"You're late."

Kelly squirms into the warm bed, not dignifying that with a reply. He wriggles his feet into Scotty's calves, luxuriating in the warmth thawing his frozen toes.

"And that's another thing. When I want to commune with Frosty the Snowman, I'll let you know."

Kelly ignores that too, smiling smugly as he starts to regain the feeling in his feet. He knows ol' Scotty is too much of a softy to ever push him away.

A hand snakes out, snags his waist. The hand is warm on his bare flesh. "Man, what were you traveling in? A meat locker?" There's an instant as the hand moves up, then down, just a little, taking in that he's naked. "Hmm." The warm voice is not displeased.

Kelly slides closer, heat pulsing through him, like sitting by the fire. "I dressed for the occasion." He cannot keep the smug out of his voice, nor the smile either. It would be as pointless as trying to say 'Down, boy' to his already rising- He can't hold back a gasp as a hot hand wraps round the organ in question.

"He speaks. I was wondering what the silent treatment was in aid of."

"Can't-a spy-try to be-mysterious..." Kelly has to gasp for breath, "without... some... blockhead... raining on his parade?"

Scotty does something with his thumb that has Kelly arching his head back and moaning. His partner is probably a closet sadist, enjoying watching Kelly squirm as Scotty blows his mind, reducing him to a whimpering... He turns his head and hits his nose against Scotty's. Paydirt. Ignoring Scotty's, "This is your brilliant seduction plan, give me a concussion..." he presses his lips tight against the warm, full ones. "Your face is as freezing as the rest of you," Scotty grumbles, and Kelly smiles, wide, not even kissing, just keeping the contact, lips on parted lips.

He's giddy almost immediately, breathing against Scotty's mouth, feeling his partner do the same, feeling the air mingling between their smiling, parted lips, intoxicating as it fills their lungs.

Still drunk on wonderfulness, Kelly closes his eyes and smiles, exhilarated, saying and hearing a thousand things never said, all there in the air they breathe and the soft press of lips on lips. Warm, friend, fun, laughter, protect, safe, smile, love, love, love, hums between them, nerves on nerves, flesh on flesh, warm soft lips touching, and he shifts his head minutely from side to side to rub their lips together, pulses of electricity running down the skin, and he's rewarded with a sharp indrawn breath, cool through the mouth next to his. And then he can't resist anymore and laps out his tongue, to run over the soft, full lips, groaning at the feel of the plump, hot flesh arcing through his body, and he grips Scotty's shoulders and straddles him...

"You," Kelly says admonishingly, "are overdressed, sir, for the occasion."

The breathiness in Scotty's voice slays him. "Warmed you up real good, though."

Kelly just barely rocks his hips against his partner. "You sayin' I should just go back to sleep like a good little boy?"

Scotty chuckles deep and low at that, and flips them again so they're on their sides, facing each other. "Dream on."