X-Millennium Battle.

A fanfiction by Aoi Kitsukawa.

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Summary: Semi AU and Continuation. At the climax of The Promised Day, the battle between the two dragons was interfered by two groups of strangers. While it was, won by the seals, Subaru's power as Sakurazukamori was sealed in rather…awkward way! How can he release himself from the spell, when he finally realized the caster was someone from his past with the late Hokuto? Who are the teenagers whom claimed themselves as Guardians?

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Genre: Fantasy x Suspense x Tragedy x Hurt x Comfort x Romance x Mystery x Supernatural

In order to protect what was being harm,

I returned back,

To the place where everything started,

Covered myself with chaos once again.

Battle 3: Awaken

It's because I'm a person who defy the 'Determined Destiny'...

-Spring 1999, Tokyo Metropolitan Headquarters, Kasumigaseki-

"Sumeragi Subaru?"

"Yes, I heard that he's your clan's 13th leader, as well as your close cousin," Said the head of Crime Investigation Department –Yoshida Sotozaki.

"But…why? I thought our case isn't related with any kind of supernatural things; even you said the same things before chief," Said Sumeragi Shinji, elite superintendent of Crime Investigation Department, Tokyo Metropolitan Police HQ.

"Well, if we're among those ordinary people…" Said the chief, as he slowly glanced at the right side. While his eyes trailed to the direction of the window, which the curtains were roughly blew by the wind, Shinji remained looking at his superior. "However, I believe you also feel the same strange sensations as I am and that person."

Following the trail of his superior's eyes, then Shinji understood why the old man was asking for the service of the clan head. From the floating curtains, hid within the darkness of the shadows was a figure of a human being; the gender was unknown due to its ability to synchronize itself with the shadow, something that even Shinji was unable to do even he had 'others' abilities. The only thing that the two people could see was the sharp eyes that seemed to glow in the dark; blue light that illuminated the shadows that surrounding it. How that person could do it also beyond Shinji's knowledge and ability.

He was not that superior compared to the person in the shadow.

"Oh, please don't use the words 'sensations'!" Claimed Shinji. "People would think otherwise sir!"

"WAHAHAHA~!" Laughed the old man. "it appears that you're still innocent, Shinji-kun! I believe it was the right decision to let you stay here after your marriage with your young wife!"

Shinji's superior words however, brought a pain and sad smile on his face. Shinji, although he can be considered as seniors among the youngsters in the Keishishou, he somehow was not very comfortable to deal with something that related to his private life, nor his family. Realized his uneasiness, the shadow grabbed something at its side and threw it directly towards the old man, which hit him with a perfect score! (HUH?)


"ITTE!" Yoshida held his bumped head while Shinji immediately stepped back, afraid with the second lash. "What the hell are you thinking you're doing?" Oh, it appeared that the thing that hit him was a dustbin!

"I appreciate if you don't talk anymore about Shinji's life, Yoshida-san," Said the person, which appeared to be a woman. "You should know his decision to marry her almost got him expelled from this place and demoted his rank. Although only several people who knew about this, it didn't mean you can make it as a joke." The woman slowly went out from the shadow, but still, not revealed her whole self. Only a long braided hair, which was, tied up with a traditional hair tie (1) that giving Shinji some kind of nostalgic feeling.

"No need to throw things to me!"

"Serve you right for ignoring his feelings," Somehow, Shinji felt grateful that woman was there, or otherwise he might be considering for not turning to work for the next day. The issue of his marriage and life with his wife was something taboo; he had bad experiences not only within the police force but also with his family as well. Both parties were against his marriage with a foreign woman, a gaijin. His family, except his younger brother and sister –Sayuri and Toshizou, could not accept the fact that he chosen a woman outside their ethnicity, while the police force against him for marrying a woman who could be a spy from the country which they have strain relationship with Japan.

Due to his decision, he was almost get demoted and sent to lousy countryside to fulfill the vacancy as some sort of punishment, if not because of the shadow woman and her acquaintances stepped in. It was a good thing that some of the high-ups, including Yoshida, whose were the same "type" as him and the shadow woman protected him. Therefore, his job was safe and he married his wife, although he suffered some cold treatment among the officers and was disowned by his parents. However, Shinji had his own reason why he chose Hiromi (2; he called her in Japanese name) as his wife.

"The reason why you call me here is to discuss the murder case that happens lately?" Asked the woman.

"Yes." Yoshida sat on his chair as he gestured Shinji to sit down as well. Good thing he had Shinji with him; that woman always gave him some sort of fearful presence that he did not want to be affected with. "I believe you can see what exactly had been craved onto the girls' bodies?"

"A Sanskrit's word –'ON' on it. People with spiritual abilities are the only one who can see it."

"With the exception of 'us' as well," Yoshida closed his eyes as he placed the case files on the table. Although it was only three victims, but the investigations somehow went back to square one. He was wondering what exactly made these girls being the target of these gruesome murders; not only they were kidnapped for days, but they also were raped before being killed. Then the bodies were left at the crime scene in such pitiful way. Since he was a father with daughters, he became worried as well.

"But how can we connect this case with supernatural activities?" Asked Shinji as he placed a tray with three cups of hot tea on it on the table. "Did the official reports say something about some sort of ritual?"

"I've found out that at the ground where the bodies were found, there's some sort of magical circle on it," The woman said as she put an envelope on the table, and apparently still not revealing her full self. "Since it was burned and the victims all were discovered at night, the police was unable to notice it. Don't you realize the areas around the crime scenes are a little bit weird?"

"Now that you mention it...it is. Like some sort of burning ground."

"Did you get a full picture of the circle?"

"It's a good thing the second victim's was found in the area of Ebisu 4, Shibuya-ku, near Konkokyo Shrine. At the small forest that surrounding the shrine, I can take a full photo of the circle –like this," The woman shoved the photo of a ground with several circles and burn marks. Upon seeing the photo, Shinji's eyes went wide and he immediately stood up, causing the older man in front of him stared with shock expression.

"This circle...!"

"I bet you know it," She said with seriousness in her tone. "Better you seek the reports from two years ago –the murder of two young girls in Kyoto. The circles that been used in this photo is..."

"EXACTLY the same...!" Hissed Shinji.


"Did the 'high-ups' said something about this?" Asked Yoshida. Somehow, he seemed to know what exactly the two people in front of him were talking.

"Well, right now no urgent orders from them because of the upcoming apocalypse, but they asked us to watch over the people here in Tokyo," Said Shinji as he looked at his female friend. "So you want me to use this photo to find out what sort of rituals the criminal used in this case and Subaru's assistance?"

"If you can, please," Said Yoshida as he looked at his female acquaintance that seemed not pleased with his suggestion. "I know this can be difficult to you two, especially for Shinji, but since this matter related with supernatural activities we better ask some help from the people whose specialize in this field."

"Hmm...Since that's your suggestion as the police officer, I won't against it," Said the woman as she turned around and was about to disappear. "However..."

"I doubt that 'ahou' can help much in this matter at all..."

Shinji and Yoshida looked at the shadow that slowly vanished within the darkness, "Besides, I don't want to see him even now..."

Shinji closed his eyes and held out his breathe, "Well then, take care my friend."

"Keep in touch. I'll inform you if something comes across my mind."

"Will do."

The silence impregnated the room, as Yoshida and Shinji stared at the window. Yoshida leaned against his chair and asked, "Did you know about the Final Day?"

"Ah, I did..."

"She's slowly 'awaken'...for the sake of that day..."

A silence.

"I have no idea that she also involves in this matter just like you, although indirectly..."

"She will," Yoshida paused as he looked at Shinji. His eyes contained questions towards Shinji. "She will, when the right moments come."

"So, not now..."


"I see. So just like the other Seals..."

"I just hope that she didn't do anything stupid before the time comes," Shinji sipped his now lukewarm tea. "Or otherwise the 'leader' would search me until the end of the earth ground, asking for her."

"I pray that everything will be alright..." Said Yoshida. "The future isn't can easily been determine."

"I hope so..."

The wind blew the area around the police HQ, and went across the night...

-November 1999, CLAMP Campus, Headquarters Hospital-

'He looks so fragile…'

This is the very first coherent thought that has entered the mind of Sumeragi Subaru since he had watched with a morbid fascination as he watched the unconscious teen lay on the bed.

It was echoed.


The sound of the beating heart.

The sound of the heart-beating machine was clearly heard inside the room that placed the unconscious Shirou Kamui, the young boy whose destiny was to save or to destroy the earth, by choosing either 'Present' or 'Changing'. The surviving members of each dragon, alongside the board members of CLAMP Campus and the superintendent officer –Sumeragi Shinji were silently watching as young boy breathed slowly in his sleep. As they were looking at the lying figure on the bed, an oxygen mask on his face as his support to live, each of them were unable to say anything.

Subaru slowly raised his bandaged hand and touched the glass in front of him, as if he tried to trace down the jaw line of the poor boy that was still in deep sleep, in the same way he had done to the same person in the past. The differences were, while he is still alive and breathing, the young boy is placed inside ICU for further treatment. Unlike in the past, when he was still a part of Ten no Ryu, that boy was placed outside the room. He could not denied that even in his sleep and inside the room, his eye lashes looked long and recoil; something that he hardly see in any people he met.

He looked at Kamui's figure. His left arm was pinned with a packet of blood, with the blood type name on it; O, as far as he could remember that Kamui lost lots of blood after the tragic day of the year ended. Since he himself did not know what kind of Kamui's blood type, he assumed that he received the O type because it was the universal type of blood that can be donated to any types of blood, but must received the same type as it. As he looked at Kamui's hair, jet-black in colour, with a messy yet tidy hair, he looked at him with quite amazed. He wondered how the nurses also cleaned all the blood up on Kamui's hair before bringing him into surgery. He even barely touched the hair in the past that now wrapped with white bandage; covering his wounded head.

Subaru looked again. This time his eyes landed on his body. Although it did not visible in front of them, he positively believed that under the white fabric that wrapped his body, there were many bandages around his body. His left shoulder, his torso, legs, etc…

He could swear that time, Kamui is still in pain; inside or outside, although he did not woke up yet.

Faced with the reality of the situation, the reality of Kamui's lithe form surrounded by tubes and bandages…he came to realize that he wanted to sit at the others side and aware of the fragility of the equipment he reached for his hands.

"How long did you and this boy are in coma?"

Shinji's voice had startled Subaru form his own thought as he, as well as others looked at the officer who is narrowing his eyes as he tried to think of something. Subaru, who is now sitting on wheel chair, half of his body was covered in bandages and plasters, even on his head and legs, stared at his cousin that he almost not meet ever since the death of his twin sister Sumeragi Hokuto.

"Why?" Asked Subaru. "I...have lost track in time..."

"Almost three months to be exact," Said Nokoru, since he knew Subaru would not able to answer Shinji's question. "Ever since that day, I suppose…"

A sigh.

"You never want to say anything, don't you Subaru?" Shinji grabbed the handles and started to push the wheel chair. He pushed Subaru away from the room and led everyone, who has started to follow him out of the special care room. "Until you're almost died, then you want to tell me everything, huh?"

"It's not your business," Replied Subaru. At this time, they already reached Subaru's room and Kusanagi, the last person who entered the room closed the door tightly.

"It IS my business as well, you 'ahou'!" He said sternly, before he realized that it was too late.

Urgh, he said that word!

That woman is going to kill him if she knew he has using her word to Subaru!

"What did you say?" Asked Subaru, a bit irritated. Although deep inside of his heart, he felt some kind of déjà-vu…

"As you can hear, I call you S-T-U-P-I-D, you got that? S-T-U-P-I-D!" Shinji said as he intentionally pinched Subaru's injured face, which caused the young man shrieked in pain. Others stared at them with wide eyes; nobody would know that once the angst, cold and lone Sumeragi Subaru was being called as IDIOT!

"Look, Subaru..." Shinji grabbed his cousin's chin and jerked him forward; eyes fill with tense and a little anger. "If you're saying that I know nothing about the apocalypse and your personal relationships between the late Sakurazukamori, then you're wrong!"

Subaru's eyes went wide, shocked to find out that his secrets were spilled by his cousin. But who on earth knew his secrets? The Ten no Ryu had never met with Shinji, as well as the Chi no Ryu, so the only person who knew about his past relations with the Sakurazukamori was Kamui. However, that boy was not a type of person who will reveal others secret and currently in coma, so who on earth…

"Subaru…" Said Shinji. "No need for you to figure out how did I know about this. As you ever forget, I also possess some onmyouji abilities although not as strong as you do. I'm a part of Sumeragi clan as well…"

"However, I want you to stop torturing yourself. I know how much pains you've suffered because of what had happened in the pasts. But you have to move on!" Shinji grabbed Subaru's hands tightly. "At least you have to remember, you're not alone."

"How can you be sure, nii-san (3)...?" Said Subaru as he looked at his cousin with sad eyes. "You never encounter something like this…"

"THERE YOU ARE! ALWAYS CLAIM THAT YOU'RE THE ONLY PERSON IN THIS WORLD WHO IS UNFORTUNATE FOREVER! Why are you that stubborn Subaru?" Shouted Shinji angrily, as he held his cousin's shock face.

"Don't you ever try to deny me young man! Do you think I do not know that you have inherited the title and powers as the new Sakurazukamori? You always choose something that will make your life in chaos aftermath!"

There was a gasp from the girls, and some shock faces among the men. None of them knew that Subaru had become a new Sakurazukamori –an assassin who killed for the sake of the sakura flowers. How did Shinji know about was beyond their knowledge as well. "I'm telling you this Subaru, because it's matter your life as well! Do you understand that how much our clan against the Sakurazukamori? Especially you're our head of clan, and grandmother's grandson; if not because of her…"

"What did grandmother do nii-san?" Asked Subaru, as he started to look worried.

Ah, finally this had managed to catch his attention…

"You should know what would happen to the members of our clan if they did something against the rules and morality, right?"

A nod.

"Some of our relatives seem to realize the fact that you're no longer the head of the clan and tried to get the title as the 13th Head of Sumeragi Clan; taking your position since you're a Sakurazukamori. As a Sakurazukamori, you are officially barred from the Clan home by strict rules that were laid down by our ancestors. However, it was a good thing that grandmother had barred them from creating ruckus that will bring the unbalance power within the clan, so as far as I know, aside form the elders and…somerelatives, the others are clueless about this matter. You know every person in this Clan, down to the youngest of the children, is taught to hate the Sakurazuka and most of all, the Sakurazukamori."

"I know…" Subaru stared at the same emerald eyes as him, but filled with calm and mysterious aura; something that both he and Hokuto wondered if Shinji was a person full with mysteries.

"Grandmother had thinking to bring you back to Kyoto before regarding this matter, however since you're in coma until several days ago, I asked her to delay it. I asked her to wait and because of that, your presence was tolerated for the past few months because she felt that I should at least stay until you have recovered. I know that you actually worried about that boy Kamui," Subaru stared at him with wide eyes. "So from now on, I'll take care of you people until he's awakened and you two get well."

"How do you know all of these things, Shinji-san?" Asked Yuzuriha who stood next to Arashi. "Unless you're involving with the apocalypse as well…"

"Well, I did actually, but not too direct," Shinji let go of Subaru's face and rose from the floor. "The case that I am investigating right now is somehow related to the event of the Final Day."

"How much of it that was related?" Asked Arashi.

"I'm not sure about this as well…" Shinji looked at Nokoru as he tried to ask some help from the chairperson. "All that I can say is that there's a third party who is interesting in the battle between you people."

"What?" Shouted everyone minus Subaru, although he was shock as well. "What do you mean?"

"I can't tell you people right not, it's still confidential," Shinji looked at Nokoru, Suoh and Akira who nodded their heads. "However, I'll leave you people with some clues."

"Clues?" Asked Fuuma, this time. Shinji nodded his head.

"So here are the questions. No. 1: What exactly happened on the climax of the Final Day?"


"Second: Who are the people involved in the battlefield?"

Everyone started to look at each other.

"Third: How did you people survived at the end of the Final Day?"

How did they survive?

"Forth: Can you remember who and how your comrades passed away during the fight did?"

"Are you sure you're asking the right questions here, Shinji-san?" Asked Aoki. "These sound weird…"

Shinji just smiled weakly. He actually wanted to tell them about it; how did he knew about the apocalypse, the relations between Subaru and Sakurazukamori, everything, but someone had forbidden him from telling them the truth. He knew why; that person was a part of the people who indirectly involved with the battle, however when the final battle took place, that person directly involved into the destiny that determined the fate of Earth.

"Fifth: Do you remember…something unusual during the fight?"

THAT question suddenly hit everyone. Subaru, upon hearing the last question, suddenly felt like his head was hit with a steel hammer. He quickly grabbed his head; the pains are too unbearable. He could barely hear other people's voices; he bet that the other people whose fate just likes him also suffered the same condition as him. Slowly, his vision started to blur, but what he heard after that was shocking him more than before.

"If we really wish to stop the killing of others…then why did we lose sights of what's important to us?"

"What is your hidden wish?"

"My wish is…"

Something is not right…

"Gomen nasai…but I won't let you kill this boy!"


"So, you also have a wish…?"

"You must be shock, right? Because you can't find the reason why you didn't resemble someone from my life!"

"Who are you?"

"I'm just a replacement…"

There were some crashes. Where is everyone?

"So, we meet again dear enemy."

Who is this?

"I won't let you interfere with your wick plans, you traitors!"

"Oh, so you're going to defeat them? How ironic…"




Subaru opened his eyes and stared widely. He was sweating and he took some time to realize that Shinji held him in his arms, his wheel chair fell on the left side and it seemed he had fell together with it. He also realized that the surviving members were on floor, each of them were sweating and held their head.

"Are you alright?" Asked Shinji as he leaned Subaru against his chest.

"I don't know...but..."

"I think...something had happen, during the fight..."

Shinji looked alarmed and then he looked at the chairperson and his friends. The three of them looked uncomfortable either.

Nokoru pushed a button at Subaru's hospital bed and not long after that, came some nurses into the room. Nokoru told the nurses what had happened (without the real reasons to tell of course) and took the collapsed dragons into ward. After Shinji placed his cousin on the bed and waited until Subaru fell asleep, he slowly left the room and met with the three people at the outside.

"How's it going?" Asked Shinji.

"It's fine, some of them are having the same condition as Subaru-kun," Said Nokoru.

"But," Said Suoh. "From Fuuma-kun and... Kamui-kun, I wonder if they remember anything from that day."

"Both of them received the direct 'surprise', but the impact of the fight seems to make them...suffering amnesia for a while," Akira said as he glanced at the room that now contained the surviving dragons. "I'm sure 'that' woman would be alert about this as well."

"She's involved into the fight at the moment the fight reaching its climax, and what happened after that is what makes everyone whose still remember it in nervous until now," Shinji shook his head, looked very worry. "And Subaru didn't realize the big change within himself as well."

"He didn't realize it?" Asked Nokoru, shocked.

"Obviously, he didn't. Except something unusual happened during the fight, and I couldn't tell him that grandmother knew about "this" problem as well."

"Well...we still don't know what kind of spell was used that time."

"Ah...She DID tells me about the spell but..." Suoh trailed off, he looked embarrassed while Shinji, Nokoru and Akira looked at him with curiousity and strange at the same time. "...but she asked me not to mention it to everyone else; she wants to say it by herself."

"What is it? What exactly happened that time?" Asked Shinji as he grabbed Suoh's hand. "I swear I won't tell anyone."

"Better you do," Suoh's face turned a little bit red. "Because if you not, she'll kill me for sure!"

"So, what is it?" Asked Akira. Suoh gulped hard, and with red face, he whispered to the three men with a very, very, low voice. After that, he received the responses that he already thought would happen.


"Shiii~! Keep it down you know!" Said Suoh, nervously. "She said that it was an accident; blame it to her 'Photographic Memory' (4) ability! And right now, she's been dealing with this matter as well!"

"But...but for such kind of spell...? What on earth she was thinking at that time?" Said Shinji, disbelieved.

"Don't blame her for everything, Shinji-san," Said Nokoru after calm down. "I guess she really wanted to do anything in order to change the future, but unfortunately it turned out like this."

"Could it be that she's still not recovered yet from that wounds yet?" Asked Akira, which earned him glances from the other men. "Both her and Shinji, are the two survivors from that 'incident'..."

"I guess so...but," Said Shinji, trailed off. "She never let herself to be protected by others..."

Akira, Sokoru and Suoh looked at Shinji with sad and concern eyes, "When she awaken herself during that battle, she left immediately and told me to protect the other 'Power Shields' which we, the 'special' people could created and protect with out lives. Although she knew that she will be fighting against Subaru..."

"She still said like this:

"It's because I'm a person who defy this so-called 'Determined Destiny'."

"I won't let myself to be controlled over something that people just foresee it but doing nothing..."

"That's coward...!"

"I guess I understand why she's despised and hate him Subaru now..." He said as he chuckled weakly. "It's because he never let himself to be healed, accepting the fate easily and doing nothing to change everything... She despites men who couldn't do anything while actually they can change it. She's not that soft-heart person that much."

"I bet this is about him and the Sakurazukamori (5), right?" Said Nokoru. "When the Rainbow Bridge fell down and then Subaru-san disappeared, Kamui-kun seemed so sad."

"And then when we finally found him, Subaru-san was in the side of Chi no Ryu," Said Akira. "It shocks us as much as the Ten no Ryu as well. But her reaction was unexpected; she just said him as 'ahou is still an ahou at all' like that, ha..."

"She's an independent woman, Akira-kun," Suoh said to Akira. "But because she's very independent, she had to face hardship all over by herself..."

"That woman with the name means 'Tears' knew this would happen, and despite her defy-destiny act, she accept this one without hesitation..."

"For the sake of protecting what're precious to her..." Shinji finished Souh's sentences, face looked sad.

Shinji understood that woman more than others could. Although he did not involve entirely during the battle, he managed to be into the battle when something DID went wrong. Something that really disturbing his mind as well as the three gentlemen, since what happened next was beyond their imagination and knowledge. Why, of all things, those people must be there ruining everything?

She has awakened, but...

She will never taken back what she had said during that battle, that actually hurt him more than anyone else if not his stupid cousin Subaru.

But he doubt Subaru would ever realized that pain.


-November 1999, Fudosan, somewhere in the neighbourhood, Tokyo-

She accidentally cut her finger as she was cutting the apple on her hand.

The sweeper lady stared at her injured finger with emotionless eyes.

She looked at the red, thick blood that slowly flowed from her wound. She just stared expressionless, before she brought it to her mouth and licked it.

It tasted iron, cold…


She looked at the window as she heard the sound of rain down poured. She went to the sink and then washed her cut; letting the cold, moving water washing away all the red blood that strained her finger.

She felt like dead.

She remembered the scenes after the end of the tragically battle between the two dragons, where the areas in Tokyo were mostly in state of destruction. How can she still survived after what had happened-she also received two fatal blows from the Kamui the Gemini (6) was out of her realization, since she was too concern on the matters of the surviving Ten no Ryu, especially that young boy Kamui. Immediately she called the youngest son of Japan's no. 1 zaibatsu –Imonoyama Nokoru for help, which he gladly sent with him and the other two, came along as well.

The scene where she was with the chairman and the others were discussing what had happened the fate of the surviving dragons of both sides. Kasumi Karen and Arisugawa Sorata had passed away in the tragic battle, Fuuma has returned to his original self, but suffering from the same fate as the other survivors. With Tokyo at the edge to fatal destruction, everyone was in deep worried and uneasy.

It appeared that the superintendent Sumeragi Shinji was there alongside Nokoru, Akira and Suoh.

The moment where they found out how much damages the young Shirou Kamui had suffered, was something that she never accepted as something comfortable...

Nobody will accept it of course.

-Flashback: The Evening of the Final Day, summer 1999, CLAMP Campus Hospital-

"He has suffered severe lacerations to the legs, upper torso and his arms. Thankfully, most of the cuts required only a few stitches to seal them again. However, the cut he has received beneath his left shoulder and the impact he received to his head are of more concern. The blow to the head has been enough to render him unconscious and we shall need to do a C.A.T scan before we can say if there has been any lasting damage."

The adults looked very worried, and Sumeragi Shinji, who stood next to the silent woman asked what the aftermath of the fatal cut on Kamui's.

"As to the cut…at the moment it seems as though he might loose his ability to control his hand since the muscle was cut through it. However, we are in the early stages and he may yet recover his hand's strength."

"Then he is going to live? Despite all of his grave injuries?" Shinji enquired.

"At this point in time it is difficult to say, he lost a significant amount of blood before he got here and he has yet to regain consciousness. However, his pulse rate has stabilized and he is showing good brainwave activity, both of which are positive signs at this time."

"Can we see him?" Nokoru enquired.

"Usually we do not allow visitors within our ICU facilities, I have, however, been informed that on this occasion we are wavering this rule. I would request that there should only be one visitor at a time. And if can, his relative or guardian since he's still underage..."

"I will go." This was Imonoyama Nokoru's authority and for a moment, there was an anticipatory silence as we wait for someone to object and then the doctor smiled and says, "As expected from our Richijou, Imonoyama-sama. Please, follow me."

Once they are gone, the silence comes again and the silent woman with injuries that had been treated knew that there was nothing to do now but wait…

and hope.

-End of flashback-


She wondered if someone like her can prays for small hope for that poor boy, that time.

Blood from the small cut was mixing with the water as she remembered a scene where she saw the same blood, the same water, mixed and flew together in one way, strained through the rivers where lying corpses stumbled against the riverbank…


She shook her head immediately.

She felt like to punch the window glasses.

Yet, her face showed nothing.

Was she insane?

Perhaps, it might be right.

She might be insane.

Ever since 'that' incident, she never be able to do something that once she was able to do.

Her heart might totally destroyed…

And she really wonder…

Did this still mark her as a human?

-November 1999, CLAMP Campus, Headquarters Hospital-

His hands twitched as a sign of his awaken.

There were certainly some voices, but he couldn't get himself to recognize them as his head felt so heavy that the words spoken seemed incoherent at the moment. His body was stiff and he couldn't seem to move, so he slowly tried to move his fingers, letting the blood circulate and making him take control of his body again.

When he finally felt a little bit of strength coming to him, he slowly opened his eyelids, and then squeezed them shut again as the light reflected in his eyes was blinding that it almost hurt. His weak amethyst slowly opened its lids again, slowly accepting the lights that almost blind his sight.

He never realized that a single tear fell down on his face.

Because of one thought that he absent-minded heard at the moment he awoke...

'Therefore, I wish that I have never met you at all...'

Hints or Explanations:

(1) The traditional hair rope –Actually, I don't know what its name in Japanese, or what exactly the way to call it, other than calls it as a 'hair rope'; what a sad way to explain it. It appears in thick round rope but ended either with end-knot or with some 'ponytail' knot style (Aaargghh! SO hard to explain it!). Usually it can be seen in any samurai manga, or for easy way, read manga Burai, where the main character Saitou Hajime wore it to tie up his hair.

The woman whose hiding within the shadow during Shinji and Yoshida's conversation was wearing this rope that tied up her long, braided hair. For Shinji, it gave him some kind of traditional feeling of Japanese women.

(2) Hiromi –If any of you had read Tokyo Babylon vol. 6, you people must have seen the name 'Hiromi' at the last chapter of the volume. Although it probably not the real name or the name that Hokuto used to call her, I believed the gaijin woman who spoke beautiful Japanese (according to Subaru) was named Hiromi.

(3)Why did Subaru call Shinji as 'nii-san' (elder brother)? –Originally, Shinji was born several years earlier than Subaru and Hokuto, three years to be exact. Although Subaru was a head of the clan (in this chapter his status somehow was unknown due to Sakurazukamori status), Subaru calls him as 'nii-san' as a sign of respect towards Shinji. It also can be explain why Shinji acted as an elder brother to Subaru in this chapter, such as yelling him for being stubborn and caring him despite Subaru is a Sakurazukamori.

(4) Photographic Memory –Eidetic memory, commonly referred to as photographic memory, is a psychological or medical term, popularly defined as the ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory with extreme precision. The word eidetic, referring to extraordinarily detailed and vivid recall not limited to, but especially of, visual images, comes from the Greek word εἶδος (pronounced [êːdos], eidos, "seen"). While a person with photographic memory will very precisely recall visual information, a person with eidetic memory is not limited to merely visual recall – theoretically they can recall other aspects of the event including sensory information that is visual, auditory, tactile, gustatory and olfactory, as well as other dimensions. Most discussions end up conflating eidetic memory with photographic memory, because the discussion tends to shift toward "eidetic imagery" which is basically the portion of eidetic memory that is visual in nature.

The one who possesses this ability are actually Imonoyama Nokoru (refers to chapter 11 in CLAMP Gakuen Tanteiden, mentioned by Takamura Suoh), and the one is the woman who apparently using some sort of spell during the Final Day, which identity was a secret between Shinji and the three Boardman.

(5) Sakurazukamori – "Guardian of the Cherry Blossom Burial Mound". The assassin who uses Onmyoujutsu to kill who threatens Japan. This Sakurazukamori mentioned by Nokoru was the late Sakurazuka Seishirou.

(6) Kamui the Gemini –This one is referring to Kamui of the Chi no Ryu. I was so lazy to call his long name so I called Fuuma like that. Haha!

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