"This thing is so heavy," Brittany groaned as she took one end of the crib. It was Kimberly's old crib and they were moving it into the guest room, ready to get started on the nursery. "Mom, can you hurry up?" Linda nodded and lifted the other end up so she and Brittany could carry it to the corner of the room. "This thing weights a tonne. Kim must have been a huge baby." Kimberly was at a friends house so they'd found it the perfect time to move the crib in.

"Where is Santana?" Linda questioned Brittany. Brittany always seemed to know where Santana was at the moment.

"Doing some reading," Brittany groaned. Her hands slipped and she dropped her end of the crib, causing it to fall straight on her foot. She screamed loudly and began hopping, grabbing hold of the wall for support.

"What happened?" Santana panicked as she rushed in, book in her hand.

"Brittany just dropped the crib on her foot," Linda sighed and stood with her hands on her hips.

"Are you okay?" Santana asked, coming over and rubbing at Brittany's shoulder. She nodded in pain but tried her best to stand up straight. She managed it, "Well at least it's not broken," Santana smiled. "It's ten am and I have peed for like the sixth time this morning."

"That is also like the sixth time you've told me," Brittany said. "What is wrong with your bladder at the moment?"

"The baby," Santana sighed, "It's good to see that you've set the crib up anyway." She gestured towards the crib that Linda and Brittany had placed in the corner. "It looks good."

"Yeah it does," Linda said and clapped her hands together.

"Do you need any help?" Santana offered.

"No," Brittany answered quickly and shook her head at Santana, "Not from you."

"What?" Santana asked in a shocked, high pitched voice. "Why not?"

"You shouldn't be trying to move things in your condition," Brittany told her and placed an arm round her shoulder. "Especially heavy things. My mom and I have got this."

"I would find that easier to believe if you hadn't just dropped a crib on your foot," Santana giggled, "Can I get you a cup of tea?"

"I'll get that as well," Brittany kissed Santana and sat her down in the comfy armchair in the corner before leaving. Santana sat and watched as Linda looked over the crib. "What are you looking at?"

"Just thinking that this crib could do with a nice paint job," Linda smiled, "What do you think?" Santana nodded. "White?"

"White for now," Santana agreed, "Then maybe once we know the sex, we could paint either pink or blue flowers or something to make it look smarter."

"That'd look nice," Linda nodded. Brittany soon came upstairs with a tray full of three mugs of tea and a plate of cookies. "Thank you darling," Linda thanked as Brittany placed the tray on the floor, handing one mug to her mom and one to Santana.

"Help yourself to a cookie," Brittany told her girlfriend, "They're plain don't worry, no chocolate."

"Please can I help," Santana pleaded, sipping at her drink. "I feel I need to help with something."

"No way," Brittany took the cushion from behind Santanas head and have it a whack before putting it back for her, "You relax," she kissed her head, "And put your feet up. Can I get you anything?" Santana shook her head. "Right so what have we decided Mom?"

"Santana and I were just considering painting this crib," Linda said, "It's looking quite old and faded. It could do with a bit of paint."

"I thought white," Santana filled Brittany in. "Then if we find out we're having a girl we could add a bit of pink and if we're having a boy, we could add some blue."

"Sounds good," Brittany smiled, beginning to feel quite excited. She scanned the room and saw most of Kimberlys old things. There was the crib of course as well as a little closet and a changing table. "It's a good thing we kept Kim's things."

"Well yeah," Linda nodded, "I kept them just in case someone we knew became pregnant or something."

"This is really good tea," Santana complimented Brittany. Brittany stroked at her hair and sat down on the arm of the chair. "How's your foot?"

"Fine now thanks," Brittany got up and headed over to the changing table. "Help me with this Mom." Santana went to get up, ignoring the mom part of the sentence. "Sit down missy! Don't you dare think I am letting you lift this." Santana laughed and sat back down, drinking her tea whilst Linda went to help her daughter with the changing table. "What are you reading anyway San?" Brittany asked.

"Fifty Shades of Grey," Santana said, "It's good."

"Isn't that the rude book, the one all about sex?" Brittany asked and Santana nodded, "I might give it a go."

"No," Linda scolded her daughter, "No you will not. I've read it and I'm not having you read it."

"I need to pee again," Santana groaned and placed her cup of tea back on the tray before stepping over a stuffed teddy bear and walking out the room.

"Why does being pregnant make you pee so much?" Brittany questioned. "Santana spends most of her life in the bathroom now either throwing up or going to the toilet."

"It shows the baby's getting bigger," Linda said, "As the baby grows, it pushes down onto the bladder. How far along is Santana again?"

"Coming up for two months now," Brittany said. "She's still throwing up sometimes, is that natural?"

"Yeah, the morning sickness sometimes stops around three months. It's different for some women though, sometimes it carries on throughout the entire pregnancy."

"At least her hormones have settled down a little bit now," Brittany said as Santana walked back in. "Hey sweetie." Santana sat back down and picked up her book again to start reading.

"Okay Brittany," Linda said, "On the count of three, we'll lift." Brittany nodded as her mom counted to three. The two of them then lifted the changing table and placed it at the other end of the room. "There, that looks nice."

"What do you think San?" Brittany asked.

"I like it," Santana nodded, "It's coming along nicely."

"Come on, I think we deserve a break now." Linda suggested. "How about some ice cream?"

"I'm up for that," Santana smiled and slammed her book shut. Brittany giggled and helped her up from the chair before going down to the kitchen for ice cream.