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Can my friend have a guardian?

It was a twenty minute drive from the N.E.S.T base to the location Will had taken Ironhide it was a similar location to Will's home, in the middle of nowhere but the land around you was huge, randomly pinpointed pine trees were darted around the house, the house itself was a one floored building, a garage and a small set of stairs leading up to the porch.

Ironhide collected his thoughts as he tried to come up with a conclusion to how this could have happened. "i don't understand this, let me see, Major Lennox asked me for his assistance, then Optimus asked me to help take Major Lennox's things to his siblings home, but for what reason?! he can drive, but why would Prime feel so strongly about a simple task as this...?" he then came to his own shocking conclusion, "he thinks i'm-i'm, 'lazy'? i-i haven't been training in a while and i've been too busy socializing with the younger bots and the N.E.S.T soldiers, Primus above i need to get back into action before I'm taken out of action."

"Hide?" Will said.

"H-Huh? Major Lennox? is something wrong? have we been called in?" he said eagerly.

"erm, no." he replied flatly. "we're here. and i can't get out."

Ironhides mind wandered again as he tried to remember everything during that time.

Earlier that day

Ellen had just come home from school, well, 'home' here meant the N.E.S.T base, Ironhide was the one on child pick up duty as the others were out on the field much to his delight. Ellen remained quiet the whole trip, during her experience with the Allspark situation she learned Ironhide didn't care much for the human race and thought us all to be the same, but maybe afterwards that's changed perhaps? After all he seems to tolerate Will. but knowing or not she kept to herself until he said otherwise.

As Ironhide drove into base, the others had already returned as Optimus was having an audience with Major Lennox formerly Captain until recent events. As Ironhide opened his cab doors Ellen, short as she is, climbed down from the seat and onto the floor.

She gave her Dad the usual greetings as she stood at his feet. "How was school?" Optimus asked, he had to talk casually to Ellen to avoid long conversation of questions asking what he meant, for example to start with he would ask "how is your progression in the institution of education?" normally in response Ellen would give him a dumbfounded face, which dragged the conversation.

Ellen shrugged, "it was okay." She said looking at her hands.

"But?" Optimus said noticing her troubled expression.

"There was this fight at school, someone said something mean to Eve but i didn't think she would attack the person." She said twiddling her fingers a little frightened from what she saw.

"Eve is, a friend of yours?" Optimus asked.

"Yeah, and it was scary, she wouldn't stop hitting him until a teacher came over, but the teachers found it hard to hold her, i think they were scared of her." She continued to say.

"There's more to why you're telling me this, am i correct?" Optimus asked.

"I'm worried for her, i don't get why she's like this, she's so, so, angry all the time, I've been to her house before, her Dads always out and she lives in the middle of nowhere." Ellen then whispered cupping a hand over her mouth. "You should see her cupboards."

"Why are you whispering?" Optimus asked.

Ellen then looked around as she saw Will leave the premises, "because Eve is Will's niece, Eve told me not to tell anyone, because then some people might come round her house and stick their noses in." She explained.

"What people?" Optimus asked.

Ellen shook her head wildly, "not allowed to say, but don't tell anyone kay?"

"If Eve is in some sort of dilemma, we should inform Major Lennox so he in turn can report this." Optimus told her.

Ellen shook her head wildly again, "no, no, no! You don't know her like i do; it will just make her worse."

Optimus nodded and sighed, "Then what do you propose?"

"Propose? As in a wedding?" Ellen said in confusion.

"No, no i mean what do you suggest we do about this." He said.

"Oh, well Eve's all alone at home, she pushes me away all the time, when i do certain stuff like tap her on the shoulder or try to hug her and she always gets hurt...well anyway can you have someone watch over her?" she then said in a small voice.

"I'm Sorry?" Optimus said.

"you know, like you have for me." she said.

"I see, like a guardian?" he said.

Ellen nodded.

"Hmm, well if it is in the middle of nowhere as you have stated, it would be a hard location for any Decepticons to pinpoint, and the Autobots should really all have a location to call as a 'second base' if you will if this base was every infiltrated...but this is more as a personal errand." He then said.

"Please Dad, you haven't seen the..." she stopped mid sentence.

"Seen what?" he said.

she started whimpering instead of providing an explanation.

Optimus sighed, "Perhaps i can send an Autobot to analyze the situation first." instantly making Ellen perk up, "how is it i cannot..."

"Hey Ironhide can i borrow you for a second?" they both heard Will say as they whipped there visions to outside.

"I'm not your errand bot Major Lennox." Ironhide moaned.

"Come on it's just a quick stop." Will mock pleaded.

Ellen then started pointing and making frantic noises to Optimus as she motioned him in Ironhides direction, Optimus tilted his head to her strange behavior as she instead ran up to Will. "Hey Will! Going somewhere?" she asked him.

"Yeah to Eve's." he said picking her up, "got a few things my Brother agreed to hang onto for me." Will told her.

Ellen then looked at Optimus for some kind of help.

Finally understanding human signals Optimus quickly tried to think of something, "I-Ironhide, assist Major Lennox with his personals" Optimus ordered, first time for him to start out hesitant.

Ironhide looked dumbfounded to begin with as he blinked a few times, "Prime, I'm a war veteran I'm not being demoted to human assistant." Ironhide protested.

Ellen waved her arms up and down frantically, she wanted this too work, "hey whats wrong?" Will said as he had a hard time holding her up.

"Ironhide are you going against a direct order?" Optimus said in a slight serious slight hesitant voice, he sounded silly basically.

"I..." Ironhide started, furrowing his brow.

"Now." Dad simply said this whole set up made him uneasy and just wanted to end the conversation as quickly as possible.

Ironhide grumbled, "Understood." He said as he merely transformed just to get out of showing any other expression.

Ellen gave Optimus a thumbs up as he winked at her, "Hmm." Will said watching the two, then Ellen swung her arms around his neck as she pressed her cheek against his, "U-uh, thanks?" he said putting her down, "any messages you want me to pass on?" he said kneeling down her.

"Hi?" she said.

Will stood up shaking his head amused, "i like it, its short, easy to remember." he said lightly as Ellen and Optimus proceeded back into base as they left Will and Ironhide to their quarreling.

Will had a big grin on his face now as he rubbed his hands together, "This is mainly some of my things i can't store at home, just stuff from being out here." Will said as he loaded a good sum of cardboard boxes into Ironhides backseats.

Ironhide merely grunted, as he revved his engines up, "let's hurry this up Major."

"Take it easy big guy; don't act like this when I'm at my brothers." Will said like scowling a child.

"I'll be retaining this form only, while there." Ironhide argued.

"Oh no, you're giving me a hand with all this stuff, i saw the holoform Optimus produced in Mission city so you can give me a hand." Will argued back.

Ironhide growled this time, "Look, the sooner we get the job done the sooner we can get back and you can go back to...doing nothing." Will reassured.

"What are you implying when you say 'doing nothing'?" Ironhide hissed.

Will got himself in the front, "just, drive." He said testing how far he can push him.

Ironhide sped off so fast he gave Will whiplash.

"Ironhide!" Will yelled.

Ironhide was slightly startled by the yell, "what?!" he yelled back.

"i said i can't get out, Will you unlock the door already?" he said.

"Will this take long?" he asked, Will turned back into his seat.

"I can't give you an exact time but hopefully not long but saying that it took a while for me to organize this as my Brothers rarely in the house, which i am worried about...but he must leave Eve with someone, but he should really be acting more of a parent to her." Will said brushing his chin lightly.

"If you are related, wouldn't it make more sense for him to leave his offspring with you and your family?" Ironhide asked, though he didn't know why, maybe even he possess the ability of curiosity?

"Sarah...is a bit wary of her..." Will said regrettably.

"Why?" Ironhide asked.

"Well, she can be a bit of a hand full, she's very...troubled, i wish Sarah would try to be a bit more understanding but she's only thinking of the safety of our baby." Will said.

"I don't understand your explanation." Ironhide simply said.

"I'll put it bluntly even though i don't like to describe her in this type of manner, but tin head here can't get a hint." Will said throwing his arms in the air before gripping the steering wheel, "let me give you a list from what most have described her as mainly her school reports, Eve is a very aggressive child, she can be very mean spirited, she speaks fowl language, she's destructive, the list goes on but i prefer not to continue because this is killing me right now, she's my older Brothers child, my Niece, you know the school actually sent the police to our doors because they couldn't get hold of Jack?" Will said his voice rose with each passing moment.

"Why does she display such behavior?" Ironhide asked.

"i don't know, but she's not bad, she's just confused, I've tried asking her if its someone at school bothering her, or her friends, but every time i ask she refuses to talk to me, instead becomes very defensive, she has struck me a few times in the past." Will explained.

"Have you been persistent?" Ironhide asked.

"How can i be? I'm not her father, and I'm not always around i have my job, my wife and child to support...and when i say that, it sounds like I've already abandoned her or given up on her." he then whacked the steering wheel, "God!" he then breathed a few breaths before continuing this time in a much toned down voice. "I've been away for a long while too on the field; i haven't seen her until now. I'm not sure if she's gotten worse or better...but godammit I'm so angry at Jack! He hasn't even tried a Councillor or gotten any help he just has his head up his ass about the situation!" Will's voice rose again as he then pinched the bridge of his nose. "but he's her Father, the only support she has, i can't report Jacks absence from the house and leaving a child alone because i know she wouldn't be able to make it out there, people always blow off the 'troubled' child, they try for at least a week and then say it's too stressful, we can't handle her, its effecting my marriage, I've seen it all before, people pass around children like a baton. Though I'm no better..." He then said solemnly.

There was silence between the two until Will's eyes open wide as to a sudden idea formed in his head, "hey, Ironhide?" he then said seemingly pleased with himself.

"What is it Major?" he replied bluntly.

"You can stay, observe, find out what's making Eve tick because your just a truck she'll be none the wiser, and she will eventually let her guard down around an inanimate object." Will said excited.

"A-Are-Are you out of your fragging mind?! One i cannot stay either, for Prime needs me on the field, two who are you calling 'just a truck'? And three who are you calling an inanimate object?" he yelled.

"Ironhide come on, your only twenty minutes from base." Will begged.

"No." He said blankly.

Will sighed frustrated, "fine, let's just...drop my things off and go already." He said hopelessly as he swirled himself around and grabbed a couple of boxes from the backseats, then got out of Ironhides cab, slamming the door behind making the truck sway slightly.

As he walked towards the house, another man came up beside him with some boxes of his own, middle aged looking with slightly toned skin, short shaved black hair, black tank top and dark blue denim jeans, his face had many scars, a long deep one that trailed from the bottom of his chin down to the bottom of his neck, a few on his bottom jaw and a slashed one going past his right eye.

"What are you doing?" Will said rather coldly.

"Assisting you as you requested, and as Prime ordered." He replied back, Ironhide had made a holoform and Will merely scoffed.

As the two drew closer to the house, on the porch sat a young girl, she had long jet black hair that hanged down to her elbows, a black top on and dark purple denim shorts on, her legs had a hand full of band aids on, she sat in a position where her head was low and her hair covered the whole top of her head completely, she was a skinny thing but had some muscle on her.

She had a stick and was drawing stuff into a sandy part of the ground, but on approach she quickly scribbled it out, unidentible to Will but Ironhide looked past the scribbles and saw it was a picture of a happy dog with its tongue sticking out, innocent enough as Ironhide tilted his head intrigued.

Though Eve kept her head down, Will then knelt down to her as she instantly put her head up, she looked him up and down and watched every movement he made even his shrugging motions.

"Hey Eve, i-i'm back." He said rather awkwardly.

You could just about see the corner of her eyes as her expression was blank, "The news guy said you were dead." She said her speech also blank.

"Propaganda, don't always listen to what the TV tells you." Will said putting on the best smile he could muster, he was being surprisingly patient with her and so you can tell that this has been going on for a good while now.

"Did your dumb bitch of a wife cry?" she then said with growing confidence.

"Eve, don't you dare say such things and I've told you not to use such language." Will said firmly.

"Don't care that's what she is, after all who gets scared of a child?" she then snickered, "you married a pussy." She said.

"Stop this." Will said sternly but he didn't lose his cool, from behind Ironhide observed the behavior, he noticed her readiness stance normally a position to hostile beings, she looked at Will as that potential threat, her left hand was slightly clenched and she was frowning intently.

"Look, are you going to drop your shit off or not?" she then said.

Will sighed no matter what he said he couldn't get her to stop swearing, the sad thing is he hadn't the time to wean her off such a bad habit. "Where's your father?" he then said calmly.

"In town." She said.

"He left you here alone? Again?" Will said annoyed.

"Kids get left alone at home all the time, stop freaking out." She scoffed folding her arms and tilting her head up.

"Yeah amongst a community where you can ask a neighbour to check on you every so often." Will retaliated.

"You can leave your stuff in the garage Dad said, the attic is full and the basement is off limits." Eve just replied with as she pointed toward the garage.

"Can i come in? At least tell you what I've been doing, and i want to know what you've been doing, with school, friends, the...girl you gave a broken nose to today..." Will said as Ironhide glanced his way at that last statement.

Eve shot a glance at Will herself, "no, powers out." she blankly said.

Will sighed, "Well, I'll just put my stuff in come on." He said motioning to Ironhide.

Eve averted her gaze to the other man, she hadn't noticed him because he was so quiet, and she looked on with fascination on his scars, one of the few things that impressed Eve, something grimly awesome. "Hey dickhead." She called out to him as he stopped and slowly turned.

Ironhides expression (surprisingly) was neither anger nor annoyance, maybe because he was unfamiliar with the word or something else but his face was content, "my name is not 'dickhead' it is Ironhide." He corrected her.

"Ironhide? What kind of stupid ass name is that?" Eve said as her lip sneered.

"What kind of designation is Eve?" Ironhide retaliated calmly but looked back at her with an evil grin.

"Okay smartass you wanna fucking go a few rounds?" Eve yelled at him, Eve was windily tight even the slightest remark gets her back up.

"You couldn't go a round with me." Ironhide calmly said boasting a little.

"Oh yeah?" Eve said getting off the porch and charging her way towards Ironhide, she threw her leg behind her as she threw it back as a sideways kick, ironhide swiftly turned around and grabbed her leg, he then grabbed the other and firmly pinned her on her back, on the floor.

Eve was twisting and clawing her hands in his direction aggressively "let go of me you fucking asshole!" she screamed bloody murder at him.

Ironhide merely stared at her as she continued to scream in anger, "Ironhide?" Will said as he dropped his stuff and made his way over.

"Hold on." Ironhide merely said.

"But..." Will said hesitantly.

"I'm not hurting her." Ironhide said. "Resume your task."

Will backed off slowly and looked upon the Eve, to see her like this...so angry...but he'll do as Ironhide said as he headed back and forth with his stuff.

Ten minutes went by and still Eve struggled as Ironhide kept his still position and held her there.

It wasn't until another ten minutes had gone by that she finally tired herself out and merely shot a distasteful, hateful look toward Ironhide as she panted for air, in response Ironhide merely gave her a smile, to Eve it looked patronising and she growled at him, he finally let go of her legs as she kicked his hands away and rolled on her side.

She continued to pant as Ironhide walked past her as he headed back to his true form, "you're an enduring one, i like that." He said to her casually as he continued to walk.

Eve shot him a glare as she sat up, "fuck you." Was her response.

Will feeling guilt ridden approached her as she began to punch the grass in frustration, "Eve, we're going now." He said to her as he crouched down to her level.

"Fuck you, leave me alone!" she spat at him, i guess she's still angry at him for letting Ironhide restrain her like that, but he'd tried everything else when she would lash out like that and this method seemed to work.

Will stood up again as he looked down at her sadly, "what's made you this way?" he thought. "Tell your old man i said hi." He told her with a waving motion. "oh!" he said clicking his fingers, "i saw Ellen in town today, she told me to tell you she said hi." he said hoping to get a response.

Eve was quiet, and she stopped punching the ground she just sat there with her back turned.

Will's hopeful expression fell slightly as he sighed and shook his head, and then he cocked his head back motioning to Ironhides true form, he hopped into his cab as he shut the door behind him; Ironhides holoform was still active as it sat in the passenger seat staring at the dash board. "Very well, I'll do it." He suddenly said.

"Do what?" Will asked.

"Remain here...and observe as you requested." Ironhide said.

"You would do that?" Will said surprised, then he frowned slightly, "wait you wouldn't do it before, so why change your mind?" Will enquired raising an eyebrow.

"I can easily change my mind again." Ironhide said rather threatening.

"Okay, okay take it easy...I'll tell Eve i'm leaving you here as well." Will said somewhat relieved Ironhide was going to do this for him.

"You'd have to proceed on foot if you were to leave me here." Ironhide said.

"I'm not returning to base, i'm returning home, its ten minutes away from here." Will said.

Ironhide said nothing, merely de-activated his holoform.

With nothing else said Will took that as an understandment, as he got out the cab again, and approached Eve again, Will felt like an idiot, after a very tense atmosphere he has to go back to that storm of tension and tell Eve he forgot that he's leaving the truck, "ha ha, hey Eve I've done something stupid." He laughed as he scratched the back of his head.

Eve remained in the same position as before as she was now a living statue, "So, e-er i forgot that i'm leaving the truck too, i guess i'm just so comfortable with driving everywhere i forgot heh." Will continued.

"whatever." Eve said.

"Okay, well er, see ya soon okay?" Will said as he was about to approach her with a hug, but remembered she hates them so instead waved at her from behind her back, then he walked backwards as he felt so dumb like this right now, then turned off and jogged in the opposite direction the sooner he left the sooner Ironhide can find out the problem, the drive that led to Eve's house was long and downhill so Will was out of sight in seconds.

Left alone, or so she thinks Eve started pruning the grass, each chunk of grass made a tearing sound as that was all that was heard, Eve then let her shoulders relax as she shifted slightly.

She turned around as she looked at the black pick up, she stared at it with no expression on her face, and then she frowned, where did Will's man labour go?

"Is he still in the truck?" Eve thought as she crept to the porch and grabbed an iron wrench, she slapped it against her palm as she approached the truck with narrow eyes, she stalked it as she cautiously pulled on the handle and swung it open quick as she wielded her wrench...empty, well the front was, Eve wasn't completely satisfied as she hopped onto the front seat she swung her head around the backseats as she continued to wield her weapon tensely. Her eyes darted around the seats checking every inch of the truck. She became frustrated as she let out a groan.

Jumping out of the truck she slammed the door, and then checked under the truck, around the other side of the truck, the back of the truck, nothing.

"where the hell did you go?!" she yelled as she darted around in circles still wielding the wrench, she was now frantic as with every turn, she would make a slight gasping noise.

From Ironhides Pov she was so, paranoid at every noise, or coincidence, she took in everything that happened, she could've thought the other 'man' went before Will, but no she was so sure he was still here. Eve was just getting herself more and more worked up over time and Ironhides sensors told him her stress levels were beyond that of any normal adult human.

Then what she did now was crouch down and put her head on top of her knees still wielding a wrench but started mumbling to herself and her eyes continued to dart around. Another few moments after that she got up and ran for her house, slamming the door.

Now blocked of a visual of her, he put on his sensors, inside the house Eve stood out; it didn't help much as it only showed what kind of position she was in, a crouching one again but this time she rocked back and forth.

Not known for being patient Ironhide merely transformed and went around the back trying not to make any noise, which he didn't surprisingly. There was a tiny window that aligned itself with Eve's position, he knelt down and he looked through the window, Eve was under her blanket in her bed still rocking.

For that very reason Ironhide felt a twinge in his spark, he held a hand there as he let himself look at Eve again, she was so frightened, now he understands why she was being so distasteful before, she was getting everyone to fear her so she doesn't fear them...but why would she fear them in the first place?

Will said her Father's rarely home, though he thinks someone looks after her in his place, Ironhide very much doubts that.

Ironhide then transformed again as he placed himself next to her window, at least from here he can monitor her behaviour, how sad that there are some human children here that are suffering this way, he thought...but he shook it off, he should return to base...but he couldn't something tugged as his spark as Eves swaying just wouldn't stop.

He cleared his mind as he sat there monitoring her, the entire night.




4:07am, she finally started sleeping and Ironhide knew for a fact that human children went to school today as he was Ellen's bus schedule for a week, she was frightened along with deprived of sleep? Ironhide remembered novice Autobots that would be deprived of re-charge because of paranoia and fear of death, but that was during the war.

"Will has every right to be worried...and where's her Sire? He hasn't come back since his trip to 'town'." he thought. Are all human fathers like this? If they were, Ironhide was glad no Sire on Cybertron were like that...well, a hand full were not as great but mostly all of them.

After a few minutes of restless sleeping the blankets finally came down from her face, even when sleeping she didn't look peaceful at all, and you could see that Eve still wielded the wrench, gripping it very tightly ready for any kind of threat that may invade.

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