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So here's the backstory…Sam and Brooke met each other when Sam was actually much younger, she was 12 when they first met (when Sam shoplifted at Clothes over Bros), and Brooke successfully adopted her at age 13. Sam is now 14 going on 15, and a freshman at Tree Hill High. The relationship between her and Brooke is typical, one minute they're good and the next minute they're down each other's throats!


-"mmmmm I don't want to get up" Brooke Davis lazily opened her eyes and shuts off her alarm quickly knowing that if she didn't she would throw it across the room out of annoyance.

"Ugh! Time to get up Brooke, come on you have to wake Sam up, and you know how long that takes. I swear that girl is gonna give me an aneurysm one day, she's so difficult!...but I love her, she's my baby, my daughter, the best thing that's ever happened to me, she's Samantha Davis." As she thinks about Sam, Brooke gets up from her bed and makes her way to her bathroom. She quickly gets ready and makes her way to the kitchen.

-"Sam! Come on honey, it's time to get up." She waits for an answer-a snarky comment, a grunt, or an insult, any would work, as long as she got up-nothing came from the other side of the door…"SAM! I'm not messing around this is the third time in a row you're late to school, they're going to give you Saturday school!"

- "Alright, I'm up damn! need to be a dictator" she mumbled that last part, as she dragged herself across her room, throwing on her clothes and finally coming out. Brooke looked at her daughter and laughed. "You know I'm a fashion designer, a pretty respectable one, yet you refuse to use any of the clothes from Clothes over Bros" Sam looked at her with a smug look on her face, and flippantly said, "it ain't my style Brooke, get over it." Brooke just smiles "it wouldn't hurt you to be girly for one day"

Sam was starting to feel awkward with Brooke staring at her appearance for so long.."look Brooke I have to go, Mel's here…BYE!" She finds her escape and quickly heads towards the door.

Brooke realizes she made Sam feel uncomfortable, and instantly feels the need to fix it "Hold on Sam!"

"Brooke, I really have to go"

Brooke went up to Sam and lifted her chin to meet her eyes, "Look Sweetie, I didn't mean to say that you look ugly or anything like that, I think your style suits you perfectly, and you're beautiful. I love you baby" Brooke hoarsely whispered that last part. Sam didn't want to admit it, but she loved it when Sam called her baby, sweetie, and honey. They made her feel loved, and she just wanted to snuggle into Brooke's arms, but she of course would never admit it, she thought it was too babyish, although she had the vaguest feeling that Brooke knew she loved it.

HONK! "Sammy come on girl!"

The honk broke their precious moment, so Sam just smiled and said "umm, thanks, love ya Brooke!"

Brooke just watched as Sam ran towards the car. Sam left the door wide open…again. Brooke saw how beautiful she was, and teared up as she saw them head out. "Sam's been through so much yet she's still such a strong girl with a good head on her shoulders"

Meanwhile with Sam…

"Dude, why'd you take so long!" Mel absentmindedly addressed Sam, as she checked her phone.

"Sorry, umm my mom was having a moment" Sam smiled as she said that, Brooke was her mom, she loved it!

"That's cute and all, but we're going to be late…again!, but anyways are you ready for the movie premiere tonight?"

"Well, I haven't exactly asked my mom yet, she can be a bit over protective" Sam seemed a bit embarrassed at this fact

"Just sneak out dude! The entire 9th grade is going to go. Do you want to seem like the baby that couldn't go because her mommy said no?" Sam stared at her friend and nervously laughed "uhhh haha yea I guess I'll sneak out then." Sam thought about the last major fight she and Brooke had. She remembered crying and looking into Brooke's hurt and disappointed eyes. She then remembered the two quick swats at her butt that Brooke gave her when she refused to talk to her…she thought to herself, "I really hope I don't get caught"

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