Of Ponds and Potters

One - Where You Need to Go

The Doctor liked to think that he and his TARDIS knew each other very well, after nine hundred years running around all of time and space together. She might have been a bit of a fickle thing, but he honestly believed that the two of them, Doctor and TARDIS, had each other's best interests at heart – well, hearts plural, in his case, and perhaps it was all for the best that he had two, because he wasn't really sure if she actually had a physical heart at all. Anyway, the point was that, in the end, she always took him where he needed to go. And the Doctor knew this, he honestly did. But at times like this, when she threw herself violently off course, it was a bit hard to remember.

"Oh, come on, don't do this to me!" The Doctor exclaimed, madly flinging levers and turning dials, twirling around the centre console of the TARDIS in a mad dash. "Stop shaking, you're just having a tantrum now!"

"Doctor!" Amy Pond was clinging on to the stair railing, digging the heels of her Converse in to the floor in an attempt to keep herself from falling over. "Doctor, I think whatever you're doing is just making it worse!"

The Doctor shook his head, slamming his open palm down onto a flashing green button and wincing when it emitted a short, high pitched shriek. "You are so Scottish sometimes, Amy Pond."

"Well yes," she snapped, trying to pull herself up onto the centre platform. "I am Scottish."

"Yes, but you're particularly Scottish when you're scared."

"I'm not scared!" She huffed, her indignation giving her the drive to wrench herself upright.

"Of course not, you're Amelia Pond," the Doctor smiled, earning himself a grin from Amy in return.

When the TARDIS lurched aggressively to the side, however, Amy's grin slipped. "And you're the Doctor, so fix your TARDIS!"

"I'm trying!" He leapt around the console and pulled the wibbly lever, and just as suddenly as it had started shaking, the TARDIS came to a halt. There was a brief moment of tense silence, and then the Doctor stood up, clapping his hands together enthusiastically. "There! You see, I knew exactly what I was doing. No need to worry, everything's perfectly fine and we are exactly where I wanted us to go."

Amy put her hands on her hips and sighed, "And where would that be?"

"Not the slightest." He skipped past her to the door, his hair flopping in front of his eyes. "Let's go find out!"

She couldn't help but smile at the Doctor's enthusiasm, and so was right behind him when he pulled open the door of the TARDIS and stepped out into – a giant dining hall. At least, that's what Amy thought it was, mainly because of the four tables running its entire length. The walls were stone, and looked to be incredibly old.

"Are we in the medieval ages?" Amy went to ask, but the words died on her lips as she looked up to see that the hall had no roof. There was just sky, suspended over their heads and showing heavy, dark rainclouds and fat droplets of water cascading down. And yet, they were perfectly dry. The whole hall was perfectly dry. In fact, underneath the sky, there were candles, hundreds of burning wax candles, just floating in mid air. Amy had thought that over time she'd get used to seeing strange things with the Doctor, but she certainly wasn't used to it now. "On another planet?"

The Doctor had his back to her, waving the sonic screw driver around the corner of the TARDIS. "I don't know quite where we are…" He patted the wall of the blue phone box and asked absently, "Where have you taken us, old girl?"

Amy walked around to his other side and looked at the grand table set up on the raised platform at the front of the hall, and then through the great arched windows behind it. She darted up there, pressing her palm to the window and rubbing a clear circle in the frost to peer outside. It was fairly dark, but she could make out rolling hills, a thick forest and lights shining through what she assumed were windows a little way out. Something tugged at the back of her mind, an insistent nag that grew stronger the longer she looked out the window. And then it dawned on her.

"Doctor." She spun around, and something in her voice must have been sharp enough to grab his attention, because he looked up from the sonic and straight at her. "I know where we are. It's impossible, but I do, I know where we are."

In a few strides the Doctor was standing beside her, glancing between the clear circle she'd made on the window pane and her eyes. "Where are we, Amy?"

"We're in Scotland."

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