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BONUS Chapter Part 2.

"GAME TIME!" Igneel laughed walking outside the dining room.

"Game?" Lucy asked.

"They always have game night once a week" Natsu told her.

"Games? As in board games?" Lucy asked.

"Yup! Tonight we're playing Scrabble!" Sting said.

Lucy sighed in relief; she could play Scrabble is what she thought but what she really meant was she would win in Scrabble.

"No! No Scrabble!" Natsu yelled.

Igneel, who just came back into the room holding the board game high above his head, frowned.

"Why no Scrabble?" he asked sadly.

"Because Lucy would kill us all" Natsu shivered.

Everyone's attention went towards Lucy, even the two cats of the house stared at her. Lucy stood up tall and proudful, trying to hide her knowing smirk.

"What do you mean?" Igneel asked.

"She's like... a super genius. We can't play any games with intellect or else she'll have the advantage. That includes chess, checkers, Monopoly, HedBanz, Jenga, Battleship, and especially Scrabble" Natsu explained.

Lucy only giggled as he named the games she totally dominated him with. She hadn't meant to, it's just when Wendy wants to play with her they always happened to be playing a board game and Lucy always just happens to be really smart at it.

"Super genius? So you're like really smart Lucy?" Sting asked.

Lucy nodded her head once and nodded.

"My intellect should match a college professor right now, maybe even higher? I haven't tested myself out in a year or two" she told him.

Sting then walked over to her side and grabbed her hands.

"Tutor me" he begged.

Natsu grimaced and ran to his brother's side, pulling him away from her like if she were acid.

"No, trust me. You do not want that man, don't" Natsu said remembering his first tutor session with his girlfriend.

"Aw, to bad you guys don't have Pretty, Pretty, Princess" Lucy teased.

Natsu flinched at each pretty, and especially at Princess.

"Alright! How about a nice game of Operation then?" Sting's Mom asked.

Natsu tried to think back to a time where Lucy beat him in Operation, or a time when he ever played the game with her? He couldn't remember any.

"That sounds good" Natsu nodded.

"I'm game" Sting said.

"Alright" Igneel agreed going back into the game closet.

Lucy paled.

"Uh, could I use your bathroom real quick?" Lucy asked.

"Sure dear, it's up the stairs, down the hall, second door on the left" Sting's Mom directed.

"I'll show you Lucy" Sting said getting up.

"Oh no you won't, your staying right here where I can keep an eye on you" Natsu glared.

Lucy muttered a soft thank you as she walked up the steps and obeyed her directions. As soon as she entered the bathroom door Lucy immediately locked herself in the room. She pulled out her phone from her bra in a panic and speed dialed Cana's number.

"If there was ever a time I needed you to pick up, now would be that time" Lucy mumbled to herself.

As if God had answered her pray, Cana answered after the fourth ring.

"Lucy, been a while. How you doing?!"

Cana answered.

"BAD! Natsu invited me over for a family dinner, I thought it was just going to be dinner but n-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa... whoa. Family dinner? Who'd you dress up as?"

Cana asked.

"Misa Misa from Death Note. I figured since I had the blonde hair why no- that's not the point!" Lucy yelled.

Cana didn't hear here though, she was to busy laughing on the other line.

"MISA MISA! Hahaha, that's hilarious! Send me a picture!"

"Cana! This is serious! They're asking me to play a board game with them!" Lucy told her.

Cana's laughter stopped mid ha. After a moment of silence, she spoke.

"...fuck. What game?!"


"Double fuck, you suck at that. No smarts involved at all"

"I know! What am I going to do?!"

"Alright listen. You can either escape... or use a technique I use to calm myself down when I get anger"

"Please don't tell me it's counting backwards from 10 or taking deep breathes" Lucy begged.

"... take semi-deep breathes and count backwards from 11"

Lucy hung up the phone, completely useless she though. Cana kept yelled hello's into her phone before realizing that the kid had hung up on her.

"Wouldn't want to be that family at the moment" Cana mumbled to herself.

Lucy had many nicknames in their neck of the woods, some more stupider than others, some sounding better than others. One nickname though that always stuck and was something everyone knew was, wasn't really a nickname. It was a rule. Never play board games with Lucy, and if you did, always let her win.


Because Lucy had the worse anger problems when it came to games. She wouldn't resort to cheating, no because that would have been a bitch move, more like beating the shit out of every other player so they would give up. Who knew though? Maybe Lucy had overgrown that stage in life Cana thought pouring herself a drink.

She immediately spit it out after the thought, laughing her ass off. Nope! Who was she trying to kid? Lucy was always in it to win it, and if not win it, kick everybody's ass.

"Good luck Dragneel family" Cana laughed.


11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Lucy counted in her mind before taking a semi-deep breath. The shit wasn't working, three turns have passed and Lucy has been getting buzzed at each turn.

Sting had gotten 2 pieces, Igneel 3, Natsu 2, even Sting's Mom who she had no idea what her name was had a piece! The counting thing in her mind didn't work but Lucy discovered something that did. Imagining what she should be doing right now.

Throwing the game board in the air. She couldn't punch Natsu, being the boyfriend, couldn't punch Sting's Mom or Igneel, being the parents and dinner providers, couldn't hit Happy or Lector, being her soldiers, and... she couldn't think of a good reason not to punch Sting in the face.

"My turn! A little secret Lucy, it's all in the wrist" Sting whispered to her.

Lucy's eye twitched, she could think up of a pretty good reason now to punch him. Before the urge came though, her phone started ringing.

"Excuse me" Lucy said getting up realizing that it was Cana's ring tone.

"Hello?" she asked walking in the kitchen.

"I'm saving your ass, you owe me one. Call me Ms. Supetto"

Cana told her over the line.

"Ms. Supetto?" Lucy said questionable but was loving every minute.

"Now let's see if you have some acting skills girls. Repeat after me, what's wrong Ms. Supetto?

"What's wrong Ms. Supetto?" Lucy asked.

Natsu hit the buzz as he heard Lucy's panicked voice. He dropped the pinchers and looked up towards his girlfriend's back figure.

"What's wrong with little kid?"

"What's wrong with Wendy?!" Lucy demanded.

"Uh, shit... I didn't think up of a good excuse, fuck"

"What do you mean she fell down?" Lucy asked.

"Fell down? You got to thing of something better than that"

"Well is she alright?!"

"No, she died..."

"Hospital! Is anything wrong!?"

"Hospital... alright I guess. Blah, blah, blah, come right over, you owe me! See yeah kid"

"I'm on my way! Just... ugh, just make sure she stops crying! Tell her I'll buy her a toy or something... alright I'm leaving now, bye!" Lucy said hanging up her phone.

Natsu was in the kitchen in a matter of seconds.

"Is something wrong?" he asked.

"Wendy! Ms. Supetto took her to a park, apparently she fell down a slide or something and broke her arm. She needs me, I got to go" Lucy said.

"Is she alright?!" Natsu asked panicked now for his little sister.

It was just then that Lucy remembered... Natsu loved Wendy. Oh well, she'd tell him it was all fake later, Lucy was sure her boyfriend would understand.

"I don't know, I need to go" Lucy said walking into the living room.

"Sorry everyone but something important came up. I'm sorry to leave so early, thank you for having me though. It was nice meeting you all" Lucy told them.

"What happened?" Sting asked.

"Wendy, her cousin, broke her arm or something, listen Lucy! I'm going with you" Natsu said.

No! It'll ruin everything Lucy thought to herself.

"It's alright Natsu, stay with your family"

"Wendy's my family too" Natsu said.

Damn his stubbornness Lucy thought.

"Come on, we'll catch the next bus and be back in half an hour" Natsu said leaving to get Lucy's things.

"It's alright Natsu, I'll drive her" Igneel said getting up.

And now things really took a turn for the worse.

"Really? Thanks Dad" Natsu said.

"You stay here, I'll drive Lucy home" Igneel said.

FUUUUUUUUUCK! Things just fucking got suicidal now! What had Lucy gotten herself into?

"What? No! I'm going wi-"

"There is really no need to do that Mr. Dragneel! I can take a bus, Natsu you can stay here. I'll be fine on my own" Lucy argued.

"Nonsense, I'll drive" Igneel said.

"And I'll come!" Natsu said.

"No!" Igneel and Lucy yelled at the same time.

Pretty soon the three of them started arguing with one another. Finally Sting stood up and yelled.

"I want to go!"

Everyone paused. Finally Sting's Mom clapped her hands together and sighed.

"Lucy, it was lovely to have you over, do come again. And please let the my husband, the gentlemen he is and is trying to be, drive you home safely. Natsu, it's one thing if Igneel doesn't want you do go but if Lucy also doesn't want you then please respect her wishes. And Sting... go wash that dishes. Is that understood?" Sting's Mom asked.

If she wasn't a mom, Lucy would have yelled 'FUCKED THIS' and walked out. Because she was though, Lucy just blushed and played with her fingers.

"Alright" she mumbled.

"Good, I'll get the car warmed up and meet you in the front" Igneel said walking away.

Lucy patted Happy and Lector goodbye, hugged Sting's Mom, gave a noogy to Sting, and kissed her boyfriend good bye as she placed her boots back on and grabbed her umbrella.

"Why aren't you letting me go? You're keeping something from me" Natsu said with slightly narrowed eyes.

"And what would that be?" Lucy asked innocently.

Natsu sighed before letting her go.

"Call me, immediately. Matter of fact, as soon as you get into the car" Natsu ordered.

Even though they both knew she wasn't going to do that, Lucy nodded her head. At least she was finally able to leave that home and that cursed Operation game, the only problem now was that she was stuck with Natsu's Father for a 15 minute drive.

Maybe it would have been a good idea to let Natsu go with them.

"You have your reasons why you didn't Natsu come and I have mine" Igneel said breaking the silence in the car.

Lucy blinked and looked at him sheepishly.

"My reasons concern things I couldn't talk in front of him about other wise he would get offended" Igneel said.

"It's about my outfit right? To flashy?" Lucy joked.

Igneel stared at her before looking back on the road.

"I know, I know, it's my lifestyle... was my lifestyle" Lucy said.

"Explain" Igneel said.

"I'm not a junky anymore, I don't drink or smoke or party anymore thanks to your son. Lucky me. The only reason why I wore this ridiculous thing today was because I wanted to see Natsu... panicky" Lucy said choosing her words carefully.

"And you expect me to believe you?" Igneel asked.

"You believed I was a sweet cheerleader when you saw me in the cheerleading uniform, why not believe this?" Lucy asked him.

"I didn't believe you were sweet, I believed you had spunk. I just didn't know how much" Igneel told her.

"Is this the part where you tell me to never see your son again? I can't remember if it's before telling me the reasons why or after? They always switch it up in movies" Lucy mumbled.

"Movies?" he asked.

"Oh, Natsu's my first real boyfriend so I get most of my advice from chick flicks and sappy romance movies since my friends don't really have stable relationships... don't tell Natsu I said that"

Igneel chuckled.

"Tell me, what happened in the staying away movies?"

"Oh the usual, she or he does as told which makes the other person miserable. The person breaking up usually says something cold and hurtful making the lover actually believe the words. The Father or Mother, seeing their child depressed, regrets the decision knowing what they did was wrong then try to make it right. Happy corner, lovely, kissy filled ending" she told him.

"Ah... sounds about right" Igneel said.

He could already see it now, expect Natsu wouldn't have taken no for an answer. He would have stalked this girl down until he got a legitimate excuse on why she was breaking up with him. Igneel could only blame himself for his own stubbornness.

"Do you not like me Mr. Igneel?" Lucy asked.

"It's not that... I'm just a little... shocked" he answered honestly.

"That Natsu could end up with a screw up like me and be happy?" she asked.

"Not that, Natsu was pretty much a screw up himself thanks to me but you two seemed to have helped each other. It's because I'm just now realizing how much Natsu is like me and how much you are like my late wife" Igneel said.

Late-wife? Natsu's Mother? Lucy thought her eyes widening.

"She wasn't a... what's the term Sting uses?... bad ass like you are but she did get into trouble often. Luckily for her I was able to protect her... seems like you don't need protecting though. What a useless son I have" Igneel said.

"Natsu does protect me! He protects... my heart" Lucy mumbled looking outside the window.

Igneel smiled lightly.

"Your kid didn't break her arm did she?" Igneel asked her.

Lucy took a deep breathe before muttering a, "no."

"You wanted to leave because you were having a bad time huh?" Igneel asked.

"Actually, I was having a great time. I forgot what it was like to have a family dinner" Lucy said then paused.

She meant to continue on but a memory of her Mother and Father having breakfast with her left her speechless.

"Parents split?" Igneel asked.

"Mother's died, Father's in a coma" Lucy answered.

Igneel flinched.

"Ouch, sorry"

"No worries, I'm hopeful" Lucy told him.

"That's good then, I'm sure he'll wake up one day" Igneel said.

It was such a common thing to say when a loved one was in a coma and yet Igneel had said it. What was he? An idiot?

"I'm poor sport" Lucy mumbled.

Igneel raised an eyebrow and leaned over.

"What?" he asked.

Lucy sighed drastically.

"I'm a poor sport! I can't play board games unless I win them okay! If I don't win I get real mad and destroy a lot of things... hence forth me wanting to leave before I punch your son in the face" Lucy said.


"No, Sting. It's all in the wrist" Lucy repeated then snorted.

"Ah" Igneel said.

And then he started chuckling. It was low at first, just a small one, then another. He started laughing a little harder, then a little more harder before he finally stopped holding back and just... laughed. Lucy started at him before a smile of her own appeared on her face. It's like his laughs were contagious, soon she found herself laughing.

"You're a good kid Lucy" Igneel sighed once his laughing spell was over.

"I would say you're a good Father but I still don't know that yet" Lucy confessed.

"Honest too, Natsu needs a girl like that. It'll keep him on his toes, make him realize things sooner" Igneel said nodding his head.

Lucy sighed peacefully as she tried to catch her breath.

"What do you say to us picking up some ice cream and driving on back?" Igneel asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Are you trying to bribe me Mr. Dragneel?" Lucy asked.

"We won't play any more board games" Igneel said.

"Better yet, we'll only play Scrabble so we can watch Natsu act 'panicky' as he tries to come up with words" Igneel added.

Lucy grinned just thinking about it.

"Mint Chocolate Chip?" she asked.

"The Mint-i-est they have" Igneel said.

"You had me at ice cream then again at Scrabble but now... let's do it" Lucy smiled.

"That a girl!" Igneel yelled making a U-turn before speeding down the road to the nearest ice cream shop.

"Lucy! What happened? Is Wendy okay?" Natsu asked rushing out the door.

Sting's Mom and Sting walked out after Natsu, just not as urgent. Igneel walked up behind Lucy and placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Turns out it was just a false alarm, to many over reactions. Wendy's just fine" Igneel covered.

Lucy sent a silent thank you his way before staring at Natsu.

"We bought ice cream" she said holding up the bag.

Natsu smiled before running up to hug his girlfriend.

"Did anything strange happen between you and my Father?" Natsu whispered to her.

Lucy thought about it? Anything strange or out of the ordinary happen?

"Nope" Lucy told him before pushing him away.

"Now whose up for a game of Scrabble?" Lucy asked.

Natsu groaned before smiling down at Lucy.

"Only if you write my name in the notebook saying Natsu Dragneel dies a peaceful death after finally achieving his life long dream of beating his girlfriend in Scrabble"


Lucy snorted.

"That's your life long dream? Pathetic" Lucy said walking towards Sting.

She lifted up the bag and said the words ice cream to him.

"Lucy! That was a joke! Haha, Lucy! Lucy!? I want ice cream too! Lucy!"

Igneel sighed peacefully at his happy little family. He couldn't help but imagine Natsu's Mother smiling down at them.


"PAWS?! WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE TO YOU A CAT? I HAVE HANDS IDIOT! Come on Lucy, ditch the dummy and-"