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(A I.-.-.I Kuroyagi I.-.-.I original fan-fiction story.)

Walking down the street at night always gave a feeling of tranquility to the old master, he could take time to reflect on the events of the day and be prepared for anything that the future might bring to him and his guild full of brats; a quiet peaceful night, all for himself, without troubles but the upcoming Tournament and getting back to be the top.

'With Natsu, Gray, Erza and Gajeel, it might not be hard to win that thing.' He thought with a small grin, letting himself fall to his fantasies, whistling in happiness for he knew that his brats were more than able to win that competition. 'Oh, there's Laxus, Mira, Lucy and Wendy too! We cannot lose with them fighting for us!'

"Ah, I can almost see all that money, and our return to our building by the coast." He said with his grin still in place, looking at the dark sky with a single wish. "Everything will be okay from then on."

Of course, when saying this, he wasn't expecting a large tremor and an explosion to occur inside the building he just left; he dropped his shoulders and sighed, his small body turning around to see the guild and witness a cloud of smoke rising from one of its sides, he shook his head and continued his way home, he wasn't going to stop these two idiots now. 'I shouldn't have left them alone in the first place…'

And inside the guild, in between the falling ceiling, broken chairs and tables, and the strangely untouched bar, were two mages standing a few feet away from each other; a young boy with pink-hair raising his arms in a defensive position while a red-haired woman with two swords clenched her fists tightly in anger and sadness.

She couldn't lay a finger on him, he kept on avoiding her, yelling for her to stop and let him talk, but she'd have none of that, she wanted payback from the humiliating scene he created for her to display. She was hurt, she was expecting him, for this one chance, to push aside his stupidity and answer her confession with one of his own… or at least answer her before 5 minutes passed.

She got nothing.

He was still stupid and oblivious; traits that she was willing to ignore if he had responded to her feelings positively, but he couldn't… why? Why couldn't he say something with the same feeling he had after saving her after the Tower of Heaven fiasco? Or after whatever trouble she got herself into and he came to rescue her? Was he really that stupid to not notice?

He was confused. He never believed she would end up having feelings for him besides the usual comradeship between guildmates; okay, he could have expected something like a brother and sister relationship… but, love? Like what he used to feel for Lisanna? Or his father?

He was taken aback, seriously, he might be a fool most of the time but he was not a fool when it came to love; years with Happy saying 'She/He liiiiiiiikes him/her', Mirajane and her matchmaking hobby, and Cana and her drunken talks about love and some things he wished he could forget gave him a more than good understanding of what love was and how it felt.

But with Erza… did he… 'Did I ever feel that way for her?' He wondered internally, staring at the woman in question with their shared memories replaying inside his head, most of them depicting him as a friend saving another friend, nothing out of the ordinary when one thought about his life and actions. Except for…

After he defeated Jellal, when the power-up given to him by the etherion subsided, he fell to his knees and she came to stop his fall; hugging him close to her without her armor protecting her.

When did she hug anyone without her armor?

Her hugs consisted on strong hits against the breastplate of her armor, and nothing more; no two arms or strong bear hugs. Only strong hits against her armor were what she allowed as a display of affection.

He remembered her blushing whenever he talked bravely to her, encouraging her to not surrender, that everything was going to be okay as long as they were still breathing and with the will to fight. As long as the two of them were standing; as long as they were together.

He reckoned that whenever she was in trouble and he was looking for her, his body moved by instinct alone in her direction, his mind not realizing that he was unconsciously following the scent belonging to her, the scent he had memorized in every little detail throughout the years.

Finding her in between crowds of people, or the mess of the battlefields they faced, with his eyes fixed on her beautiful, long, bright scarlet hair; her eyes meeting with his, her deep brown eyes that held not only a hardened stare that endured the most terrible of tortures but also held the most fragile of all the feelings, looking at his onyx orbs with hope and relief.

With trust.

She looked at everyone with her hardened eyes, showing a smile to all of them but with those strong eyes revealing that she didn't trust them to the fullest.

Except him.

He always saw her talking with someone and smiling like always, showing a polite demeanor to everyone when on the inside she was careful of every word and action; the stare being slightly softened when she talked with the members of the guild or Makarov… but with him… he noticed that she didn't have that in her when she talked with him or even threw a glance at him.

She trusted him with her life.

And now, when she was going to tell him why, he was dumb enough to not notice that what she was saying was her truth. She was in love with him and he committed the stupidity of questioning if it was the true…

He looked down in shame, stretching his arms to the sides, not daring to look at her anymore; he was truly an idiot. "I'm sorry."

"Uh?" She asked with some surprise, the hold on her swords slightly loosening along her initial anger and embarrassment. "What?"

"I'm sorry, Erza, I…" He clenched his teeth in anger, he hated himself for his stupidity; he deserved to be punished right now. "I thought you were messing with me…"

"Why would I lie about something like that?" Erza asked with her bangs covering her eyes, her fists clenching around her swords, her initial anger returning bit by bit. "You should know better, Natsu, I don't speak lightly about things like this."

"I know that… I mean, I remembered that now…" He said with a cracked voice, his heart feeling the pain she felt when he questioned her words. "That's why… punish me… I'm yours."

She looked up at him, examining every single movement he did to reassure herself that he wasn't mocking her or lying; he was serious, his downcast expression told her enough. "Natsu… I…"

"Just strike me already!" He yelled startling her, raising his head to look up at the ceiling with his teeth clenched, expecting her to slash his chest as many times as she wanted for what he caused. Instead, he felt a fist hitting his chest softly, the hard touch of steel against his skin, with a soft movement over his pectorals that stopped over his shoulder. He fought the urge to look down with every little cell in his body, but, in the end, his curiosity won and he gazed at the figure in front of him.

She was standing in front of him without her swords, without her angered eyes, just a hand resting on his shoulder and her eyes looking at his with a small smile on her lips; looking closely, he spotted a small tear trying to escape her left eye, one of his hands moving immediately to wipe it away, not wanting to see her beautiful blushed face stained with something as ludicrous as a tear. "Erza…"

"Natsu." She whispered his name tenderly, her hand moving from his shoulder to caress his cheek, her other hand moving to hold the hand that cleaned the tears from her eyes, her head tilting in its direction to feel his fingers against her cheek. "I'm the one that should apologize, I thought you felt the same, I should have questioned you first before making you participate in this disaster."

"Disaster…?" He repeated with confusion, narrowing his eyes when he caught her train of thinking. "Erza, it's not a disaster, I…"

"Just forget about it, Natsu." She relinquished his words and the matter as a whole, releasing his hand and withdrawing her hand from his cheek, turning to walk away from the place if not for a hand that grabbed her strongly by the wrist. Looking over her shoulder, the pink-haired was looking at her with a deep scowl, a strong glare coming out of him when they met eyes; his intensity sent shivers down her spine. "Natsu…?"

"Erza…" He started, pulling her by the wrist to have her face to face against him, his eyes still glaring at her, her cheeks burning a little more at the intensity he was releasing with his eyes alone; omitting his natural body heat, obviously. "I feel the same."

"W-what?" The words escaped her unconsciously, it was meant to be more of a thought than words for the dragon-slayer; he nodded at the question.

"I have feelings for you too." He repeated in all honesty to her, causing her body to stiffen next to his, his other hand finding its way to her back and pressing her closer to him; if possible, her hair and face had the same color. "I love you."

'Holy..!' Warren thought with a pale expression, his mouth almost touching the wooden floor if not because he moved a hand to support it; he was alone listening to the whole confession since Mira passed out after Natsu took the initiative with the lost knight. 'I still can't believe it!'

"A-are you sure of your words, Natsu?" Erza asked with a stuttering voice, not trusting this situation at all, believing it was some sort of dream, one of the usual dreams she had about the young Natsu confessing to her. The dragon-slayer answered by pressing their foreheads together, gazing longingly at her eyes with his, smiling softly at her while the hand on her back moved to push away some strands of her hair that covered her right eye.

"I'm sure." He whispered softly, closing his eyes and leaning forward to give a soft-yet long kiss to Erza's lips, parting from them with a strong will behind him, not wanting to scare her with his need to feel more of her soft sweet lips. He looked at her with his strong gaze again, his mouth telling nothing but the truth in his heart. "I love you, Erza."

"I… I…" She was at a loss of words. How could she respond to this? It was what she originally imagined in her many dreams and that afternoon, but being on the spot at the moment made her understood the saying 'easier said than done'. She couldn't form words, was he expecting an answer? Of course he was! He wouldn't do such things if the case was the contrary. 'Think, Scarlet, think!'

Natsu smiled at her, understanding why she couldn't talk, he just moved forward and hugged her closer to him, pressing their bodies together, breathing over her neck and inhaling her strawberry scent deeply before letting out a long sigh, his action alone giving the knight another pleasurable shiver; a smile still on his face as his hands played with a few strands of her hair. "I understand, Erza, you don't have to say anything…"


"Don't worry." He continued, moving to lay his head against hers. "After all the time you waited, I think I can endure some time before hearing the same from you."

She felt her eyes widen at the words, her mind mistaking his words as a challenge for her; she shook her head furiously and hugged him with even more strength than his, raising one hand to pull his hair and withdraw him from the space in between her neck and shoulder. Her eyes glaring at him in defiance before she pushed him to kiss her, forcefully but lovingly, startling him but making him smile at the situation he created with just some words. He now knew how to get her, and that was something he was going to remember from now on.

Parting from the heated kiss and gasping for air, she looked at him with a deep frown, narrowing her eyes at his amused smirk. "I waited long enough."

"Oh…? Then…?" He encouraged her to continue with a teasing voice, his smirk growing a bit more to mock her into doing it at last.

"I love you too, Natsu."

'Good Mavis…' Warren thought before passing out over the white-haired demon of Fairy Tail, missing the rest of the scene and what was going to happen next.

The next day…

Feeling a small hand shaking his shoulder, Warren didn't hesitate to wake up, he opened his eyes immediately and looked around him, seeing the lower part of the other side of the bar; he remembered where he was and instantly stood up from his sleeping position, looking around to see a messed up hall and a trouble-looking Mirajane standing next to him. She shook her head in embarrassment, not forgiving herself for falling asleep at the most memorable moment in between Natsu and Erza, and the guild. "I'm sorry, Warren, I passed out and…"

"A-ah! Don't worry, Mira-chan!" He said to her hastily, not wanting to see her cry or sad, he shook his head and started to tell her –with full detail- what happened the night before; both of them trying their best to leave the guild presentable for their friends that were about to come at any minute. "…and then, I passed out too."

"So, they confessed?" She asked for a clarification, cleaning the last of the rubble from the floor and going behind the bar to clean whatever dishes she left behind because of her night activity. He nodded firmly, going to sit on one of the free stools to continue with their talk, his eyes discerning some people entering the guild already, some of them wondering about the hole in the ceiling before shrugging it off and going to ask for something to eat or drink, moving to some of the tables and chat.

They continued on like that, Mira serving the guild members and Warren making small talk until Gray and Lucy arrived, both of them asking questions about the Salamander and the Titania, receiving shrugs and negatives from the mind-reader and the demon before they went to sit on their usual table to talk.

Warren sighed in relief and prepared himself for the ultimate test, if the other two showed up at the guild together then… then…

Natsu and Erza appeared at the guild's doors, both looking like always and going to the table they shared with the rest of their team. Mira and Warren closely inspecting their movements and actions, stopping when the two of them asked for the head-barmaid for something to eat; there was nothing weird or out of the ordinary with them, just the usual, he was childish and she was keeping him in check.

Was everything that happened last night a dream?

They could only wonder.

"So, what did you guys do last night?" Lucy asked to his two teammates, remembering that they stayed after she and Gray left to their places; Erza kept her façade and answered with her eyes closed, her hand leaving an untouched piece of cake on her plate for her to reply.

"We talked and went home, nothing more." She said with a voice that held a tone of finality to it, not wanting to hear more questions regarding last night. Gray, though, had other plans, he couldn't ignore the path of destruction inside the guild; the ceiling had a hole to the clear sky, some parts of the floor had boulders and a few chairs and tables had signs of being slashed or being burned slightly.

"Hey, flame brain," He started; almost instantly, Natsu raised his head up, glaring at the ice-mage and narrowing his eyes at him as a signal that he was listening. "What happened last night? You guys had a fight or what?"

"Sut utp, as pek!" The dragon-slayer said with his mouth full of meat, Erza glaring at him for his lack of manners.

"Natsu, sit up straight and talk without food in your mouth!" They heard the exquip user order the pink-haired, the boy smirking slightly before swallowing what was in his mouth to talk; his smirk growing a bit after he laid his eyes on the Titania, a hungry look directed at her and her body.

"Oh? But you didn't complain when I was 'eating' last night…" He said with a lecherous smile on his face, Erza blushing furiously at his words. "In fact, you were begging me to keep on with it."

"S-shut up!" And she punched him straight on the face, sending him flying against the bar and next to the mind-reader, who was unsurprised with the development, until both he and Mira heard his last words before passing out.

"W-wild… as I love it…"


Yeah, right!

The end.

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