Please read this before moving on to the story or you will

 all go completely off of your onions!

Yes, hello again. It is I, the one and only PezMaster! I know how much you want to start reading this fantastic piece of literature which lays before you, so I'll stop rambling on and get strait to the facts:

First, I need to let you know that this thing is going to be HUGE! (Let's just say that I went a little over board and leave it at that).

Second, I would quickly go through 'Party Animals' before you read this. No, this is not a sorry excuse to get more reviews for my other stories; 'Party Animals' might give you some clues and background information about the plot in this tale. *cough* Phiona*cough*

Finally, I will move to the MOST IMPORTANT tid-bit of background information: A new character is introduced in a very odd way (*Readers moan, mumbling curses under their breaths*). No, no, don't worry; it's fine. I wrote this story as if the new character was in the rest of the Potter books. That means all the regular characters know her and interact as if she was there from the beginning. (So don't freak out if some new chick just simply waltzes into the story unannounced)

So who is this 'new character', you ask? Read . . . you'll figure it out . . .

Thanks for being patient with my stupidly chaotic creative process!

Much Love . . . All The Best . . . Cheers . . . yadda, yadda, yadda . . . .