Summary: Jo has just finished working a scene when she gets into her car, fully expecting a quick drive home. After a hard day's work all she wants to do is have a bath and get in bed. Instead she finds herself carjacked and being forced to drive at gun point. She has no idea where she is driving to she just knows that the person holding a gun to her is a vicious killer. All she can do is pray the team can find her as she tries to leave clues behind for them to find.

Eventually, all she can do is hope they find her in time.

A/N: This takes place after last season finale's events. Mac is now healed and back at work. Also he no longer with Christine because although the actress who plays her is fabulous I think her character is just a waste of screen time.

Disclaimer: Not mine if you've seen them on CSI: NY.

Chapter 1

As she took another look around, Jo couldn't help but think that the small Diner that sat in the corner of the large parking lot near to the freeway now resembled a bomb site. She'd been here in the past and it was a sweet little place that served great food and some of the best coffee in New York.

There was glass and rubble scattered all over the floor. Bottle of ketchup and mustard lay on the floor, their contents spilling out onto the floor. The car that had crashed through the glass fronted Diner was still parked half in half out of the demolished place.

The car was only a small sedan but it had caused massive impact. The guns that the robbers had used had also caused massive devastation. A young girl, no more than seventeen, who worked in the Diner lay sprawled on the floor, her eyes glazed over. The blood that had pooled beneath her was drying out, making it sticky. There was a chef in the back who had been killed as he finished clearing up for the night. Two guests who hadn't yet left were also slumped dead in the corner. It was a sad sight at almost midnight on a Tuesday night.

Jo was crouched beside the young girl, just finishing up bagging her right hand. It disgusted Jo to have to do this, the girl was so young. "This isn't fair, she's practically a baby!" she said to Mac who was crouched on the other side of the girl's body.

"It's never fair when innocent people are killed, Jo." Mac added.

Jo sighed as she glanced down at the girl one last time. Mac was the first to get to his feet and he stepped around the girl's body and held his hand out to assist Jo. She placed her hand in his and let him practically pull her to her tired feet. God, she was exhausted.

It was something Mac clearly noticed. "Jo, we're pretty much done here. Why don't you go home?" he said as they made their way towards the front of the Diner.

"Because we aren't completely done here." she stated. "As soon as we are I'll go home." she said.

Mac just glared at her. "Jo, go home."

"Mac, really, I'm fine." she protested.

"It wasn't a request, Jo." he told her with a stubborn smile.

She could only smile back at him. "You 'know you can be really bossy sometimes!"

"That's my job." he reminded her. "Now go home!" he said with another smile that made her heart skip a beat.

"You're the boss." she said as she tried not to grin like a fool.

Her feelings towards him had been growing stronger and stronger since he had been shot. It had shocked her how much the thought of losing him scared her. She knew what she felt for him now went much further than respect and friendship. She wondered if he felt the same or if she was just setting herself up for heartbreak.

It was no wonder she wasn't sleeping at night - between worrying over her growing emotional feelings towards her boss and having nightmares about John Curtis…again… "I think I'm going to go home, take a long relaxing hot bubble bath and get to bed." She decided.

"You can't imagine how great that sounds to me." Mac replied.

Jo smiled as she was sure she saw a flirty twinkle in his eyes. Wishful thinking, Josephine! she silently chastised herself.

"Night, Mac."

"Goodnight, Jo!" he said and watched as she turned on her heels and left.

He watched as she wished goodnight to Flack on her way out of the door. He was tempted to run out after her just so he could say goodnight again, just so he could spend another minute staring into her stunning brown eyes. Get back to work Taylor, he silently snapped at himself.


Jo threw her kit into the back of her black SUV and shut the door. She couldn't hold in a yawn as she walked round to the front of the car and pulled the door open. She was about to climb in when she heard someone shout her name.

It was Sid and as Jo turned to face him she watched with sad eyes as a gurney was loaded into the back of the Coroners van. She knew the body inside the black bag belonged to that of the young girl. She met Sid in between the space between her SUV and the van.

"Horrible case." he said.

"Tell me about it." Jo said as she watched the van doors being slammed shut. "Please let me know as soon as you've done the autopsy, Sid. I really wanna catch this prick."

"I will do, Jo." he said, admiring her determination, even if it was driven by anger.

"Thanks, Sid. Goodnight."

"Night, Jo." Sid said before he walked back towards the Diner, ready to help transport the next body out to the Coroners van.


Jo climbed into her SUV and started up the noisy engine. She really just wanted to be home right now. At the most it would only be a twenty five minute drive home. It was late now and so the traffic was much easier to get through. She was seriously debating cracking open a bottle of wine when she got in, to enjoy in her bath. After the hectic week she'd had she certainly deserved a drink or two.

She pulled out onto the street and began making her way down the round. She suddenly became aware of the smell of cigarette smoke around her. No one had been smoking at the scene so she couldn't understand why it smelled so strongly on her. It was almost like there was a cigarette lit in her car. She looked down and a chill ran down her spine as she noticed a cigarette stump in the small tray by the handbrake.

Her eyes shot up to rear view mirror and she screamed as she saw a set of cold dark eyes glaring back at her. A second later she felt the cold barrel of a gun press into the nape of her neck. The man in the back seat of her car sat forward and growled into her ear. "Be smart, lady and you might just survive this." He never took his eyes of hers in the mirror.

Jo pulled her eyes away from the rear view mirror and tried to concentrate on the road ahead of her but it was hard. Her hands were shaking wildly and her heart was pounding hard against her chest. She was desperately trying to think of a plan to get herself out of this, preferably without her being shot.


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