X-Millennium Battle.

A fanfiction by Aoi Kitsukawa.

Disclaimer: X-1999 is belongs to CLAMP, I only borrow the characters in the manga/ anime/ movie. Please enjoy reading it!

Summary: Semi AU and Continuation. At the climax of The Promised Day, the battle between the two dragons was interfered by two groups of strangers. While it was, won by the seals, Subaru's power as Sakurazukamori was sealed in rather…awkward way! How can he release himself from the spell, when he finally realized the caster was someone from his past with the late Hokuto? Who are the teenagers whom claimed themselves as Guardians?

Author's Note: Suddenly I want to go back to CLAMP's old stories and I have been fond with X-1999. The first time I ever encountered this story was when I received a CD that contained the movie from my friend, and then another one which was the 'zero' episode of X/1999 TV anime –An Omen. Since at that time I was barely a 14-year-old girl with no experience and knowledge about internet, I never knew what exactly X-1999 until I ended my O-Level exams and entered Center for Foundation Studies. It can be say that I'm a bit late to know about this story.

Roughly, I check the fandom about Subaru-Kamui or Subaru-OC relationships but it's hard to find out stories with the length 5000 words and above, and without Yaoi/shounen-ai themes too. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Yaoi, even though I can handle the Shounen-ai, these two were not my favorites themes either. Sorry S/K and S/S fans!

This is my first story for X-1999. This is a mix of Alternate Universal and Continuation type of story, with a bit mix of anime/manga/movie plots.

Pairing: mainly Subaru Sumeragi x OC, and a little bit of Subaru/Kamui.

Genre: Fantasy x Suspense x Tragedy x Hurt x Comfort x Romance x Mystery x Supernatural

I don't know…

When it started,

When I began slipping into the delusion, painful, sadness…

And sorrow…

That I seem to be no longer a human.

It is been…very long?

Perhaps…It started from 'that' time…

When I survived…

Ever since that day,

My heart was hurt and cracked…

Very, very broken…

Battle 1: Prologue

Crying never seems to help...

It was a chaos.

Far away from the ancient Imperial City –Kyoto, in other dimension and in some place at the forest, there was a burnt ground in the middle of the frozen forest. It still smoked and there was some people lying on the ground. The sky still dark, the snows had fallen on the people but none of them moved. Some of them cried in pain, and then in the middle of the smokes, laid two young girls, but one of them seemed to be covered in pool of blood. The snow fell onto them; all of them went to the place where people were lying on the ground; their fates were unknown.

A 15-year-old girl with silky black hair that past her shoulders and reached her back slowly sit up from the middle of burning earth, before she stopped and stared at the cold body next to her. She was seen wearing stained and dirty royal clothes; silver blue crown with Blue Star symbol on it, a long, blue coat that reached to her ankle but with short sleeves; with gold threads embroidered on her cuffs and collar. Her inner shirt and pants were blue with gold threads covered the motive of the shirt, with black high heel shoes as the match. A Blue Star insignia embalmed on her left chest and the black-gold sash around her waist fully marked her as royalty.

However, the truth was, she was a highest rank Guardian.

She felt tears strained down her face as she touched the face of the cold body –her friend. That poor girl had died in a way she shouldn't die; left everything that she should achieve likes other girls that had the same age as hers, her parents, lives...

The young girl closed her eyes and let her tears fell down, wondering how long did she passed out after cried so much for the loss of her friend? Then she kept on looking at her surroundings, tried to find any of the survivors among the dead people. The snow had started already, and her royal clothes slowly glowing and disappeared into the cold air, leaving her with only torn-up hoody-jacket, dark blue shirt and trousers with the same colour. She wobbly stood up, held her injured body, looking at the scene in front of her. Unfortunately, because of the season, the moon was hidden so the light was not reached the earth. Still, she could felt the chill slowly reached her body, her nose can smell the smell of burning flesh and stinky…blood.

It was blood.

Until the clouds was slowly moved away and begin to shine, she was startled. The scene in front of her had frozen her legs, causing her walked limply and looked around with wide eyes. A cold breeze suddenly blew upon them, causing the girl's hair flew away to her backside.

Everyone, mostly who was lying on the ground were die and in pools of blood.

The Guardian (the injured young girl) was so shock that she could not able to say anything. The forests that surrounding them, although they were in 'Power Shield' were burn to ashes, some of the corpses were burn until it was unable to recognize anymore. However, most of the corpses were lying on the ground by or with weapons stabbed, slashed or cutting their bodies, blood splashing everywhere.

Men or women, young or not, all of them were killed in nearly the same state as other corpses. Most of them had their weapons just lying next to their dead body; broken or not.

It was a terrible sight!

Then several footsteps were heard, leading to the direction where the victims lay unmoved. The Guardian turned around and saw several other people who just like her, came into the place where they also had the same reaction as her.

"Is everyone alright?" It was one of the people' voices, full with concern and worried.

"I don't know," She said. "With this kind of condition, it's impossible to find any of the survivors of this terrible incident!"

"You're injured!"

"Don't worry about that," She said coldly, as she walked away from the man that tried to stop her from moving. "We need to take care of this place at once…or otherwise…"

"Mizuno-sama! We found someone who's still alive!"

All of the Guardians were looking at one soldier, who was holding a bleeding man in his arms. Two teenagers; a boy and a girl quickly ran to him as they recognized who was the bleeding man.

"Shinji!" They cried. "Hey, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and help us!"

"Search for the other survivors as well!" Screamed another Guardian with Yellow Earth insignia on his left chest.

"Report this matter to Queen Kirishima immediately! Tell her that it's an emergency!" Screamed Mizuno as she looked at her unconscious friend. Somehow, she felt uneasy, for some reason.

"We found another one!"

"Here's as well!"

The soldiers finally found other survivors other than the young man as well. Mizuno looked at the scene; it was very bad. They not only lost some friends and comrades in the battle, they also nearly lost their love ones and families. Not to mention other people who lost those people in front of them.

"Is he alright?" Asked a Guardian with Red Mars insignia on her left chest.

"For injuries, I guess it's OK, but the other option…" Said the other Guardian, who wore the Red- Purple Pluto insignia on his left chest. He was unable to finish his words, as he tried to check for the young man's pulse. His reaction had make Mizuno remembered something as she rose up and quickly searching for someone else.

"Mizuno?" Asked the Mars-insignia Guardian.

"Ame-onna…" Everyone who heard her was shock.

"WHERE IS AME-ONNA!" She shouted as she started to run, ignoring the pains and injuries on her body. "WHERE IS SHE?"

A woman in middle 20s appeared, with silky black hair that past her shoulders and reached her back. She was wearing the same uniform as the young girl named Mizuno wore before, but clean royal clothes; silver blue crown with Blue Star symbol on it, a long, blue coat that reached to her ankle but with short sleeves; with gold threads embroidered on her cuffs and collar. Her inner shirt and pants were blue with gold threads covered the motive of the shirt, with black high heel shoes as the match. A Blue Star insignia embalmed on her left chest and the black-gold sash around her waist fully marked her as royalty. She looked at the young girl whose ran wobbly, ignoring the injuries and the stares of others. She quickly moved her feet and caught up with the young girl.

"Where are you going? Your injuries…"

"AME-ONNA!" Screamed the girl Mizuno as she and the woman stopped on their tracks, looked at the scene in front of them.

A woman in early 20s, with jet-black hair that reached her back, slowly raised her head and looked with tears strained down her face. Laid not far from her was a body of a young man; unmoved, badly bleeding, and his clothes were torn apart. In the middle of pool of blood, it was obvious that young man…

Was death.

The woman called Ame-Onna, stared at the Guardians in front of her, dazedly before she muttered something beneath her lips. The words that she said, was nothing more than just words of a broken woman, who lost everything from her, at that moment…

Without any mercy from the fate.

Some people came by and went to the other survivors who were alive; the Guardians at the same time went to the other side of the ground zero, investigating the incident. Soon later, five men in black suits came by, but were stopped for a while. Mizuno, realized who they were, glanced at one of the people who came by with the other Guardians and gave him a signal which the man knew very well. He left and went to the group, before several minutes later they came in and gasped in shock, obviously too shock with the current view.

"Is everything alright?" She asked. She looked at the female Guardian, whom had a solemn expression on her face

"Bad news," Said the woman as Mizuno lifted her head and stared at her with wide eyes. "The traitor already left this place, hiding himself from the detection of the Hazzard World."

"This is terrible…" Both of them turned around as they saw a young man walked to them, said the words with horror and sadness. "How can it be like this, when we already received the premonition about the traitor's movement?"

"Not everything can be predicted," Said the young girl as she held her injured torso and slowly healed herself. Self-healing needs lots of energy, however if the progress was slow, it can make the user's energy being generate itself. The man who was with her stared with amusement, but quickly replied to her.

"Are you saying that out former head was wrong? That you don't believe in fate?"

"I'm not too blindly relying on fate and future since both of them can be changing at all, especially the future!" Snapped the girl angrily, and her voice was loud enough to be hear by the people who was under the Power Shield. "Although you people predicted that he's going nowhere other than this area, I know it can be wrong since he's not an ordinary person!"


The stern and angry voice was echoing the area; it was obvious that young girl was angry at the lost and failure task she had to face. Her job was not only protecting the area and the people, but also to stop the enemies from doing anything that can caused harm to others or the balance of nature. However, she had to do it all alone; her friends who supposedly helping her were not there, they were send to the other place in order to heal themselves from the injuries and amnesia they had suffered.

She looked around and saw an old lady sat on a wheelchair, face looked shock. She knew who she was; that old lady was the former 12th head of a family, whose name and their rank were considered as the strongest onmyouji clan in Japan. However, the young girl's face remained serious; she had no time to grieve or to cry. It never helped her anyway.

Crying never made you feel in the right way…

"You grandchildren are alright."

A shock, speechless reaction.

"I'm sorry for dragging them with this; however this matter is not solving yet. Since this place is under your family's properties, I hope you can forbidden outsiders from coming to this place until we received 'green light' from the Queen."


"We'll take care of these," Said the young woman whose stayed at the girl's side before, while the young man, who was actually related to the lady slowly came nearer. "I hope you can understand that under normal circumstances, this incident is too much for you people to handle it."

The old lady lower her head as she nodded sadly, "I understand…"

"But what will happen to her?"

The females turned around and saw the woman called Ame-Onna, carried on the gurney as she stared helplessly; tears were still visible on her eyes. Her injuries were quite heavy, but the girl looked at her before she stared at the burn ground. Said nothing at all.

"No need for you to know about it."


Couples of hours later, nearly all of the survivors were taking to the hospitals, while the soldiers were busy taking care of the corpses. Mizuno was seeing stood aside from others, her eyes now were full of rage and anger. The other Guardians were also with her as well.

"Did they found anything related to this matter?" She asked.

"We don't know very much, but we only confirm one thing," Said the Earth-insignia Guardian. "That the main enemies are managed to escape."

A sound of cracking wood was heard and it appeared that Mizuno had slammed her fist on a tree. It was cracked and nearly split into two, much to everyone's surprise.

"Those bastards! I'll never forgive them!" She hissed.

"Calm down," Said the woman with Blue Star insignia. "Your condition is still weak."

Mizuno just looked at him as she sighed. She touched her bandaged forehead; the treatment was the courtesy of the old lady and her family, for saving her grandchildren. She did not blamed her for what happened, since all that she knew was that the children were being kidnapped by a stranger and the young girl rushed there to save them…

Before the battle took place.

"So, what should we do? Tracking them now?" Asked a female Guardian with Neptune insignia on her left chest.

"NO!" Everyone stared at the injured young girl. "We'll settle those things later. Anyway, call other backups. There's a lot of things to be done here," She said as she turned around, looking at the sky.

"Although the battle was over…,"she said.

The others saw her too, but they remind silent. She just kept looking at the sky, and then turned away and started to help the others.

"No." Everyone looked at her with question on their faces.

"I don't think it's over now…."She said. The others were silent as they followed their leader, leaving the area where everything had lost; family, love ones, friends, comrades, everything…

The dawn soon later appeared but the sun light was unable to touch the whole nature with its warm rays, as the rain slowly down poured and wetting the land of tragic incident all day, together with the cold snows that went down to the wet earth...

Cliffhanger! Sorry mina-san, love to continue this but I'm running out of time, got some urgent things to do! Since most of the mentioned characters (except the old lady that you know who!) are my OCs, I'll explain this matter in the next chapter. Sorry for not able to make the situation happening, just couldn't do it.

I hope that you people enjoy this story, and please read and review. Meet again in the next chapter. Ja ne. –Aoi Kitsukawa.