Claws glowing with power, Worgen slashed Night, tearing off pieces of his armor. He recoiled and swung his sword, which was blocked by Minotaur. Saber-Tiger flew in using Blitz Claw and knocking the sword out of Night's hand. An instant later, a new sword appeared in his hand.

"Hurry up already!" Rin shouted at the others, who were killing the shadowlings.

"We're going as fast as we can!" Delphinium snapped back.

"Well do it faster!" Rin retorted. She turned her attention back to the battle just as Night released an eye beam at Worgen. She dodged just in time and turned to face him again. However, Night had stopped moving. His body began to glow and grow bigger. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the alphas and shadowlings disappearing.

"What's going on?" Jiro asked. Night finished transforming once all the shadowlings were gone. Everyone stared in shock at Night. He resembled a black dragon. He glared down at everyone before breathing black flames at them.

"Run!" Rin ordered. Everyone hopped out of the way just as the flames engulfed the area where they were just standing. Minotaur and Blue Dragon threw punches at Night, but were swatted away like flies. He turned his attention to Rin and unleashed a large energy beam at her. She realized she didn't have enough time to evade it and she stared in shock as the attack drew closer.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her and pulled her out of the way just as the attack hit. The first thing that Rin identified from the person was the smell of flowers.

"Delphinium? !" Rin exclaimed. Delphinium got up after they landed.

"We can't have anyone dying now, can we?" Delphinium smirked.

"Can we? Can we?" Deathroy said. Rin managed a smile but her eyes widened when the spiky tail of Night headed right for them. Right before it hit, the tail began to evaporate.

"What? !" Rin exclaimed. Night smiled as the rest of him turned to smoke.

"Shade is complete," was all he said before vanishing entirely. Rin shot up and went to the edge of the crater and froze. Shade had broken the seal on the Darkness and had completely absorbed it. He turned to the Shadow Wielders, who gaped in awe. Shade's form had changed. Tentacle- like spines had grown out of his back. His neck had spikes. Horns grew out of his head. His eyes were a deep purple.

"Oh no. . ." Rin muttered as Shade let out a roar.

"What now? !" Kluke exclaimed.

"We fight!" Shu replied before heading down the crater.

"I agree," Jiro said. "We can just give up now." He followed Shu.

"Guess we go then," Rin said, a smile on her face. Everyone else nodded and went down. When they got to the bottom, Shade laughed.

"None of you can hope to defeat me now!" he laughed.

"Well, we may as well try!" Shu shouted as Blue Dragon went into Corporeal. Everyone else did the same.

"It ends now!" Rin shouted as Worgen lunged at Shade. Shade used his spines to block the punch.

"Waves of Rage!" Jiro shouted as Minotaur fiercely punched Shade. Shade swung his tail around, knocking Minotaur away. Shade roared and dark energy burst from the ground, hitting everyone and throwing them back.

"Damnit!" Rin swore as she and Worgen got back up.

"We can't give up now!" Shu shouted. Blue Dragon began to glow.

"What in the world. . ?" Logi muttered. Rin smiled and Worgen glowed.

"Pour all of your power into this one attack!" she shouted. Every other Shadow glowed with power and they flew upwards. They put their hands in front of them, a giant ball of light forming. Worgen roared and a gigantic energy blast was unleashed. Shade released one of his own, but was overpowered.

"No way!" He roared as the blast enveloped him.

"Did we do it, maro?" Marumaro asked. A ball of Darkness that floated in the air answered him. Rin stepped forward. Worgen held her staff up.

"Focus your power!" She shouted. Light surrounded the ball as the Shadow Wielders put forth their power. An instant later, the ball was gone. "It's over. . ."

At Nirvana, medals were given to the nine Shadow Wielders.

"Logi, would you be willing to join us?" Dr. Tarkovsky asked Logi.

"Hold on," Matilda interrupted. "We told you before that our answer is no."

"Just hold on a second, Matilda. I think it's time we joined them," Logi said.

"But sir. . ." Matilda started, but Logi silenced her.

"Very good, General Logi," Dr. Tarkovsky said, shaking hands with Logi.

Jiro and Rin were watching from a distance.

"So what now, Jiro?" Rin asked.

"I dunno," Jiro replied. "By the way Rin, I wanted to talk to you about something."

"What is it?" Rin asked.

"Remember our conversation in the forest?" Jiro said.

"Yes I do," Rin answered.

"Well I have my answer now," Jiro replied. "I do love you."

Rin smiled. "So do I. You can stay with me." She and Jiro headed for the doorway.

"What about Delphinium?" Jiro asked.

"I think I'll let her off the hook," Rin replied, casting a glance back at the lavender-haired woman talking with Dr. Tarkovsky. "She saved me after all."

"Yeah," Jiro said, smiling. He took one last look at his friends. Shu and the others were asking to join the White Guardians. Jiro turned back and followed Rin out of the castle doors.

That was the last chapter! I'm SO SORRY it was crappy! I wanted to hurry and finish it so I could start on a season 4! Look out for Blue Dragon: Order of the Shadows! I promise it'll be better!