Obviously, Twilight isn't mine. These words are.

This story is almost completely written, all I have to do is wrap it up. This means it was written before everything happened this week. It's creepy, I know.

As always, I give thanks and a LOT of credit to my pre-readers, Kitkat681 and CullensTwiMistress. I feel like you guys know my writing better than me by now! You guys are my team and always there for me when I'm stuck somewhere. Thanks so much.

Hope you enjoy!


My eyes are closed, breaths coming in pants from your intense kisses. I try to pull away, to breathe so I can come out of this alive but there your fingers are, under my chin, reconnecting my lips to yours. We kiss and kiss until I have to pull away again to breathe. Then we reconnect again and the cycle starts again. The taste of you in my mouth clouds my thoughts, your warm tongue softly massaging mine, one hand on my hip and the other in my neck, your fingers in my hair, softly pulling on it.

My hands roam your chest. I can feel your muscles through your thin t-shirt. I feel something else that's hard pressing through your jeans against my lower stomach. I long to feel that elsewhere but it's too fast, too much too soon and it's hard to think right now anyway with your mouth on mine.

After resisting you for so long it's hard to believe this is really happening.