LbN: Written for Mew & Mor's Weird Pairings Challenge. Prompt was Parvati and Scabior

You stand in the corner of the meeting room staring over at one person. She's identical to her sister, but you know she's the other one—the Ravenclaw. One of the waiters comes around, and you take a flute of champagne to calm your nerves. What if she recognizes you? True, a shave and a change of wardrobe have done wonders for your appearance, but still…. You imagine it's hard to forget the man who ripped you away from your sister.

But then you wonder why you're so worried. Surely her sister told her what you did…how you protected her. Or maybe not. Either way, the war is in the past, and you should be able to enjoy the party. But when you look at her, you see her sister. And you can't help but remember that night.

"Why are you giving the brat food, Scabior?" one of the Snatchers asked. "Save it for us."

"I think our man has a bit of a crush," another said.

"Shut your gob," Scabior told him. "They need her for questioning. It would do us no good to have her die in these woods."

"Aye," the first one said. "Still…if you get the urge, don't be shy. No one said we couldn't have a little fun when we bring them in."

"And if you don't, I might," the second one said, laughing.

"You will not touch her," Scabior said calmly.

The other two looked at him curiously, then snorted.

"Please yourself," the first one said.

Later, Scabior moved his sleeping sack closer to the girl.

"Get away from me!" she snapped.

"Parvati, isn't it?" he asked. "You're quite beautiful. Trust me when I say, you'd rather have me close tonight. I won't hurt you," he added in an undertone.

She glared at him suspiciously, but didn't pull away when he wrapped an arm around her.

You shake yourself from your thoughts, seeing the sister approach. "Evening."

"I probably wouldn't have figured out who you were, if you hadn't been staring all night," Padma tells you.

You blush and stare at your shoes.

"She told me. About everything. She'll be here tonight, you know. We should all trade war stories."

With that, she leaves you to your half-empty glass of champagne.