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I'd been training in this arena for hours and I was exhausted. I wiped sweat off my forehead and let my wings droop, too tired to hold them up.

"Kuro! I didn't say you could stop!" I heard my new master's voice ring out into the arena,

"oh let it have a break." I flinched at the other voice, it was the first time I'd heard it, but I knew automatically who it belonged to. I turned and looked up to the balcony where Matthew was sitting, watching me, to see Scarlett standing next to him. She met my eye and I looked away, not before catching her smirk.

"you don't want it to die from exhaustion before you've had a chance to use it now do you?" Scarlett purred. I looked back up at them, hating when people talked about me like I wasn't even alive, but what worried me the most was how everybody kept saying how they wanted to use me for something. I hoped whatever bad thing I must've done in another life was worth it, because I was paying for it now. I turned my back on Matthew and Scarlett and prepared a shadow claw. I stared at the flickering shadows surrounding my fingers, turning them into claws.

"Kuro!" I jumped and the shadow claw faded. I looked over my shoulder at my master,

"you can have a rest, since Scarlett insisted, but I want you to obey her commands for the next hour, as I have business to attend to elsewhere." He ordered. I looked over from him to Scarlett, as he got up and left. Scarlett gestured for me to come. I sighed and started flapping my wings. When I left the ground I flew over to the balcony.

"Let's go for a walk, Kuro. Follow me." Scarlett said then turned and left through the door at the other side of the balcony. I landed, folded my wings and followed her.

I walked with Scarlett into the garden, but knew better than to try and fly; I could see that stupid electrifying device in her pocket.

"So, I heard you became a dad. Congrats!" She taunted playfully, smiling, referring to my pidgeys,

"of course you did. Nothing ever gets past the mighty Scarlett." I muttered and Scarlett frowned,

"seriously, Kuro…. Are you alright? I've been watching you train the last few days and Matthew says you've mostly been moping around when not training. It's like you have no spark or life anymore." She said softly.

"What's the point? I'm not getting out of this one, not with all these guards around the place and with this thing around my wrist I'd be heavily electrocuted for even trying." I replied, dully, staring down at the ground.

Scarlett stared at me with what looked like concern, something that looked unnatural on her face. She gently took my hand and seemed surprised when I gave no resistance. She led me back towards the building, obviously not knowing what else to do.

"I think you've had enough training for today. Why don't you go back to your room and rest?" Scarlett said, glancing at my obviously worn out body.

I walked up to my bedroom and sat on the windowsill staring out at the sky, the way I always did when I was in my room. I never ever used the bed provided for me; when I was tired enough I just fell asleep where I was and remained still enough that I didn't fall off. Despite this, the dark circles under my eyes never left.

I knew Scarlett was standing at the doorway, but I didn't move; just kept staring out the window.

I wondered constantly if Frank, my true creator had managed to find my pidgeys and if they trusted him enough to go with him. All I wanted anymore was for the three of them to be safe and happy. I'd lost the ability to care about anything else. I'd resigned myself to living out the rest of my life here.

"whatever's out there must be pretty interesting, for you to sit here staring at it day after day." Scarlett said, coming into my room,

"it's the sky." I replied, dully. Scarlett sighed,

"is there anything I can do to cheer you up?" She asked,

"set me free." I responded, but she shook her head,

"I can't do that. I work for Matthew and you belong to him, I'd get into so much trouble if I set you free." She replied then added,

"but if there's anything else?"

I shook my head, knowing there wasn't anything else there could be.

"What if I arrange for you to visit your creator and your pidgeys? Would that help?" Scarlett asked, after a while.

"Could you?" I replied, not wanting to get my hopes up,

"of course. Though, I would have to be with you and I would have ways of making sure you can't escape, but you'd have some freedom." She explained. I needed to get out of this building, so I agreed.

The next day, Matthew, Scarlett and I were standing in the main entrance. Matthew brought out a long pair of handcuffs. He clipped one side to Scarlett's wrist and the other to mine. That was the condition for allowing me out.

Once we left the building Scarlett brought out her Charizard and got onto its back. Once it started rising into the air, I did the same then followed Scarlett to my true creators home. We flew out all the way to the countryside to a large house overlooking a huge garden. I saw my three chicks outside, perched on a tree branch. I shot down towards them so quickly that the Charizard was forced to follow immediately or Scarlett would've been pulled right off its back.

"Ace! Chaos! Gem!" I called and they looked up,

"Kuro!" They called together and flew up towards me. I scooped them right out of the air, laughing joyfully. Scarlett smiled fondly, watching me with my Pidgeys.

"Are you ok, Kuro? That man didn't hurt you, did he?" Gem asked. I shook my head,

"I'm fine, but how are all of you? How has Frank been looking after you?" I asked,

"it's been great. He's treating us really well. We're really enjoying it here." Chaos said,

"we train a lot as well. I can't wait until we can evolve." Ace added and I smiled,

"well, you'll have to show me as soon as you do. I'd hate to miss it." I replied then was forced to fly to the ground, because the Charizard landed and the handcuffs didn't stretch that far.

"who is that?" Chaos asked, looking at Scarlett as she got off her Pokémon's back.

"they want to know your name." I told Scarlett, knowing no-one but me could understand what they were saying.

"My name is Scarlett and I have to say, it's nice to meet all of you." Scarlett replied, walking to my side.

Frank, my creator, walked outside,

"I heard you were coming here today, Kuro and I'm glad Matthew didn't change his mind." He said then invited us inside. Scarlett returned her Charizard and we walked inside.

Frank and Scarlett sat on a couple of armchairs in the living room while I sat between the chairs, on the floor with the Pidgeys around me.

Scarlett and Frank were talking and I replied anytime one of them spoke to me, but mostly spoke to my pidgeys, though to Scarlett and Frank, it sounded like all of us were chirping.

"so, after today, I'm going to talk to Scarlett and try and organize other times when I would be able to come here, but I'm not sure if that would work because she works for the man that is keeping me." I explained to them,

"don't worry about it Kuro, just do what you can." Gem replied knowingly and I smiled at the three of them.

"Hey, Kuro. It's time to leave now." Scarlett said after about an hour. I looked up at the clock and saw it was 6 o'clock, the time Matthew said we had to leave Frank's. I sighed and scooped up my Pidgeys again, hugging them.

"Bye, bye Kuro. We'll miss you." The three of them chorused.

"I'll miss you too." I replied, not wanting to leave them, but knowing I had to. I set them down then got up and followed Scarlett outside. She released her Charizard and got on its back. We took off into the air and I noticed that my Pidgeys were following. I flew around with them in the air, as far as the handcuffs would let me go, but when the house was almost out of sight they left again, going back to their home as I followed Scarlett back to mine.