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2 days before VS day, and Airport massacre.

Kovu sat in his bed, next to Kiara. He would have to sleep well that night, as Simba was taking him up to the roof of the palace to see the sunrise early the next day. Before he went to sleep, he saw his new pills on the side table and picked them up. Dr. Von Gonzo had told him to take one every night, to prevent headaches from stopping him from falling asleep. He popped one in his mouth and swallowed it whole; instantly the minor pain disappeared. Not bad. Kovu thought and closed his eyes. Instantly he drifted off to sleep.

Kovu wakes up on a recliner chair on the palace balcony...The sky is bright red.

He groggily looks around and sees Zira and Scar, holding hands, looking over the city from the balcony. He gets to his feet and warily approaches them. Zira turns to face him and smiles.

"Ah,'re a awake...and just in time for the view." Zira says and flicks her head in the direction of the city.

"What view? What's going on?" Kovu asks and looks out from the balcony.

Prideland city lay in ruins, and smoke billowed from the remains of once brilliant skyscrapers. Fighter jets with red swastikas painted on the side circled over the city, destroying anything that still stood upright, and shooting hundreds upon thousands of innocent people in cold blood. The smoke contrasted against the blood red sky.

"Beautiful isn't it? I have you to thank...None of it would have been possible without you..." Zira says evilly and her eyes glow a haunting yellow.

"NO!" Kovu screams and turns around, to run back inside the palace, but something blocks the doorway.

A pile of bodies...Consisting of Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, Vitani and...Kiara. Blood poured from bullet holes their sides and Kovu looked up, to see a young boy sitting on top of the pile; the same child he had seen in his dream from before...His supposed son. Blood trickled from his mouth and he smiled at Kovu proudly.

Kovu leapt out of bed, screaming his lungs out. Somehow, Kiara didn't wake up and he panted on his bed, sweating and crying. He had had some nasty nightmares before but that one had taken the prize. Suddenly, an eerie voice broke out from nowhere and whispered. The noise seemingly came from all sides and Kovu held his head; as if that were the place the voices were coming from. He couldn't make out what they said, but he could tell they were pure evil. He groaned and covered his ears, but the eerie whispering continued. He opened his eyes and saw blood trickling down the wall, and the image of a Scar painted in it. He looked down to where Kiara was sleeping, and saw that she had a bullet hole in her head. He panted and looked around, frightened out of his wits. He didn't know if he was seeing things or if it was reality. What the hell's going on? me! He held his head, closed his eyes and cried out in pain. But suddenly, everything stopped; the pain, the pictures, and the voices.

Kovu opened his eyes and looked up; Simba stood in the doorway with his arms folded. He calmly walked over to Kovu with a gentle smile on his face. Kovu tried to warn him but no words came out of his mouth. He looked over at the wall, and strangely, the blood had disappeared, so had Kiara's wound. What was going on in his head? Simba sat down on the bed next to him, with a concerned look on his face. Kovu panted and had no clue as to what had just happened, but whatever it was, he was awake now.

"What's wrong? You look like you've just been through hell." Simba asked.

"Nothing." Kovu lied and panted.

"You sure? I can get Dr. Gonzo or something if you like..." Simba offered but Kovu shook his head.

"No thanks, I'll be okay. Just had a few nasty nightmares that's all." Kovu said, not mentioning that the last one had just been in reality.

"Okay then...Get dressed, we're going to go see the sunrise remember?" Simba said and stood up.

"Oh yeah..." Kovu said and got to his feet. He slowly started to calm down.

He couldn't believe he's slept for that long, as his nightmares only seemed to go for a few minutes. He shook off the terrible memory and got changed. He followed Simba onto the roof and closed the hatch behind him. Simba stood at the roof's edge, looking out on the horizon, past the buildings, roads and trees. Kovu walked up next to him and Simba smiled. He then put a hand on his son-in law's shoulder and looked out onto the horizon again.

"Kovu...This is something my father used to do with me. Look...past the buildings, the roads and the trees. Everything the light our country." Simba said deeply and Kovu nodded, admiring the beautiful sunrise and view.

"So this is all yours?" Kovu asked.

"Mine...and the government's. We're a constitutional monarchy Kovu; I don't have complete power. Oh...and before you ask that place in the shadow there is East Side. I can tell you a few funny stories about that place." Simba said and smirked.

"Let me guess...You got yourself into trouble there as a child, when it was still a rough neighborhood?" Kovu said and raised an eyebrow. This comment made Simba laugh.

"Exactly. The one place my Dad told me not to go." Simba said though chuckles.

"Where was the logic in that?" Kovu asked, about to laugh as well.

"Just trying to impress the misses Kovu." This comment made Kovu laugh out loud; he sure had liked Nala for a long time.

They stared out at the beautiful sunrise for a few moments; silent and motionless. The sun slowly started to warm the bodies from the cold morning air.

"It's really beautiful. Thanks for taking me out here this morning." Kovu thanked Simba and smiled at him.

"Any time...My son." Simba said warmly and put the hand on his shoulder again.

Kovu smiled back, but the world around him suddenly started to fade out. His smile slowly faded and the whispers started to return to his head. They hissed into his ear: Do it now. He's next to the edge of the roof...135 meter drop...finish it. Kovu clutched his head and tried to make the voices stop. His vision went black for second, but then rushed back to him. He was pointing a gun at Simba's head, about to pull the trigger. No! He then blinked, and returned to reality, his vision blurred like static on a television screen and then his real vision returned.

Simba looked at him with a worried face and studied him. Kovu's hand was back by his side; without a gun in it. Kovu panted and thought: What the hell is happening to me? Simba took his hand off his shoulder and raised an eyebrow.

"Are you okay?" He asked, very worried

"Yeah I'm fine...Just got something in my eye." Kovu lied and looked back out on the horizon again.

"Beautiful city...It's a shame it can all quickly." Simba said sadly and Kovu looked at him, now as worried as he was.

"What do you mean?" Kovu asked, Simba cleared his throat and spoke.

"Well...A few days ago, a tube of plutonium went missing from the royal armory. We have reason to believe it was stolen." Simba said solemnly.

"So there's a nuke on the loose?" Kovu asked, wide eyed.

"We doubt it. PI1 identifies it as a possibility, but there haven't been any threats, calls or demands. So there is a chance it was just misplaced by some idiot." Simba said and looked down.

"What are they doing about it?" Kovu asked.

"PI1's got every single unit on full alert. No one knows about it except you, them and me. I don't want news of this getting out to the media, so that's why we're not at DEFCON One. It would just spread panic and fear." Simba said shook his head.

Fear. Kovu thought and took all the information in.

"VS (Victory over Scar) day is in two days, so we're all going to be high alert at the parade. I've got triple security there and a few other PI1 units posted elsewhere. By the way, you don't know a guy called Conner 'Kopa' Palladino do you?" Simba asked and turned to him. Kovu shook his head and then remembered.

"Well...I heard Vitani complaining about someone called that at dinner, apparently he tried to flirt with her...So she gave him her usual treatment." Kovu said and flinched at the thought. His sister was never going to get a boyfriend at that rate.

"Ouch." Simba said and thought about it.

"Why do you ask anyway? Who is he?" Kovu asked Simba who seemed to be in deep thought.

"He was the Intelligence officer who brought me the bad news about the nuke. And something seemed awfully weird about him...Almost familiar." Simba mumbled and turned back towards the roof hatch.

"Let's hope that nuke was a hoax or something." Kovu commented and walked with him.

"Let's hope...But I'll tell you this...Hostilities are imminent." Simba warned him.

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