So this is the much awaited third and final chapter in my modern Lion King Modern Human Version series. Warning: This story will be a lot more dark than the previous two. A HUGE thanks to Haradion who gave me the idea for the plot line of this story. I hope you enjoy and I'm looking forward to writing this. This is not based of a film and will include many original characters. I hope no readers are offended by the gruesome opening.

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Prideland City International Airport, Three years after the marriage of Kovu and Kiara

Three familiar people, all dressed in suits with bulletproof vests over the top, approached the elevator anxiously. They were all heavily armed, and carried weapons that ranged from a twelve-gauge shotgun, to huge M240 machine guns. They stopped in front of the elevator door and started loading their weapons up, and checking ammunition. They all carried at least a thousand rounds, with M67 grenades and pistols. A lot of kills meant a lot of ammo.

Shenzi pressed the elevator button and tapped her foot anxiously as the elevator descended towards them at a painfully slow rate. The service elevators were always slower, especially when you needed to hack into them to make them work. Eventually, they heard the much-awaited DONG and the elevator doors opened. Shenzi nodded and the three of them stepped into the elevator without hesitation. She was dying to get off the blasted maintenance level. They were in the Prideland City Airport maintenance level, which was usually deserted and was where they could prepare for the task ahead of them. It was far too easy for Ed to hack into the security cameras and switch them all off.

Meanwhile, two men disguised as workers watched on. They wore high visibility vests and hardhats, as well as Bluetooth earpieces that were carefully hidden behind the side of their helmets. The first man pulled off his glasses in shock and looked at his older, more experienced partner.

"Jesus Christ...Did we just see all that?" He asked, and breathed heavily in fear.

"Yeah we did. Just keep it together kid, we have got to alert...everyone." The other man said and put his hand onto his earpiece.

"Dispatch this is Uniform Six-Two. Listen...We have a suspected terrorist attack on the Airport...We need the whole goddamn cavalry here RIGHT NOW! Otherwise a lot of people will die. Do you read me? Over." Lieutenant Conner Palladino (Call-sign 'Kopa') said over the microphone, alarmed.

He felt his stomach drop when all he heard in response was static. Son of a bitch...They cut the airport's communications. He thought and took a moment to take it all in. He was experienced all right, but never had to deal with a situation like this before. He had been a PI1 officer (Prideland Intelligence) for as long as he could remember, he had dropped out of high school as a teenager and was noticed by the agency for his cool head and courage. They recruited him as a sixteen year old and he had served with them ever since. In all his years there, he had never come across anything like this. Hundreds of lives now rested on his hands.

"Come on, we're going to have to stop them ourselves." He said and started sprinting towards the staircase, it was unlikely that they would outrun the elevator, but they had to try.

Meanwhile, in the elevator

Shenzi, Banzai and Ed checked over their weapons one final time before they got to their desired floor, and secured bandannas around their faces. This was the day they made themselves known; as more than just common mobsters that used to hang around the streets of East Side, and more than just a few angry citizens. Scar had screwed them over, and so had Simba. This was how they would hurt him. This was the rise of H-Y-E-N-A.

"May God be with us." Shenzi said and her two comrades nodded.

She heard the elevator door beep, and start to retract. She took the opportunity to say one last thing before they started their evil task.

"Remember...No prisoners." She hissed and Banzai cracked his knuckles.

They stepped out into the terminal and looked around, hundreds of innocent people were crammed there as all their flights were delayed by the communication failure. They looked around and constantly checked their watches, anxiously awaiting an answer to their delay.

Banzai looked at Shenzi and she nodded, they then lifted their machine guns and pointed them at the huge crowd. Banzai cocked his assault rifle and the familiar Cla-Chik! sound broke out.

In the crowd, a mother watched her two children innocently play with each other as they awaited their flight call, but it never came. She smiled and looked at her kids again. I've raised such angels... She thought and turned around; towards where the service elevator was. Three armed people stood there, watching them all. Her smile slowly faded away as she saw them; they weren't security guards. Their weapons were far too big and they didn't wear the uniform. Then suddenly the three pointed the guns in their direction. What the hell? It only then dawned on her what they were doing. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out. So she dived on top of her children, hoping to save them...but it was no use.


Shenzi, Banzai and Ed gunned down the entire crowd of civilians in cold blood. Their plan was simple, storm through the airport, kill anything that moved, make themselves known to Simba, then get the hell out. Shenzi felt a smug smile appear in the corner of her mouth as they advanced forward, through the piles of dead bodies and the growing pool of blood it left behind. Innocent men, women, children, and families were all cut down by the hailstorm of bullets.

They heard screams break out not too far away, but the screams were quickly silenced by machine gun fire. Soon, the entire airport had burst into chaos. People ran for their lives, and many were shot as they ran. The screams of thousands now drowned out the sound of gunfire. A few police officers then stormed through a doorway; guns pointed at them. Shenzi wasted no time and fired a solitary M203 grenade at them, blowing them all to pieces with one shot. So weak...She thought as they advanced towards the runways.

As they walked, Banzai noticed the flight-status sign hanging over the doorway. All the flight statuses slowly clicked to DELAYED written in white against a red background. The sign made a haunting click-click-click-click... noise as all the statuses flicked over to delayed. Banzai smiled when he saw this. Flights delayed? I wonder why...

Soon they blasted their way down to runway, away from the terminal, leaving no human alive. This'll piss of Simba for sure. Shenzi thought, they had single-handedly surpassed their own record for the most people killed in a single terrorist attack in the Pridelands. After they had made their way onto the airfield, the terminal became dead silent. There were no more living voices to fill it.

Five minutes later

Lieutenant Conner 'Kopa' Palladino and his new field partner Agent Harrison 'Haradion' Dion had arrived on the scene, sweating and panting from their sprint up the stairs. What they saw in front of them made their stomachs drop. There were endless rows of dead bodies, and a sea of red blood covering the floor. Dion had the sudden urge to be sick, and put his head in his hands at the sight in front of him. They had been too late.

He collapsed to the ground, holding back tears. They could have stopped them. His mentor 'Kopa' was his usual emotionless self and just shook his head in defeat. He put a hand on his shoulder as he cried and knelt down next to him.

"Look kid...There's nothing we could have done. I know this a lot for someone to see at your age (twenty-one) but we need to get going. We can't dwell on it otherwise we'll never be able to make the bastards pay. It wasn't your fault." He assured him and helped his partner to his feet.

"Now let's get going...We got us a fight to catch." Palladino said and pulled out a compact pistol from his jacket.

On the runway

Shenzi, Banzai and Ed were all pinned down behind an idle 747 jumbo jet. They had managed to get themselves into a full-blown fire fight with the Prideland SWAT, who were quick to arrive on the scene. However, they were severely outmatched when it came to firepower. They slowly advanced towards the 747, with riot shields blocking the bullets fired at them. Okay then you leave me no choice...Shenzi thought and readied her grenade launcher again.

She fired two shots, one that blew the advancing SWAT team away and one that blew their vehicle into a huge ball of fire. They were clear to advance to their extraction point now.

"Come on...Let's get out of here." She yelled out and started running into a maintenance vehicle garage. Banzai and Ed followed close behind.

"I've waited a long time for this..." Banzai added as they ran.

"Haven't we all." Shenzi replied. She could hear more SWAT vehicles roll up outside and several ambulances' sirens. This would only help to disguise them even more.

They finally reached their marked garage and an ambulance waited for them; it was their ticket out of there. The back doors to the ambulance opened and a driver wearing a white lab coat ushered them inside.

"You sent a strong message with this attack." The driver said in a thick German accent.

"That was no message..." Shenzi hissed then looked at her watch.

The security cameras were going to reactivate soon. She thought and looked up at the security camera in the room, which had suddenly turned on again. She had timed this whole operation to such precision she had even impressed herself.

When camera swiveled to face her, she tore the bandanna off her face and looked up, so the camera could see her. She smiled at it evilly then turned towards the ambulance. Everyone had gotten in the car already and was waiting for her.

"When they see my face on the security footage...Simba and all of the Pridelands will cry for war." She snickered and the ambulance driver stamped down on the accelerator and the siren wailed. He drove away as if they carried legitimate casualties, disguising them amongst the other hundreds of ambulances arriving on the scene.

A few minutes later

Lieutenant Palladino and Agent Dion arrived at the scene of the escape, and sighed.

"Jesus Christ...They got away." Palladino snarled and Dion threw his pistol down against the ground in pure rage.

He sighed again and turned to face his angered partner.

"Don't worry...We'll get them. They're common mobsters and we're cops. Think about it kid. We'll find them."

How was that to start us off? Not too nasty was it? (It is essential to the plot) Once again, big thanks to Haradion for supplying me with a plot line and a few new characters. Please Review!