Warning: This is a slash story which means same sex relationships. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Idea from: Me and me only

Story Notes: Everyone knows how Lassie feels about Shawn. Or, do they?

Chapter 11: Feelings

Everyone knows Detective Carlton Lassiter's feelings about Shawn Spencer. They also knew that if he had the chance, he would shoot the young man. After all he says it every time he sees Shawn walk through the door of the police station.

Once again, the entire station watches and listens as their detective, take yet another strip off the self-proclaimed Psychic. This time he had nearly gotten himself killed by a woman who had decided that if she couldn't have him, no one would.

Everyone watches as Shawn just stands there and takes it.

Henry Spencer shakes his head and wonders how screwed up his son really was to go out and piss off a man carrying a gun.

Burton Guster stares in wonderment and wonders how much longer Shawn was going to take this before he left town again.

Detective Juliet O'Hara just can't understand why her partner can't just ignore the antics of the man. After all, no matter what Shawn does he still gets results.

Chief Karen Vick just hopes that one day, her Head Detective will get over his problems for young Mr. Spencer. She knows he doesn't hate Spencer, but Shawn does know how to push his buttons.

All that Officer Buzz McNab can think of is that at least it's not him at the end of this blow-up. He pities Shawn Spencer. He can see how much Shawn tries to be a friend to Detective Lassiter, but he just won't let him in.

Shawn, himself, knows that Lassie is just angry because he nearly got himself killed and that Lassie does care for him in his own strange way. He just wishes that the man would let him in and accept his offer of friendship.

Detective Carlton Lassiter walks into his small apartment, closes the door and makes his way to the small kitchen. Taking out a frozen dinner, he puts it into the micro-wave and while he waits, he pours himself a drink. After the timer went off, Lassiter settles down in front to the TV and eats his dinner in silence just like he does every other night.

After he finishes, Lassiter lets out a sigh and picks up the photo frame that sits on the coffee table. In it was a photo and news clipping about Shawn Spencer. Letting out another sigh, he leans back and holds the photo up. Now, and only now, could he let his thoughts flow freely.

"Damn it, Spencer, why the hell did you comes into my life? I was doing fine. Yes, I had stuffed up my marriage by having an affair with my partner and I had no friends, but I was happy. And then you entered my safe little world and blew it apart."

"You showed me that I wasn't as happy as I thought I was; that I was lonely and that I did want friends. But what you don't realise, Spencer, is I don't know how to make friends."

"I was a lonely child. A lonely teenager and I spent most of my life keeping to myself. I couldn't understand the human factor in my life and because of this, I kept people at bay."

"But you; you just won't let me be. You've become a constant in my life and I hate you for it. I now expect you to be there and when things happen like they did today, I hate you even more because it brings home the fact that you might be gone one day."

"But what I hate the most about you is the way you make me feel. Somehow, you have made me fall in love with you. So everyone is wrong and right, Spencer. I don't hate you. I love you."

Lassiter falls asleep in his chair, clutching the photo frame close to his chest.

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