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Kazuya sat pensively in his comfortable armchair. He was completely isolated from his work, having ordered the secretary not to bother him and to inform anyone and everyone that he was currently occupied.

He watched the sun undergo its positions in the sky. The ambiance of the city traffic below his towering building offered him more ammunition for reflection; it was somewhat calming. He had achieved a particular brooding presence by tuning in to these things. The setting, the scenery, the isolation. Apart from crushing skulls he did not have many pleasures in life, save for his office.

His mind calculated how he had become so vulnerable and where he needed to fix that. He would fight Jin and Heihachi how many times it would take to be rid of them, although he might indulge in some sentimentality that had him enjoy their meetings (only a little).

First, he would get rid of Heihachi- he was past his sell-by date anyway. To think that he honestly thought Kazuya would just write "Welcome" on himself and lie down made Kazuya scoff moodily. Then he would annihilate Jin and absorb his gene and ensure that he is the sole source of evil.

There could only be one devil.

However, his frequent encounters with Jin had proved fruitless. He would inflict much damage upon Jin only to have half of it make a difference. He needed something that would hit him harder than before, a plan that would reduce Jin to a state of pity.

Perhaps this plan could involve Heihachi.

He could dispose of Heihachi afterwards and it would be: job done.

Raven swooped down to the wild garden surrounding the house. He entered the kitchen to find Jin and Xiaoyu gazing intensely into each other's eyes while they quietly ate breakfast.
'Where's Lars,' came his deep voice.
'He's upstairs,' Xiaoyu replied.
'And Hwoarang?'
'Out to get some parts for his bike.'

Jin observed him knowingly.
'What news do you have?'
'Something that you all need to hear.'
Lars arrived after being summoned, drawing out a kitchen chair and slouching in it.

'After Kazuya found out about Heihachi's plan to steal the Zaibatsu out from under his feet, Kazuya has declared him public enemy number one, and now has a hit out on him. This hit was referred to me but I declined. Rumour has it, Heihachi's gathering old allies and preparing to seize the Zaibatsu no matter what it takes.'

Xiaoyu massaged her temples. The Mishimas wouldn't know the word acquiesce if it bit them in their behinds.

'They'll not make this public, though. The fighting will be behind the scenes. Like a Cold War.'

'That is not necessarily a bad thing,' Lars spoke up. 'You witnessed what happened when we revealed Heihachi's plan- Kazuya went nuts. If we operate within the shadows and toy with them, we could ruin them both.'

'I thought we were already doing that,' Jin said, ruffling his black hair.

Lars flashed him a confident grin.

'Oh we were. Before, we were just gathering random information. Now: we maximise our operation...I don't need to ask if you're in, do I?'

'Anything to rid me of my "family".'

'I share your sentiments, Jin,' Lars chuckled. 'Apart from you.'

'Where do I fit in, in all of this?' Xiaoyu made herself heard.

The men swivelled their eyes at each other; it was enough to produce the rolling of Xiaoyu's.
'Let me guess: I don't.'

Kazuya enacted his purge of the Zaibatsu. Using his sophisticated espionage team, he rooted out any potential or openly guilty Heihachi loyalists who were trying to help him back in. People were followed. Phones were hacked. Conversations were eavesdropped. Offices were ransacked and computers were searched.

These people were erased from existence without trial. They were replaced by those more loyal to the Zaibatsu: Jin's old classmates. Kazuya could ensure their loyalty because they were grateful for the Zaibatsu's prime education. They would always be loyal to whoever was in charge, and as long as Kazuya remained in that position, he could ensure their obedience.

Next, Kazuya sold G-Corp's latest weaponry to the countries in conflict with each other, resulting in frequent skirmishes.

Finally, Kazuya seized wandering animals and used them for experiments relating to his next plan.

All of these methods would drive the knife deeper into Jin, teasing his inner demon to further torture. That girl had been the start. Now he would finish him for good.

'Is the plan understood?' Kazuya asked with contempt.
Heihachi threw back his head and laughed heartily.
'Of course it is.'

Kazuya ignored his father's foolishness and ordered him to get lost. When his mind roved over the plans, especially the animal testing, he couldn't help but be reminded of her. They met in these circumstances. He couldn't even utter her name.

Her image remained planted in his memory whether he wanted to admit it or not.

'Are you coming back at all?' Mihuru asked.
Xiaoyu's eyes dropped.
'I don't know, Miharu.'
'I thought you wanted to live with me?'
Miharu's tone wasn't accusatory, it was touched with hurt.
'Of course I want to live with you, but...'

Xiaoyu's head covered both of her shoulders, and when she'd decided it was safe to speak, said 'I'm with Jin now.'
Miharu studied Xiaoyu carefully. Xiaoyu watched as Miharu went through the entire expression scale until she burst out into a squeal.

'Oh my God, FINALLY. We all saw it at Mishima Polytechnic and waited and waited. You guys took your time but you FINALLY are together!'
Xiaoyu cast panicked looks at the alarmed customers surrounding them.
'I'm supposed to be keeping a low profile,' she reminded Miharu.

'Oh, sorry.'
The excited glow never left her face though.
'I know the rule is "hoes before bros", but you saw how much of a mess I was when he...I don't want to miss this opportunity.'
Miharu nodded understandingly.

'Here's your certificate: I'm sorry you had to miss graduation.'
'It's ok,' Xiaoyu said with a bright smile. 'I have someone to make up for that.'
'Will you start looking for a job now?'
'Locally, yes,' Xiaoyu replied.

'Locally? Locally where?'
'I can't tell you, Miharu. Things are still dangerous- at least for now.'

Miharu changed the subject.
'So, you're a couple now and you're living together. Things are...domestic.'
Miharu made suggestive eyebrows, earning a playful shove.
'Have you two...you know?'

Xiaoyu jerked at the intrusion. Her reaction only increased Miharu's amusement.
'Don't worry, I'm not gonna ask for the gories. How was it for you?'
'I don't think it would've been amazing for me, if it were with someone else. I'm glad I didn't have one-night stands, it's so much better with someone you love.'
'My Xiao's all grown up!'

If that were the case, then why didn't life feel better?