I know there have been a lot of Santana pregnant stories but this one is slightly different and randomly came to me. Yes, I know it isn't possible for it to happen but oh well.

Santana wasn't feeling well. Her stomach ached and she felt sick. She'd told her mom who'd forced her to go to school because she had a 100% attendance to keep up. Not once had Santana missed school, not even when she was outed and ashamed to face the stares from the students. She just took a couple of aspirin and grabbed her backpack before walking out of the front door. The only good thing about today would have been seeing her girlfriend Brittany. The blonde was waiting for her outside the front entrance of school.

"Hey sweetie," Brittany beamed when she spotted her and gave her a hug, "How are you?"

"Feeling sick actually," Santana sighed, "Mom said I should go to school though to keep the 100% attendance up."

"Maybe you're pregnant," Brittany joked and nodded to assure herself. She knew that when Quinn was pregnant, she was always feeling sick and she now knew that storks did not bring babies after a little pep talk from Santana.

"Britt, I am not pregnant," Santana laughed as the two of them headed into school. "The only person I have had sex with in the past two months is you and you know that girls can't make babies with each other. I told you that when I was giving you the speech about the stork."

"Oh right," Brittany nodded, "Yeah I remember now. You're never sick though, you're always so healthy."

"It's probably just a bug," Santana told her, "Everyone gets them once in a while. Wasn't Puckerman off sick with a bug the other week? I probably caught it off him."

"Yeah but I didn't think he was actually sick," Brittany said, "I thought he was just skipping school because we had that math test." Santana laughed, knowing her girlfriend was right. He probably was skipping because of that. "Have I made you feel any better?"

"A little bit," Santana smiled, "Thank you; you always seem to make me feel better."

"That's what I'm here for."

Brittany and Santana headed up to their lockers to get their books for their first class when Quinn came over to them both. Santana was pleased to see that she'd dyed her hair blonde again and was wearing dresses. It'd been a shock for the two cheerleaders when Quinn had come to school as a punk.

"Hey girls," she smiled, "Good morning."

"You're in an awfully cheery mood," Santana giggled, "Did something happen overnight or..."

"No," Quinn shook her head, "Puck and I just kinda...kissed." Santana's eyes widened and Brittany squealed, flinging her arms around Quinn. "Hey, it was just a onetime thing but I...I think it could possibly lead to more." Santana spotted her blushing bright red. "How are you guys anyway?"

"Fine," Brittany said before Santana could speak, "San's feeling sick though."

"I think I've just got a bug," Santana told Quinn, "There's something going round." Quinn nodded and patted her arm, wishing her a get well soon.

"It's good to see you're back to your old self again," Brittany said to Quinn. She hated Quinn's new look; the pink hair, the ring, the tattoo, everything. She, Quinn and Santana used to be the unholy trinity and the three musketeers but that didn't last long. Brittany and Quinn suddenly heard a groan from Santana and they both turned to see the Latina bent over, holding her stomach. "Hey babe; are you alright?" Brittany asked. She hated to see her girlfriend in pain.

"Yeah," she gasped and nodded, "Feeling sick again. God, I think I'm gonna barf."

"Charming," Quinn said sarcastically with a smile. Brittany went to help her to the bathroom but Santana suddenly lunged forwards and threw up all over the floor of the corridor, Quinn jumping back in alarm. She often felt squeamish around sick. "Gross," she whimpered as students gathered, shocked to see that Santana Lopez had just thrown up everywhere.

"Honey?" Brittany asked, "Quinn; can you get the janitor?" Brittany asked, gesturing to the mess on the floor. Quinn nodded as Brittany helped Santana to the girl's bathroom. Santana looked like she was about to go again so Brittany shuffled her into one of the cubicles. As soon as she reached the toilet, Santana projectile vomited everywhere. Brittany paid no attention to the sick on the sides of the cubicle and just held a tissue under the cold water tap. Luckily, Santana's hair was already in a ponytail and out the way of her face. Brittany locked the cubicle door and knelt next to Santana, wiping the mess away from her mouth. "God San; it's on the floor."

"I couldn't exactly help it," Santana snapped as Brittany wiped at her mouth once again, "Stop it!"

"San; it's everywhere," Brittany pointed out to her.

"Clean the walls and floor instead then," Santana groaned. She hated people fussing over her and Brittany was treating her like she was six. "Brittany!"

"You are more important," Brittany put the toilet seat lid down and sat Santana on the edge so she could continue wiping at her face.

"It's nothing," Santana yelled as she tried to push Brittany's hand away, "I just puked!" They heard the door to the girl's bathroom open, "Shut up now," Santana hissed at the blonde but it was only Quinn. "Quinn?"

"Yeah it's me," Quinn said. "I got Mr Schue and the janitor and they're cleaning up the mess; don't worry." Santana didn't answer. "Are you okay? It must be kind of embarrassing throwing up like that in front of everyone."

"She went again once we were in here," Brittany called to Quinn through the cubicle door. Santana had now finished throwing up but Brittany was rubbing small circles up and down her back and kissing her forehead to try and comfort her. "Are you alright now sweetie?" Santana nodded. "You should go home."

"I think I will," she whispered. "And tell my mom I just threw up so screw the 100% attendance."

"You can't be at school like this San," Quinn laughed through to them, "Go home."

"Will you be okay?" Brittany asked, "I can take you back to my place if you want."

"No, my mom's at work," Santana sighed, "I'll be okay."

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