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(A I.-.-.I Kuroyagi I.-.-.I original fan-fiction story.)

When Warren Rocko decided to use his telepathy magic on his friends, it wasn't just because he was bored, even if he was incredibly bored at the lack of jobs and brawls inside the guild; he did it also to know what was the reason behind the core of members of Fairy Tail, that returned from Tenrou Island, to behave so strangely with each other now that they were back home.

Scanning the hall of the guild and the mages inside, he noticed with certain joy that most of the teams from Tenrou were inside the building, chatting, eating, fighting or simply passing the time together with the others. The only exception being the Raijin Tribe and Laxus, the four of them having taken an S-rank mission to polish their skills and catch up with the time they lost.

Team Natsu, the Strauss Siblings, the Exceeds, Juvia, Wendy, Cana, Levy and Gajeel. All of Tenrou team but the other four. 'Perfect…' He thought with a small smile, eyeing his friends one by one, trying to decide with whom he could start the 'mind reading'.

Team Natsu was chatting and hanging around like always. Natsu bickering with Gray, Happy adding more wood to the fire, Lucy trying to calm them down and Erza eating her strawberry cake without listening the blonde's pleas to intervene; until the two idiots went from words to fists and she moved fast to stop them with a strong bump on each of their heads before returning to her precious dessert.

Lucy shaking her head at the two now unconscious idiots and starting to complain about Happy and how he didn't help her to stop them before they were forced to, the blue cat crying crocodile tears and yelling that the girl was mean, his little wings taking him to where the other two exceeds were. Changing his attitude in a second to try and impress Charle, the white cat rejecting him as always.

Warren thought that it was better to wait for the other two to wake up before trying to read their minds, so he averted his eyes to another group.

The Strauss Siblings were at the bar; chatting and sharing some more memories from the two years they lost because of Lisanna's, laughing when some of the topics where about the noticeable differences between the Edolas Fairy Tail and Earthland's. They could be an interesting point to start, but he thought better when he remembered that Mira had an unnatural sixth sense to notice when he was attempting to read her mind, and now that she had her powers back… he just moved his eyes to another group.

The exceeds were too obvious for him, Cana never thought straight when she was indulging herself with a barrel of beer, Juvia always thought about Gray –strangely- and Levy was reading a book, so he was pretty sure that if he read her mind, he was going to be reading the book as well.

That only left Wendy and Gajeel.

Looking for her around the guild, he spotted her standing in front of the job board with Nab next to her. Her innocent brown eyes moving here and there in between the request, her face troubled at each one she read, a cute pout when she restarted her search.

'Great!' The mind-reader thought with a triumphant smirk, pressing one finger to his forehead, he found his first prey. Wendy was a good place to start, she was young, she was innocent and he was sure that whatever she was thinking at the moment was going to make him feel heart-warmed. 'Sorry, Wendy-chan…'

Establishing the connection between their minds, he adjusted on his seat and look at a random point in the guild, pretending to be thinking and not reading the mind of an innocent girl. He closed his eyes, the noise made by the others distracted him, and he needed to concentrate his mind and ears on the blue-haired. 'U-uh… I can't capture bandits… but then… I could ask Natsu-san to help me… No! No, I can't ask for his help! I need to get stronger! I have to be able to help them in a fight too!'

'Aw… Wendy-chan, you're cute…' Warren thought with a small blush, smiling inwardly at the girl's resolve and cuteness.

'Maybe… I should ask Mira-san to help me pick a mission… She'll know what to do…' And she moved away from the board to go seek the barmaid's help, Warren deciding for his wellbeing to stop the connection, knowing well that the demon will be able to notice the mindlink on Wendy.

'There goes my first target… oh, well…' He thought tiredly, sighing in defeat. He looked at the guild again in search of the iron dragon-slayer, finding sitting on a table next to the guild's entrance, his eyes scowling and staring at the ceiling while he snapped his fingers and shook his head in a rhythm that made Warren quirk an eyebrow and hurry to start the link. 'Let's see what's inside the loner's head…'

But what he first heard wasn't what he was expecting. 'Shooby-do-boop… do… do… do-boop!'

'T-the hell…?' The mind-reader thought with a sweatdrop, not believing that the man would be thinking about his music while glaring at the ceiling. 'He sure has a weird face when he's thinking something…'

He cut the connection immediately, not liking the rhythm or the idea of listen to it directly from the man itself. Sighing again, he scouted the guild again and saw Levy finishing her book, a satisfied smile while she closed it and left it on the table.

'Next target! Levy-chan!' He thought triumphantly, his link starting again and connecting his mind to hear the solid-scripter's thoughts.

'It was a nice book, the characters were passionate and the plot good to entertain me to the very end…' Okay, he should have chosen someone else. 'I wonder… what it would be if Gajeel was Folster and I was Lady Cyrine...? Would he face great perils to save me…?'

The brown-haired gaped at what he was hearing; not believing the thoughts crossing the girl's mind. 'S-she likes G-gajeel…?'

He turned to look at the girl and saw her staring at the black-haired dragon-slayer with a small blush tinting her cheeks. 'B-but then… he did save me back in Tenrou…'

"H-holy Mavis!" Warren exclaimed in shock, leaning on his chair and falling to the floor with such force that it drew the attention of everyone inside to him. He remained on the floor for a bit, trying to erase from his mind what he heard a moment ago before standing up shakily, an embarrassed smile on his face, his right hand picking up his chair while the other scratched the back of his head. "S-sorry everyone! I fell asleep!"

They stared at him for a full minute, making him sweat at his poor excuse.

But then…

"Go to your home, Warren…"

"Yeah, if you're tired go home and take a nap like a man!"

"E-elf-nii, I don't think one can take a nap like a man…"

"If he's a man he'll do it!"


Sweatdropping at the answers he got, he sighed and returned to his seat, leaning on the table with a hand supporting his head while trying to continue with his original objective. He scanned the guild again, checking if he had new targets to read now that his outburst made everyone's awareness go up. He noticed a patch of pink hair and one of black hair raising from the ground, he smirked, he now could intrude into Team Natsu's mind as a whole!

'Though, I hope Natsu's thoughts are more discernible now that he's older…' He pleaded with some hope; the first time he tried to read the pink-hair's mind he only found thoughts about food, Igneel and fights. He was in bed for a week after that, a strong headache assaulting his mind nonstop. 'Anyway, here we go!'

'Damn Natsu…' It was Gray's mind; he was crossing his arms and glaring at the eating dragon-slayer sitting in front of him. 'If it wasn't for Erza I would show him who of the two is stronger!'

'Stop glaring at me, asshole!' Natsu thought with a glare countering the stripper's, continuing to munch his food to distract himself. Warren was surprised, the fire-eater's mind was clearer than the last time and now he was able to hear his thoughts like the others. 'I would punch you and make you stare at the floor if it wasn't for Erza!'

'Those two will never change…' Lucy thought with a sigh, shaking her head in a tired fashion, resuming the reading of her book… or, as she let her partners think and see; instead of that, she was doing something else and the mind-reader thought for the second time that day that the world was going insane. She was thinking about someone hanging in her belt and waiting for her call in a different dimension. 'I wonder what Loki is doing… he said he was going to visit me early today and I didn't see him… should I call him and ask him why?'

'Okay, let's move with Erza!' The brown-haired thought nervously, not liking the idea of knowing his friends' love interests without them telling him face to face.

'In five minutes, Natsu will stand from his chair and question Gray why is he glaring at him.' Was all he could read from her, and it was the only thing in which she was thinking at the moment, repeating it over and over again until a minute passed and she changed 'five' for 'four'.

Warren quirked an eyebrow at that, watching her eat her cake without a care for the world while Lucy kept on reading her book and the boys continued their glaring match; but 4 minutes passed, and, as Erza predicted, Natsu stood harshly from his seat and questioned Gray why was he glaring at him, the ice-mage responding with a smart remark before both were silenced by a stronger glare coming from the scarlet knight next to them.

The mind-reader sweatdropped at the picture, taking note of how well the Titania knew her friends and their antics; his mind focusing again in the woman's mind, since it wasn't every day that you were able to read the woman's thoughts without her noticing.

'I did notice you, Warren.' Erza said to him, shocking him to the point of losing his soul, his eyes discerning with some fear that even if she was in the same position as before, her eyes were looking at him with intensity. 'Stop reading my mind before I make you.'

'H-hai!' Warren thought with his mind going overboard to shut the connection, the woman smiling in his direction after he did so, returning to enjoy her cake without a care in the world. The mind-reader sighed in defeat and checked the guild again, he only had Cana and the Strauss Siblings left… but none of them were worth the effort, he would not hear anything interesting with Cana drinking and it was likely that Mira would do the same as Erza… So, why bother? He was done for today.

"Warren?" He heard a sweet voice calling for him, turning to the bar, he saw Mira waving a hand to him; calling him to get closer. He stood from his seat and walked to the counter, sitting on a free stool with a questioning look etched on his face. The demon smiled at him, winking while pointing at Team Natsu. "You tried reading Erza's mind, right?"

"U-uh?" He yelped in surprised, a hand covering his mouth when he was going to start ranting that it wasn't true; he looked at the blue-eyes of the girl, seeing the amusement in them.

"I know you tried, Warren, don't deny it. And I'm sorry you couldn't get more from her…" She said with a small frown, releasing the man from her hold now that he seemed to be calming down. He nodded at her, urging her to continue. "But, I have a way for you to try again without her noticing…"

"R-really?" He whispered in shock, his eyes staring at her when she nodded with a small smile. "How's that?"

"I'll help you by canalizing some of my power to you; when the two mix, it will form another kind of magic pattern that she won't notice until it is too late." The last was said with a wide smirk, making Warren nod uncomfortably. The demon was more interested in knowing Team Natsu's thoughts than him. "What do you say?"

"O-okay, Mira-chan…" He nodded slowly, a finger going to his forehead while Mira grabbed his shoulder and started to lend him her magic, the two mixing together and creating a stronger and different one before the mind-reader established his connection with the Titania's mind again, trying with her first to know if the plan was working.

He and Mira watched how the woman opened her eyes suddenly, scanning her surroundings in wonder before disregarding whatever was troubling her to resume the eating of her cake. 'It's working!'

'I know it is, just concentrate in her mind.' He heard the demon's voice inside his head. So, she can hear his thoughts and the ones he's trying to hear? He now knew why she was so interested in helping him. She now had an opening to all of their guildmates secrets. He shook his head and returned his concentration on the knight, his body feeling more relaxed now that he had a larger supply of magic to help him. 'Okay, here we go.'

'This cake is delicious, I should ask Mira for where she gets them so I can buy them myself; I know she feels like she has a winning card over me when I ask for them.' Mira and Warren sweatdropped at the idea, the white-haired beauty rolling her eyes at Erza's thoughts, it wasn't like she felt she had an advantage over her for knowing where to get those strawberry cakes she eats daily; it wasn't like she was going to deny Erza a piece of cake if the knight did something against her. Of course not! 'One of these days, I'll follow her and discover where that bakery is.'

'She's really cake-centered…' The brown-haired thought with a small sweatdrop.

After a minute or so, they saw the knight dropping her empty plate on the table, a more serene face on her as she closed her eyes and ignored the glares thrown in between Gray and Natsu next to her. 'It's cold outside… but with Natsu next to me, it feels like any other day.'

'Oh! Here comes something interesting!' Mira squealed for her and Warren, the man looking uninterested in the girl's matchmaking habit.

'I wish… I wish I could tell him…' They heard think with a regretful voice, getting their attention. 'B-but… I don't know how he will react… he's so hard to read most of the time…'

'I-is this… what I think it is…?' The mind-reader thought with sweat forming on his face, Mira listening with a small blush and deep concentration at what she was hearing.

'I… I think I should let him know… at least before the Tournament starts…' They heard her think before she moved to the counter with her empty plate, getting up from her seat with a long sigh that called Natsu's attention. Warren felt Mira's hand leaving his shoulder, she was moving back to the front of the bar so Erza didn't suspect anything. 'Great… I won't be able to read Erza's mind anymore…'

But then he noticed it, Natsu never stopped watching the knight after she got off the table with that tired sigh, he seemed concentrated, like if he was fighting someone. And that made the mind-reader curious enough to open the connection and start reading the pink-hair's thoughts, knowing that the boy wasn't as good as the knight when it came to detect magic sources. 'Why's she like that? Did I do something?'

'Oh… no… no no no no! Don't tell me…!'

'I should have stopped glaring at the stripper! That surely annoyed her!' Natsu thought with a small frown directed at the male in front of him, his eyes watching the knight chatting with Mira in the bar before turning back to return to the table. 'I should talk with her and leave things straight! I won't fight with that ice-cube again and she'll stop looking like that! Yeah!'

'Oh, Natsu… if only you knew the consequences of what you're about to do…' Warren felt a hand on his shoulder and a flux of magic energy being poured into him, he didn't need to turn and look to know that it was Mirajane. 'Natsu was thinking something really interesting a moment ago…'

'I know he was! He never moved his eyes away from Erza while she was talking with me…' Mira let him know that she was aware of what was happening around, in the brown-hair's opinion, she didn't need to read minds to know what was going on through the guild's mind; she was pretty well at it now. 'Focus on Erza again; she said some things to me that made me curious.'

'As you wish!' And he changed the connection to the knight again, the woman sitting next to Natsu with her arms crossed and her head down in thinking.

'Should I tell him now or when everyone's gone?' Mira gasped at the words, understanding now why the Titania asked her when she was going to leave the guild building. 'If I tell him now… everyone will look… and it'll be embarrassing! It'll be better if I do it when the guild's empty… that way, I'll be able to explain things to him if he doesn't understand.'

And she nodded satisfied with her final decision, watching through the corner of her eye at the dragon-slayer eating his food while ignoring the glares and small signs sent to him by Gray. 'Okay, I can't sense any thoughts from Natsu… or Erza for that matter… Gray is insulting Natsu and Lucy is reading her book.'

'Seems like we'll have to wait until midnight to know what she wants to tell him…' Mira thought with a bored sigh, smiling a bit when she remembered the Titania's thoughts. 'Not that we need to know what she's going to tell him, anyway.'

'W-what do you mean?'

'You'll find out later tonight!' She thought cheerily before releasing his shoulder and walking back to her siblings, leaving Warren to think about what he heard that day and what could happen that night.

A chill went down his spine at remembering.

Levy and Gajeel.

Lucy and Loki.

Erza and Natsu.

He didn't want to see, but his curiosity was killing him.

He was going to be there that night and see with his own eyes what the knight wanted to tell the dragon-slayer!

And no one was going to stop him!

To be continued.

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