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I loved her, loved her like anybody would love their partner, their best friend.

" Kuro! use Shadow Ball!" Scarlett called. I flapped my wings, hovering in place then brought my hands together and prepared a shadow ball, then I fired it at the Gardevoir I was facing, knocking it out instantly, " that's what you get for trying to face me!" Scarlett hissed to the Gardevoir's trainer. The trainer faced me and said, " Kuro isn't it? please listen to me. Your partner is only using you to stay in power of the city. She doesn't care about you, not really. Please just listen to me."

I came down to hover next to Scarlett, " she's my friend." I said confidently, " yeah thats right! just get out of here!" Scarlett sneered to the girl, chasing her out of the building.

With my help Scarlett had defeated the gym leader with no problems, but that wasn't enough for her and she took over the whole town, kicking the Gym leader and his family out of the Gym, their home and living there instead. The girl we just battled was the Gym leader's daughter trying to get close to us, to talk to me.

I wasn't like other pokemon. I'm half human. I look human except for the dark teal wings on my back. I'm a dark type so I can use any dark attacks as well as some other types. But what really sets me apart from other pokemon is the pokemon genes mixed with human genes somehow makes all my attacks stronger so logically, no normal pokemon should be able to defeat me.

Time passed and Scarlett was relaxing on the red and gold throne she'd gotten.

" Kuro?" I looked up at her from my position; lying boredly on a red sofa. She looked annoyed. What had I done now, I wondered to myself as I stood up and approached my partner. She got up and gestured for me to follow her. This was unsual behavior, usually she ignored me unless someone had shown up that I needed to get rid of for her. I followed her through the corridors of the Gym then finally emerged in the battling area. I assumed someone had shown up that I didn't know about.

" stay here." Scarlett said and went through another doorway, leading to her balcony that she tended to be on if I was battling. I looked around, wondering what was going on, after a minute or two I saw Scarlett standing on her balcony. Everything afterwards seemed like a dream,

" now. Get him." She said it so calmly, without emotion. With no warning, I was ambushed by a selection of different pokemon. There was so many that I could do nothing to protect myself.

" Enough!" The pokemon backed off and I pulled my arms up so I could lean on them and see up to Scarlett. A man was standing beside her, he seemed to be giving her something, but my eyesight was blurry from blood so I couldn't see very well. I struggled to my feet and limped away, leaving the Gym,

" Tyranitar! use hyp..."

the man was about to say but Scarlett cut him off, " let him go. He'll die out there anyway."

I limped as fast as I could, unable to fly because my wings were all torn up. Tears of betrayal stung my eyes as I left behind my only friend. A friend who had just tried to have me killed.