Tadao marched into the Lady of the West's castle, his face was set in a tight frown. His usual calm demeanor was set in frustration, his eyes that were usually gentle had determination. He wanted answers, he needed the answers, and he would get to the bottom of what was going on. Tadao was careful about what he did or what he said, usually he thought about his irrational decisions, however, he couldn't even contemplate anything. He had snuck out of the Western Castle, he had watched Izumi leave the castle from a distance. He transformed and made his way in the opposite of the direction, as he flew over to Lady of the West's castle.

The guard in the front stopped him, "Do you have business with the Lady of the West?"

Tadao narrowed his eyes, and cleared his throat. The guard looked at him, "Oh, Master Tadao, forgive me, I didn't recognize you.." He said bowing letting him through. Tadao didn't thank him, or even acknowledge him; he proceeded on through the gate and up the stairs. Long before he could reach the top, he heard her laugh.

"Tadao, what a lovely surprise." Her voice rang through.


"Rin, have you seen Master Tadao?" Takumi asked looking up from her cooking. She had Rin help her preparing lunch for everyone.

"Nope," Rin answered, "I had waited for him in garden for lessons today, but he wasn't there."

Takumi arched her eyebrow, "That's weird."

"Apparently," Rin said. Her mind off in distant places. She still wondered about Shin and Tadao's history. She wondered how he figured it out, or if she told him. Her head was swirling, she could barely tell what she was doing with the arrangement of the food.

"Umm, Rin, the tea cups aren't what hold the soy sauce." Takumi said fixing her, Rin snapped back to reality. She fumbled with the tea cup dropping one of them. They crashed into pieces in front of her.

"Oh," She said, "Sorry."

"Is something on your mind child?" Takumi asked. "And don't move I don't want your feet to get cut."

Rin shook her head, "Nope." She said smiling.

Takumi simply nodded, knowing that the answer wouldn't be easy to get out anyways.

"Rin, why don't you find Master Jaken, you go and do something.. else.." She said, choking at the last line. Rin sighed, and without a word, she set the broken tea cup down.

"I guess, I'll visit Kagami," She said in wonder. "Since she's back.." I have to talk to her anyways.

"Yes, you do that.. And find Master Jaken!" She said, as Rin wondered off blankly. Takumi sighed, and scratched her head. "She's acting so creepy."

Rin traveled to the servant's quarters where Kagami was resting, she had just come home today, bandages still on her face. The servant's quarters were next to the guest hall, and each servant had their own rooms, besides Takumi and Yori who shared the master rooms. She came to a stop at Kagami's door, where she took a breath in and out. Kagami, with her demon senses could hear Rin tap on her door, "Come in Rin." She said smiling, she could hear the door open. Rin looked at Kagami who was sitting up, fumbling with yarn in her hand. She was some how sewing something, Rin sat down in the chair next to Kagami's bed.

"How are you feeling Kagami?" Rin asked trying to sound calm.

"I'm alright, bored though." Kagami replied, "How are you?"

"Me? I'm fine," Rin stuttered, "How are you sewing blindly?"

"It's easy for demons to do things when one of their senses are blinded; plus I have to sew this so I can fix a tear in my kimono." She said holding up her piece of work, it was just a simple square of cloth.

"I see," Rin replied, she examined Kagami's work in awe.

"Do you need help?" Rin asked.

"Yes, actually, could you grab that book lying on the top of my dresser?" Kagami replied. Rin arched her eyebrow, "Do you want me to read you a bed time story?"

Kagami laughed out loud, "No you silly human, I want to show you something, that will answer all of your questions."

Rin jumped a bit, "My questions?"

"I'm aware, that Master Tadao tapped a bit into our family history yes?" Kagami asked smiling, Rin's heart jumped a few beats.

"Y-yeah I guess so." Rin said getting up the retrieve the book. She looked at the old leather book, it appeared to be handmade, the yellow pages smeared with history. Kagami's name was etched onto the book, she shook of some dust on it. She sat back down to her seat, Kagami held her hand out and Rin placed it there. Kagami opened it to the first page, it was all hand written.

"This is my diary," Kagami finally said, "It will tell you what and why," She said flipping to the middle of the book. She handed it back to Rin, "Read this page in your room later, for now I'll tell you what happened."

Rin nodded she pulled out a stand of hair and put it as a bookmark on the page. She closed it and set in on her lap and let Kagami tell her story.

"It was about 300 years ago, long before I had even come to this castle to work as a servant. Aimi had just been born, Cho, Io were still young children. Shin and I being the eldest, were already working." Kagami began, "As the oldest I was my father's personal servant, he was a general, who was resented for marrying my mother, who was his own personal servant. Of course after their marriage, she no longer worked, and I took her place, attending meetings with him, and tending to his needs. He wasn't a cruel father, he was always so kind, he never treated me as a servant, he treated me like his daughter." Kagami sighed smiling to herself, "Mother always told me that I was the strongest, and that I had to be. I had to protect my sisters, which was why when Shin was old enough to work, I had asked Master Tadao to let my sister work for him. I couldn't trust anyone not to mistreat their authority. Although at the time, he was cold, and mean." Kagami laughed a little at the end. "I know it is hard to believe, but Master Tadao wasn't always the way he is now."

"Master Tadao!" Kagami called after him running. Tadao turned a little, a scowl on his face.

"What do you want servant?"

Kagami bent down and got on her knees, she put her forehead on the floor, "Please, please take my sister as your servant."

"Why should I do that?" Tadao arched his brow, "You may be the general's daughter, but my father is the prime minister, I shouldn't have a servant born demon following me."

"Please, Master, I beg of you, she will work hard."

Tadao rolled his eyes, "We'll see how hard she works then." He said as he spun on his heel and walked away.

Kagami stood up, "Thank you Master! Thank you!"

Later that night, I had told Shin the news that she would be working for Master Tadao.

"I remember that Shin had been embarrassed that I begged for work from the prime minister's cocky son." Kagami smiled a bit, Rin was still trying to process that Tadao used to be mean and cranky. "She had gotten upset at me, but none the less she was grateful to stay in the castle." Kagami laughed. "I on the other hand," She said looking down, "I was to be transferred here the Western Castle."

"Why is that?" Rin asked.

"The Mongolians were on the verge of attack, my father being the general had to go to war. The Mongolians wanted revenge on losing a war to them many years before. They all knew the Mongolians would plan well. He didn't want me nor my sisters to be around the war, so he had Lord InuTaisho if we could serve him. Though Cho and Io were still young, and Aimi was still a new born, he was compassionate enough to allow us to stay at his castle as workers." Kagami explained, "For awhile I was Lord Sesshomaru's personal assistant. Since Lord InuTaisho didn't have any need for me. Takumi, Yori, and Taro were already here by the time we had all gotten to the castle. In any case, during the Mongolian invasion on the Western Lands they had created a diversion against the Western army. They had made sure that the Castle was defenseless. While we were attacked, by luck Master Tadao and Shin happened to be at Izumi's mansion in the mountains. But by then it was too late, they had returned with it burned to the ground. That day I lost my mother and father; thinking we had lost the war, Lord InuTaisho had come into the picture and led us to victory. After the war ended, the castle needed to be rebuilt, and by then Lord InuTaisho had mated with a human. Lord Sesshomaru had requested Tadao to be his advisor, while he went off to seek his fathers swords. Tadao watched the Western Castle, but at the time he had also met Izumi. By that point Shin had already fallen in love with Tadao, but he had kindly refused her because he loved Izumi. Shin herself was heartbroken, she stopped eating, she stopped smiling at one point. She even stopped being his servant, while here for a bit, Cho was his servant. Until Shin was cured, she spoke to no one. In the end, Tadao had fixed everything."

"How did he exactly?" Rin asked.

Kagami shrugged her shoulders, "Shin never told me, she just told me with that he helped her realize something important, and she's been in love with him ever since. Her feelings are kept subtle, but she'd die for him."

"Kagami, do you know why, he hasn't returned her feelings?"

Kagami shook her head, "I don't know why Rin," Rin sighed and nodded.

"Does Lord Sesshomaru know about all of this?" Rin asked.

Kagami nodded, "Of course he does, I'm sure that he himself would probably like to know why Izumi showed up here in the first place."

"I agree.."


"So why the lovely visit so unexpectedly?" The Lady of the West asked playing with her necklace. Tadao had regained control of his temper, and settled down a bit. He looked at her.

"What are you plotting?" He asked her.

She scoffed, "Plotting? Tadao, you silly child I don't know what on earth you're talking about."

Tadao sighed and narrowed his eyes, "Sesshomaru himself would like to know why you sent Izumi."

"Aw, Tadao, you poor soul," She said, "I simply granted her wish." She said tapping her necklace delicately.

Tadao's eyes widened, "You didn't.."

The Lady of the West smiled, "Yes, Tadao, I stole her soul."