First story with a seriously thought out storyline? Challenge accepted.

"I'm just saying, Ziva. If you make a habit of sleeping over I'm going to have to buy you your own bed!" Abby laughed as the two of them walked into the bullpen. There was a loud bang and a whimpering yelp of pain from behind Tony's desk, causing Abby to jump.

"Tony?" The two woman rushed to peer over the side of the desk, where Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo was lying awkwardly, his eyes closed.

"Tony? Are you okay?" Abby questioned. When he didn't respond, Ziva moved hurriedly to the other side of the desk, while Abby reached for the phone to call Ducky. "Tony?" Ziva spoke slowly, checking his pulse.

"I think he may be unconscious..."

His eyes popped open suddenly, a smile spreading slowly across his face. "Did I hear you talking about a sleepover?" He asked weakly. Ziva rolled her eyes as her partner pushed himself into a sitting position, releasing a hiss of pain. Slowly, he leaned against the filing cabinet behind the desk, closing his eyes as the world spun around him.

"What happened, Tony?" Abby questioned as she hung up the phone and came to crouch next to the two agents. "Well, I dropped my pen...and then I heard you two talking about... a sleepover." Tony grinned, looking at the two women as if he expected them to immediately recall tales of feather pillow fights and lingerie. Abby sighed, leaning back as they waited for Ducky.

"Alright, where is he?" Ducky called as he entered the bullpen. "Over here, Ducky!" Abby announced, waving her hand above the desk. After a brief exam, Ducky found there was no obvious concussion, and returned back to autopsy. Abby and Ziva helped Tony into his chair, and then returned to their work. As Abby left the office, Tony stared around in confusion.

"McGee isn't here yet?" He asked.

"He called in sick." Ziva recalled Gibbs telling her, "He has the flu." Tony sighed at her words. Dammit Palmer, getting everyone sick!

"Hey, Boss!" Tony greeted cheerfully as the man himself crossed between his two agents.

"Dead Marine in Virginia." Gibbs stated simply, only staying long enough in the bullpen to collect his gear before walking briskly towards the elevator. He caught it just as the doors closed, and Tony shared a look with Ziva, before bursting out of his chair. He had reached the keys on McGee's desk first.

"You cannot drive, Tony. Ducky said to watch you for 24 hours for a concussion, and no driving!" Ziva scolded, reaching for the key ring dangling from his fingers, but Tony was faster. He held the keys aloft, far from Ziva's reach. He stepped casually in to the empty elevator carriage.

"I'm fine, Ziva. I'm walking aren't I? Besides, if I pass out at the wheel you can just reach over and drive then!" She glared threateningly for a moment before smiling, stepping lightly over to him until their chests were almost touching.

"That's not going to work on me this time." Tony grinned knowingly.

"Oh, Tony," Ziva sighed sweetly, reaching out to straighten his tie. "I didn't expect it to..." She traced the buttons of his shirt with her fingers, never breaking eye contact, until she could grab the keys from his hand.


– – –

Sergeant Jason Greene's eyes starred blankly at the glass top of the table. His forehead rested against the smooth surface, and blood was still oozing from the hole in his head, and it dripped steadily from the table to the floor. There was nothing to suggest the sergeant had been eating or drinking anything, though the chair across from him had been knocked over. Behind him, the window was shattered by a bullet hole, the cracks reaching every part of the glass. The sunlight spilled onto the bed, and the shadowed lines from the cracks extended like spider webs across the tousled white sheets. Tony was circling the table, snapping pictures. Ziva was sketching the scene, and Gibbs...

"Where's Gibbs?" Tony asked suddenly, lowering his camera gradually. Ziva shrugged, still in full concentration.


"Never mind." Tony muttered, turning to see his boss, with Ducky in tow, enter the room. "Yes boss!"

"Help Ducky with the body." Gibbs said, then disappeared again. Why is Palmer always sick when there's a case? Tony complained mentally, staring again at the pool of blood in dismay. As Ducky pushed the body back in its seat for a better assessment, blood dripped down into the deceased sergeants lap, staining a rectangular shaped piece of paper. Quickly, Tony snapped a picture, then carefully picked up the damaged evidence.

"Acquisitions, Annie Walker." Tony read aloud. Ziva stood slowly, walking over to him and reading the bloodstained business card. Tony pulled his cellphone from his pocket, and was about to dial the number on the card before Ziva snatched it from him.

"I will call, you will help." She smiled, then strode from the room. Tony stared sullenly at the door she had disappeared through.

I like putting in some DiNozzo humor, hence the head bumping. He'll be fine! Anyways, I'm not trying to match up any time lines or anything, cause Jenny has to be in this story :D A little short, but I promise they'll get longer.