lucy?" Natsu asked as he walked back in front of his friend. Lucy looked down at her hands that were laying on her lap letting a few stray tears fall.

"Mommy and Daddy yelled at me for drawing on the wall. As a punishment they said were moving. I'm never going to see you guys anymore!" Lucy said.

Her friends were frozen in shock. They all knew that coloring on the walls was a grave crime indeed but punishing them by moving away, was it that bad? Would their parents make them move for coloring on the walls too?

Erza was the only one who didn't believe though. Her parents and Lucy's were pretty close and she remembered her Mother crying on the phone talking to Lucy's Mother. When she asked her Mother she just send her out. Erza knew Lucy's parents were nice, they always gave her cookies when she visited. She couldn't imagine them punishing Lucy like this.

"You can't leave! You just can't! You promised to play ball with me tomorrow!" Natsu complained. No way his best friend was going to leave him. He always thought that they would be together forever! What kind of cruel joke was this!

"Lucy are you sure that's what they said? Tell me everything" Erza said. She refused to believe this. Lucy must have heard her parents wrong or something.

"Mommy and Daddy sat me down on the couch. They told me Daddy got a new job and we would be moving tomorrow" Lucy said.

So it was true. Erza was afraid of that; Lucy would be leaving them. How could she survive without their friends? How would she survive without Erza? Lucy was always being picked on until Erza came in and rescued her. How would Lucy survive at a new school without her protection?

Erza looked at her friends and knew they were thinking the same thing. They all help Lucy in some way like she did, what would happen to Lucy once she didn't have them anymore? Erza then looked at her hot headed friend. She knew he would be hurt the most. Natsu and Lucy were like peanut butter and jelly with the crust cut off. Sure everyone was important to Lucy but Natsu was her favorite.

"No worries Lucy we'll all go with you!" Natsu yelled out.

Erza punched him again. How dare he bring the little blonde's hopes up! There was no way they could all go with Lucy, no one would allow it. Lucy's parents were nice but there not about to let us all go with her without their parents permission.

"Thank you Natsu but let's face it, I'm leaving. Nothing can stop that not even the monster under our beds! I'm never going to see any of you again!" Lucy cried.

"That's not true! I know it may be sad now but your going to go to a new school and make lots and lots of friends and be happy" Natsu yelled encouraging his friend.

Erza was shocked to hear those words coming out her salmon haired friend's mouth. She would expected it out of hers or Levy's but from Natsu! What was happening to her hot headed friend?

"Really?" Lucy asked hopefully.

"Yup you'll have lots of friends and everyone will love you like we do. Then one day once were older we'll find you and all be friends again!" Natsu cheered.

This brought hope to the little blonde. Her friends would come back for her.

"You won't forget me will you?" she asked.

"Never" her friends said.

"Promise?" Lucy asked.

Natsu was the first to extend his little pinky out towards his best friend.

"We'll all pinky promise, you can never break a pinky promise for as long as you live remember?" Natsu said and smiled.

The corners of Lucy's lips curved upwards a little as she extending her pinky towards Natsu's. All her friends pinky's also extending towards Lucy's and Natsu's, all of them hooking together making a promise to their precious blond friend.

"Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Levy, Lisanna" Lucy said calling out to her friends.

They all smiled. "Wait we have to say the chant!" Levy exclaimed. The little kids looked at each other.

"Cross my heart, hope to die, if I lie, stick a thousand needles in my eye!" the kids chanted.

The little kids laughed at their pinky promise.

"No one better break the promise now unless they want a thousand needles in their eye" Erza said.

"Yes!" they answered.

Lucy jumped off the swing and stood up.

"Well I guess I better go home now. I left without telling Mommy where I was going" Lucy said.

Her friends looked sadly at her. Lucy hugged all her friends and said good-bye.

"Don't worry to much about Natsu, Lucy. Erza and I will make sure he stays out of trouble. You just focus on making friends" Lisanna said hugging her friend.

Lucy smiled at her and nodded.

"Remember what I taught you Lucy. Don't let anyone walk over you" Erza said hugging Lucy.

"I'll try not too" Lucy said.

When she finished saying her good byes she looked at all her friends.

"Thank you for being my friend and helping me, I'll never forget any of you" Lucy said smiling at them then quickly ran home.

"Why does she have to leave us?" Levy asked letting the tears that she held back since she heard her best friend was leaving fall.

Lisanna went to hug her tears of her own falling as well. Erza, who was the strongest and the leader, didn't think of crying. She had to set an example to her friends and was proud of them for not crying before their friend left. If Lucy would have seen them crying she wouldn't have been able to leave smiling. She was the toughest, she was the strongest, Erza never cried, and yet not even the monster under her bed could stop the single tear from falling down her cheek. She saw Gray and Natsu were just looking down at the ground.

That's how all their parents found them. All of them huddled together, two crying while the others kicked rocks near them. They only assumed they heard the news about their blonde friend and hoped with time that their broken hearts would be mended.

*Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep*

"FUCK! SOMEONE TURN THAT SHIT OFF!" a young blond yelled.

She had the hugest hangover and was pretty sure she just fell asleep an hour ago. She didn't need a beeping noises waking her up at... she cracked open her eye and looked at her clock... 6:50 in the morning. Hold on... she didn't even remember having an alarm clock in her room yet she was staring at the one right on her dresser. Who the fuck put it there? Right when she thought that a wrinkled, old hand pushed the snooze button for her.

"Lucy dear wake up" the old lady said.

"Fuck off" Lucy said turning around.

"I will certainly not 'fuck off'. Wake up right now" her old maid told her.

Lucy inwardly cringed. Old people cursing did not suit them. When Lucy made no move of getting up the old lady brought it upon herself to pull the covers of off her. What had happen to her sweet innocent little Lucy?

"Get up now! Today's your first day at school" The old lady spoke.

"What's the point Ms. Supetto? I probably won't stay there long enough anyway. I'd rather be homed school" Lucy said.

Or not go to school at all. Her Father had the tendency to move around a lot due to his job. Lucy had gotten over it though. She rather not be locked up in a stuffy room with kids that won't even remember her for 8 hours.

"What would your Mother think of you now Lucy!" Ms. Supetto yelled.

Lucy then sat up and glared at Ms. Supetto. "Don't you ever mention my Mother" she threatened.

Ms. Supetto just met the teenagers glare with one of her owns.

"Then get up and get dressed. I don't care how much this sucks you need an education besides we both know your Father said we'd be here till you graduate. Why don't you try doing good in this school and make friends" Ms. Supetto said.

"I have friends" Lucy said getting out of her bed.

She wouldn't be able to sleep anymore with this old broad nagging her. She decided the best thing to do was actually go to school then ditch a class or two and find a nice place to nap.

"I meant friends that are good for you. Not those druggies and drunks you hang around with" Ms. Supetto said.

"What are you talking about you love those guys" Lucy joked and laughed to herself.

She didn't give a shit about what Ms. Supetto thought about her friends. She hanged around with whoever she fucking wanted too. Lucy stumbled her way into her bathroom and slammed the door shut. She looked in her medicine cabinet for some Advil and swallowed two. Hopefully those would take care of her killer head ache. She undressed herself and climbed into the shower.

La di fucking da, going to a new school filled with fuck heads, that's exactly what I need Lucy thought as she washed herself off. She remembered last night's party she went to and realized she was almost out of cigarettes. Trying to remember where she hid her last pack she stepped out the shower and went to sink. Lucy stared at her reflection in the mirror.

"Wow when did you get there?" she said to herself poking the piercing that was on her nose.

Who the fuck would bring a pierce gun to a party and why the fuck would they pierce a drunk girl? Lucy looked over body seeing if their was anymore surprising pieces anywhere else. She counted the one's she already had also. Four hoops in her left ear, one on her tongue and now one on her nose. She didn't care about the ones on her face, as long as she didn't get a nipple pierced she would be fine with finding any others.

Lucy ran the water and washed her face off then proceeded to brush her teeth. When she finished she walked out her room and saw Ms. Supetto had laid out an outfit for her. It was a frilly pink dress with a matching bra and panties. Lucy put on the undergarments but laughed her ass of at the dress. Could you imagine me wearing something as gay as this? she thought laughing to herself.

She threw the dress on the floor making a note to burn it later and went to her closet. She put on a pair of ripped jeans and a loose t-shirt. Why the fuck would she wear a dress to school? She wasn't trying to impress anyone. She found her last pack of cigs hiding in her jacket pocket. Lucy looked outside her window, not a cloud in sight. She dropped her jacket on the floor and started to look for her lighter.

"Won't be needing it since it's so sunny, now where's that lighter?"

Ten minutes later Lucy had found her lighter, put on her sunglasses, and had fixed her hair. A simple ponytail to the side while the rest was down. Maybe she should dye her hair? Lucy was tired of seeing her blond hair every time she looked in the mirror. It made it so much easier to spot her. She wouldn't have been caught so many times if her hair was a normal color like black or brown. She could camouflage in some bushes with black hair. With blond though... it's like she was asking to be seen.

"LUCY! YOU BETTER NOT BE SLEEPING!" Ms. Supetto said breaking into her room. Ms. Supetto looked at Lucy's outfit eyeing her.

"What happened to the outfit I set out?" Ms. Supetto asked.

Lucy walked pass her, grabbing her house keys, then stopping at the door.

"I'm wearing it" Lucy said pulling down her jeans showing Ms. Supetto the underwear she laid out then pulled them back up an walked out her room.

Ms. Supetto could only watch her leave with pure disappointment. What had happened to her? Where did Ms. Supetto go wrong? She made sure Lucy had everything she needed even after-

"Layla please watch over your daughter. Your death has took a toll on her for the worst. Give her the strength to move on and be happy" Ms. Supetto said as a little prayer hoping it would reach her deceased Mistress. Her prayer was in vain though.

Lucy went into the kitchen and saw her Father was sitting in the dining room eating breakfast. Feeling disgusted for looking at him for so long she turned and looked inside the fridge. Damn seems Ms. Supetto has taken all of her Father's beer out and hidden them. Little did she know though, Lucy had swiped the key to the liquor cabinet and made a copy.

She looked around the kitchen then unlocked the cabinet, swiping the smallest bottle rum she saw then proceeded to close and lock the cabinet back up. She would only need the bottle to last her during school until she could visit her supplier. Lucy was about to walk out the kitchen home free until.

"Lucy!" her Father yelled.

"Shit" she whispered and turned glaring at him.

"Were you going to leave without a good morning, come have some breakfast with me" her Father said.

"Gee as nice as that sound Jude there's something that sounds even better, telling you to go fuck yourself then leaving" Lucy said which was exactly what she did. Lucy wrapped the bottle in a bag then walked out of her home.

Jude knew why she was acting out this way. He was only hoping this would be a phase for his daughter when his wife died but it wasn't. It got worse and worse and now she had a nose piercing! Maybe what his daughter needed was another Mother figure. He thought Ms. Supetto would be able to fill those shoes but apparently not. Was Jude ready to go back to the dating world though?

He knew he wasn't. Layla was his soul mate, the only person he could ever love. He didn't want anyone else, it could only be her. He'd rather be alone then be with someone other than Layla. So maybe giving Lucy a new Mother wasn't a good idea, he hoped that his latest one would work though. He had moved back, moved back to the place he first met Layla, to the place where they were a happy family. Jude could only hope that Lucy would be happy here like she was when she was younger.

"You told me Layla, you told me we shouldn't move from here but I did anyway. Now looked what has happened. Your gone and our daughter is a badass. I only wished I'd listen to you sooner but it warmed my heart knowing you still supported me. I hope coming back here will help her out Layla" Jude said to himself then went back to reading his paper.

Now where the fuck was the school Lucy was suppose to go? She was an idiot for leaving the house before getting the directions or even the name of the high school she was suppose to be attending. Giving up all hope Lucy dug a hand into her back pocket for a cigarette and lighter. She lit it and took a long drag. Lucy closed her eyes enjoying the smoky feeling then looked up to the heavens and exhaled. When she looked back down to earth she noticed an old friend.

"Hey Bora!" she yelled.

The boy turned around and looked at the young blond. A smirk graced his lips as he told his friend to wait while Lucy caught up to them.

"Little Lucy never thought I'd see you around here, how you've been?" Bora said grabbing the cigarette out her lips and smoking it himself. He studied his old friend.

"Nice nose piercing" he added.

Lucy only smirked and lit up another cigarette.

"I know right. I wake up this morning and it's just there" she said then looked behind Bora and noticed his friend.

"You have a brother man?" she asked staring at the boy. His hair was a lighter blue from Bora but he had a tattoo run down his face similar to Bora's with his above his eyebrow.

"Nah man this is Jellal, he's an old friend too. No worries he's cool" Bora said.

Lucy eyed the man standing in front of her then offered him a cigarette. Jellal shook his head.

"Don't smoke?" she asked.

Bora laughed. "Not anymore he's trying to quit" he said.

Lucy shrugged and put the box back in her pocket. Jellal had started walking again, Bora had motioned Lucy to come walk with them.

"So what are you doing here? Last time I saw you was back in Hargeon Town" Bora asked.

"Well Dear Daddy Dearest decided to move us again. I was heading my way to school but didn't know where it was" Lucy answered.

Her answer caused Bora to bust up in laughter. Lucy didn't mind though, she knew Bora was a joker and it did sound funny. She didn't expect to see Jellal laugh though.

"What a coincident, we were also heading our way to school. No worries Luce we'll show you the way" Bora told her.

"What if it's the wrong school?" Lucy asked. The last thing she wanted was to go to school and find out she doesn't even go there.

"There's only one high school in the town" Jellal answered her.

"So the quitter can speak" Lucy said.

Jellal went back to being silent.

"Don't mind him, he's cool once you warm up to him" Bora whispered to her. Lucy only shrugged and watched the scenery pass by on their walk to school.

"Hey Luce where's your bag?" Bora asked.

Lucy responded by holding up the paper bag holding her bottle.

"That's your school backpack?" Bora asked.

"You asked bag not backpack" Lucy answered.

Bora took the bag from her and opened it.

"Now this is the Lucy I know and love would you mind?" Bora asked.

Lucy shrugged. "Knock yourself out" she said.

Bora opened the bottle and drank some then held it out to Jellal who also took a sip.

"Thought he was a quitter" Lucy asked raising an eyebrow at Jellal.

"Seems he's caved" Bora said giving the bottle back to Lucy. She wrapped back up then threw her cigarette on the floor, making sure to stomp it out.

"Good idea the school's about to show up" Bora said doing the same with his. They turned the corner and Lucy started to notice other high school students.

"No one said uniform was required" Lucy said looking at the passing school girls in their sailor uniforms. If there was one thing Lucy hated as much as her Father it was sailor uniforms. Walking around like mini fucking sailor moons. Lucy never understood the show let alone the reason why they wore sailor uniforms to fight aliens.

"No worries you'll get your own once you check in at the office" Bora said smirking.

Lucy took the chance to notice Bora and Jellal and saw they were also wearing the uniforms. Her eyes narrowed at the sight of them.

"They better have a boys one for me, no way in hell am I wearing those short short skirts" Lucy complained.

Bora laughed and wrapped an around Lucy's shoulder.

"See this is why I fuck with you, your so randomly funny" Bora told her.

Lucy looked ahead again and saw their school. Not the biggest one I've been to but it'll do she thought to herself.

"Know any good places to ditch?" Lucy asked.

"First day here and your already trying to ditch tsk, tsk" Bora said.

"Try the rooftop" Jellal answered her.

Lucy nodded in appreciation to him. Once they entered the school though Jellal walked off.

"He's gone to visit his wanna-be girlfriend" Bora told her.

She watched Jellal walked towards a girl with long red hair then both of them walk off. Lucy squinted her eyes and noticed her hair wasn't red, it was scarlet. Shaking off the thought that popped in her mind she looked back over to Bora.

"Come on Luce I'll show you to the Main Office" Bora told her.

Lucy noticed many people walking by staring at her, while others nodded at Bora. One male even had the balls to check her out! Lucy only wished he would have tried to make a move so she could have kicked him wear it hurts.

"Well here it is, the good old Main Office. I'll catch you later kay" Bora said with a wink.

"Thanks Bora" Lucy said waving off her friend and walking inside.

She noticed she was the only one in here other than the secretary who was busy typing away on her keyboard. Lucy walked up to the lady and knocked on her desk. The secretary looked up with a smile, which quickly faded once she saw Lucy. After eye balling Lucy the secretary spoke.

"What do you want?" she asked.

Lucy didn't need to start a fight with an adult the first day of school. She decided to start a fight with her another day so very kindly she said.

"I'm new here. I came to pick up my schedule and my" Luce took a gulp, "school uniform" she said through her teeth.

The secretary sighed and looked at her computer. Lucy noticed the name board on her desk. So her name was Karin.


"Lucy Heartfilia"

"Full name honey" Karin said.

"Lucy Heartfilia sweetie" Lucy said hated when people assumed her name was short for something else. Couldn't people for once accept that her name was Lucy, end of story.

Karin started typing on the keyboard.

"I found you. I'm printing up your schedule now, what size do you want your uniform?" Karin asked.

Even though Lucy knew she was a small, she didn't want to be showing off her body to any of the males or females at school so she answered.

"Medium and could you make it a boys uniform too"

Karin looked at her like she was crazy.

"Is there a problem?" Lucy asked venom in her words.

Karin shook her head and walked off. She came back shortly with, to Lucy's delight, a boys uniform. She handed the schedule to Lucy along with her uniform.

"The bell's going to ring in 5 minutes I suggest you get dressed then go to class" Karin spoke.

Lucy then thought of a brilliant idea. She started undressing in front of Karin.

"WHOA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Karin yelled.

"You said to get dressed?" Lucy said innocently even though she was cracking up in her mind. She took of her shirt then put on the dress shirt. She buttoned it up leaving the top two unbuttoned, put on her the uniform coat, then pulled down her pants.

"ARE YOU INSANE?!" Karin yelled again.

Once she finished putting on the new uniform pants and looking at herself in the mirror provided in the office she looked at Karin. She noticed her pants were sagging a little so she used the tie and looped them around her belt holes. After tying it in a knot she looked in the mirror again satisfied on how she looked.

"I just might be" Lucy answered and walked out. She folded up her old clothes and spotted Bora digging into a locker.

She patted him on the back. "Hey stuff these in there" she said.

Bora looked at her and examined her. "Although I would have liked the sailor uniform I have to say you look hot wearing the boys one" Bora said.

Lucy cracked a smile. "You should have been in the main office. I nearly gave the secretary a heart attack undressing in front of her" Lucy said while Bora put her old clothes in his locker.

Bora, although meaning to shut his locker door close gently, slammed the door shut instead making heads turn to look at him.

"That must have been a real sight" Bora exclaimed. He could only imagine Lucy getting undressed.

"Well she told me to get dressed" Lucy said.

"Even better" Bora said. Now he could really imagine Karin handing Lucy the uniform ordering her to get undressed and put it on slowly.

"Fucking perv" Lucy said pushing his head into the locker.

"Sorry Luce a boy can dream can't he? So what classes you have?" Bora asked.

She handed him the paper Karin had given her.

"Cool you have my first period and sixth but for everything else you better find another tour guide" Bora said.

"I'll get by" Lucy said taking her schedule back.

The bell stating school was starting rang so Lucy followed Bora to her first period. She did not expect though when she tried to enter the class room after Bora that someone would bump into her.

"I'm sorry" said the person who bumped into her.

"You sure are" Lucy responded and entered the class.

The person only stared in disbelief as the boy walked into class. Hold on that boy had blond hair and had a ponytail also he sounded like a woman. He stood there waiting for the person to turn around so he could distinguish if was in fact a boy or a girl but someone tapped him.

"Hey Natsu are you going to go in the classroom or stand there like an idiot?" the boy's best friend asked him.

"Shut up Gray!" Natsu yelled causing the whole class to look at the two of them.

Some students sighed while others took out their wallets. Seems Natsu and Gray were already fighting. There hasn't been a single day where those two hasn't gotten into an argument. Students now a days bid on how long it will take before something starts.

Natsu turned back around and noticed that the boy, who was in fact a girl, was staring at him. So it was a girl he thought then wondered why she would be wearing a boys uniform and not the girls. He noted she was staring at him with a bored expression on her face then turned back to her friend. Natsu walked to his usual seat and stared at the girl.

He saw a nose piercing on her when she was staring, but now noticed four hoops peeking out her hair. He wondered if she had any other piercings he couldn't see. Strange though, she reminded him of someone. Maybe he had seen her once around town or something.

"Yo Natsu you know it's impolite to stare" Gray said smacking Natsu's head.

"Fullbuster!" Natsu growled and was about to retaliate until their teacher walked in.

"Settle down students class is about to begin" his teacher, Mr. Atsuki said.

Right after he said that the bell rang stating class had started. Looking over his roster he noticed there was one more number added on it today.

"Seems we have a new student here today. Would the new student please stand up?" Mr. Atsuki said.

"What for?" Lucy called out. Bora laughed silently at her comment.

"So I can identify you along with the class" Mr. Atsuki replied. He couldn't believe a student was talking back to him.

"What if she doesn't want to be identified to you or the class" Lucy said. Bora was laughing out loud along with other students now.

Mr. Atsuki would be damned if he let the new student make a fool out of him in his own class. Atsuki was no push over, he's dealt with class clowns before this person would be no different.

"Stand up now!" Mr. Atsuki demanded.

"How bout I raise a hand" Lucy called back. She was enjoying playing around with her teacher, why should the fun stop now?

"Alright who said that!" Mr. Atsuki said looked at his students.

Lucy then raised her hand. Mr. Atsuki's eyes narrowed at the girl. He was being made fun of in his class by a girl!

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Your the teacher shouldn't you know?" Lucy asked.

Mr. Atsuki felt veins popping out. There's no way he was going to back down to a girl with a nose piercing, weren't those against the rules?

"Identify yourself" Mr. Atsuki said.

"How about you identify yourself to me" Lucy said.

"I am Mr. Atsuki your teacher and you will treat me with respect!"

"I don't even treat my family with respect what makes you so special?" Lucy asked.

Natsu watched with pure amazement as the new student was holding her own against the teacher. If it would have been him Mr. Atsuki would have been kicked him out but she, she was getting him all riled up.

"I will only say this one last time what is your name?" Mr. Atsuki said.

"How bout you read off the roll and I'll say if I'm here or not?" Lucy replied.

Mr. Atsuki took a deep breath then started reading off the roll at lightning speed. Natsu and Gray almost didn't hear there name's being called out. Once Mr. Atsuki got to the H's though, that is when things got interesting.

"Heartfilia" Mr. Atsuki called.

"Aye" Lucy called out.

Mr. Atsuki stopped everything and repeated the name.

"Heartfilia" he called out again and stared at the blond pierced girl.

"Yes Mr. Atsuki?" Lucy asked.

Atsuki saw the blond respond to her name.

"Your name is Lucy Heartfilia?" Mr. Atsuki asked.

After Atsuki had said Lucy's full name Natsu and Gray felt a slap to the face. They both stayed wide-eyed at each other and then at their long lost friend. Neither of them had forgotten about Lucy, their little blonde in the group. They may have forgotten some of the adventures they've been on but still remembered the day she left.

How they all promised to remember each other, if not they would get a thousand needles in their eye. She looked so different though, what happened to there sweet little Lucy who used to smile brightly at them for no apparent reason other than seeing them? It didn't matter too much to them though, their friend was back now and they would be damned to stay away from her only because of her appearance.

"Is it really her?" Gray whispered to Natsu.

Natsu looked at Lucy again, really looked at her and noticed her chocolate brown eyes. Those eyes that would light up at just the sound of his name.

"That's our Lucy. She's back, our Lucy's back" Natsu grinned. And she was making a fool out of the teacher on the first day.

"Everyone's not going to believe it" Gray said.

"They will when we bring her to them" Natsu said.

He was set, he was determined. This was the boost he needed in his life right now. Having his best friend back with him filled the void his Father had left. Things were starting to look up for him Natsu thought as he stared at his long lost friend. Natsu could hardly wait until the bell rang so he could rush and greet his friend.

"Haven't we established this already" Lucy replied to her teacher.

"I know you may be new Ms. Heartfilia but your behavior will not be tolerated. Now if you give me one more smart ass comment I will send you out!" Ms. Atsuki nearly yelled.

A ingenuously evil idea popped into Lucy's mind. Students watched in curious as the new girl asked her friend for a piece of paper and a pencil. They continued watching as she wrote something on the paper then folded it up and stood up. Lucy grabbed her bag and walked up to the teacher's desk.

"For you" she said giving him the note then walking out the classroom.

Bora was the only one laughing while the entire class was quite waiting for the teacher to read the note. Of course Bora would be laughing, he knew exactly what was on the note. Mr. Atsuki opened the note his student have gave him and read it in his mind. On the paper written on it in big letters was 'SMART ASS COMMENT'. Atsuki crumbled up the note and threw it in the trash. Lucy knew the teacher was saying it metaphorically and smirked when he never would have expected actually getting a smart ass comment. Sometimes she thought of herself as an evil genius.

"What it say Bora, what it say?" Bora's classmates asked him.

Only three people knew, one walked out while the other sealed his lips. Bora was the only who could answer. Natsu couldn't help feel curious also on what his little blonde friend had written. Gray on the other hand felt mad that his friend had left. They had wanted to talk to her after class but now they had to spend time finding her.

While Bora opened his mouth to tell his fellow friends Mr. Atsuki spoke.

"You tell them Bora and I'll fail you" Mr. Atsuki said.

Bora then shut him mouth. "Sorry kids but my lips are sealed" Bora said.

The students sighed in disappointment, they would have to wait for the bell to ring for them to steal the teacher's trash can and read the note.