51 People.

And Still Going On.



Chapter 51.

"Juvia Lockster? I don't know how but apparently our records of you vanished. We have nothing to charge you with, you're free to leave" Zero said with a suspicious voice.

Juvia looked up from her cell. How was this happening? Three seconds later Juvia had the answer. It had to be Lucy, that was the only reasonable explanation. Juvia gripped the bench she sat on before pushing herself up, Zero just held the cell open for her until she was able to walk out.

"Try to stay out of trouble, you owe the girl that much" Zero whispered to Juvia.

So she was right; it was because of Lucy. Zero locked the cell back up before turning back to Juvia.

"All you need to do is sign some papers and then your free to leave" Zero said leading her to his desk.

10 minutes later Juvia was free and ready to leave this place. She ran a hand through her untamed hair and tried to straighten herself out.

"So um I prevented the cops from informing your parents so no troubles on that, you've only been here for about 10 hours anyway. Do you need a ride home or something?" Zero asked.

"No, thank you though Zero" Juvia said.

Zero smiled. "No prob, the one you should be thanking is Lucy. Give her my regards when you see her again okay?" Zero asked.

Juvia nodded and waved as she left. She avoided eye contact with the people she passed until she made it outside. The sunlight blinded Juvia, her hand rose to shield her eyes. The cell was much darker then the outside, the only light they had was from a dull light bulb from a lamp. Once her eyes adjusted her hand fell. She stood outside the police station... what now?

She couldn't go back to drugs, she just couldn't.

Juvia also couldn't go back to school knowing Gray was there.

What options were left?


A nice long walk alone.

Juvia listened to herself and started walking. To where she didn't know but that was half the fun right? Just walking... and walking... and walking.

"Juvia" Gray said.

Enough walking, Gray. Juvia stopped mid-step and looked at him with clouded eyes.

"I would have been here earlier to walk you home but Lucy refused to tell me where you were being held at" Gray said.

Juvia stared. She had no words for the man in front of her, she cried them all out to Lucy last night. Juvia felt empty.

"I love you Juvia. I know that might mean nothing to you now but I had to let you know" Gray said.

Juvia started walking again. To where she didn't know but that was half the fu-

"That woman you saw me with! She's my sister, that was Ultear my sister" Gray said walking with Juvia.

Still no words, only walking.

"I'm sorry I told you those words that one day, I didn't mean any of it! It's just... I believed it was my fault my Mother died so I thought I would cause you pain as well. That's the reason I pushed you away, to protect from harm... even though I still caused you pain in the end" Gray said.

Why wasn't she saying anything? Gray had expected her to burst in tears and cry once he confessed. What was happening? What was wrong?

"Will you stop walking and talk to me!" Gray yelled.

Juvia didn't listen though. She continued walking one step at another.

"Was that confession not enough? Alright I can do better, I can do more. Since the minute I saw you I've been in love with you, well maybe not in love, but I've had a crush! You were amazing and superb and that kick, that was a tough one. I still have the umbrella from that day, it's always been a keep sake for me,-..."

Gray continued to ramble on and on about his feelings towards Juvia. He couldn't tell if she was able to hear them are not but he didn't stop. Juvia kept on walking. To where she didn't know but that was half the fun right? Even though she didn't respond, it didn't mean Juvia couldn't hear what he was saying. Finally Juvia stopped walking, she was being called here.

"What the?... My house?" Gray asked looking up at it.

All this time she's been wanting to come here. This was the place she was going to go to confess her love to Gray again until she saw Ultear. Juvia would have came and confessed... maybe Gray would have accepted it, maybe not. Either way he was here now, so was she. Might as well finish what was going to happen that day...even if it was going to be her last confession.

"Oh I get it, I understand completely. I'll just... leave you alone now... bye" Gray said walking into her home.

Juvia caught his hand. Gray looked back with hope in his eyes. Juivia slowly rose her head and stared at Gray, her cloudy eyes clearing like a gust of wind just blew them away. She blinked and saw Gray, the man she owed everything too. She gulped and squeezed his hand tightly.

"I love you" she said.

She's said it countless of times before, hundreds, no thousands of times. This time though it got through to him. Gray blinked before responding immediately.

"I love you too Juvia"

Finally Juvia smiled; she wrapped her arms around Gray's next and nuzzled into his neck. How many times have she dreamed this? How many times have she wished for this to happen? Too many. Juvia blinked away the tears that prickled her eyes.

"Really?" she asked, her voice cracking.

Gray took a big inhale of Juvia's scent and sight blissfully. While one hand wound around her hip his other hand rose and lost itself in Juvia's hair. He ran his fingers through her hair, getting caught in a tangle once or twice before he untangled it.

"Really" he said.

"No more hurting? You're not going to take it back?" she asked.

Gray smiled sadly. Never again he thought when he went to kiss her forehead.

"Never. I love you Juvia. I'm sorry I made you go so low, I should have noticed, I should have been there. I won't make the same mistake twice though, I'll be there from now on" Gray said.

"No you won't" Lucy said.

Gray's entire being froze, his muscles clenching like when a robber would get a flash light shone catching him in the act. He turned around wishing the voice he heard was in his mind. Standing in his doorway and not in his imagination was Lucy with his sister and Natsu behind her.

"We had a deal" she said taking a step out the house.

They did have a deal, a deal Gray swore his life on. A deal that couldn't be broken.

"Gray?" Juvia asked.

She didn't get it, why was Gray trying to untangle himself from her. His touches left as Gray took a step back.

"She's right, I can never see you again. Good-bye" Gray said.

He walked away from his home and around the corner.

"Where is he going? He lives here?" Natsu asked.

A few seconds later Gray came running back.

"Hold up! Why are you here?! At my home?!" Gray yelled.

"Did you see that Ultear? How fast he gave up?" Lucy asked.

Ultear nodded. "I don't think he was that serious about her judging on how fast he left, you didn't even need to convince him" Ultear responded.

"What's going on? Why can't he see me anymore?" Juvia yelled.

"That was the deal. I save you, he leaves and is never seen or heard from again" Lucy said walking down the steps.

"Why? I love him! You know I do!" Juvia yelled.

Lucy walked towards her friend and gripped her shoulders.

"He's bad for you though" Lucy said calmly.

Juvia exploded and pushed her kind gesture off her.

"He saved my life!" Juvia argued.

"Then put it at risk again. Do you have any idea about how many laws you broke? How you just abandoned all your friends and made every one worry because of him! Because of love! You put your life in danger because of it. So this time it was drugs but what about the next? What happens if he breaks up with you? Are you going to try suicide that time?" Lucy asked.

"I would never do that!" Gray yelled.

"You also said you'd never hurt her but you did" Lucy said.

Gray bit his tongue.

"He's bad Juvia. If you stay with him your life's at risk. You're to unstable when it comes to love" Lucy said.

"I'm hurting with him! I'm hurting without! What difference does it make?! In the end I'm still hurting! So why not hurt when I'm with the one that I love?!" Juvia asked.

"So he's really worth it?" Lucy asked.

"Of course! I know I made some bad decision but I love him. I believe the reason we met was for him to save me! To love me..." Juvia trailed off.

"She's proved her love but Gray still hasn't" Ultear said.

"What?" Gray asked.

"Nothing just come inside Gray, your not allowed to see her anymore" Ultear said.

"No! Sent me back to prison! I'd gladly wait two years to see him again!" Juvia yelled.

Lucy snorted. "Try 8 to 10" she said.

Juvia gulped but didn't waver. "Fine 8, 10, 20 for all I care. Just as long as Gray loves me" Juvia said.

"No, I won't let you do that to yourself. You deserve better, Lucy's right Juvia. You deserve so much better" Gray said grabbing her hands.

"But I don't want better, I want you" Juvia cried.

Ultear wiped a tear from her face.

"So emotional" she said.

"Isn't this from a soap opera?" Lucy asked.

Ultear clapped. "Yeah, this was on an episode last night. Gray and I watched it together" she said.

"I just happened to be in the same room as my old maid when she was watching it" Lucy said.

"Yeah right, just happened to be there" Ultear said.

"I'm hungry. Lucy are you hungry? Cuz I am" Natsu said.


"He's right, back to them" Lucy said.

"Lucy please don't make him stay away" Juvia said.

"Why can't you see I'm only doing this for your own good? Because I love you" Lucy said.

Ultear started clapping again. "That was on the episode last week" she said.

Lucy laughed. "I was wondering if you'd get it, Gray you have a great sister" Lucy said.

"I'm not understanding anymore, are we good on the seeing Juvia thing or no?" he asked.

Lucy sighed and stuck a finger in her ear, honestly she just didn't care anymore. She didn't get any sleep last night because of Juvia, then she had to go kick Gray's ass at school. When all that ended she should have been able to go home to rest but instead she had to find out where Gray lived and wait for his ass.

Lucy was confused in the beginning. She knew right and wrong, the trickly part was Gray and Juvia together was both right and wrong. As Lucy waited outside his home with Natsu, Ultear had appeared and they discussed about the latest issue in hand. Ultear had told Lucy all about Gray's feeling about Juvia, and Lucy's explained Juvia's feelings to her in return.

In all honestly, Lucy really did not care anymore. Let her die, let her live, let him be happy, let him suffer, all Lucy knew was that she wanted to go to sleep. Let's just get this over with Lucy thought as she stared at Ultear.

"What do you think?" she asked.

Ultear bit her lip. Even as the adult figure in the group she had no experience with what was going on or what was best for Gray at the moment. Instead of answering like she should have done, Ultear just shrugged leaving it to Lucy.

"No" Lucy said ending it all.

But those fucking faces that they made, Gray and Juvia's once they heard the words sigh from her mouth. It made Lucy want to light herself on fire. No sense, she knew but that's how she felt. If Lucy didn't fix this then it would have haunted it for the rest of her life. She already got rid of one issue, Lucy didn't need another.

"Unless I change the favor" she said.

Gray and Juvia lifted up their heads so fast it should have caused a whip lash. Natsu smiled watching his girlfriend, the previous Lucy wouldn't have helped them. She wouldn't have cared or tried to do what was best. After all this time Natsu still did not know Lucy as well as he thought he did because Lucy was just tired. Maybe a part of his idea was true, but mainly because Lucy just wanted this all to be over and done, finished, gone.

"I'm listening" Gray said.

"Get over your past issues Gray, don't let them chain you down any longer. Be free and happy with the one you love" Lucy said.

Ultear was giving her a thumbs up.

"I think I could live with that" Gray said.

"But I can't live without food, we're going now Lucy" Natsu said walking off.

He dragged his girlfriend along with him. While the two of them walked off Ultear cleared her throat trying to catch the two teens attention.

"You know she's been waiting here for an hour for you two to come, asking me advice the whole time?" Ultear asked.

Gray and Juvia looked at her.

"She's a good friend, I can tell she really cares about you two. Cherish that" Ultear said.

Gray and Juvia smiled as they linked hands.

"Now where are my manners! Juvia we have so much catching up to do, God it's like I practically know you! Gray hasn't stopped talking about you since the first day you two met!" Ultear chattered.

"Ultear!" Gray yelled blushing red.

"IT'S TRUE! Come on in dear, welcome to our home" Ultear said.

Juvia smiled. It wasn't a dream anymore, it wasn't a fantasy any longer. It wouldn't be a wish she wished for on a shooting star or an eyelash or dandelion ever again. It was real. She finally made it, she finally made it to the horizon.

"HOW COME EVERYONE HAS A BOYFRIEND BUT ME!?" Lisanna yelled in the middle of the cafeteria.

Lucy had Natsu, Erza had Jellal, Levy had Gajeel, and now Juvia had Gray.

"You're forgetting the kid" Lucy said motioning to Wendy.

Lisanna ignored Lucy's remark and stabbed her lunch with a fork.

"I don't know, I saw you getting real close with Zero at that party" Erza teased.

"And I saw you getting real close with Jellal" Lisanna retorted.

Jellal laughed as Erza turned scarlet.

"Where are the other guys?" Juvia asked.

Lucy looked around, now that Juvia mentioned it Natsu and Gajeel were missing.

"Remember try-outs? It was yesterday? They're posting who made it on the team" Levy said.

"How many positions were there?" Juvia asked.

"Um let's see they needed a linebacker, a running back, and a quarterback I think so three" Levy said.

"I thought only two people were in the accident?" Lucy asked.

"Well, who do you think they crashed into!" Jellal yelled and laughed.

Lucy started laughing with. Erza smiled, since Lucy's come Jellal has been talking more and more, especially when they started dating. Thinking back to the old Jellal who would only say one worded answers compared to the one laughing freely now, Erza had to hand it to Lucy.

"I'M IN! I MADE IT! LUCY! LUCY! I'M IN!" Natsu yelled.

Lucy stopped laughing and looked at her boyfriend who was running at him.

"What?" she asked.

"I made it Luce! I'm a running back!" Natsu yelled.

"Gajeel?" Levy asked.

"Your dating the new linebacker" he smirked.

Levy squealed and hugged him as congrats. She was happy for her boyfriend, Lucy wasn't.

"You're kidding" she said.

Natsu smirked. "Nope, remember the deal we made" he said.

"Proof! I need proof" she said.

Gajeel laughed. "He thought you might say that" he said.

Natsu dug in his pocket and pulled out the sheet. On it was three names, two of them were Natsu and Gajeel's. There it was, Natsu's proof.

Running Back - Natsu Dragneel

Lucy sighed, well a deal was a deal and Lucy was always a woman of her word. She stood up and started walking away.

"Lucy! Where you going?!" Natsu asked.

"To join the stupid fucking cheer leading squad!" Lucy yelled back.

"I should be going to, congrats Natsu and Gajeel" Levy said pecking her boyfriend's lips before running along after Lucy with Wendy.


"You're looking at the new head, captain, whatever the fuck of the cheer leading group shit bitch" Lucy said.

Natsu spit out the drink he was drinking. It was after school and the gang had decided to go out to eat as congrats for Natsu and Gajeel. Now they were also celebrating for Levy and Lucy.

"I'm in it as well" Levy said.

"Really? And they just let you in? And made you head?" Erza asked.

Lucy had an evil glint in her eyes. Levy wanted to tell but something was holding her back. Invisible chains from hell threatened her. If she told those chains would pull her right in.

"Yeah, those cheerleaders were really nice, nothing at all in the movie! Hahaha" Levy said giving an awkward laugh.

"Anyway a deals a deal. You made it on the team, I made it on the squad. Better not lose, I don't cheer for losers... I don't cheer at all for that matter" Lucy said.

Wendy was playing with her utensils. She had a fork in one hand and a spoon in another. She waved the spoon around, making it look like it was walking, her other hand moved the fork sneakily behind the spoon. She crashed the utensils together and made a faint crying sound as she dropped the spoon on the floor. Lucy laughed while Levy shrunk in her seat.

"Now that she's gone you can tell us, how did you two get on?" Erza asked.

Levy shook her head as she walked.

"No, never again. I don't want it happening to me" Levy said.

Her friends raised an eyebrow. Levy gulped before caving in.

"I'm not saying we went to the cheerleaders hang out to join and they refused us and I'm DEFINITELY not saying Lucy and I stalked the head cheerleader and pushed her down the stairs because that would be bad right? Right. So I'm definitely not saying that" Levy said.

Her friends stared but they weren't surprised. That definitely sounded like something Lucy would do, exactly what she would do actually... well not do.

"Is she not alright?" Erza asked playing along.

"Of course she would be alright since it never happened! She definitely doesn't have a broken leg or anything like that, hahaha. Look at the time got to go bye!" Levy said running off.

Gajeel shook his head. Sometimes his girlfriend could act so cute.

"So you threatened them and that's how they let you in?" Natsu asked.

"Sure, let's go with that" Lucy said.

"You must have scared them good if they made you head cheerleader" Natsu said.

Lucy sure as hell scared them good. Anyone who would object was going to get pushed down some stairs.

"So um, summer's coming up. What are you going to do?" Natsu asked scratching the back of his head.

"I was going to party harder than every but you kind of fucked that up for me. Thanks Natsu" Lucy said.

Natsu squeezed his girlfriends hand. "You'll be thanking me when were old and surrounded by our grandchildren" Natsu said.

Lucy snorted. "Grandchildren?" she repeated.

"Yeah, of course little Happy's and Charle's running around too" Natsu said.

Wendy giggled by Lucy's side.

"You sure dream impossible dreams Natsu" Lucy said.

"Not impossible, very possible... I love you Lucy" he said.

Lucy smiled. "I know" she said.




"So I've been avoiding the subject for long enough now, what's going on between you and your Father?" Lucy asked.

"Nothing" he said.

"Nothing" Lucy repeated.

Natsu shook his head.

"Nothing at all?" she asked.

"I've said what I needed to say, it's his move now... he knows where to find me" Natsu said.

And that was the end of that conversation.

"Natsu nii-san hasn't been here in a while" Wendy said petting her cat.

Lucy kept flipping through the channels.

"Yup" she said.

"Where is he?" the little girl asked.

"Out practicing for the big game coming up soon" she answered.

"Oh... are we going to go?" Wendy asked.

Finally Lucy decided on a channel and placed the remote down.

"Yeah... I guess we have to" she said.

"Yay! What game is it going to be? Tag? Hide and go seek?" Wendy asked.

Lucy sighed and flipped the channel to a foot ball game. She had a lot to teach the kid.

"Alright, observe Wendy" she said.

"Sting it's been ages since you've last talked to your Father, when will it be enough?" Sting's Mother asked.

"When he brings back my brother, then it'll be enough" Sting said.

Sting's Mother leaned her broom against the wall and sat at the table with her son.

"Tell me about him... about Igneel's other son um..." Sting's Mother said.

"Natsu?... He's cool, the ideal big brother. He looks so much like Dad, Mom you wouldn't believe it. His hair is a lighter shade then Dad's... it's pink actually but our eyes are the same. He's... a good person Mom, a real good person. I'm shocked Dad kept him from us for so long... like he was ashamed or something of him. Natsu... he didn't hold any hate for me though, or to Dad... he just looked... yearning. That was until his girlfriend stepped in" Sting said and laughed.

Sting's Mother was intrigued by her husband's son.

"Girlfriend?" she asked.

"Yeah Mom she's a real beauty. Natsu's a little over protective of her but wow. She's just... just way out of Natsu's league. I don't know how he landed a girl like that, I mean that just gives me hope for myself you know? If Natsu could get a girl like Lucy then I could get anyone!" Sting said waving his hands out for emphasis.

Igneel leaned against the wall chucking to himself. His boy had grown, he had a girl. Igneel looked down at his hands, clenching and releasing like he was trying to grip something. He should have been their for him, it just dawned on Igneel that he wasn't there to teach Natsu about the birds or the bees or even how to ask a girl out. Judging by Sting's description it seemed Natsu was doing just fine without him.

"Natsu... he sounds like a fine lad, just like your Father. Now about school, when's the next game? We have to come and support the team!" Sting's Mother said cheering.

Sting sighed and shook his head. "In a week or so, you're giving Rogue and I a ride right?" he asked.

"Of course! Where is it again?" she asked.

"In Magnolia I think... I'm not sure which team though" Sting answered.

Igneel's eyes widened. Magnolia... now that brought back memories.