Episode 01

5 years have passed since destruction of the Reunion and its' affiliates; where in Vera's claim to become the recognized sole leader of the Heaven Riches faction, she slaughtered most of the students in the school as a token of good faith towards the masters of the traditional martial artist, where Gangryong finally received his masters last gift from Yuri Linus in which he promptly used to challenge Vera as the school burned down in the background.

In which from their very actions, the consequence has shaken the people that was affected from this event, and the very roots of Murim itself.

While the old principles of the traditional martial artist of Murim has started to return to the old ways. the old wounds from the past still linger and for the sake of everyones' veritas. will need to be dealt with sooner or later – so that the new tomorrow will truly start.


Deep inside a mountain side forest, a lone figure stands, waiting in front of a secluded cave.

"How long is he going to take in there, he was supposed to be out days ago?" Honse yawned as he played around with the fire he started, hoping to cook some fish and tofu for the man he is waiting for.

Honse looks a little weary, in comparison to the days 5 years ago. He didn't take the loss of Rud very gracefully as he lost Guesong within the same year. While his mind is still determined to finish what they started and beat Vera in her own game, losing friends like that has made his weary of life - he knows he can never go back into the Murim as a traditional martial artist but he still wants to accomplish this last thing.

The man he is waiting for, took a very different route than he did. He became a man obsessed on beating Vera, he lives and breath the goal of defeating and destroying Vera and her plans. During these past 5 years, all he did was harass and try to destroy any martial artist who sided with Vera to the point where he killed everyone in his sect so that only he can achieve his arts forbidden strength - he has spent the last year inside this cave so that has can master "Spirit Contact" ultimate technique.

Speaking of the devil himself...

Jeeha came out of the cave, still looking quite the same, but his eyes were never the same since Rud sacrificed himself for their lives on Veras' command. Madness and angered swirled within, never knowing when the urge to destroy will overcome him.
Honse weakly smiled and greeted him with a tofu on hand.

"What? Am I a prisoner coming out of his sentence?" Jeeha asks, eyeing the tofu on Honse hand.

"Might as well be." Honse replied. "Did you manage to achieve what you wanted?"

"I didn't get to complete the technique, but I have enough of it that it will for sure destroy Vera."

"Are you going to be safe?"

"SAFE! OF course this is not going to be safe!" Jeeha snarled at Honse. "But at least I'm able to take out Vera, even if it cost me my life. I swear I'll make that little bitch pay for what she did to Rud and all of our classmates."

Honse was about to reply but thought nothing of it. Of course this wasn't going to be safe, we are talking about taking on the official head of Heavens Riches. Vera was already too strong 5 years ago and it took this much effort to finally reach an even playing field.

He has reached the pinnacle of the Anti Heavens Riches technique he was working on years ago to defeat Vera in the school election and even with that, his chances were still 50/50. Only with Jeeha learning his traditional arts succession technique that his and their chances of defeating Vera got up to at least 80%, 100% if all the variables were met on the technique.

Honse looked at Jeeha as they started to munch on the tofu while the fish crackled in the fire. Soon, they start their unfinished battle on the traditional martial arts and Vera, who is now the main head of Murim.

Who would've known that from that fateful night, 5 years ago, they would end up fighting on the side that they have sworn to fight against, that they would need to accept and fully use the help from the last of Reunions remnants so that they are able to survive in this world.

The last official word that they have heard from Reunion was from Shinra, that Yuri and Fire Dragon are trying to rebuild what's left of Reunion and are slowly trying to find survivors from that night. There has been no word about Hayato, who disappeared during that night or also Gangryong, who knocked the 2 of them out and from Shinras account, went to challenge Vera himself.

It's a daunting task overall as Yuri is not the officially recognized successor of Heavens Riches and all of the traditional arts from Murim would rather have her, and her principles disappear but they still fight on, as Honse and Jeeha has. They don't care about the re-institution of the Reunion but with their common goal of defeating Vera, they can set their issues aside just this once.
"Jeeha, try to get some sleep. We'll get out of the mountains and meet Shinra as soon as daybreak occurs."

Jeeha looked at Honse, and stared up in the skies, his eyes flickering from the fire. He will not be able to sleep soundly until he has beaten Vera to the ground and make her feel the pain he felt when Rud took his own life in front of their eyes. He can only close his eyes and let the demons inside him torment him with the promise of her death till that day comes.


Vera looked out from the Heavens Riches main temple, towards the beautiful mountain side scenery and admired the view in front of her. Becoming recognized as the main successor of Heavens Riches was only a part of her plan, her main goal, to kill Yuri still eludes her to this day.

Yuri, with the help of that condescending Fire Dragon, has managed to elude the agents she has sent out to find them. Rumours has been flying around Murim that Yuri and Fire Dragon are trying to rebuild their power base so that they can re-establish a Reunion stronghold, and there are signs that the loose band of Reunion practitioners are starting to stir. Word of Yuri trying to usurp Veras power hold has reached their ears and they have slowly making their presence known within the areas controlled by Murim.

Even though Vera has managed to kill most of the students in the Reunion sponsored school, there are still some remnants that has managed to survive, from the students that were unaccounted for from the purge to the ones who have actually graduated from the school, and even though she has sent her agents to scour the lands and assassinate those survivors, it has been a slow progress. Also, her own issues of consolidating her own power inside Murim has been met with some opposition, which she is currently dealing with at the moment.

Now, she waits for that day when her dear sister will appear in front of her, so that she can finally exact her revenge she has sought for so many years now.

A figure slowly approached Vera from the back, she turned her head slowly and nodded, acknowledging the presence that was approaching.


Zerar, is the successor of the original Earth Beast, he has been on Veras side since the beginning and has been a loyal servant and aide to her. Even though he was trained in the art of the Earth Beast, he was never taught the succession technique by his master, whom who was thought to have died with Lightning Tiger during the fight to the "Godhood" ritual and Yuri from achieving her goal. Thus, he is sometimes referred to as "Incomplete" Earth Beast - specially by Fire Dragon who relishes the fact.

"Mistress. We have squashed the rebellion that a small group of Reunion insurgents has tried to lead against us from the eastern provinces. Unfortunately, they were not willing to provide any information if Yuri or Fire Dragon was the cause of this."

"Is there any news regarding the task Hayato was assigned to do?"

"He is still looking for the rest of Reunion Southern Yardplay Faction regime. Along his travels, he met Mu Yong and has disposed of him. He is currently looking for Yuhwa at the moment, who has escaped from the fight but as of right now, he is currently not making any progress with that task."

"Call him back, I have some news for him regarding an issue he wanted resolve." Vera paused,

"And is there any news regarding Gangryong?"

"No mistress. We have not been able to find a single evidence of his whereabouts since he disappeared five years ago."

"Very well, you may go."

Vera again looked towards the mountain side, an odd and mixed expression filled her face as she thought of that night and that fight with Gangryong; she quickly composed herself and contemplated on the matter.

Gangryong could still be alive, and could still be searching for Yuri and Fire Dragon. The night they fought left many unanswered questions and only recently, some of the answers have come out to view the light of day. She could feel a storm brewing and she must be able to take account the many variables that could hinder her progress, Gangryong is one of them and the more time he spends in the wild; the less she is able to calculate his participation in this upcoming battle..


Somewhere in Seoul, a busy fast food stall is serving some hot delicious kimchee at a customer with some BBQ'ed meat on the side. The patron, who has a scraggy long'ish hair and was not dressed very well, has already consumed a couple of plates which was being cleared to make way for the new plates.

The man consumed the meal graciously, his face overflowing with joy. He looked around, a subconscious habit, to see if anyone is going to interrupt him. It looks like he is someone whose meals are always interrupted by others. Once he confirmed that no one can interrupt him, he continued to work on his meal.

A loud ruckus started to make its way to the stall. From what it looks like, gangsters were making their way in the market, going through each stall looking to collect the monthly "protection" money. They finally made their way to the fast food stall and started harassing the employees for the monthly fee.

"Jii-san, where's our money?" the gangster shouted at the old man, pulling him up from the stall.

"I'm tired of giving you money, go away." the old man shouted back.

"You're going to pay before we leave!" the gangster screamed back as he raised his fist to hit the old man.

Suddenly, his fist stopped midway in the motion. The gangster looks back and sees the bum who was eating the kimchee holding his arm with ease.

"Eh? Do you have a deathwish?" the gangster exclaimed.

"Can you let go of the old man for me, I want to order more food since I'm really hungry. I'll forgive you guys for interrupting my meal if you do that for me." the man replied.

"Forgive us, FORGIVE US? F*CK YOU, KILL HIM!" he screamed at his guys.

The rest of the guys charged at the bum. The bum looked at them, eyes filled with destructive strength that they were blown back by this unseen force. They couldn't take their eyes off him as he stared them down. It's as if they are looking at the eyes of a wild tiger, ready to tear them apart in a moments notice.

The bum looked at them closely, then focused on the gangster whose hand he is still holding. He gripped it a little harder, causing the old man to be loosened from the choke hold he was on, and then threw the boss towards his subordinates.

"As I said, I am willing to be lenient with you and your subordinates but only if you leave now. This is my area now and if you piss me off any longer...I might be so kind." he looked at the group at his feet, his eyes raged with fury, the lights flickered in the background in synch with the man in front of them.

They looked at him and instantly knew that this man was strong and that they are no match to him, they slowly stood up and bowed, walking away cautiously - hoping that they don't run into this guy ever again.

The crowd cheered and thanked the bum profusely, offering him a lifetime of free stuff. He enjoyed looking at their happy faces and was glad that he has done a good thing. He looked up in the sky in contemplation...

"Master, am I strong?"