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Harry's Yearbook

Harry was sitting before the fire looking through his yearbook he received from Hogwarts that stretched through all his years in Hogwarts. Going through it, he had to wonder how exactly Dumbledore and the other teachers had the pictures ordered as they weren't done by houses or alphabetically... he finally decided that they were placed for the most entertainment, seeing as him and Draco Malfoy's pictures were always together, along with other pairings or groups. Like Fred and George Weasley with their friend Lee Jordon who, even as pictures, were pulling pranks and just causing mayhem. Other times the groups were different depending on what year he was looking at, like from 5th year on, Seamus Finnegan and Blaise Zabini were together and having a continuous party in their pictures.

Harry kept going back to the pictures of him and Malfoy. He laughed as he watched the two pictures fight, yelling and firing curses at each other; right from 1st year up to 6th year. There was a jump, allowing for the names of the people who died during the war before it showed the first and only group of 8th years. Harry smiled gently as he found the two pictures that should hold him and the blonde, instead he saw one, red and gold background and two figures intertwined on the green and silver background kissing. The two glanced out of their frame and smiled at him before locking their lips together again.

Jumping, Harry looks up as he feels a set of arms wrap around his waist and looks into the silver eyes of his husband of 7 years. "Figure it out yet Love?" Draco asked into his ear. "Insanity." Harry answered, "It's the only explanation." He then reached up and kissed the blonde, "Not that I can fault the results."

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So here it is:

:Harry and Draco were never gay in the stories, ergo this story is

unbelievable. Please write more believable stories in the future.

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So it's even anonymous! So here's what we have to say back:

No F*cking duh! That's why it's called FanFICTION! Key word is Fiction therefore it doesn't have to be believable! That's why in some stories Harry is Evil and goes to the Dark side, why in others Voldemort is nice and Dumbledore is a total Jackarse and still others Males are able to become pregnant! IT'S FICTION!

Dam, we've always wanted to say that but we've never had a reason to so thank you 'Guest' thank you very much! Like come on, it's not like being unbelievable is going to stop us... cause we're pretty much unbelievable ourself... what with us only being one person with three voices: Sanity (Female), Katlin (Male) and Jacob (Female)

Katlin swears we're turning him gay... we laugh at him...