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She screamed.

Her father was going to kill her.

She had screamed.

She was going to pay.

She was going to pay for sabotaging her Father and his gang's plans.

She was scared.

She had seen the evil glint in his muddy grey eyes when he left her to run for the sewers.

She was more scared of him now, than she had ever been before.

Marius didn't seem to understand what had happened - the seriousness of the situation. He rushed over, beaming at her and praised her for "saving the day" and then he introduced her to his beloved Cosette, not knowing that she had, infact, grown up with the blonde for a number of years before she was whisked away for a much better life. Marius invited her to walk through the park with him then to the Café to attend the meeting that was due to start within the next couple of hours, not registering the fear that was plastered onto Eponine's face.

"No thanks, Monsieur Marius, but I better be getting home. I'll see if I can make it, later," She sighed – she would want nothing more than to stroll through the green of the park with the man she loved more than life itself, but she knew her Father's rage would only grow the longer she left returning to him – and with a nod of the head and a brave, but fake, smile she left no room for argument. She didn't want to worry him, but at the same time she wanted him to look after her, protect her, from the harm that was certain to come her way.

Marius didn't push the matter further, and said his goodbyes with a cheerful wave and polite bow and then began his walk to the Café with a confident spring in his step, content after finally meeting up with the most beautiful person he had ever seen, and learning that she returned his feelings.

Eponine, on the other hand turned on the heel of her worn leather boots, and took a deep breath before slowly trudging towards her home where she was sure that her Father would be waiting for her.

As soon as she stepped foot into the place that she called home, she felt her Father's sweaty, grubby hand wrap round her neck, and she squeezed her eyes shut as she gasped for the air that her lungs were now denied.

"Hello, 'Ponine," he sneered in a deathly whisper, his putrid breath filling her nostrils and making her want to gag, "Why don't you come and tell me and the boys what happened, hm?"

He dragged her through to another room, which was dimly lit by a couple of nearlly finished candles. Eponine recognised the faces of her Father's gang standing around the room, all of them towered over her, leering and muttering hateful and crude comments as Master Thenadier roughly threw his daughter to the dirty, wooden floor.

Eponine tried to recoil away from the gang of men, breathing heavily as her lungs took in the air they had been deprived of for what felt like years. But the men had moved so that they surrounded her. She was trapped.

They all laughed as Thenardier jerked the young woman from the floor by her long, dark tresses and pushed her towards Montparnasse who chuckled darkly as he gripped her by her shoulders with a tight vice-like hold, and stared at her with his cold, menacing eyes.

"I think you owe us all something, don't you? You ruined something that wasn't yours to ruin. You betrayed us, Eponine, and I think you need to make it up to us..." his voice was low and heartless and he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, and he only grinned – showing what was left of his rotten teeth – as he watched Eponine attempt to squirm out of his grip tears trickling from her chocolate brown eyes which were now wide as saucers with fear. He pressed his lips roughly to her neck and moved his hands down past her waist and Eponine saw red. She may not have had an education but she wasn't stupid, and she wasn't going to let him get his way. She was a Thenardier, after all, fighting was in her blood.

She moved her leg to knee her captor in the crotch, and she screamed bloody murder as he unwillingly let her go to clutch the area she had injured, groaning. She shouted every name and curse she could think of to offend Montparnasse. She waved her fists in his direction, trying to hit him. For a small person, she had a pretty fierce hit.

She was silenced when someone grabbed her from behind, tightly holding her arms behind her back while another planted his ringed fist on her face – causing the brunette to cry out in shock and pain and splutter helplessly as blood ran down her face from her nose and dribble onto the floorboards. Before Eponine could react yet another blow had contacted to her face, and then another. Then more impact began to hit her stomach, her ribs. Then there was a knife. It was an old rusty knife that her Father used to threaten people and over time it had become crusty with blood. The woman shrieked as he pressed it into her stomach and slowly dragged it down. She could feel blood seeping out of the wound and the pain washed over her like a wave. Eponine was sobbing thickly through the blood and the pain when Thenardier finally released her several more punches later, sneering as she crumpled onto the floor like a rag-doll.

The gang of ruthless thugs began to kick the poor young woman, who could do nothing but sob hopelessly and curl into a ball in the hope that it would provide her with some form of protection. They didn't seem to stop, they just kept going. Kicking and punching at every part of her they could and stamping on her long bony fingers, crushing them under their muddy, tattered books like twigs.

"Never do anything like that again, 'Ponine," Thenardier growled into his daughter's ear once he had crouched beside Eponine's shaking form curled up on the floor, "Or you'll never see the sunrise again, got it?"

There was a whimper from the girl which Thenardier took as her understanding, and with a satisfied grunt he got to his feet, put the knife back into his belt, blew out the candles and led his gang from the building. Leaving Eponine snivelling uncontrollably on her own in the dark.

She laid there for a few moments, fearing that they were going to spring out on her again, but after a while adrenaline kicked in, and Eponine was unsteadily getting to her feet. Her head felt like a block of lead and her entire body throbbed as though it was being hit repeatedly with a hammer. She stumbled through the dark and felt her way out of the building, where she suddenly broke into a run, adrenaline numbing the intense pain which made her entire body feel as if it were on fire.

Eponine was a Thenadier, she was the daughter of the infamous family who were well-known throughout Paris for their crimes and merciless ways. Eponine was never one for violence and crime, but growing up in the slums of the city had forced her to toughen up, just so she could survive – yet here she was, dashing down the cobbled streets, running down alley-ways to avoid the nosy stares of the other citizens that roamed the streets at this time late in the evening and to hide from her Father and his gang, who could be lurking around in the shadows waiting for her. She was already late for Enjolras's meeting, and she didn't want to cause a scene when she finally did turn up. She doubted anyone had noticed that she was missing, but she longed to see her beloved Marius's kind face. His warm, dark eyes and comforting smile that caused a surge of pink fire to rush through her veins and make colour rise to her cheeks. She imagined Marius's strong arms wrapping around her, holding her close – comforting and protecting – and she dreamed of his soft lips grazing her own. The mere thought turned her giddy, and although she knew that she had lost him to that Cosette girl, and he was blind to her love, she still wanted him. She needed him, just now.

Her breath finally ran out after all the running, and the pain was beginning to get too much. Her body screamed for her to rest. She stopped, defeated and after checking to see if anyone had followed her, she slowly slid down the grimy wall of a secluded alley, and sniffing back any more tears she examined her skinny, grubby arms where ugly bruises were already beginning to bloom on her skin. She gingerly reached up and brushed her fingers along her cheek, nose and around her eye area, but she quickly snapped her hands away, hissing in pain. Moving her hands once again, she gently poked at her tender ribs and stomach which made her bite into her sleeve to stop her from crying out as a fresh wave of pain coursed through her body like a poison. Her stab wound was still relentlessly pumping out blood, dying her grey shirt crimson. She finally rubbed her neck where her throat still felt scarily constricted and she knew that bruises similar to those on her arms were beginning to blossom. Licking her lips, Eponine tasted the unappealing metallic liquid and came to the conclusion that it was either from her split lips, tongue, bloody nose or all of the above.

She'd been beaten by her Father and his gang before. Hell, she'd been beaten by so many people, she had lost count. She'd often fight back and escape, with only a few bruises which could easily be concealed. But tonight they were especially ruthless. Eponine thought it was because she was now eighteen, and they thought her able to handle harsher punishments. She felt lucky to be alive...

Taking a deep breath she composed herself, soaked her sleeve in a nearby puddle, and began to dab blindly at her wounds, wincing, trying to clean herself up a bit and wipe away as much of the blood as she could. She highly doubted that the students wanted to see her looking grimier than she already did, and she didn't want a fuss. She didn't want the questions, all she wanted was to forget...

Once again, she got to her feet but had only staggered a couple of wobbly steps before her head seared with pain like it had just been sliced open with a knife, and the world began to spin. The blinding pain in her stomach also took over her body, making her double over and stumble into an adjacent wall. She forgot where she was, and where she was going yet she just clutched to her head and stomach with one hand to each and tried desperately to keep moving. She wanted Marius, so that was what she would do.

Suddenly there was a blackness, darker than any night Eponine had ever seen, and faster than lightening. It consumed her within a matter of seconds.

The last thing Eponine remembered was the ground opening up and swallowing her whole.

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