Reyna sat firmly against the back of a bolted down, metal seat that was no where near comfortable, as the top bar dug into her shoulder blades but you never would have known by the self-assured smirk that was covering her lips. Her hands folded on the matching table in front of her. The room she was in was by no standards large. It couldn't have been over a thirty by thirty measurement with two bolted down seats and a seasonably sized flat top table. But what had really made the situation seem claustrophobic was the fact that this tiny room meant for two was currently being occupied by five. Three of the occupants dressed in SWAT gear standing in all corners of the room with the exception of the door's. Then there was Reyna and the fifth occupant was her company.

He had a grin matching her's yet his had a maliciousness that would have been troubling to almost anyone. His cheek bones were higher and more predominate then most making his Asian decent undeniable. His hair was spiked messily three inches high it's jet black color matching his colorless eyes. He had a smaller build but it was obvious even on a glance he was pure muscle. And if there was any doubt about it, with how tight his black, v-neck tee clung to his chest and upper biceps that put it to rest. By all accounts he was handsome. And had he not had such a terrifying presence some might even apply the word beautiful when describing him.

"So Mr. Akuma-"

"Akuma." his tone was low, and like his appearance cold. With only a hint of an accent.

"Very well. Do you have a last name?" she paused waiting for a response, but they both knew she wasn't really expecting an answer. "The authority's human and Fae have a lot of questions for you. Some the same, some differ. The most wanted answer is what exactly do you want?" she paused again this time expecting an answer only to have his smirk grow as he faintly tilted his head to the side. "Maybe not the right term? What is your goal?" Sighing heavily she took a minute to study his body language which was surprisingly open and calm. "I am trying to help you here. You know and I know that you have us on the ropes. We do not know nor do we have any idea what it is that you are planning. But at this point in the game anything you are aiming at has been done. Try and expose the Fae, Syra amongst others have tried. Give human Fae abilities or vice-versa, again she tried. Genocide? Stephanie Lewis tried. Create your own army, Sasha tried. Break the peace between sides," she paused smiling at him. "Well you get the picture. We have seen it all and we have won against it all. Please do us and more importantly yourself a favor and simply answer the few questions. Wave the white flag now and you will only have to answer for the warehouse murders. You press this on much longer and the authority's will look to make an example out of you."

"How do you know," he let out smugly as he leaned forward, folding his arms on the table. "that those are the only people I have killed?"

"Akuma. Let me be frank with you here. It has been a year without incidents. Six months since the merger has happened. Despite a few rebels there have been no incidents. So believe me when I say that if you drag this out you will be dealt with swiftly and harshly."


"I've never seen anything like this." one of the twenty uniformed officers said as Hale and Dyson walked past them out into the parking lot.

"Scary fact is that I haven't either." Hale let out quietly as he pealed off his blood covered gloves.

"Me either."

"You think it was a group or what?"

"I don't know. One way or another Reyna will get an answer I'm sure. She has a way about her." he let out a chuckle as they reached the car. "Relax. She will get this all wrapped up in a hour and then I will find my way to the Dal with two double jointed Nymphs and you will be at home watching some chick flick with Kenz."

"Laugh all you want. You were there once."

Bo And Lauren's Bedroom

"And they say marriage kills your sex life." Bo joked breathlessly as she was kissing down Lauren's neck.

"Killing a sex life is kind of hard to do when your married to a succubus."

"Are you complaining?" she asked pretending to be hurt as she sat up.

"Never." Lauren let out with a devilish smile as she pulled the brunette back down toward herself. Her hands moving to the succubus' back as her lips captured her's. "We should at least try and make an appearance tonight."

"You have to go to work soon and I do not want to spend what little time I have with you at some overly preppy, wanna-be-Baribe type party for some girl we hardly know."

"Bo. We've known her for over a year and we see her almost every day." Lauren let out laughing. Half at how her wife was almost pouting and half at how her wife's hands were teasing the bear flesh on her stomach.

"We will send a gift," she paused as she lead down again nipping at the blonde's lower lip. "a really, really big gift."

"Bo," she whined.

"Besides you will make an appearance and then go to work leaving me there all alone. And those preppy girls can be sex crazed." she leaned up just a little looking into her eyes. "You wouldn't want that would you?'

"If I kept you away from everyone who wanted to have sex with you I would have to lock you in this room."

"Oh whatever!' the succubus pouted as she rolled off her. "You are such a pain. Like a big, big pain in my very nice ass."

"You are SO full of yourself babe." she joked playfully swatting Bo on the side of her thigh before letting a comfortable silence fall over them. She closed her eyes yawning while the succubus watched her lovingly until her own eyelids began to heavy.

A loud clap of thunder cracked through the sky holding for several moments powerful enough for her to feel the vibration. Her eyes shot open, the noise startling her half conscious mind. She propped herself up on her elbow looking down at Lauren who was still sound asleep. Turning behind herself she looked to the clock 9:47 p.m. Rubbing her brow with her free hand she tried to clear her muddled thoughts. She thought is was only a few moments ago that she had closed her eyes but in actuality is was almost two hours. Another crack of thunder filled the room followed by a flash of lightening that lit the darkness. She looked around the room and down the empty hall.

Inhaling deeply she gave the room another once over unable to settle the feeling of uncertainty growing in the pit of her stomach. She jumps as she feels something brush against her arm.

"Were you just going to let me sleep past my shift?" she asked sleepy eyed with a smile as she rested her hand on the small of Bo's back. Her smile easing as she realized the worry on her lover's face. "Whats wrong?"

"Nothing." she let out shaking her head as if it would shake the uneasy feeling off. Swallowing hard she turned to face the blonde, leaning in kissing her on the check. "The thunder just scared me."

"I won't let it get you." the blonde joked as she gave her wife another peck before sliding off the bed.

"How will you protect me when your gone?"

"I'll leave you in Kenzi and Hale's capable hands. They will be at the party," she paused as she pulled her white tee over her head and then her navy scrub top. "where you will be." she turned to the scowling succubus with a sweet smile. "Pweeese."

"No," Bo whined out making the doctor laugh, not completely sure if the whining was at the fact she knew she wasn't getting out of going to this party or at the fact that she was pulling up bottoms of her scrub uniform.

"My love," she paused again as she went to her lover's side, leaning down pulling her into a tender kiss. "Don't be a hermit."

"AW!" she let out playfully as she tapped the blonde on her butt as she began walking out.

"Love you." Lauren let out through a wide smile as she walked toward the main door digging in her bag for her car keys. So engrossed in what she was doing she didn't hear the sound of heavy foot steps running toward her. She couldn't help but let out a scream as she found herself being grabbed by the shoulders and spun around. Before she had time to speak she found herself being locked between the door and Bo's strong body as her lips were being held captive in a ravenous kiss.

"Mm, something to remember me by." the succubus let out in a whisper as she finally broke the kiss.

"Mmm, I'm going to be late."

"We'll be quick." she lied with a lustful smile as her hands wrapped around to the back of Lauren's thighs lifting her up until her wife's legs were tightly wrapped around her waist.

"You lie."

"Just a little." she chuckled in between kisses as she began walking back toward the couch.

Interrogation Room

Reyna leaned forward onto the table to meet him. Looking into his cold, dead eyes. An amused smirk never leaving his lips in the three hours she had kept him there with her. Sighing she ran her eyes over his face once more time.

"I must admit in all my years I have never seen kills such as yours. Such detail put into it with such brutal rage. Such an enjoyment for the kill. Certainly no human nor Fae. You are the first." she started to lean back until she heard him whisper. "What?" she asked leaning back in as he whispered inaudibly again. "What?" she almost chuckled out this time leaning so far forward that her ribs were digging into the edge of the table.

"I said that I am not Fae." she felt her entire body go numb as she looked into his eyes and watched his smirk turn to a toothy smile. All four of his K-9's an inch and a half long coming to a perfect point while the one tooth next to each of them toward the inside of his mouth where only an inch long but with matching points. Just as her mind registered his words and what it might have meant it was already to late as his hands were on each side of her head slamming it down so hard on the table top it cracked.