Chapter Seven : Sometimes The Truth Hurts Worse

"What is that?" she asked again her hands trembling at her sides as her jaw clenched to the point of unbearable pain as she used every ounce of strength and pride she had left to keep herself from letting her threatening tears to fall.

"Can't this wait until later?"

"Later?" she let out almost in disbelief that she would say something so ridiculous as though she was inconveniencing her wife. "No. No Lauren this can't wait until later."

"Can we at least go to our room?"

"Okay. Okay. I know I'm late but—you know what? It's a long story and it doesn't matter we'll talk about it later." Eric said as he burst through the front door and persisted to take off his jacket all without looking up and realizing the sight in front of him. "Silent treatment? Guys I'm like five minutes—late?" he trailed off as he surveyed the room both Hale and Kenzi frozen staring at the sight in front of them while his sister had a cool, angry look.

"What is-"

"What were you doing going through my things I think is the better question."

"Your things? Your things? You don't have things. We're married or did you forget? Whats mine is yours and whats yours is mine. You remember standing up in front of a room full of people and reciting vows?"


"Don't what?"

"Don't be so dramatic." Lauren ordered as she shook her head her own jaw clenching in anger.

"What is-"

"Stop it. You know damn well what it is or you wouldn't be causing this scene."

"A scene? I'm causing a scene?" the succubus let out in complete and utter disbelief as she felt an overwhelming twinge of pain in her heart. "Th-that's what you have to say?"

"It's not as big of a deal as you're making it."


"No Bo it isn't."

"Would someone like to tell us or more accurately me what's happening?" Eric asked as he leaned against the back of the couch next to Hale who was doing his best to look at the book without moving.

"Nothing." Lauren barked at him with such viciousness even he was caught off guard.

"I want to know what you're doing with them?"

"I was looking for answers. Okay? Happy? I was looking for answers."

"You sure?" Lauren didn't respond only shook her head and turned her back on the succubus walking to the sink, her freshly poured cup in hand. "You sure you want answers and your not just refusing to let her go?"

"Grow up." she mumbled under her breath still keeping her back to the room full of judging eyes. "Do you think this is the most appropriate time and place for this?"

"With you Lauren especially lately there is NEVER a good time for us."

"What do you want from me?"

"I want you to turn around and face me. I want you to be honest with me. For the past month you've done nothing but lie, lie and lie again. You're cold. You're distant. You're mean. Distracted. Rude. Inconsiderate."

"Then leave." it was two words but the blow was more devastating then anything she had said in a long time. The three bystanders let their eyes fall to the ground unsure of what they should do, unsure if they should even be in the room any more.

"I don't want to leave," Bo's voice was shaky and weak as her tears finally made it past her defenses. "I just want you to be honest."

"You want the truth?"


"Really?" she asked unnecessarily through her clenched jaw as she tossed the cup into the sink before spinning around to face her wife.

"Dammit Lauren I-"

"I'm pregnant!"

"What?" Bo let out almost in a whisper her anger almost disappeared completely. Their three friends repeated the 'what' in union but like the rest of the conversation they were ignored. "Lauren—that's—it's amazing." she let out through a weak smile, her tears coming to a halt as she started toward the blonde who had returned to her previous position of using the counter as a back rest. "Why didn't you tell me? It's amazing."

"No," the blonde held her arm out preventing the succubus from coming any closer. "No Bo it's not wonderful. It's not amazing or great or good. It's not even smile worthy. It's sad and tragic and-and-and-" she had to stop herself her own tears threatening to fall.

"Lauren." Kenzi let out unable to watch the verbal beating to her best-friend any longer.

"Is it mine?" the succubus asked her own teary eyes meeting her wife's.

"Of course." she shook her head and finally let her hand fall to her side allowing Bo to close the distance.

"Then this is amazing." she repeated with a smile as her hands went to the blonde's face, guiding it back up to face her.

"No," she repeated herself shaking her head trying to brake Bo's embrace unsuccessfully.

"Why? Because of this fight? It was silly and I was just jealous I didn't understand but I do now. It all makes sense and I can do better. I can be better."

"This isn't the first time." her words were barely audible but some how Bo had heard the heartbreaking whisper and just like that she was right back where she had started. Her heart-aching and her mind spinning with disbelief. Slowly she let her hands fall from Lauren's tear stained face. "Th-this is the fifth time."

"Fi-fifth?" she took another step back and then another. "fifth?"

"Yeah." she choked it out.

"What? No. No. I don't believe you." she took a breath and two steps back before hitting the arm of the couch stopping her in her tracks. "You're lying. You're lying to me to-to-?"

"To what Bo?"

"To get back at me. To hurt me. I don't know. But I know that you're lying, you have to be cause I know that you wouldn't—you wouldn't do this to me. You couldn't hurt me like this-could you?" she waited for an answer but with every passing second of silence the crushing answer was clear.

"What does crazy bitch have to do with this?" Kenzi asked her tone dripping with venom as she had at some point sneaked around the counter, into the living room and begun flipping through the book.

"Kenzi stay out of this." Lauren ordered in a deathly tone she had never dared to take with the young girl.

"I want to know." the succubus jumped immediately back into the argument.

"Bo, please don't do-"

"You don't have a right to tell me what to do and what not to do." this time her hurt was taking a backseat to her anger as her tears had all but vanished. The pain in her heart on the other hand was more present then ever but somewhere in between processing everything that had just been said and her protective drive kicking in it was easy to block it out or rather more accurately use it as fuel for her anger.

"Th-the first time I—I thought it was because of what happened with what yo—with what ha-"

"With what I did?" she asked her features tensing. "You can say it. You haven't pulled any punches tonight. Say it."

"I thought it was because of what happened between us that night but—but it happened the second and the third and the fourth time. And no matter what Juliet or Reyna do they couldn't stop it. We couldn't stop it."

"Reyna? And Juliet? The fucking new doctor knows before I do?" she paused her fists clenching to the point of pain, nails digging into her skin. "Well of course shes an OB isn't she. That's what all the weirdness was with her. Ha. Wow."


"Reyna too? Guess everybody but me."

"You don't understand."

"I don't understand? No Lauren I don't understand how you can be pregnant let alone have four miscarriages and not even mention it to me, your wife."

"The first time it-"

"What? You thought it was my fault so what? You decided to hide it? Well she doesn't know to begin with so I'll just get pregnant again and I'll never have to tell her? Is that how that went?" again the only answer she got was silence. "Tell me! Was that how it went?!"

"Bo." Kenzi let out softly trying to calm her friend realizing she was no longer realizing the surroundings. The fact that she was now only a couple feet from being in Lauren's face completely, the fact that Lauren had at some point lost all control and was crying to the point it could have been considered balling. "Bo, you need to take a second."

"A second? I'd love to take a second but apparently when I give MY WIFE a second of space she-" she paused shaking her head yet again the building rage hitting a point where she couldn't even think straight enough to form words. Gaining a second of composer she looked up to her sobbing wife and to her family who looked just as confused and betrayed as her. Taking deep breath after deep breath she calmed herself and with each breath she took another step back till she was sitting on the couch her eyes focused on the book that had started it all. Suddenly a dark, angry chuckle came from the succubus that scared all of them. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry just-" she paused as leaned forward picking up the book. "just after all this time," turning to Lauren to make sure she got the full blow of what was about to come. "You're still running to her instead of me."

"You want to make this another pissing contest between you two go on ahead. I'm done. She is dead. You want to spend the rest of your life fighting a ghost then be my guest." she said the base returning to her voice as she wiped the remainder of tears from her face.

"No Lauren I don't." the succubus brought herself to her feet as her eyes gave the blonde a once over. "She wins." she tossed the book at her feet, the thud of the book hitting the floor making her wince. "I'm done." and with that she turned her back to the group and never looked back as she vanished down the hall and into their bedroom, a loud crack from the door being slammed.