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Dear Baby,

You're only six days old now. You'll never know me. I decided to give you up to Vanessa but it wasn't because I didn't love you. Actually it was just the opposite. You see sweetheart I'm only 16 years old. I'm not ready to be a mom yet. If I were ten years older then I would have been proud to be your mother. I wanted you to have a better life. With Vanessa you will.
I don't know and I will never know who you're going to be. I don't know and I'll never know what you're going to do in your life. Will you be a writer? Will you be a scientist? Will you be a therapist? You could be anything you want. I don't know and I will never know how you're going to grow up? What choices will your mother make when you are growing up? She seems to be the best possible parent around. She seems to be gentle but serious. She's loving. Your dad was an awesome guy too. His music is the shit. That's a way of saying really cool. He just wasn't ready to be responsible now. But your mommy stepped up to the plate and is going to be the best parent you could possibly have. She will love you. She will raise you right. You'll have so much you couldn't have if I were raising you.
You'll have the best education. You'll play sports. You'll have discipline that isn't rough. You'll have a mother that knows how to communicate. You'll have a schedule. You'll have the best toys and clothes and stuffed animals. You'll have a mom who isn't uncomfortable being different and doesn't care if she isn't like everyone else. You'll have after school activities. You'll have sports if you're interested in it or music or heck you could even take up dancing if that's something you like. You'll be raised in a house without constant arguing or yelling.
I wish I could have been older when I had you. I wish I could have been more prepared to be a mother. When I first found out I was having you I didn't see you as anything but a problem. You were an invader taking over my body for nine months. I actually thought about killing you.
In my mind you weren't a baby. You were just a worm that crawled into my uterus. I figured you would look like a sea monkey when I first knew you were on the way. But I could not abort you. You had fingernails. Ask your mother what that means. I told her the story. Now I'm still fighting the battle between the selfish part of me and the unselfish part of me.
I want you but the fact is you are not mine. Still you will always be mine in my heart. I love you. I don't know your name but to me you will always be baby.
Love Mommy Juno.