This Is All Made Up.



Chapter 45.





Lucy's name was echoed throughout the entire store as the employees dropped what they were doing to go meet their friend. Natsu's group could safely say that Lucy shopped her a lot.

"Ana, Cindy, Rosa, Sara, where's everyone else?" Lucy asked shaking her friend's hands.

"They're all on break" Ana said kissing Lucy's cheek.

"Too bad, anyway I'm here for these people" Lucy said trying to break her way out of the crowd that surrounded her.

Lucy walked over and stood just outside her friend's group.

"You've heard about my going straight party right?" Lucy asked.

"Have we? It's all the rage!" Cindy cheered.

"Everyone's talking about it! We can't wait!" Rosa said.

"Never thought you'd quit though" Sara mumbled.

"Thank these fools, anyway we need clothes for them... party clothes" Lucy said.

The 4 girls made a path for the group, grinning side by side.

"Welcome! Right this way" they said.

Lucy walked over to the dressing rooms and sat on the sofas provided for the customers. The place was called '7 Petal's of Pink' and it was a unisex clothing store located in one of Magnolia's malls. Most of Lucy's friends shopped here since they knew the owners personally, that and they sold the perfect clothes to fit their styles.

"Is it just me or did they all look alike?" Gajeel asked sitting next to the girl.

"Yeah, must be quadruplets" Jellal said.

"More like septuplets, there's 7 and their all girls" Lucy said.

"Really?" Lisanna asked.

"Yup! All blond, tall, and beautiful... wait some blond... who is-" Lucy paused once she saw the faces her friends were giving her.

"What? It happens" she shrugged.

They continued to stare.

"I'll introduce you to them later, come on" she said.

Lucy stood up and motioned for all her friends to sit on the sofas. There were three of them lying in front of the dressing room so she was sure they could all fit. Rosa walked over and stood next to Lucy smiling.

"The boys section is in the back to the right, the girls on the left. By the way Lucy, I love your hair today" Rosa giggled before leaving her friend.

Lucy raised an eyebrow before walking towards a mirror. Her friends thought if Lucy glared at the mirror long enough that it actually might crack.

"Fuck Cana" Lucy said before facing her friends again.

She kept the hair style and decided to deal with one thing at a time.

"Alright so some of you may not know this but parties actually have dress codes, the styles and colors you wear tell people who you are and what you like" Lucy explained.

Natsu raised his hand.

"Yes, Natsu?" Lucy asked.

"You're going to explain the dress code right?" he asked.

Lucy sighed and nodded.

"Of course but only the basics and by basics I mean the color wheel" Lucy said.

"Color wheel?" Gray asked.

"Yes the color wheel, you know red, blue, and yellow? The rules are red means taken, blue means single, and yellow means gay" Lucy said.

"Really?" Jellal asked.

"Yeah, haven't you ever noticed? I'm sure you've been to parties before" Lucy said.

Jellal does remember woman always surrounding him every time he wore blue to a party. He just thought it was nothing though.

"Does it have to be all blue? I only wore simple things like a blue shirt, sometimes a blue jacket" Jellal said.

"No it doesn't, the more color you wear though the more people will be able to see it. I recommend you all to wear a lot of the color you choose, people are going to be drunk and they're not going to be able to tell if you're only wear a small amount" Lucy said.

"What about the rest of the color wheel? Along with grey and brown and everything else?" Erza asked.

"I said I was only going over the basics but for the rest of the color wheel, purple means you're taken but you're willing to cheat or at least tease a little. Orange means gay and taken while green means single and gay. It's not always about the colors though, some parties people will just wear all one color but have some sort of accessory that defines what their into. There are exceptions and flaws to the color wheel though" Lucy explained.

"I never though being a drunky actually took all this work" Lisanna said.

"Yeah were surprisingly organized, anyway stick to the colors I told you. Come back in 10 minutes with clothes, go" Lucy said.

Her friends walked away, including Wendy.

"Not you little one, you're staying here" Lucy said sitting back on the couch.

Wendy pouted and crossed her hands over her chest. Lucy pulled up a game on her cell phone and handed it to Wendy, that should keep her busy. Sara, Rosa, Ana, and Cindy all helped Natsu's group try to find the perfect clothes for them. Most of them were grateful since they had no idea what to choose. 10 minutes later the friends regrouped in front of Lucy. Wendy placed the phone back in her purse while Lucy grinned.

"Alright, Juvia first" Lucy said.

Juvia nodded and walked in the dressers while everyone else sat back down with their outfits in hands. Juvia came out wearing a baby blue one strap tank top with safety pins handing on the sides keeping the tank top together while showing her side skin at the same time. For pants she wore navy blue jeans with several holes on them. Juvia spun and did a full 360 for Lucy.

"Single much?" Lucy joked.

Juvia cracked a smile.

"Alright, you're good. Next up, Gajeel" Lucy said.

Juvia went back in to change back happy that Lucy accepted her outfit. Gajeel went in after Juvia came out and put on his outfit. He choose to wear a red shirt with a black jacket and matching black pants with a chain hanging off it. Lucy pretty much agreed with the outfit... if it wasn't for the sunglasses and hat he wearing. Lucy stood up and walked over to Gajeel.

"First off the party's at night so you won't be needing sunglasses and the hat? Really?" Lucy said pulling the stuff off.

"Much better, Levy's next" Lucy said nodding.

"But I like the hat" Gajeel mumbled walking back into the dressing room to change.

Levy walked into the dressing room with her clothes bunched up against her chest while Gajeel exited. She stayed in there for a good 10 minutes.

"I will burn this store down if you do not come out right now" Lucy said.

Levy took a deep breath and walked out. If Gajeel's outfit looked like a school boy's then Levy's outfit looked like a school girl's. She wore a black mini skirt with a red tank top. She had on a black jacket with red hearts stitched on and a pair of red plaid knee high socks. To finish it off she had a red ribbon in her hair with a pair of black boots.

"Wow" Lucy said.

Levy blushed.

"Acceptable, Erza next" Lucy said.

She changed back and let Erza occupy it. She came walking out in a simple pink shirt with some light grey ruffled up jeans.

"Where's the red?" Jellal asked anger. He didn't want other people touching what was his.

"Her head's red so that counts but... it's simple. Hold on a second, Wendy sharp stick" Lucy said walking up to Erza.

Wendy dug in her purse and threw the knife at Lucy. She caught it and proceeded to cut the sides of the shirt, and rip it up so her sides would be exposed.

"Rosa! We need a studded belt! And some red shorts!" Lucy yelled.

Rosa came back with what Lucy ordered and handed to Erza. She pushed Erza back into the dressing room and waited. When Erza walked back out Lucy nodded at the final result. Pink shirt, red shorts, studded belt... heels!

"You can walk in heels right?" Lucy asked.

Erza blushed at her outfit and nodded.

"Alright just tell Rosa what size you wear, and tell her pink! If Jellal's still wishy washy wear your hair in a pony tail and let him give you a love bite, that should keep'em off. Lisanna your turn" Lucy said.

Jellal liked that idea, he liked that idea a lot. Erza redressed and it was Lisanna's turn to play dress up. She came out wearing a white V-neck with a pair of dark grey jeans that had bleach spots on them.

"Where's the blue?" Lucy asked.

Lisanna turned around. On the back of her white shirt was a blue heart, right in the middle.

"Cindy! Blue bandana!" Lucy yelled.

Cindy giggled as she walked up to Lisanna and tied it around her waist, already knowing what Lucy was planning on doing.

"Perfect" Cindy smiled.

"Alright, Natsu you're up" Lucy said.

Natsu jumped up, he was excited for this. Lisanna went back to change and as soon as she came out Natsu rushed into the dressing room. He got dressed in record time and came out wearing a white long sleeve t-shirt with a pair of black jeans with blood drops running up the sides. His outfit was pretty simple; Lucy did not like it. Natsu looked too hot in those clothing, he would fit in very nicely with her crowd. She didn't like how he was barely wearing any red either.

Lucy stood up and searched around the store for something red, that and something to hide his well toned chest that threaten to rip through his shirt at anytime.

"Hands up" Lucy said when she came back.

Natsu raised his hands, Lucy pulled down a black shirt on him that said 'Easy Livin' on the bottom and wrapped a red scarf around is neck. Lucy nodded in approval, "much better" she said.

Natsu only grinned, he purposely choose clothing with barely any red just to see if Lucy would get jealous or not. Turns out he was right.

"Jellal you're next" Lucy said.

Natsu kissed Lucy's cheek before walking back into the dressing room to change back.

Now Jellal had trouble on this one. His favorite color was blue, all his life he's been wearing it. Now that he was being forced to wear red he just didn't know. Luckily Ana helped him out in his distress. Jellal walked out wearing a pair of dark grey jeans and a maroon shirt. His shirt had black inking on it, 'Live and Let Live', and stars. Lucy shrugged, it would do.

"Gray you're the last one" Lucy said.

Gray sulked his way back in and changed into his outfit. Juvia was wearing blue, all blue. Gray did not like that but what could he do? Nothing.

"Come on, we're not getting any older" Natsu yelled.

Gray sighed and walked out. He was a vision in white... well almost white. He wore a pair of all white pants with a matching white shirt. The shirt however had little blue drops scattered randomly across it. He, also like Gajeel, wore a chain on his pants.

"So many things wrong here. First off white pants? Your going to get dirty and that shit will show, change them. Secondly take the chain off other than that you should be good" Lucy said.

"I get the pants but why the chain?" Gray asked.

He liked the chain.

"If you match with a friend you're going with it means you're in with threesome. If you don't want to have a threesome with Gajeel I suggest you take it off" Lucy said.

Gray practically ripped the chain off his pants. After he changed the color of his jeans to a dark blue everything was all set and everyone finally had clothes for the party. Cindy and her six other sisters, who came back from their break, took their clothing and walked it to the stands.

"Seve-what?" Gray said staring at the sisters.

"Alright here we go, Rosa, Cindy, Ana, Sara, Aoi, Midori, and Akai. Her Father wanted to have a son named Kai so they named her Akai for a girl" Lucy said introducing each one.

Out of the bunch only two of them kept their blond hair, Cindy and Midori. Rosa and Sara had red hair, Midori and Aoi had brown while Akai had black. All of them did keep their blue eyes though.

"Hi Lucy's friends" they seven of them chanted at the same time.

Natsu's group was amazed.

"You'll be seeing them at the party, what's the damage?" Lucy asked.

"Well with your discount card and our friend discount only $475.53" Rosa said.

Lucy reached for Wendy's purse and pulled out her credit card.

"Hold on, you're not going to pay" Natsu said.

"Too late" Lucy said as Rosa swiped her card.

Her sisters bagged the clothing in individual bags and gave the outfits to each person. Rosa handed Lucy back her card which she passed back to Wendy. All the sister stood side by side and bowed to Lucy and her friends.

"Thank you, come again" they chanted.

Lucy nodded and started walking out calling behind her back, "see you at the party".

Her friend followed blindly behind her all ready to argue and pay for their clothing.

"Shut up, all of you. In case you all haven't noticed I became a million over night. If any of you try to give me your money I will take it as an insult and drink myself to death. It's my party and I'll be damned if you all go to it wearing some dress clothes. The theme is bad ass not stuck up prisses. Now I'm about to get a pretzel, does anyone else want one?" Lucy asked.

How could her friends argue with that?

"But wh-" Erza said but was interrupted.

Lucy had just came up with a compromise.

"How about this, we'll return the clothes after the party. That way I'll get my money back and you'll all look good for one night in your life. Are you happy?" Lucy asked.

Her friends were happy. They nodded, all liking the idea.

"Just try not to dirty them, so by the raise of hands I assume no one wants a pretzel but me, come on kid" Lucy said.

"Hold up, what about your clothes?" Natsu asked.

"I planned the party, I already have them" Lucy said before walking towards the pretzel stand.

Natsu only hoped that her outfit was red.


Today was the last straw for Lucy. She stood up from her bed and ripped her alarm clock from the wall. She stomped towards her window, opened it, and launched it outside before slamming the window shut.

"Morning" Wendy mumbled rubbing her eyes.

Lucy groaned. Just one more day and she'd have the greatest party of her life. She could last 24 hours.

"Morning everyone" Natsu said greeting his friends.

"Morning" they greeted back.

"Um Natsu you know there's a giant blond ape on your back right?" Gajeel laughed.

"So... tired... Natsu flick him off" Lucy mumbled in her shoulder. Her head was leaning on it.

"Can't. If I did I'd probably drop you" Natsu told her.

Lucy didn't want to teach Wendy the middle finger so very shakily her hand went up and she bent her fingers.

"You looked like a Grandma doing that" Gajeel laughed harder.

Lucy sighed and snuggled deeper into Natsu's neck.

"Make'em shut up" she mumbled.

Her breathe tickled Natsu's neck. Natsu went to open his mouth but Lucy's phone started ringing. Wendy dug in her purse and handed the phone to her protector. Lucy opened her eyes and answered the phone.

"What's the status?... Good... Yellow... I'm blond dumbass... Alright so everything's set?... Good see you tomorrow oh we're going to need a ride so call Zero for me and ask if he can do it... Cool bye" Lucy said hanging up her phone.

She handed it back to Wendy before leaning in Natsu's neck again.

"About the party Lucy, where is it going to be?" Erza asked.

"At the abandoned mansion on top of that big hill, don't worry I got us all a ride" she mumbled.

"Really? Cuz you don't know where most of us live" Jellal said.

"That's why your all going to meet me at that one park at 7 tomorrow in your outfits" she mumbled more.

"Very specific Lucy" Gajeel said.

"Alright that's it, put me down Natsu" Lucy said fed up with Gajeel's smart talk.

By the time she got on her feet Gajeel had already taken off, laughing his pierced up ass off.

"Ms. Heartfilia, would you like to tell me why you're drawing on my board?" Mr. Atsuki asked.

"Wouldn't you rather know what I'm drawing?" Lucy asked.

"I could care less about what your drawing" the teacher answered immediately.

Lucy had written an address on the board.

"You have 3 seconds to remember this, starts at seven. 3, 2, 1" Lucy announced before wiping the board clean.

She started to draw something new now. A seven with a line running through the bottom. Next to it was several small lines.

"Would you like to guess the first letter Mr. Atsuki?" Lucy asked.

Mr. Atsuki was tired of always yelling at Lucy Heartfilia everyday, today he decided he wasn't going to be different.

"A" he said.

Lucy smirked and wrote down all the 'A's in the answer.

"Glad to see you finally loosing up Mr. Atsuki" Lucy said.

10 minutes later Mr. Atsuki regretted his decision he made and Lucy got sent out of his class. Why? Because the answer to the hang man sentence was...


"I'll see you in summer school Lucy" Gajeel crumbled as he looked at his progress report.

Lucy raised an eyebrow. "What are you talking about, we still have a few months left. We haven't even taken finals yet" she said.

"But with you failing every class and me just failing 2... alright 4 it looks like we're going to spend a lot of summer together" Gajeel growled glaring at the paper in his hands, hoping if he glared hard enough it would explode.

"Sorry to tell you but I ain't going to summer school" Lucy said.

The whole table laughed, excluding Lucy and Wendy. Lucy glared and slammed her hand on the table.

"What's so funny?!" she yelled.

"That joke you just said" Jellal laughed.

"Yeah, we've seen you in class Lucy, your not passing any" Gray said.

"I am in fact passing some but that doesn't even matter. The five and ten week grades don't mean shit. As long as I pass the finals and do some work at the end of each semester I'll pass to the next grade" Lucy said.

Her friends stared at her.

"I'm a genius have you all forgotten? It's a simple fact. Do you all honestly think I'd be here if I failed all my classes every year?" Lucy asked.

No, no they did not.

"Tutor me!" Gajeel yelled from his seat.

Lucy smirked. "Alright but you got to dress up as a clown when I do" she said.

"Fuck that! Why?! Okay!" Gajeel yelled.

Lucy laughed. "You got yourself a tutor" she laughed.

"Um Lucy... I kind of need some tutoring in Calculus do I have to dress up as a clown?" Lisanna asked.

Lucy stared at her and thought. "I imagine you more funny looking in an animal get up" she mumbled.

"So if we want tutoring we all have to dress up?" Jellal asked.

"Pretty much, it amuses me that way" Lucy said.

"What are you going to be then?" Natsu asked.

"Why the sexy librarian of course" Lucy said and winked.

Natsu almost... almost had a nose bleed.

"I need tutoring" he said raising his hand up.

"You're going to be a princess then" Lucy said.

"Aw what? Why can't I just be your boyfriend?" he asked.

"Where's the fun in that? Besides I'd think you'd make a pretty, pretty princess" Lucy teased.

The boys started laughing.

"Why are you laughing Jellal? You're failing 4th because you keep ditching. You're going to Lucy's tutoring too" Erza said.

"What? What happened to you tutoring me" he asked the love of his life.

Erza placed a finger on her mouth. "I always wanted to see you in a maid outfit" she said.

Lucy grinned while Jellal paled. "Now we're talking"

"Me too! Me too!" Wendy cheered from the sidelines.

"What do you want to be Wendy?" Levy asked.

"Nee-san" she answered proudly.

Lucy was the first to laugh, followed by everyone else.