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Chapter 56.



The End.

Queen Lucy woke up next to an empty spot. She lifted her hand to the other side touching the satin sheets, cold. He's been gone for a while. Queen Lucy sighed quietly to herself as she swung her legs over the side of the bed. She yawned and stretched her arms out before getting up off of the bed.

It suddenly turned much more colder then before. Queen Lucy grabbed her robe and put it on before looking around her chambers. Nothing. Queen Lucy was not pleased, not one bit. She stomped her feet out their chamber and towards the thrown room; there she met her partner in crime, or should she say Queen in crime.

"Cana!" Queen Lucy called out.

"That's Queen Cana to you, I'm just fucking with you" Queen Cana laughed.

The throne room was just that, a room that held four thrones in it, one for each King and Queen. Sad to say though that the 2nd King's chair was no longer in use. Queen Lucy looked around the room hoping to see him sitting on the King's throne, he wasn't.

"Are you looking for your King?" Queen Cana asked.

Queen Lucy raised an eyebrow, "are you still looking for a King?" she asked.

Queen Cana sighed most exhaustively as she leaned back into her throne.

"King number 42 was no good, he barely lasted a week" she said.

"I wonder why" Queen Lucy said sitting down on her own throne. She decided to take a little break from her quest and humor her Queen.

"Number 34 had to be the longest lasting, that and the greatest in bed" Queen Cana said licking her lips.

"That's all it's about with you, what about number 1?" Queen Lucy asked.

Queen Cana looked up at the ceiling, as if she stared at it long enough, she could see her first King's face.

"Oh yeah... I think he was the only one I loved" she stated.

Queen Lucy shook her head, "if you loved him so much why'd you let him go?" Queen Lucy asked.

"I'm not sure" Queen Cana mumbled bringing a finger to her lips.

"I've been meaning to ask you, how's the invasion in the East been going?" Queen Lucy asked.

"Well I was a little worried since Happy wasn't there to lead, but Pantherlily seems to be doing a good job. I imagine it'll be ours in a few weeks" Queen Cana said.

Queen Lucy nodded, "such bad timing for Charle to give birth though. Happy's our general, he's the Exceed's leader, the first" Lucy said.

"I know but like I said Pantherlily has it under control. Our army is in good hands... remember back at the spot, when we first came up with the idea of taking over the world with flying cats?" Queen Cana asked.

Queen Lucy leaned up from her throne and nodded, "our friends just said it was the alcohol talking but we were serious. After 10 short years look at us now, Queens of the new world" Queen Lucy said.

"I'll drink to that" Queen Cana said grabbing the bottle that laid next to her throne.

"Cheers, to our take over of the world!" Queen Cana said lifting the bottle up.

She took a big gulp and was going to pass it to Queen Lucy but paused, "wait a second, you still have that deal with Natsu with the ban on drinking right?" she asked.

Queen Lucy laughed taking the bottle from her Queen's hands. She took a nice big gulp before answering.

"You can remember that but not King number 1's face" she sighed.

"ANYWAY! What are you doing here? I thought you and your King were... busy" Queen Cana said.

"Took a nap and poof, he vanished. I was looking for him before I got side tracked by you" Queen Lucy said getting up.

She handed the bottle back to Queen Cana and continued on her quest to find her King.

"He might be visiting Happy's new fur ball, I'd try there first!" Queen Cana called out.

"Got'cha" Queen Lucy said making her way to the infirmary.

A few minutes later she arrived at the door with a little red '+' sign attached to it. Queen Lucy knocked once before peeking her head inside the door.

"Happy?" she whispered.

"Aye?" Happy said flying up in front of her.

Queen Lucy held the door open so he could fly out, which he did, then closed it.

"How's Charle doing?" Lucy asked.

"Tired, Princess Wendy says there's nothing to worry about though" Happy said.

"That's good to hear, have you named your son yet?" she asked stroking Happy's head.

"Not yet, I was hoping our King could be of some help but I haven't seen him" he purred.

So her King hadn't been here either, her quest continued.

"Well make sure you get plenty of rest, we're going to need you back on the battle field soon" Queen Lucy said walking off.

"Aye sir!" she heard her Exceed King call out.

Queen Lucy walked further into her castle, through the twists and turns, searching for her King. She finally found him in the last place she'd expect, the Castle Library.

"You left me" Queen Lucy said seeing him on a couch, book in hand.

"Sorry, I've just been studying" King Natsu said closing his book.

He placed it beside him and held out his arms, an open invitation to Queen Lucy in which she didn't refuse.

"How you feeling?" King Natsu asked rubbing her belly.

"Angry, used, forgotten, neglected" Queen Lucy listed.

King Natsu chuckled. "I remember a time when I felt that way" he said nuzzling into her neck.

"I was only a child back then" Queen Lucy argued.

"And look at you now, Queen of the world and Mother of my soon to be baby" King Natsu said.

"Our soon to be baby, let's remember whose doing all the work here" Queen Lucy said picking up the book her King was reading.

The First Stages Of Pregnancy. Queen Lucy looked over the book, it seemed thick, large. By the folding creases in it Natsu was more than half way through. Queen Lucy found it kind quite funny on how it took 10 years for her King to finally pick up a book and fully read the thing.

"How's Happy and Charle doing?" he asked.

"Fine, Charle's resting and Happy's watching over their son. He's expecting you to help pick out a name" she said scanning through the book.

King Natsu cheated, there were mostly pictures.

"Oh right, seems like Happy's son is going to be the next Exceed King" King Natsu said.

"Prince for now though, come on I'm getting chilly" Queen Lucy said grabbing his hand.

"Who wouldn't be only wearing a robe?" King Natsu asked.

"I would have been warmer if somebody wouldn't have left me" Queen Lucy mumbled.

King Natsu laughed taking his scarf off and wrapping it around his Queen. He held the edges of it and tugged Queen Lucy closer, his face turning serious for a moment.

"Remember when we were in high school? Things seem so distance from then, I never would have imagined this outcome" he said.

"What my plan of taking over the world with flying cats ACTUALLY working or you marrying me and become King?" Queen Lucy asked.

"A little bit of both, and it all started with the day I first met you in Preschool, ah the memories. I can still remember what you wore the first day, that blue dress with the flowers, now that was the true meaning of love at first sight" King Natsu said.

Queen Lucy snorted. "Natsu, you were five. You'd probably never heard of love let alone know the 'true meaning'" Lucy quoted.

"Did so! Especially when you came back during high school, I still remember the first day we saw each other again, you were wearing a-"

"Enough reminiscing" Queen Lucy interrupted walking away.

King Natsu just smirked and followed after her.

"What about the time when I first confessed my feelings, and the day you did too" King Natsu teased.

Queen Lucy paused and looked back up with a smile. King Natsu also stopped walking and held her hands in his own.

"I can remember that" she said with a tint of blush on her cheeks.

"It's one of my most precious memories, other than our wedding and stuff, the day you finally said I love you" he said.

Queen Lucy's gaze softened as well as her smile.

"I love you" she said.

Natsu smiled an equally soft smile and leaned down.

"I love you too"

Their lips were centimeters about, almost about to meet feeling a pa-


Lucy eyes opened wide. She leaned up and glanced around her room cautiously; no big chambers, no satin sheets, just her regular old room. After realizing this her heart started to calm down and beating it's normal pace. What a weird dream she thought getting out of bed to start the new day. A dream she couldn't really recall once she entered her bathroom.

Lucy took a quick shower before brushing her teeth, fixing her hair, and getting dressed. She finished in record timing, 20 minutes, and started walking downstairs with her bag in hand.

"Morning Mistress Lucy" Ms. Supetto greeted with a smile.

Lucy nodded in her general direction and grabbed the toast from the plate Ms. Supetto was holding out for her. She stuffed the baked bread in her mouth as she tried to put on her shoes.

"I'm going to visit your Father again today, I'll leave dinner in the microwave" Ms. Supetto called out.

"Alright!" Lucy answered opening the door.

She glanced at the picture of her Mother and smiled.

"I'm off!" she yelled.

"Have a good day!" Ms. Supetto said.

Ms. Supetto started humming a happy tune as she went back to her household duties. She glanced out the window for a quick second and sighed.

"What a beautiful day" she said.

"Morning" Natsu said kissing his girlfriend's cheek.

Lucy mumbled a morning of her own as she opened the gate and walked out. Natsu held her bag as they walked together; him telling her about yesterday while Lucy finished her breakfast.

"How was the summer with the Eucliffe's?" Lucy asked licking the crumbs off her lips.

"Missed a spot" Natsu said bending down to give her a kiss.

"Pretty cool, Sting's mom is pretty nice, same as Sting. Igneel sends his regards" Natsu said with a satisfying smirk.

Lucy groaned and pushed his face away, "I'm surprised you didn't stay" she said.

"And miss graduating with you and the rest of the gang?" Natsu said appalled.

Lucy rolled her eyes and started giggling.

"I love your giggles in the morning" Natsu said.

"And I love your...your... I love you" Lucy said not coming up with anything.

Natsu didn't seem to mind though, he just smiled and squeezed his girlfriend's hand.

"MORNING NEE-SAN, NII-SAN!" Wendy called out from the end of the block.

"MORNING WENDY!" Natsu called out just as eagerly.

Wendy hugged Natsu the moment he was in hugging distance and then Lucy.

"Morning Porly" Lucy said pushing the kid off her.

Porlysucia looked up from her sweeping and smiled.

"Off you go or you'll be late" she said.

"Hey Porly, bye Porly" Natsu waved as they left.

Wendy stood in the middle of the group holding both her siblings hands.

"Ah I remember when she used to shoo us away with that broom" Natsu sighed.

"I remembered when there wasn't even a place to broom" Lucy giggled thinking back to the forest that used to be Porly's front yard.

Natsu and Lucy walked Wendy to school, making short conversations asking how their youngest member of the group was.

"My teacher has been having this assistant visit us, he's so nice! He's smart just like me and we play lots and lots of games!" Wendy cheered.

Lucy raised an eyebrow, she didn't like the way Wendy was describing this person.

"There he is! Bye Lucy nee-san, Natsu nii-san! See you after school" Wendy said hugging both of their legs.

She ran into school, towards the playground, and jumped onto her teacher assistant's back. Natsu and Lucy stayed and watched as the guy spun Wendy around then placed her down and shooed her inside. Lucy then let out a long whistle, catching the boys attention. She motioned with her finger for him to come closer. When the boy was close enough Lucy got a good look at him and realized... he was kind of cute... in a young boy kind of way. That wasn't the point though.

"Name, grade, and your intentions with our Wendy" Lucy said.

The boy looked at these people with a bewildered expression then looked over to Natsu and saw it would be wises to answer them.

"Um, Mest, Middle school, and I guess to teach her? I don't know" Mest answered.

"Middle school isn't a grade" Natsu said.

"I got this, let's just get one thing clear Mest. As you can see I'm a lot older than you and bigger, including my boyfriend here. Not to mention that the both of us have tons of friends. If you hurt our little sister" Lucy didn't finished.

She decided running her thumb across her neck would be a better way to describe the punishment.

"So your Natsu-nii and Lucy-nee. Wendy always describes you two more...nicer" he said.

"Don't let the little girl fool you" Natsu said.

"Well" Mest said scratching the back of his head. The lightest shade of pink shone on his cheeks.

"I'd never do anything to harm Wendy, she's a precious student and friend to me so you don't have to worry about that. I hear your message loud and clear though or see it... I need to go now, nice meeting you" Mest said waving before he went back into the school.

"Smart kid" Nastu said walking off with his girlfriend.

"Yup, hopefully he'll wait till Wendy's entered middle school to ask her out, better yet high school. We should ask him over for dinner" Lucy said.

Natsu froze. "Ask what now?" he said.

"He didn't flinch once when we were threatening him, not even when we called him over. He obviously has guts" she said.

"That or he's just stupid!" Natsu argued.

"You just said he was smart, no worries Natsu. We have years before we have to start worrying about it" Lucy said.

"I want to worry about it now though, Wendy and Mest? Isn't there a huge age gap?" Natsu asked.

"Age is just a number but yes. Then again Wendy's about to go to middle school herself, he'd only be in two grades above her" Lucy said.

"She would be in his grade if Porly would have let her skip up more grades" Natsu mumbled.

"Let the kid enjoy her youth" Lucy said.

"Whatever you saw Momma Lucy"

"Morning Mr. Atsuki!" Lucy said walking into her 1st period.

Now how did Atsuki get so lucky to not only have Lucy, Natsu, and Gray this year, but also the rest of the gang. Finally, now they could see the pranks in real life and not just hear about it.

"Seat. Now. Ms. Heartfilia, I won't have any of your pranks this year" he said.

Lucy looked up at him with an innocent expression, "pranks? Me? By whatever do you mean?" she asked.

"Don't get me started, I have hidden camera's planted in the classroom now. Any pranks you do will be shown to the Principle and you'll get expelled" Atsuki said.

Even though Lucy was sure Principle Marvok would actually enjoy the pranks, she always had a plan B. Deciding not to risk the small chance that her funny Principle really would expel her, Lucy dug in her bag and placed a box on top of his desk.

"Happy Birthday" she said merrily before walking back to her seat.

"Ms. Heartfilia, it's not my birthday" Atsuki said.

"Than consider it a present from Cana and I" Lucy said.

Atsuki had a light blush on his face while he proceeded to open his box. Inside was a picture of every video camera he hid in his classroom followed by a pose from either Cana or Lucy, Cana's were more seductive while Lucy's... were just a smile and the middle finger. Mr. Atsuki looked around his room and saw all his camera's had been taken.

"Where are they Ms. Heartfilia?" he asked.

"That's for Cana to know and for you. To. Find. Out." Lucy said sounding out each syllable.

Atsuki regretted the day he ever became a teacher, that and the day he agreed to the date with Cana Alberano. What had he gotten himself into now?

"I'm sure you'll find out sooner or later" Lucy said sitting down in her seat.

"What was in the box Luce?" Natsu asked.

Lucy opened her mouth.


Lucy closed her both and pretended to zip, lock, and throw away the key. She winked at her boyfriend though and whispered.

"Tell you lunch"

"We're seniors guys" Levy said.

"Levy you say that every day and it never changes. Yes we are seniors, yes some of us will graduate, not all. Gajeel" Lucy coughed the last part.

"I get it, you're happy, but it's been halfway through the first semester already. Enough with the senior crap" Lucy finished.

"Who's the sum of us that won't graduate?" Natsu asked.

"Obvious not you Natsu since I'm here to blackmail the teachers into giving you a good grade" Lucy said staring at Gajeel the whole time.

"Why you staring at me?" Gajeel asked.

"No reason" Lucy said with a playful smirk.

3, 2, 1.

"HEY! I'M GRADUATING!" Gajeel yelled.

"Whatever you say Redfox" Lucy shrugged opening her can of soda.

"So what's going to happen after this year?" Juvia asked.

The group of friends were stumped.

"I mean I love you guys, all of you and I don't want to lose touch" she said.

"No way, Erza won't have it" Jellal laughed.

Erza smacked his arm. It was true but she didn't like the way he said it.

"I don't know about this year but the year after that, me and Bora are going to party!" Lucy cheered holding her soda can up.

She imagined it was beer and took a chug. No matter how many bottles and cans she drank though, nothing fulfilled the hole that alcohol had left in her.

"Partying? We made a deal Lucy" Natsu said.

"Fine, me and Bora are going to party when we're 21! Whoa!" Lucy cheered.

Natsu didn't like it, but he compromised for his girlfriend. 21 was the legal drinking age and at 21 Natsu would allow Lucy to drink again, only under his supervision though.

"So your future involves parties with Bora?" Jellal asked.

Lucy calmed down and placed her can on the table.

"Not my WHOLE future, just the beginning of it" she said tipping it over.

"What do you want to do Lucy? All of you, what's going to happen after high school?" Levy asked.

"I want to rule the world with flying cats" Lucy said.

Her friends sighed.

"I've found my Father... I guess... I don't know?" Natsu muttered.

He really had no clue on what he wanted to do.

"Teacher for me, or maybe a school librarian" Levy said.

Lucy laughed. "Gajeel's going to be loving that in the future, role playing as a sexy librarian, Gajeel can be the student" she laughed.

Gajeel and Levy blushed scarlet along with Erza for thinking about it.

"SHUT UP!" Gajeel yelled.

"Admit it, you're loving the idea" Lucy said leaning against Natsu.

He was, Lucy didn't have to know that though.

"I want to be an instructor, teach people how to fight and junk since it's the only thing I'm good at" Gajeel said.

"I don't have a joke about a sensei but give me a second" Lucy said thinking.

Gajeel groaned, next.

"I want to be a model, I have the figure for it so why not?" Erza said.

Jellal almost had a nose bleed.

"Um I want to be a counselor for kids who have a drug addiction" Jellal said.

"Like half of us here?" Lucy asked.

Lucy, Jellal, Gajeel, Juvia... about half of the group that has had a drug problem.

"Yup, hopefully I can save them by telling them about my experiences" Jellal said.

"Or encourage them to hang out with us, stay clear of the fun stories of being drunk Jellal" Lucy laughed.

"I always wanted to travel the world before I settled down, maybe I'll be a flight attendant or a travel writer" Lisanna said.

"So you're going to leave Magnolia?" Erza asked.

"No way, not forever. I'll come back here to settle down, hopefully with my foreign husband" Lisanna said with a wink.

"If that doesn't work there's always Zero" Lucy joked.

Lisanna stuck her tongue at Lucy and threw a French fry at her while the others laughed.

"Hmm I've always enjoyed my Mother's artwork when I was younger, I'll probably become a painter or an ice sculptor." Gray said.

"Painter? I've never seen you paint a single thing in my life Gray and ice sculptor? Where the hell did that come from?" Lucy asked.

"That's because we don't have painting together and I don't know, it seems like a fun job" Gray said.

"More like a cold one, what period you have painting?" she asked.

"5th" he replied.

"I'm ditching there today. I want to see you 'painting skills' first hand" Lucy said.

Gray chuckled and rolled his eyes.

"I'm going to be GRAY'S HOUSEWIFE!" Juvia yelled.

Her future sound the realist out of all of them.

"I can see that" Lucy said.

"Me too" Levy said.

The gang all started agreeing on Juvia's dream where as Gray just held his head in his hands, trying to hide his blush.

"Love you Gray" Juvia said kissing his cheek.

"Love you too" he mumbled.

Natsu felt left out. Everyone here knew what they wanted to do with their lives except for him. Was there something wrong with him? Did he not have the same ambition as the rest? That wasn't true... in the beginning his ambition was to find his Father... as life processed it changed from finding Father to dating Lucy then once that was accomplished back to Father finding which he did. What now though? His senior year was going to pass by so fast and then what? What was Natsu left to do?

"Other than Lisanna are we all set on staying here? In Magnolia that is?" Lucy asked.

The group of friends surrounding her shrugged, none of them really knowing the answer.

"I have an idea, after high school every 5 years we'll all come back to this high school and pull a prank on Mr. Atsuki okay? Or you guys can watch while I prank him, either one is fine... deal?" Lucy asked.

The gang all smirked.

"Not deal, pinky promise" Natsu said extending his pinky.

The gang's smirk turned to a smile. They all started extending their pinky's also and hooked them together.

"Cross my heart, hope to die, if I lie, stick a thousand needles in my eye"

"Natsu" Lucy said.

"Yes?" Natsu asked looking at her.

"What's up with you?" Lucy asked stopping.

Natsu stopped walking and stood a few meters ahead of her.

"Nothing, why?" he asked.

"Well you've been kind of spaced out since school ended, I've called you three times and you just now answered" she said.

"Sorry, hey where's Wendy? Aren't we suppose to pick her up?" Natsu asked looking around.

This was the way to Lucy's house, not Wendy's school.

"Now I know something's up, we already dropped Wendy off" Lucy said.

She grabbed Natsu's hand and pulled him to a nearby bench; pushing him down to sit while she sat next to him.

"Talk" she said.

"Natsu sighed.

"I don't know what to do with my future" he said.

"That's it? It may come to a shock to you Natsu but more than half of the kids at our school don't know that either" Lucy said.

"But you all do! Gray got his painting thing going on, which he's surprisingly good at, Erza got that model thing and Gajeel with his kick boxing fight club I don't know. What I'm saying is that all our friends know what to do but me" Natsu said.

Lucy grabbed Natsu's hand and held them in her own.

"I don't know what to do" she said.

"You're rich Luce, you can sit on your ass for the rest of your life and not have to worry about anything" Natsu said.

"So? Just because I have money Natsu doesn't mean it's mine" Lucy said.

"So you're not a millionaire?" Natsu asked.

"That's not the point! Listen Natsu, I don't know what I want to do after I graduate. I imagine myself waiting for Bora to get out or my Father to wake up but you know I hate waiting. I still believe in my flying cat's idea but until then I'm lost... I know one thing I want in my future though" Lucy said.

She made Natsu look at her, "you Natsu. I want you in my future" she said.

Natsu's eyes widened. "R-r-really?" he stuttered.

Lucy nodded and closed her eyes. She took a deep breath and held Natsu's hands against her heart.

"You saved me Natsu. You changed my life, mostly for the better but sometimes for the worst with the booze ban" Lucy said.

Natsu chuckled.

"I'm... I can't believe I'm saying this but, I'm happy that you and your gang almost jumped me" Lucy said.

This time Natsu was full out laughing. Lucy opened her eyes and smiled as she watched her boyfriend laugh.

"You've changed so much since then" Natsu said calming down.

"I can still be a bad ass" Lucy said narrowing her eyes.

"And I love that about you, I love everything about you... I know my new ambition in life" Natsu said.

"Really? What?" Lucy asked.

Already? She's only talked to him for about 5 minutes and he's already figure it out?

"Well first it was to date you and now it's to marry you" Natsu said.

Lucy's face turned bright red, brighter then the sunset and brighter than Erza's scarlet hair.

"W-wh-wha-wha- huh?!" she yelled.

"That's right! I'll find a career, maybe go into the construction business with my Father, and then after a while we'll move in together and then I'll buy a house and propose too" Natsu said.

He stood up and punched the sky.

"Yes! I'll do that and then we'll get married and have kids and be happy! Hell I'll even help you train Happy to fly or whatever!" Natsu yelled.

Lucy groaned and held her head in her hands. She was only trying to help but apparently she's given them the idea to go marry her.

"You'll be happy too right?" Natsu asked.

Would she? Lucy took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes she smirked and stood up.

"I'll guess you'll know in a few years" she taunted walking away.

"Lucy! I'm inpatient to you know!" Natsu yelled running after her.

Lucy stopped for him though and smiled.

"I'll give you a hint, I love you" Lucy said.

Natsu smiled. "I'll take that as a yes" he said hugging her.

And then Natsu kissed her.

Several years later Lucy didn't take over the world with flying cats but her Father did wake up, and she did marry Natsu, and Happy did learn how to fly... never mind the first part. Thanks for reading, the end!