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BONUS Chapter 2.

"Nee-san? Where is Natsu nii-san?" Wendy asked swinging her protector's hand.

Lucy chuckled darkly to herself, "he's sick."

"Oh" Wendy mumbled staring at the road in front of her.

Lucy just let it sit there.



"Why is he sick?" she asked.

Wendy feared the worst, that maybe he got ran over by a car, or hit by a bus, or fallen down some stairs, or got abducted by a bird, or by flying cats! Maybe even fallen off a beanstalk or-

"Food poisoning" Lucy answered.

"Oh" Wendy mumbled.



"I made some dinner for Natsu and... didn't check the expiration date, he should be fine in by tomorrow" Lucy answered.

"Oh, good! It's not the same without Nii-san walking with us" she cheered.

It really wasn't, the road seemed... longer, but it was all for a good cause Lucy thought. She wanted to know Wendy's future boyfriend and if she wanted to do that then she'd have to ditch the overprotective boyfriend/brother to find out.

"Have a good day Lucy" Wendy said hugging Lucy's leg before running into her school.

Lucy's eyes scanned for Mest, she found him a few seconds later watering the school's garden.

"Here we go" she told herself walking up to the boy.

"Didn't take you for a watering plants type of guy" Lucy said dropping her bag.

She picked up the spare watering can next to her feet and started to water the plants with him... expect it was empty. Lucy's scrunched her eyebrows together and she held the thing upside down. Not even a drop.

"Here you can use this one, didn't take you as Wendy's sister but looks can be deceiving" Mest told her.

There was something about the kid's voice that made him seem smart, wise, that he knew what he was talking about. Lucy took his offer and started watering the flowers.

"They sure can..." she sighed.

She continued to pour water while Mest just watched with his hands in his pocket.



"Don't you have school?" he asked.

Lucy blinked then started laughing, the watering can slipped from her fingers and splashed all over the ground around them. Mest didn't flinch, he didn't get angry either, he just picked up the watering can and dusted it off.

"Do you need something Ms. Lucy?" Mest asked.

"Yes. You need to come over for dinner, this weekend. Saturday or Sunday, either one is fine for a family dinner."

Mest let the watering can slip from his fingers, it was Lucy's turn to pick it up this time. She dusted the can off then handed it to him.

"It's just going to be me, you, Wendy's Grandmother Porly, and... Natsu."

Mest thought about this, he thought about every possible scenario that could happen if he said no... and that was only no. If he said yes...

"If you don't agree then you'll never see my little Wendy again" Lucy chuckled darkly.

Mest shivered before nodding his head up and down frantically.

"Good! Since you didn't answer then we'll have it Saturday at 6! Get my number from Wendy, I'll give you a ride if you need one. What do you prefer to eat?" Lucy asked.

Mest gulped, " Tamagoyaki."

Lucy's eyes widened before she started laughing all over again.

"That's Wendy's favorite dish also, it's like you two were made for each other. Nice talking to you Mest, see you tomorrow morning" Lucy said picking up her bag.

"Bye Lucy" Mest sighed.


Mest jumped.

"That's Lucy nee-san to you, little brother" Lucy smiled gently before walking off.

Mest gulped as a small blush spread across his cheeks. So that's where Wendy got her smile from.

Step 1 was one complete, now on to Step 2 Lucy thought as she walked Wendy home.

"Good afternoon Grandma Porly" Lucy greeted.

"Bye Lucy nee-san, love you" Wendy said hugging her leg before running towards her house.

"Hi Grandma Porly, bye Grandma Porly" Wendy cheered running up the stairs and into her home.

Grandma Porly dusted her hands off and stood up. She was planting some more flowers in her garden when the two had arrived.

"I was wondering if we could host a family dinner Saturday and meet Wendy's future husband?" Lucy asked Porlyusica getting straight to the point.

Porlyusica raised an eyebrow as she took her gloves off.

"Future husband?" she repeated.

"Names Mest, smart kid. A little older than her but that's cool. Don't know much about him other than he has guts, hence forth the family dinner. We'll get to interrogate him over some delicious Tamagoyaki" Lucy explained.


"I know, apparently it's his favorite food too" Lucy told her rolling her eyes.

"Sure but how do you know he likes her?" Porly asked.

"If he's willing enough to stand up to me and Natsu and come to our family dinner, I think he likes her hell enough to marry her" Lucy said.

And that was all Grandma Porly needed to hear.

Step 3 was the last step for Lucy to make all her plans fall into action. Lucy giggled to herself as she pulled the keys out of her purse. Her plan was working, now only if she could finish this step! She unlocked the door and let herself in.

"Natsu! I brought some pills! They're FDA approved!" Lucy yelled letting herself in.

Happy came running out of the kitchen and rubbed against her leg.

"Happy" Lucy said dropping her bag.

She bent down and picked him up.

"How's my future mastermind doing huh? You won't believe it but I found another solider for your army so that makes 3 of you guys. Now, are you going to talk to me today?" Lucy asked petting him.


"If I didn't support your dream and love you, I'd thought you were crazy" Natsu said walking out from the kitchen.

"Hey Natsu, kiss" Lucy said blowing a kiss to him.

"Worst part of being sick, not being able to kiss you" Natsu sighed jumping on his couch.

Lucy dropped Happy then picked up her pills.

"Here take two, you'll be better by tomorrow morning" she said dropping it on his stomach.

"Thanks love, what would I do without you?"

"Have a horribly boring relationship with Lisanna, never having a walk on the wild side."

"It wouldn't have been horribly boring... maybe just regular boring" Natsu moaned.

Lucy sat down on the floor next to her sick boyfriend, seeing him like this almost made her feel bad for poisoning him... almost. It was for the greater good she told herself and nodded.

"Natsu?" she mumbled stroking his hair.

Natsu swallowed two before responding with a hum.

"Want to have a family dinner Saturday over Grandma's Porly's?" she asked sweetly.

Natsu knew Lucy well enough to know that something was up, but he didn't know what. It sounded like an innocent thing but why would she use that sweet voice of hers?


"Sure, that sounds nice."

Lucy smirked, success.

"Good, we'll be having Tamagoyaki for dinner."

Saturday. Lucy pressed out her white blouse to get the wrinkles out then checked herself in the mirror. She figured this was one of those occasions to dress nicely and, dare she say it, girly. Lucy had her hair up in a bun, with two chop sticks holding the bun together. Her outfit consisted of a white blouse, a frilly pink skirt, and pink sandals with the a few wristbands on her arm.

You could say she looked cute... maybe even kawaii. As Lucy stared at herself in the mirror she couldn't help but laugh.

"Man, first thing Natsu's going to wonder is why I didn't dress like this to his family dinner" Lucy laughed to herself applying some lip-gloss.

Five minutes later she heard her phone ring, walking to retrieve it she saw that it was a text from Mest saying that he was ready to get picked up.

"Look at me, really acting like Wendy's Mother by meeting her future husband's parents... I feel so old" Lucy sighed walking down her stairs.

"Where you going Lucy?" Ms. Supetto asked seeing her walk by.

"Have dinner with Wendy's future husband, I won't need dinner tonight" Lucy responded reaching for the door.

Wendy's future husband? Ms. Supetto's eyes widened. Wasn't she only 7? Or 8 now? What was Lucy doing meeting her husband?!

"Lucy! What does Wendy's brother think about this?!" Ms. Supetto asked rushing to the door after her.

Lucy paused... "her brother?"

"Yes, the one who got out and was able to take care of her again" Ms. Supetto nodded.

It was just then that Lucy remembered the lie she first told her old maid when Wendy had first came over. How her brother was in jail and how he asked Lucy to watch his kid sister for him.

"He's fine! I'm running late! Bye!" Lucy rushed out as she ran outside the door not even bothering to close the thing.

A block away from Ms. Supetto she finally let out the laughs that threatened to surface from inside her home. Lucy couldn't believe she didn't tell Ms. Supetto the truth yet, she couldn't' believe that Ms. Supetto remembered it let alone believed it.

"Man, this day is turning out great so far" Lucy laughed wiping a tear from her eye.

Now to pick up the flower waterer.

Mest lived in an average sized home. It was about the same size as Natsu's, there was a car in the driveway and a garden in the front yard. She saw baseballs and bouncy balls in the front of the yard too which stuck her as a little strange, but then remembered that Mest was only in middle school. With his calm attitude he seemed older, much older. Imagining Mest playing baseball like a little kid just... didn't seem to fit right.

Maybe because Lucy has yet to see his inner kid, or has yet to see him smile kidlike. Either way she was sure to see it tonight she thought as she knocked on his door. A few seconds later a woman answered it, Lucy assumed it was the Mom. She looked like Mest, green eyes staring into her own chocolate brown ones. The woman smiled at Lucy, brushing back a strand of her black hair behind her ear.

Lucy didn't know what it was about Mother's, they just always made her feel all foreign and embarrassed inside.

"You must be Lucy, my you're very pretty" Mest's Mother complimented.

Lucy blushed, mumbling a "thank you" under her breath.

This only made Mest's Mom think she was even cuter and found herself wanting to hug the innocent blushing girl standing outside her home.

"Come in dear, Doranbolt should be ready in just a few more minutes" Mest's Mother said.

Doranbolt? This snapped Lucy out of her Mother fetish and back into reality. Who in the world was Doranbolt?

"No need to Mom, I'm already" Mest said coming into the picture.

Mest's Mother turned around and blushed.

"Look at my strapping young man, aren't you the cutest thing in the whole entire world?" she said pinching Mest's cheeks.

Lucy smiled and swallowed back the laughs she so desperately wanted to release right now. Mest blushed under his Mother's touch and glared at Lucy. 'I'm still her little boy, I can't do anything about this! Shut up!' is what his eyes were telling her.

"We're going to be late Mom" Mest said taking a step back.

"Oh yes, right! From meeting your future wife!" Mest's Mother cheered.

Lucy's eyes widened with amusement while the blush on Mest's face darkened.

"Mom! She's just my friend!" Mest argued.

But his Mother ignored him and turned back to Lucy.

"I've met young Wendy, such the cutest little thing. They'll be just perfect for each other! I was thinking of having a family dinner also and inviting Wendy over" Mest's Mother confessed.

"I thought so too, you should see the way Wendy lights up when she sees him. Maybe we could do that dinner next week, I'm sure Wendy would love to meet you" Lucy said.

Mest's Mother smiled brightly, "oooh! We're going to be Mother's- in-law! Alright it's a date, I'll ask Mest for your conta-"

"Good-bye Mom!" Mest suddenly yelled stomping out the house.

"Doranbolt Mest Gryder!" Mest's Mother yelled stomping her foot down.

Mest froze in place while Lucy took a step to the side.

"Where is your Mommy's kiss and good-bye hug?!" she asked.

Mest sighed and ran back up to his Mother, kissing her cheek and hugging her close, before grabbing Lucy's hand and running away from his home.

"GOOD-BYE MOM!" Mest called behind him.



Lucy finally released her laughs for a second time this day. Mest definitely didn't fit the son type but after that little scene right there, Lucy was most definitely wasn't going to forget it.

"Shut up, I'm sure your Mom still baby's you" Mest mumbled.

"She's not around actually, that's why you should cherish your Mother's love" Lucy told him.

Mest flinched, saying the wrong thing, and turned around. He was surprised to see Lucy smiling at him.

"I'm sure Wendy would love your Mother as an in-law" she told him.

Mest just sighed and started staring ahead.

"Doranbolt- hahahahaha!"

"Where's Lucy?" Natsu asked spinning around in his chair.

"I'm spinning faster Nii-san!" Wendy laughed.

Natsu looked and saw she really was, spinning faster that is. She was just a blur as she went round, and round, and-

"WENDY! STOP THAT! You're going to ruin your outfit for tonight!" Grandma Porly lectured the girl.

Natsu reached out and stopped the chair, helping Wendy to her feet so she wouldn't tumble over from the sudden dizziness.

"Sorry Grandma Porly" she giggled, her eyes darting all around the room.

Why was Wendy dressed so nicely in the first place? She had on a cute summer dress, though it wasn't summer any longer. Yellow ribbons were scene all around the cerulean dress, something that definitely looked cute on Wendy. At second glance Natsu noticed that even Grandma Porly was wearing normal clothes, not her usually cape with the really sharp collar. Her pink hair was down for once, brushed out nicely making her look at least 10 years younger.

Natsu looked down at what he was wearing, just a graphic tee that said 'happy' and some slacks. His brother was the one who bought him the shirt after Natsu had told him about how he had a cat back home named Happy. Looking as his outfit compared to theirs... Natsu felt a little underdressed. Why though? This was just some family dinner, why were they wearing such nice clothes?

And where was Lucy? He offered to walk with her to Wendy's home but she refused. Why?

At that same thought Lucy had just arrived at the Marvell household and was using her spare key to unlock the door. Mest just stood behind her, running a hand through his hair and licking the front of his teeth. Lucy noticed his fidgeting and turned back around.

"You look fine, a little tip though. Call her Grandma Porly, and try not to piss Natsu off by showing him how smart you are" Lucy giggled pushing open the door.

Mest smiled lightly and walked in after her.

"Grandma Porly! We're here!"

Natsu stopped spinning and looked up from his chair, Wendy's eyes widened as she ran towards the front door while Grandma Porly started setting up the dinner table.

"Mest!" Wendy laughed running up to the boy for a hug.

Lucy picked her up before she could reach him though, hugging the kid close to her.

"How dare you hug this man before you hug me, your savior" Lucy growled at the little girl.

Wendy giggled and hug her savior before jumping over to Mest. He smiled lightly again and hugged his future wife. When Natsu got there, he couldn't believe the sight. His girlfriend and his little sister standing near the boy, his little sister actually hugging the boy. Natsu stomped over and pulled Wendy away from Mest, hugging her against his chest.

"What is he doing here?" Natsu growled behind his teeth.

"I invited him for dinner. We're all here to get to know him, I told you we were going to invite him to dinner" Lucy said.

Natsu took a step back, "no you didn't!"

"Yes I did, when we first met him remember?"

Natsu started to think, thinking back to the day he first saw Mest and Wendy.

"Yup, hopefully he'll wait till Wendy's entered middle school to ask her out, better yet high school. We should ask him over for dinner"

We should ask him over for dinner.

"How long have you planned this?" Natsu asked.

Lucy eyes widened. She had half expected for Natsu to complain, whine, or yell but he had done none of those.

"Now you're getting things" she smirked.

Natsu wanted to say he was surprised but he really wasn't. He knew his girlfriend well enough, he was just surprised that he hadn't realized sooner.

"Come on Wendy, we're going to Pudding Pudding Land" Natsu said holding her up.


Natsu's eyes widened as Porlyusica ran into the living room with a broom in hand.

"What was that?" she asked.

Natsu didn't turn around, he was too scared to. He could feel Grandma Porly's murderous glare behind him though.

"Why are you shivering Natsu nii-san?" Wendy asked.

"I feel the devil's cold embrace" Natsu whispered before turning towards his girlfriend.

"Staying or going?" Lucy mouthed to him.

Mest just stayed still in the arguments, his hands at his side.

"Staying" Natsu mouthed back.

"Never mind that Grandma Porly, Natsu was just kidding."

"He better" Porlyusica mumbled before walking up to the boy next to Lucy.

Mest gulped.

"Hello, My name is Mest. Please to meet you" Mest introduced himself.

"Grandma Porly, come inside. Dinner's ready" Porlyusica told him before walking away.

Lucy walked along ahead with Mest and Wendy right behind her, Natsu stood where he was. He was trying to use that brain of his to think up of a plan, a plan that involved a certain boy leaving dinner early and never messing with his little sister ever again.

Everyone was seated at Porlyusica' s small dinner table. It was a tough fit since Porlyusica didn't usually have people over... never in fact, since she never had people over, but somehow she made them all fit. Two on each side, and one at the head. It was Natsu next to Wendy, of course since he didn't want that boy anywhere near her. Sitting across from Wendy was Mest and sitting across from Natsu was Lucy, Mest tried to sit across from Natsu but Lucy told him it'd be better if he didn't. She just hoped that Natsu's mood would lighten up if she saw her face. Porlyusica sat at the head between Mest and Wendy.

This was going to be a long dinner... or a really short one.

"Oh my God! Tamagoyaki! My favorite!" Wendy yelled when Porlyusica brought out dinner.

"Pretty childish how Wendy still cheers for her meals huh Mest?" Natsu asked.

"Let's not forget Natsu, Mest is a child himself. He's just a little more... mature, something you should try yourself" Lucy replied.

Natsu glanced at her; Lucy just smirked.

'That's the best you got?' she mentally sent towards him. Natsu glared but Lucy just looked away and smiled.

"Wendy, did you know Tamagoyaki is Mest's favorite meal also?" Lucy asked.

Wendy's eye brightened up, she completely forgot about her meal and turned towards the boy in question.

"It is!?" she screeched.

Natsu flinched, Lucy picked her ear and Porlyusica just continued eating her meal minding her own business. Mest looked towards Lucy for the okay to speak, which she nodded. Mest was a smart boy, he knew Natsu was protective of Wendy so he had to try and get on his good side. He also knew that Lucy was on his side, meaning it would be a wise decision and in his favor if he listened to her.

"Yes. My Mother would always make me it for lunch" Mest said.

"Way to brag about having a Mother Mest" Natsu glared.

Lucy's jaw dropped. Wendy didn't seem to hear his comment while Mest's hand froze in mid-air as he tried to get a bite from his meal. Did Natsu really just say that? Lucy thought staring at the man.

"Mest! Oh Mest! I finished my homework early!" Wendy said with her mouth full of food.

Lucy recovered first.

"Don't talk with food in your mouth, your Mother along with Grandma Porly taught you better than that" Lucy said.

Wendy finished chewing her food and swallowed before saying, "yes Lucy," and then a "sorry Grandma Porly."

Porlyusica wiped her mouth with a napkin before taking a sip from her drink.

"That's very good Wendy" Mest complimented.

Wendy puffed out her chest and smiled while Mest... he tried his best to think before he spoke.

"How old are you Mest?" Natsu asked.

Mest wiggled his nose, "14."

"And what's Wendy? 7? How does it feel being a cradle robber?"

"I'm eight Natsu nii-san!" Wendy interrupted.

Lucy smirked. Mest just moved uncomfortable in his seat, the eggs he ate were starting to taste like sand. 10 minutes in and he felt like he just ruined all chance t-

"Mest, Mest! Want to meet my cat?" Wendy asked.

Mest blinked and looked over to her. Wendy was smiling brightly at him. He wanted to say his Wendy, it sounded right when he thought his Wendy because... he wanted her. No, that wasn't right. This little girl sitting across from him wasn't a possession, she was a person. A person he's only known for a few months and yet, she's made such a big impression on him.

"Not while we're eating, we'll have plenty of time for Mest to play with Charle later Wendy. Unless" Lucy paused with an amusing tone in her voice.

"You have a bedtime" she snickered.

Mest blushed red and Natsu couldn't believe it. What was with the boy's face turning red? He was trying to give him a hard time and yet Lucy was blocking all his attempts. What surprised him most though was that what his girlfriend had said was actually funny.

"Grandma Porly? Did you have any questions for Mest?" Lucy asked.


Lucy pouted, what was the point of having her here if she didn't ask any questions to know Mest?

"Ohh! I have a question! Mest! Do you like me?" Wendy asked.

Mest and Natsu chocked on their drinks, they both started coughing up.

"Now Wendy, that's not the way you ask" Lucy noted.

"No? How then?" Wendy asked.

"Well your cute, so you're supposed to say it cutely like... You like me right Messy? Hehehehehe" Lucy giggled cutely.

Wendy slammed her utensils on the table.

"Right! You like me right Messy? Hehehehehe" Wendy giggled.

Natsu yelled at Wendy to not act like that ever again in front of a male while Mest's face started heating up again. Lucy just sighed, boys. So easy to manipulate.

"What do you mean Wendy?" Mest asked clearing his voice.

"Lucy nee-san and Natsu nii-san like each other and they make each other really happy. You make me happy Mest so we're like Lucy and Natsu though Lucy says I can't be with anyone until high school. I learned from this movie though that if you really love me you'll wait" Wendy nodded.

Lucy was the first to see the hidden meaning behind her words. Her eyes turned towards Porlyusica as she watched her chew her food. She didn't have any questions Lucy thought then snorted. She had a question alright, a question she set her granddaughter to ask. Smart. It would be inappropriate if she were to ask. That question could only be asked by Wendy, and Mest could be the only one who could answer it.

Lucy thought the answer was obvious though since Mest was at their dinner right now.

"Wendy! What are you saying?! Who showed you that movie? Was it Jellal?! Dammit Jellal I'm coming after you!" Natsu yelled wiping out his cell phone.

He opened up his calendar and made a note. Next Saturday, kill Jellal. He couldn't do it tomorrow since he wanted a nice weekend, or Monday since he had a big test and Jellal was the only person he'd want to copy. Tuesday was the veterinarian appointment for Happy, Wednesday was movie day with Sting, Thursday was beach... well he could try drowning Jellal at th-

Why hadn't anyone interrupted his thoughts yet?


Because they were all ignoring him.

"Wendy dear, you are too young to know what love is" Lucy told her.

Mest turned his head towards her, she says that and yet believes that they were going to get married.

"But I do know! Mommy and Daddy were in love, you and Natsu are in love. I see love every day!" Wendy argued.

"Seeing love and experiencing are two different things."

"That's why I asked if he liked me!"

Lucy paused... she got her on that one.

"Wendy, listen to your older brother. This boy is nothing but trouble! You're supposed to stay innocent and single for the rest of your life, the only male you'll need should be me" Natsu told her.

"But what i-"

"No butts."

"Natsu stop acting like a child" Lucy warned.

"Stop acting like a matchmaker then! She's only 8! She doesn't know who she likes-"

"I like Mest!" Wendy said.

"No you don't, I don't either. And I don't appreciate you inviting him over to a FAMILY dinner-"

"Mest is our family now" Lucy interrupted.

"You hardly know him!"

"Which is why I invited him over!"

"Is it always like this?" Mest whispered towards Wendy while the 'adults bickered'.

"Yup" Wendy nodded.

Mest couldn't help but chuckle lightly staring at the girl.

"To answer your question before... I do like you bu-"

"I know. Natsu explained it to me, as well as Grandma Porly and Lucy. Like I said before though we won't be together until high school. Until then I'll be your student, then classmate, then best friend Mest" Wendy smiled.

Student, until middle school. Classmate, until high school. Best friend, until... until what?

"Best friend?" Mest asked.

Wendy nodded.

"Right until the moment where Natsu nii-san gives us the 'okay' to be together."

So much knowledge in such a small body... it was kind of scary if you thought about it from a certain point of view.

"Why are you acting like a complete jerk in front of our guest!"

"Well I don't know? Maybe it's because you're trying to set up our LITTLE SISTER WITH A PEDAPHILE!"

"Oh well excuse me for wanting OUR LITTLE SISTER to be happy and taken care of in the future!"

"Future? What future? Oh, you mean the one with your flying cats!"

Lucy yelled in frustration before slamming her hands on the table.

"Get out!" she yelled.

Natsu blinked.

"Get out? Get out?! This isn't your home! I'll get out when it's the appropriate time to leave!"

"Now would be the appropriate time because you're starting to PISS ME OFF!"

"Welcome to my world Lucy, every day of my GOD DAMN LIFE!"

"Wendy, Mest. Let's go play with Charle, I'm sure our food will still be here when we get back" Porlyusica said getting up.

"Right, you're going to love Charle, Mest!" Wendy cheered getting up.

Mest got up along with her and nodded.

"You two go ahead, I'll bring up a pie for us."

"Pie!" Wendy cheered running ahead.

Mest smiled and shook his head, walking after her. When he turned the corner he saw Wendy waiting for him, with that smile he loved so much. She jumped on him and grabbed his arm, leaning her head against his arm as they walked. Mest sighed and scratched the back of his head with his free hand. Staring down at little Wendy he realized something.

He probably did look like a pedophile at the moment. Mest could only hope that Wendy would grow taller through the years.

"Do you have something you want to say to me Natsu?!" Lucy growled.

"Yeah! I don't like how you manipulate people!"


"Yeah, like how you manipulated me to come here!"

"I gave you a choice!"

"Without the full details!"

Lucy took a deep breath and looked around the table, everyone had left. She took this as an opportunity to calm down and lean against her chair.

"If that's what you really think then feel free to leave, no one's stopping you" Lucy told him.

"Wen-" Natsu looked beside him and paused.

Where'd she go?... Where'd Mest and Porlyusica go too?

"Maybe I will since I'm the only one who cares about Wendy's wellbeing" he said getting up.

"I don't understand why you are making a big deal out of this. He's just a boy, this is just a dinner. It's not like they're dating or anything!"

"It's the fact that you're forcing the two of them to be together just becau-"


"Yeah, forcing! Meddling! Just like how you're doing now! They don't like eac-"

"How dare you insinuate I'm forcing anything on Wendy!" Lucy yelled.

"I found her alone on the streets! I cared for her! Watched her! Fed her! Did everything I could to protect her! I wouldn't force anything on my Wendy, nor am I doing so now! Can't you see? Wendy likes the boy, she likes him. All I'm trying to do is know the guy better so she won't get her heart broken! I'm trying to protect her heart Natsu, I'm trying to protect her."

... Natsu hadn't thought about it that way.

"I think it's time for you to leave" Lucy sighed then stood up and walked out the room.

"I think so too" Natsu told himself before getting up.

He took another bite of his dinner, finishing it all, before walking towards the door. When he turned the corner towards the living room and then exit he was startled to saw Lucy standing in front of him. He half expected her to slap him or something but she only spoke.

"I could have not told you" she started.

Natsu blinked.

"We could have had this dinner without you Natsu, just me, Wendy, Mest and Porlyusica but I didn't. Do you know why?" she asked.

Natsu opened his mouth but... he didn't know why. Lucy could have had this dinner without him, why would she invite him? To made him miserable? Why would Lucy do that? I mean, sure she causes him misery on a daily bases but nothing like this.

"I invited you because you're our family."

Natsu felt his heart flutter.

"You're my family Natsu, I wanted you here. I wanted you to know that we aren't the ones putting a smile on Wendy's face anymore, I wanted you to meet the person who now shared our job of watching over Wendy."

... well Natsu felt stupid.

"I acted like a complete douche."

Lucy nodded, " a complete one."

"And a bully."

"The worst kind."

"I still don't like her with him."

"You don't have to, it's Wendy's decision to make. All I wanted was for you to know him, all I was asking was for you to know him."

"Then I seem like a pedophile, having a little kid as a friend."

"Or brother in law" Lucy giggled.

Natsu sighed. Lucy thought she finally got through to him but... no. Natsu turned away from her and left the house, closing the door after him.


Lucy rubbed her eyes before turning around, Mest stood at the entryway.

"He left?" Mest asked.

"Yeah, some boyfriend huh?" Lucy laughed.

Mest sighed.


"Shut it! Not your fault, Natsu's just taking his role as older brother a little too seriously" she explained.


"I said shut it."

Mest opened his mouth again but was interrupted by a door bell. Lucy looked at the door then at Mest, he only shrugged.

"We'll pick this up in a second" Lucy said opening the door.

"Sorry I'm late Lucy! Hope dinner isn't cold" Natsu laughed walking inside the home.

Lucy stared at him as he walked passed her... what was with him?

"Oh right, sorry I forgot" Natsu said walking back towards her.

He kissed her cheek and hugged her.

"Hello Lucy, how are you?" he asked pulling away.

Lucy's jaw dropped for a second time that day before she realized what he was doing.

"And who is this? Another gue- ah, Mest. Lucy did mention something about inviting you over for dinner, it must have slipped her mind to mention it to me. Hi I'm Natsu Dragneel, in case you didn't remember, Wendy's older brother" Natsu said walking over to him with his hand out.

Mest stared down at it before shaking it with his own.

"Doranbolt Mest Gryder. Nice to meet you too."

Natsu smiled his toofy grin.

"I hope you're prepared for a long dinner Doranbolt because I have tons of questions to ask you" Natsu said.

"Dinner's over, but there's still dessert though Natsu nii-san" Wendy said running into the room.

"That's right, Por- I mean, Grandma Porly has made pie. I'll be more than happy to answer any of your questions over a slice" Mest said.

Lucy smiled at the scene, at the three children now in her life. Lucy never could imagine her life with kids, but one way or another she seemed to have adopted three.

"Come on Lucy, you're going to miss fifty questions with Doranbolt over here!" Natsu laughed throwing an arm around said boy's shoulder.

"Natsu nii-san, I thought it was called twenty questions?"

"Not for Mest it isn't."

Lucy smiled at her family then proceeded to walk after them.

"Oh and Mest" Natsu said under his breath, pulling him a little closer to her.

Mest looked up at him.

"You hurt my sister and I'll burn you alive alright? Good talk! Who wants pie?!"