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The Curse of the Image

It was an average day in the cul-de-sac, the kids were out, the Eds were scheming, and the air was just sweet with the promising scent of a fresh start. However, the fresh, sweet odor of the outside world gets repelled by Ed's foul room. This is where our story begins. In Ed's room (if you can call it a bedroom) Ed was reading his daily comics, one to which involves the infamous curse of this legendary Tim. As he flipped through the pages, more and more gross, and horrific content gets worse and worse.

"The curse of evil Tim!" Ed yelled.

Outside, Eddy was getting ready for a show that Ed would put up. Edd warns Eddy about Ed's over-imagination. Eddy quickly discards Edd's warning as he pursues Ed. He nudged his head halway through the window and greeted Ed in his usual way.

"Look, Eddy," Ed said, "I got a new comic."

"Yeah, yeah and we're attacked," said Eddy pulling Ed through his window into the outside world.

Meanwhile, Edd was struggling in his balance of walking in two walking sticks while trying to play along, but was very cautious about you know who's over imagination and exaggeration about things that don't either exist or that things won't come to our planet due to it's primitive status (according to them). Back with Eddy, he scares the kids about the "monster" ahead of them. Jimmy, of course was easily scared than most of the kids. Nazz was keeping her cool, but even she herself was even scared. Rolf and Kevin were just teasing the Eds while the others just sat there and watched - mainly Jonny.

Ed looked at the direction where Edd was at and mistakened him for a monster. He tells the kids about the origins and the abilities of the monster which was horendous by the way.

"I'm scared Eddy!" said Jimmy.

Eddy came by and tried to quote on quote confort Jimmy.

"Don't worry Jimmy, you're in good hands," said Eddy as he flicked his finger onto Jimmy's trike rendering him to roll away from the crowd. The consquence, Sarah punched Eddy dead in the face. Meanwhile with Jimmy, he continued to roll away with his trike gaining speed. Eddy points to Ed about Jimmy's "demise".

"Oh my god, he's sucking Jimmy in!" yelled Eddy melodramaitcally as he points to Ed of Jimmy's doom.

Ed acting like well Ed grabbed a tree from out of nowhere with the sounds of a chainsaw running from also out of nowhere as he chased towards the monster trying to "save" Jimmy. As Jimmy was bellowing for help, Ed said in his own words, "CRUSH THE MONSTER!"

Meanwhile with Edd, Edd became frieghtened.

"Is that a Northern Dutch Elm!" screamed Edd, "Oh, dear. I can't possibly coordinate my..." Then befoere he knew it ( and Jimmy) they were both crushed by Ed's stupidity, by crushing both of them onto a tree.

"The monster is slained, you have been saved!" Ed announced.

Sarah screamed Jimmy's name in horror by what she just saw. Rolf and Kevin can't but just laugh at the incident as Rolf teases the Eds - mainly Ed with either irrelevent or farm jokes that no one would get.

"Jimmy?" Ed was discombobulated for a moment trying to recall what just happened. He digs in the ground trying to find Jimmy, and by the time he finds him, he pulls him out from the tree and acts stupid as always.

"You got to love 'em," Eddy chuckled wiping tears from holding out on his laughter.

"Speak to me Jimmy!" said Ed holding an unconcious Jimmy in his hands. He then precedes to do CPR in the grossest way the kids ever endorsed seeing. Eddy was crying as he was trying to hold back his laughter, so was Rolf and Kevin. Nazz was speechless and Jonny was - well Jonny. Ed was instead doing CPR to "revive" Jimmy from his current state, he seems that he was kissig him while spitting saliva. That was when Sarah came by, snatching Jimmy away and tells Ed that he was a slobber mouth babboon. While all of this was going on, a certain Asian girl was walking in the sidewalk looking for the Eds. That was when Edd came out from the tree in pain.

"Is this is what we resort too? Humiliating each other?" he yelled before he was grabbed by Ed which was also when Juniper came in disturbed by what Ed was trying to do. Ed drops Edd, and greeted her hello. Eddy becme stressed that his joke for the kids was a low blow for Kevin and Rolf. The kids left by laughing at the Eds humiliation.

"What the heck happened here?" June asked.

"Things that you will never understand," said Edd stretching his back. June rose an eyebrow but decides not to carry it with her. Just before she had a saying, Ed reveals that he has a scam. Eddy laughs at Ed's request resulting them in a short arguement. Eddy was pushed by Ed as Ed fell to the ground and cried. June and Edd felt bad for Ed.

"First you made him a run for your joke, now you are preventing him from expressing his ideas. He may have came up with something unique," said Edd.

"Yeah, what's your deal?" said June glaring at Eddy while rubbing Ed's back.

Eddy became frustrated until he gave in.

"ALRIGHT ALREADY!" he shouted, "Let's do your stupid scam Ed."

Like someone hooked on crack, a bell rings out of nowhere as Ed sprang up into his feet happily like nothing had happened.

"Yay! My scam, my scam, my scam!" said Ed hugging June and Edd as he skipped around merrily.

"Okay, Ed, what do you need first?" June asked.

"First we need..." he turns around and looks at his comics, "...a bunch of rocks! Ha, ha, ha!"

"Rocks?" Edd and June were confused. Eddy glared at both of them. "You know I'm going to get ya'll for this," he said storming off.

June blew a silent raspberry at Eddy and Edd folded his arms and glared at him.

Author's Notes: This is one of my most favorite episodes of nthe whole series. It's unique and for once Ed comes with the scams! So as you as the reader, tell me what you think of the story so far. What's going to happen next? Until we meet again, I bid you adieu and...