Professor Layton and the Dark Apple


The gleaming sun shone down her exquisite rays of radiance over the peaceful serene spot below her, clothing the ground in a gown of golden light. Perched in the middle of the cloudless sapphire sky the sun floated dreamily as if it was attached to invisible strings of sunlight and hung there like a sorceress's ball, swirling with mystical and magical elements. The wind was cool and fresh, blowing life into the small village below and carrying the sweet scent of violets and other sweet scented flowers. The sky seemed to stretch outwards forever and gave the new day a welcoming feeling of peace and calmness. The residents were all outside doing their daily business and making the most of the glorious weather. The sound of sweet birdsong filled the air, each note and new pitch as beautiful as the last as they chirruped in harmony simultaneously and extended their feathered wings, dancing gracefully across the sky as the light made their feathers glow like glistening jewels.

The tallest building below the beautiful sight was situated on the outskirts of the village, towering high and proud into the sky. The building was equivalent to a grand castle or fortress, being the same in height and splendour with large grounds below and stained glass windows, yet despite the beauty and splendour of this ancient building, there was no place in existence that had a darker atmosphere of pure evil. The ivy that snaked up the stone walls to give it an eerie impression was only the beginning: The grounds were overgrowing and appeared to be uncared for, the stained windows reflected dark shadows in every direction whenever the sun shone on them and the paint had started peeling off the doors and furniture, giving the impression that the house was very old. Located at the highest point of the building was a large balcony that spread out for several metres and gave the best view in the whole village of the landscape below. A tall figure was currently stood there, clutching the stone walls tightly as her eyes scanned the sight below her. The figure swished her hair behind her, so that her dark strands blew menacingly in the wind. She gnashed her teeth together loudly as a bitter frown of loathing plastered her entire face, making her look like the vilest creature that had ever walked the face of the Earth and this instantly caused her pleasant, attractive features to be erased from existence.

"Life is heartless!"

The sentence echoed across the whole building and down across the landscape, being carried even further by the wind, which had stopped abruptly at the suddenly menacing tone of the figure's voice. Her emerald eyes glowed with rage as two sparks of fire burned through them, blinding the figure with her own anger, as the once pretty features of the gardens below seemed to instantly melt away rapidly in her own opinion. The figure kicked her robes in anger and marks started to appear in the tough stone from where their sharp nails had dug into it. The figure clenched her fists. Throwing back her head, the figure snarled evilly and thrashed her cloak behind her as the wind picked up on strength and speed.

"Life is like a miracle for some people…but for others it is cruel and unfair! It takes away happiness and feelings of emotion and life without happiness is lifeless and cold-no longer living and being alive but dead at the same time. Like zombies and mutants of darkness…"

The figure trailed off and fell silent as only the stirring sound of the wind filled the air. The figure sighed loudly and closed her eyes in thought and concentration. Despite their beautiful shine however, there was wickedness and evil beneath it all. This was the process that was repeated every morning: looking over the world and declaring how heartless and cruel life could be. Nethertheless, this wasn't exaggerated as the statement couldn't have been more appropriate in her opinion.

The figure resumed to her unbreakable concentration, only to be interrupted with a loud swishing noise of blood red velvet curtains being whipped to the side and heavy footsteps from the figure that had just disturbed her privacy. Turning around, she sighed in relief to see a face that she knew: the kindly face of a beautiful woman clad in a midnight gown, her chestnut curls falling around her shoulders and her brown eyes gazing into the figure's emerald ones. A smile puckered her rosy lips as she advanced towards the edge of the balcony to join the other figure. She placed a soft palm on the figure's shoulder as she stood upright, her face blazing with determination. A question glinted in her eyelids as the other woman nodded in response.

"It is time, my dear" she said carefully as the figure looked over the landscape once again before turning her attention to the woman by her side.

"Is everything prepared as I specifically requested?" she asked dangerously as the vein in her temple throbbed.

The woman bowed so low that her gown brushed across the dusty floor.

"All is prepared and awaits your presence. Do not fear-you will do fine," she said quietly.

The figure smiled venomously and peered over the horizon for the last time.

"So it shall be then," she responded with a harsh laugh, "It would be highly improper of me to begrudge the village their entertainment...After all, they will be dying to see it! Nothing will stand in my way-nothing and nobody!"

An evil cackle issued from her scarlet lips as the other woman quickly got to her feet again and hastily followed the figure as she glided gracefully towards the door separating the building and the balcony. With one final look at the landscape below, the figure swiped back the curtains to enable her to pass through. The other woman followed, her lips curving into a cruel smile at the figure's ringing laugh. She turned to face her again, peering solemnly into her blazing eyes.

"Very soon, my dear," she began in a quiet voice that had an undeniable wickedness dissolved into its tone, "our revenge against our despicable enemies shall be complete-for both of us."

The figure turned to her and clasped her hands tightly, a wave of deadly excitement piercing her heart like the sharp glistening point of an arrow.

"I shall savour that day until my last breath…"

Releasing a final cackle the two women stalked into the tower, not even looking back at the landscape below them. The wind had picked up more than ever as the two left, with chunks of debris being thrown through the air and an icy sinister chill filled the surrounding atmosphere from where the figures had recently stood…

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