Episode III

Lightning Tiger watched as Gangryong tries to complete the last repetition of the circuit workout he has him doing in between his meditations. The thought of getting a disciple never crossed his mind at all, due to the path he chose to go against Yuri, the current head of the Heavens Riches faction. He thought he was going to be the last successor of EOTL.

If he believed in Gods or destiny, then meeting Ma Gangryong at that point in time could've been called divine intervention.

Here is a young man, who isn't as eloquent as other pure bred traditionalist martial arts, but purely wishes to devote himself into achieving strength beyond mere humans; And him, a master of a martial arts who rewards strength and devotion rather than tradition.

The two meeting each other at that point in time is a close to a miracle as one would get.

Gangryong finished his last set and laid down in the ground, panting for air.

"No rest for the wicked, go do the ki refinement meditation I showed you for 2 hours."

"Oh man, not again. When are you going to show me awesome techniques like a Kamehameha?"

"Shaddup! Dare a baby ask to run when he can't even crawl."

Gangryong grumbled on the side, something about kicking his ass one of these days, as he got into the meditation position and quieted his mind.

Lighting Tiger looked up in the sky, and smiled - somehow, he felt relieved that the future of EOTL is in good hands.


Honse laid on the couch looking at the ceiling.

These couple of years has been a trying and exhausting. While running away, hiding, to avoid Vera henchmen - he had to ensure that his training was up kept to standards. He can't go dying yet till he avenges the death of his classmates and comrades in arms.

[Why did you have to go do that and kill yourself Rud? It didn't have to go that way...] he thought to himself.

The only good thing that came out of this was Shinra. She was lost during the initial skirmishes with Vera; she lost her master, her friends, her way to achieve power - everything was taken from her. With that, her fierce tough exterior broke to reveal a sensitive girl and in facing death, was saved by Honse. They ran together and opened up to one another and eventually became much more than fugitives.

The problem now, he thought, was Jeeha. The death of Rud broke him mentally and his isolation training did not help. All Honse could see was death, hatred and chaos in Jeeha eyes. He wants to help him but he doesn't know how, or if it's even possible. The death of Rud scarred them all but non deeper than Jeeha. His hatred for Vera is all encompassing that even the great Vera might have trouble with him.

For the plan to work though, they need Jeeha to be like this. Even if a life must be sacrificed, as long as they end up killing Vera - it was well worth the price.

Honse cellphone rang, it was Shinra.

"Hello my pretty!" Honse exclaimed at the phone.

"Shuddup" Shinra playfully replied back. "I managed to get ahold of our contact inside. He said he'll be able to help us out but it's a one time deal and the price will be huge 'cuz he's sticking his neck out for us."

"That's fine - no matter what the price is, we'll pay it. When is this going to go down?"

"Soon, he said, he just needs to take care of some business. He'll contact us."

"Thanks for the hard work Shinra, come home now."

"Geez. Melodramatic much. See you soon."


[What the fuck is this girl thinking!] Gangryong thought as he watched Ka-eun fight a much bigger man than her inside a steel octagon ring. Loud cheering enveloped the arena as Ka-eun barely dodged a wild haymaker targeting her face. He can see her face was full of determination but the way she was going at it was all wrong. If this keeps up, she's going to lose.


Ka-eun was sitting in the corner of the gym doing some breathing exercises that Gangryong taught her. He's been having her do breathing exercises and a strict physical regime for weeks now.

"Even if you have perfect techniques, it's no use if you don't have the physical strength to back it up." he kept repeating at her.

"GAH! This is so boring, when are you going to show me techniques?" she screamed at Gangryong.

"Che, my techniques are uber-elite. You're too weak to be able to handle it."

"Like hell I couldn't, the only reason you beat me last time was because you were faster than me."

"Yeah, I was faster than you - which means I'm stronger than you, so why don't you shut up and do as you're told till you can somewhat put a scratch on me."

Ka-eun had no reply to that. It was true, their first sparring session - she was soundly beat. Even though he only used his speed, she can tell he was holding back, and that pissed her off even more. It also made her very curious about this man, besides looking like a bum most of the time - she knew nothing about him and his past and when she asked around, apparently no one knows as well.

She was losing herself in her thoughts when a fist knocked her on her head.

"Time for a run, wear that weighted vest on the side and try to be back before the hour."

She growled at him and she made her way to the vest. The way she is now, she knows she is weaker than him, but that doesn't mean she's going to stay that way for long. She will become stronger and then she's going to make him eat his words.


[Goddamnher! I can't have someone I taught losing to a place like this!] Gangryong growled as he made his way to her corner. The bell rang, sounding the end of the 2nd round. This was a 3 round match and from what he can tell, she was losing by decision. She needs to finish this if she wanted to win.

[Was this too early for her? No, field work is always the best way to learn a skill.]

"Ka-eun!" he growled at her, "What are you doing? He's going to win if you keep this up."

"This is your fault, why did you throw me into a no hold barred tournament so soon."

"Shut up! You're the one who was always complaining about doing exercises all the time. If I knew you were this weak, I wouldn't have let this happen!"

"I'm not weak!"

"Then show it to me and win!"

"I'm trying...but he's too much." she said in a quiet voice. Even though she has been fighting her hardest to reach the final round of this tournament and win it all - the man in front of her was just in another level compared to the others she fought.

"Again, it's your fatal weakness that setting you back."

"My attitude?"

"Yeah, your attitude."

"What does my attitude have anything to do with this?"

"Well, if you can't figure it out, you're going to lose this match." Gangryong said as the bell rang to start the match.

[My attitude, how the hell is my attitude holding me back"]