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Previous chapter: Jo and Mac had barely escaped from the crazed clutches of Brett who had become totally obsessed with Jo. Jo was finding it hard to overcome the experience but luckily had Mac to support her through it.

Disclaimer: Not mine

Chapter 15

Jo stormed into Adam's lab, she was angry and the feeling was only made worse when she found Adam quickly clicking off a game upon her arrival.

"Adam, what the hell?! I've been waiting hours for you to come back to me with those results and I hear nothing, then I come in here and you're playing some stupid computer game!" she yelled, more than annoyed.

Adam quickly glanced around, noticing how other techs and even the CSI's including Mac had been alerted by Jo's yelling, something Adam knew she hardly did.

"Jo, I was just fooling around whilst I was waiting on results."

"Well this isn't a place for fooling around it's a crime lab, Adam!"

"Jo, I emailed you about an hour ago to tell you no results were in yet. " Adam protested.

"Adam, if you had emailed me then…" Jo said as she glanced at her smart-phone looking for the alert that said she had unread emails. To her surprise it was there as clear as day. She couldn't find words as she glanced up and saw the same techs and same fellow CSI's watching her as Adam had just moments ago. "Just come find me when the results are in." she spat at Adam before walking out, now feeling more than embarrassed.

Jo wanted to go hide in her office, maybe even leave the lab for an hour or two, go get a coffee and just breathe, because since she had returned to the lab she had been on edge. She didn't feel like she once did when at the lab…safe… the place felt like a stranger to her and the reason for that was Brett and what he had put her through within the building and out of it.

"JO!" Mac called out to her just as she had passed his office.

Jo sighed and turned to face him, "What is it, Mac?"

"My office," he told her as he stepped back into his office slightly.

"Mac, I have work to do." Jo told him, unwilling to talk to anyone right now.

"Jo, it wasn't a request." Mac told her firmly, in a tone that told her she had no choice but to listen to her superior.

Knowing she didn't have a choice Jo stepped past Mac and into his office. Mac closed the door behind himself and made his way around his desk in front of which Jo stood, her arms crossed in front of her. Everything about her posture told him she was on the defensive.

"You wanna tell me what all that with Adam was about?" Mac asked.

"It was about him wasting time playing pathetic computer games." Jo replied.

"No it wasn't, Jo. Adam always plays computer games, but there is never anything wrong with his work which is the only reason we let it slide. So, I'll ask you again, what was all that about?"

Jo tried to think of something to say to him, but she knew deep down that she had been totally out of line with Adam. She was stressed out, not thinking straight and she had snapped at Adam for no reason. She had actually always found it cute that he still played video games.

"Are you sure you're ready to be back here? If you need more time off, Jo, there's nothing wrong with that."

"Mac, being at home was driving me insane, you know that!" Jo said, becoming annoyed.

"Jo, being here doesn't seem to have altered your mood any either."

"Mac, at home I have nothing to do. I'm forced to remember all the shit Brett put me though, put you through… and what he did to that family…"

"Jo, being here won't keep you busy for every minute of the day, at some point, just like when you was off sick, you will find yourself with time to think, and I'm sorry that at this point you have to remember what you've been through, but you need that time to work through it."

"Mac, I don't want to remember what happened, and I don't just think about what happened to me. I think about what Brett did to that family, what he did to you. If he had killed you because of me….I don't know what I would have done."

"Jo, he didn't kill me. I'm here, I'm alive."

"But that family isn't." Jo said sadly. "I'm alive and that little girl isn't. I feel so guilty, Mac."

Mac wanted to say something to her that would make her feel better, but he couldn't think of anything.

"I have to go, Mac. I have work to do." she told him before she left without offering another word.

Mac could only watch her leave his office. He sat down at his desk and thought about everything that had happened to Jo, everything that had left her feeling so sad, so guilty… then suddenly he had an idea.


The Next Day

Jo walked through the car park alone. After the previous day's struggle she was hoping today would run much smoother, but her head still didn't feel in the right place. She had spent the whole night tossing and turning and the minute she did fall asleep she was plagued by nightmares. Mac hadn't been there to comfort her last night and she wasn't ashamed to admit she missed the protection of his arms wrapped around her.

She was just a few feet away from her car when she heard the engine of a car burst to life in the deserted parking lot. Instantly she felt her heart skip a beat. She looked around trying to work out where the sound was coming from but it seemed to echo all around her.

She suddenly wanted to run when she saw a car coming towards her, it was hidden in the shadows and panic flooded her body as it got closer and closer and closer… the moment it moved into the light her panic faded. By the time it came to a stop beside her her heart had settled almost completely.

"Mac, you scared the life out of me!" she yelled into the window as he rolled it down.

"Sorry, Jo. I need you to get you in." he replied.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because there's somewhere we have to go."

Jo was curious but she trusted Mac a hundred percent so without further hesitation she climbed into his car.


They had been on the road for a good hour or so. Jo was relaxed despite the fact that Mac still refused to tell her where they were going. She had allowed herself to sit back in the passenger seat and let her eyes drift shut. She hadn't fallen into a deep sleep but she had rested enough that when she opened her eyes as the car came to a stop she felt much better and less exhausted than she had at the start of the journey to nowhere.

She was a little shocked to see that Mac had pulled the Avalanche up on a forest dirt track in the middle of nowhere. "Where are we?" Jo asked him.

"You'll see." he told her before he climbed out of the vehicle.

Jo quickly followed suit even thought she felt more than confused. She glanced around for a moment trying to work out where she was and why Mac had brought her here.

"We don't have to walk far." he told her.

She suddenly noticed he was carrying a long but narrow box. "What's with that?" she asked.

"You'll see." he told her before he took the lead. Once more Jo could only follow.


They had been walking though the forest for about ten minutes before Jo suddenly felt like she recognised the place. Like she had been here before. It was only when they walked into a clearing in the trees that Jo truly realised where she was.

She froze on the spot and looked around in horror as Mac took a few more steps forward. Finally Mac came to a stop and turned to face here. Jo took a few angry steps towards him. "What the hell, Mac! Why have you brought me here?!" she yelled as burning tears formed in her eyes.

"Because you need this, Jo." he told her.

Jo could only think that this was the last place she needed to be. Mac had brought her to the place where Brett had killed the family during her abduction. This was the place where their lifeless bodies had remained after Brett had dragged Jo into the RV before driving off further into the forest.

As she looked around Jo felt like she was looking at the lifeless bodies of the family. The mother, the father and the little girl. She felt sick, and she couldn't hold in her tears or sobs. "How do I need this. Mac? It kills me remembering what happened here!"

"Jo, you have to accept that what happened here was not your fault. It wasn't you who killed that family. You didn't ask Brett to car-jack you, or put you through what else he did." Mac said as he closed the small gap between them.

"I can't help feeling guilty." Jo told him.

"Like I said, you didn't kill this family."

"Mac, I do feel guilty that they died so Brett could use their camper to keep hold of me. But I also feel guilty that I feel relief. Relief that I'm alive." she said as tears rolled down her face.

"Jo, you certainly shouldn't feel guilty that you're happy to be alive. What happened to that family was horrific, it should not have happened but you are a part of a family too. You're a mother, a daughter, not to mention a part of one of the biggest families I know, the NYPD. Jo, if something would have happened to you…"

Jo could hold back no longer, she threw her arms around Mac and nuzzled her face against his neck. Mac sighed with relief as he wrapped a strong arm around Jo and held her close.


Mac and Jo had sat down on a fallen tree and had remained there for over forty five minutes. Neither had uttered a word, they had just simply sat there and got their thoughts together. Listening to the sounds of the wind in the trees, birds signing and flying from branch to branch.

Jo suddenly remembered about the box Mac had brought along. "What's in the box?" she asked him.

With a small smile Mac pulled the lid off the box. Jo smiled when she saw a stunning bunch of white Lilies, their was also a stunning small wooden carved statue of two angels holding a smaller one. Jo instantly knew Mac had brought them to place down in the clearing, in honour of the family.

"Thank you." she said to him as she took them out of the box.

Mac watched as Jo walked into the middle of the clearing where a large tree stump stood. She placed the flowers down onto it and placed the carving beside them. She crouched down in front of the stump and closed her eyes. She said a silent apology to the family and although not really a religious person she prayed that the family where at peace and she thanked anyone who may be listening to her that she was alive, that Mac was too. That she would get to see her children grow up, get to spend more days with her friends and family.

She opened her eyes when she felt the soft touch of Mac's hand on her shoulder. "Come on, lets go home." he said to her.

Jo stood up and turned to face him. "Thank you." she said again to him. She then placed a soft kiss on his lips, quickly followed by another.

Mac reached up and gently held her face as he took a turn to kiss her, his kiss was sweet and gentle, it was loving and Jo loved every moment of it. It was soothing. She knew she would get past what had happened to her and she knew Mac would be the one to help her do so.

The End

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