Chapter 49.

Twitch. He heard bottles clanking together. Another twitch; movement of the left leg. More bottles sounds, louder this time. Natsu opened his eyes, he saw the wooden floor with empty beer bottles and plastic cups everywhere. The weirdest thing was that everything looked sideways. His head was screaming out to him, so was his stomach. He laid on the floor for another good 10 minutes before attempting to get up. With shaky arms he placed both hands on the floor and pushed.

Blood came rushing to his head and he fell back down. Natsu waited another 10 minutes before he tried again. It was simpler this time; he was able to stand on all fours before leaning up on his knees. Natsu had no memories of what had happened last night until he started looking around the place. So many cups and bottles, so many passed out people on the floor. His eyes continued to scan until he saw Lucy sitting on a couch with a bottle in hand. Gajeel was sitting next to her wearing a pair of sunglasses.

One step at a time Natsu thought as he stood up with one foot, then the other. Once standing, it took Natsu a while to be able to grip how to walk again. His legs felt like jello underneath him but he still tried to take one step, then another. Lucy's head looked up when she heard Natsu's silent curses.

"... Bathroom is that way" Lucy said pointing to the left.

Natsu looked at her questionably. He wanted to head towards her not the... his hands rushed quickly to his mouth.

"Fuck, I'm going to need to borrow this Gajeel" Lucy said grabbing the bucket that was in his lap.

She walked over to Natsu and handed it to him just in time for him to puke his brains out. Lucy sat back down on the couch and stared at the half empty bottle in her hands. Natsu was the last one to wake up; now they could all finally leave... once they were done vomiting their insides.

Natsu's gang were all together now, all of them leaning against something.

"Who wants to come over my house so their parents won't know what they've been doing all night?" Lucy asked.

Her friends hands shot up.

"Then someone find Zero, we're going to borrow his car for a while" Lucy said kicking over the body beside her.

The gang slowly moved around searching for the person in question. Lisanna found him passed out behind the bar; she rolled him over and dug in his pockets for his keys.

"Got them!" Lisanna yelled.

"SHH! Not so loud" Levy said holding her pounding head.

Lucy stood up and walked over to Lisanna.

"How many of you need a bucket?" Lucy asked.

Yet again all hands went up.

It was over. It was all finally over. Lucy's drinking days were behind her. Why had she started drinking in the first place? Lucy looked down at the still half empty beer bottle between her legs.

It was because of her Mother. Lucy drank to numb the pain, she drank to forget... what would she do now though? She couldn't drink, she couldn't take her pills, she couldn't take drugs, she couldn't party. How was she suppose to escape the pain? By cutting herself? No, she wasn't that weak. Lucy looked up and into the rearview mirror. She saw her friends all passed out in the back, buckets only inches away from their heads.

This stirred something in Lucy. She remembered something Natsu once told her when they first started dating.

"I used to have nightmares to when my Father left... I don't remember, but I know they stopped after I made the resolution to go find him"

Really? Was it that easy to get rid off? All this time she only had to go visit her Mother and her nightmares would disappear? Lucy didn't believe it, she had to see for herself. Lucy made an illegal left turn and started driving down the road. How many years had it been 4? 5? The last time she visited her grave was at her funeral, that's when it all started.

"Stop rocking so much please" Erza called from the back.

Lucy checked the car's clock. It was just before noon, it should be open Lucy thought stepping on it. How did Lucy even remember where her Mother's grave was buried? She had to be at least 12 years old; it made no sense. A few minutes later though, Lucy saw the sign. Her Father had buried her Mother on a hill top, in a private memorial park just for her and Jude when he died. She drove into the park and pulled over right in front of the hill.

"Stay here!" Lucy yelled as she struggled to get the door open.

Beer bottle in hand, she struggled her way up the hill. She didn't even know why she was doing this or what the point of it was anymore. She didn't believe in talking to dead people but then why was she trying so desperately to make it to the top? Lucy fell over three times but she kept getting up. Running drunk, or in this case tispy, was not one of her strong points.

Finally she reached the clearing. Lucy walked up to the grave stone of her Mother. Layla Heartfilia. She had no words to say to her deceased Mother. Maybe because she was over thinking it... Lucy took a deep breath and cleared her mind.

"You're probably thinking of what a fuck up I've become up there in heaven... you've been gone for a very long time... I've grown" she started.

Lucy felt tears coming to her eyes but she blinked them away. All she said was one sentence and yet she was already about to cry her heart out.

"I miss you so much Mother, I miss you!" Lucy yelled falling down.

She ran her hands across Layla's grave stone.

"It wasn't fair! How could you do that to me?! How could you leave me all alone like that?!" she yelled.

Lucy didn't stop the tears any longer, she let them free. She cried in silence waiting for the answer that would never come.

"I.. I found friends though. I found people who cared about me, both good and bad. I guess what I'm saying is... I don't need you any longer... I've outgrown you so you don't have to watch over me anymore" Lucy said.

She wiped her tears away and stood up.

"Go do whatever you do, and I'll do the same. But let's get one thing straight you not allowed to take Father! At least not yet anyway! He hasn't been punished enough, he needs to stay here with me do you understand?!" Lucy yelled at the grave.

She ran a hand through her hair and laughed to herself.

"Look at me, I'm nuts. I guess that's it... good bye Mother... I... I love you" she said.

Lucy extended her hand and poured the rest of her beer on her Mother's grave. The last bit of alcohol she was allowed to drink for a lifetime... unless she could convince Natsu different. Lucy looked up in the sky and watched the clouds float by. Maybe the reason she was always staring up there was to see if her Mother was staring back at her. She didn't need to any longer though. Lucy was okay now.

With a deep breath, she turned around and starting making her way down hill. She paused mid-way through when she saw her friends... they all were standing outside the truck waiting for her. Natsu was staring at her with the smile Lucy loved so much.

Loved... she said it to her Mother. She felt it towards Cana and Pepe and all her gang members. She felt it last night with Natsu.

"Come on what's taking so long! The sun's killing me!" Gajeel complained.

Lucy grinned and ran down towards her friends. She didn't looked back at her Mother's grave once.

"WHAT THE?!" Ms. Supetto yelled.

"SHHHH!" everyone yelled.

Ms. Supetto looked at all of them with concerned eyes. Finally she sighed and shook her head.

"Leave the buckets outside and come in" she said holding the door open ride.

Lucy was the first to walk in followed by the others.

"8 Bloody Mary's please" Lucy said heading in the kitchen.

Her friends followed slowly behind her. Ms. Supetto shook her head and went to prepare the drinks in the kitchen. The things she had to put up with when Lucy was drunk, now she had 8 buckets to clean.

"Sit and lay your heads down, it should help" Lucy said.

"I don't understand how you don't have one" Natsu groaned laying his head on the cool marble counter.

It felt nice; soothing even.

"I'm used to hangovers... that or because I didn't sleep so I didn't have a hangover to wake up to" Lucy said walking in the living room.

She found the kid there watching her morning cartoons. Lucy walked up and patted her head.

"Lucy! Look Charle Lucy's back!" Wendy yelled.

"Shh, our friends have headache's. Go back to watching cartoons and we'll join you shortly" Lucy told her.

Wendy nodded and turned back around focusing back on the TV. Lucy walked back into the kitchen and saw only 3 of the 8 Bloody Mary's were empty.

"Drink, it'll help with your headache" she told them.

"How will drinking more alcohol help cure our hangover's?" Levy asked.

"The Bloody Mary is sometimes mistakenly believed to alleviate hangovers when it is served in the morning" Lucy quoted walking over to the liquor cabinet.

Well a deal was a deal. No more drinks for Lucy Heartfilia. Natsu stared at the bloody drink before taking the celery out and downing it.


Natsu's friends jerked back as they all held onto their heads. Lucy's arms were filled with bottles and bottles of alcohol while she walked towards the sink. She uncapped the first bottle before pouring it down the drain.

"I'm getting rid of all this stuff" she said.

Once the first bottle was empty Lucy threw it in the other sink before going onto the next.

"You're wasting it!" Ms. Supetto yelled.

"Really? Father's in a coma so he can't drink this stuff and I've quit drinking. You certainly don't drink so I see it as a waste of space. We can now use that cabinet to hide the sweets and cookies from Wendy now" Lucy said.

Ms. Supetto was shocked. There was nothing she could say or do so she just went to make breakfast for Lucy's friends. Lucy had kissed every bottle before she poured it all away. Natsu would have told her that he was proud at the moment but he couldn't barely move, let alone form a sentence. He was starting to feel better though thanks to the drink Lucy gave him.

Lucy finished her business a few minutes later. She tied all the empty bottles in a bag and placed it back on the floor before grabbing Natsu's hand.

"Shower anyone?" Lucy asked.

Yet again all hands went up.

"Follow me, we should have enough for all of you" she said walked up stairs.

She led each of her friends to a private room with a shower just for them, except for Natsu.

"Where's my shower?" Natsu asked.

"With me in my room" Lucy said.

Natsu went pink.

"Really?" he asked.

Lucy snorted. "No, I was kidding" she said opening the door.

Lucy walked into the bathroom and pulled out a towel for Natsu.

"Here, be quick about it though" she said handing it to him.

"Thanks, love you Luce" Natsu said walking in the bathroom.

Lucy ran a hand through her hair and laid on her bed. Last night had to be the best party of her life, partially since her old friends were there. Lucy turned in her bed and stared at the bathroom door, Natsu was in there. Things were getting pretty serious with him, Lucy thought she might cry if he was to leave her... seriously! Can you believe that? Lucy never thought she'd never get this hung up on a guy, never. He was nice, a non-druggie, and kind of an idiot; he was nothing like her and yet... when Lucy was around him she wanted to be a better person.

It was thanks to Natsu that she was able to come this far. To make up with her Mother, to resolve problems with her Father, to face her fears, to save her life in the years to come. Lucy owed Natsu... everything.

"Hey Lucy, I'm done" Natsu said walking out the shower with the towel wrapped around his waist.

Lucy walked up to him and gently kissed his lips.

"Thank you" she said.

Natsu blinked, "for what?" he asked.

Was this really happening? Natsu was still a little hung over, who wouldn't be?

"For loving me... thank you" Lucy said before walking into the bathroom to take her own shower.

Natsu stared at the bathroom door, the same as Lucy was doing a few minutes ago. All his effort, all his hard wasn't in vain. Everything he's done up till now, all the hardship, all the sacrifices, it was all leading to her. Natsu was destined to be with her, he was destined to love her. Fate may have separated them but destiny brought them back together.

Lucy opened a whole new world for Natsu, a world he's only seen in movies. It was fun. Maybe he was being to harsh on never making her drink or smoke ever again... maybe until she was old enough to do it. He was proud to see Lucy keep her end of the bargain though, Lucy was a really good person.

"Have you been staring at the door this whole time?" Lucy asked rubbing her hair with a towel.

Natsu blinked. "Uh" he said.

"If you wanted to see me naked you could have came in" she said walking to her closet.

"Uh" Natsu said. Instead of blinking he blushed again.

The next thing he knew a towel was hitting his face.

"Just kidding, I bet you were thinking pervy thoughts though" she teased and giggled.

The towel fell of his face and he saw the sparkles in Lucy's eyes and her childish smirk. She winked at him before walking in her closet. This was the girl he was in love with. This was his soul mate.

"So what are you all going when you get home?" Lucy asked.

"Take two aspirin and call you in the morning" Natsu's gang recited.

"Good but text me, as a matter of fact if you're okay just come to school tomorrow, that's good enough. So what are you going to tell your parents?" Lucy asked.

"We spent the night over a friends" they recited.

"And if they ask who what do you say?" Lucy asked.

Each member shouted out a different name.

"Good, now go" Lucy said pointing to the exit.

"Great party Lucy" Gajeel said walking out with his girlfriend. Levy nodded in his arms.

"Never seen Erza like that, I'm never going to let her live it down, thanks for that" Jellal laughed... until Erza punched him.

"It was nice" Juvia said.

Gray just nodded as he went out. Lucy extended her hand when Lisanna was leaving.

"Hey! Congrats runner up, never knew you were a heavy drinker" she said.

Lisanna smiled weakly, "neither did I, bye Lucy" Lisanna said leaving.

And then there was 3... and a cat.

"Aren't you going to go?" Lucy asked.

"Why? No parents asking me where I was up all night" Natsu said.

"Where were you all night Mister?" Lucy asked sternly.

Natsu grinned. "Out all night with my girlfriend, it was really something" Natsu said.

Lucy smiled back, which quickly faded into a yawn.

"I was hoping for you to leave, I'm overdue for a nap" she yawned.

"Do you always stay up all night for parties?" Natsu asked.

"Only for the good ones... you know what? This is fine. Watch Wendy for me, I'm going to bed" Lucy said walking upstairs.

"You hear that Wendy? It's just me and you... and a cat. I should go get Happy" Natsu said.

"I don't care as long as you don't disturbed my sleep. The kid got money, have a nice day out" Lucy said before disappearing down the hall.

Natsu looked down at the little girl.

"What do you say? Play date between two cats?" Natsu asked.

Wendy shook her head up and down.

A week past before things were back to normal... well normal as they'd ever be. Then again, when were things ever that normal to begin with?

"She was there again last night?" Lucy asked over the phone.

"Yeah Lulu, Dona's talking about cutting her off for a while. He doesn't want her OD-ing in his house, said it was bad for business" Cana said.

"Bad for business?! Really that's what he cares about? Whatever, tell him to cut her off, matter of fact tell everyone to cut her off" Lucy said.

"It's more serious then that Lucy. She's your friend, have you tried talking to her about it?"

"Yeah but she's so fucking stubborn, same with Gray. Look I don't know what the reason is but enough is enough. Call me if you see her there again and I'll personally come down to pick her up"

"Will do Boss, I'll tell the boys to start looking out for Juvia. I'll text you about the progress, bye" Cana said before the line went died.

Lucy shut her phone as she walked into the lunch area with Wendy. Things were not looking well for Juvia and quite frankly Lucy was getting tired of it. She still had her favor to do, Lucy only hoped that things would get better once she completed it.

"I think you'd do great Natsu" Lisanna said.

Lucy sat down at the lunch table, "him be great about what?" she asked.

Natsu turned to her and grinned. "What do you think about me joining the football team?" he asked.

Lucy busted up in laughter.

"I guess that answers that" Gajeel laughed with her.

Lucy wiped her tears away and sighed deeply. "That's was a good joke Natsu, very funny" she said.

Natsu pulled his girlfriend into a death hug. "I was being serious" he mumbled against her hair.

"School's almost out isn't it? Don't they have a full team or what not?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah it's the last game but get this. Two of the players got into an accident driving home from your party so they're open slots available" Gajeel said.

"Are they dead?" Lucy asked.

"Nope just injured pretty badly, they can't play the last game so Gajeel and I was thinking of joining the team!" Natsu said.

"What is our team anyway?" Lucy asked.

"Fairies" Jellal answered.

Lucy busted up in laughter again. "I've been a panther, a dolphin, an ogre, a lion, even a fucking jack rabbit but that beats everything" she choked out between laughs.

"Lucy stop laughing at our mascot" Natsu said.

"Beware the fairies! We got magic dust that will blind yah" she laughed.

Erza and Jellal started laughing along with Gajeel and Gray.

"Lucy" Natsu warned.

"All you have to do is clap and we'll be unstoppable" she continued laughing.

Lisanna, Juvia, and Levy started laughing now.

"Lucy!" Natsu yelled.

"You just have to believe!" Lucy laughed.

"I'M SERIOUS LUCY!" Natsu yelled.

Lucy stopped laughing.

"Don't you have to be getting a C average to join?" she asked.

"I have that now thanks to your tutoring" Natsu said.

"That reminds me, Levy I put that picture frame of your's in good use" Lucy said digging in Natsu's bag.

She placed it in their this morning on the walk to school. In it was two picture of the whole gang. On the right side was the picture Lucy photo shopped. The top read 'We Don't Give A Fuck Club' with all the members of Natsu's gang when they were Lucy brought her camera to school. On the left side was the cosplaying tutoring. Gajeel was a clown, Lisanna was a bunny, Natsu was a princess, Jellal was a maid, Gray was an underwear model (Lucy only choose that for Juvia which did indeed actually work. Lucy concluded that she still loved him), Juvia was a swimsuit model (as kicks for Gray), Levy was a vampire (she didn't need tutoring but she wanted to go to be with everyone else), Erza was a priestess, Wendy was Lucy (fake piercing's thanks to Lucy) and finally of course Lucy was the sexy librarian.

"I can't believe you took a picture and didn't give us copies" Erza said looking over Jellal.

"I can't believe you took pictures period! We only had one session!" Gajeel yelled.

Jellal groaned, now Erza had leverage over him. He couldn't tease her about being so clingy when she was drunk anymore.

"What can I say? I'm sneaky... alright my old maid's sneaky. Look at it this way, at least you all are passing!" Lucy said grabbing the picture frame back.

She tucked it away safely in Natsu's bag then leaned against him.

"Burn it" Gajeel whispered to him.

"With all seriousness Lucy, what do you think about me joining football?" Natsu asked.

Lucy sighed, back to this subject again.

"Natsu if you make the team I'll be your fucking cheerleader" Lucy said.

The only reason she said such a ridiculous thing was because that's how ridiculous she thought this was. Natsu joining the football team? Hilarious! Natsu being as dense as he was didn't understand it though. All he knew was if he made the team, Lucy would be a cheerleader. He would get to see his girlfriend in a cheerleading outfit cheering him on.

"DEAL!" Natsu yelled.

"What about you Lev? If I make the team are you going to cheer me on?" Gajeel asked.

Levy blushed and nodded.

"We got ourselves a goal Dragneel, try-outs are next week. We better get practicing" Gajeel said.

"I'm already ahead of you Gajeel" Natsu said.

He was about to get up and go hit the school's gym with Gajeel but something was in his way. Lucy was still laying on him.

"Um Lucy... I need to go" he said.

"I'm comfortable though" Lucy said leaning further back.

"..." Natsu couldn't argue so he just sat there.

In the faintest background, Natsu could hear the sound of a whip.